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op the 9th-but the enemy retreated in the clergy asked pardon for the sixth, who is the night, and in the morning our advanced guard father of four children. His Majesty comentered Lugo. The enemy left 300 sick in muted his sentence, and said, he wisheri the hospitals; a part of 18 pieces of cannon, thereby to testify his satisfaction of the good and 300 waggons of ammunition. We made conduce of the secular clergy of Valladolid on 700 prisoners.

several important occasions. . The towo and environs of Lugo are choak.

Tyventy-Nirib Bulletin. ed with the bodies of English horses. Up Valladolid, yax. 16.- The Duke of Bellu. wards of 2500 horses have been killed in na, on the 13th, defeated the Spaniards who the retreat. The weather is dreadful rain were retreating in the direction of Alcazar, and snow fall continually.

under the commander Penegas, who was The English are marching to Corunna in killed in the action. The consequence of great haste, where they have 400 transports. this battle was the surrender of two generals, They have already lost baggage, ammunition, 300 officers, and 19,000 men. a part even of their material artillery, and (This Bulletin also contains a recapitulaupwards of 5000 prisoners. On the 10th, tion of the Addresses of the Council of State, our advanced guard was at Betanzos, a short and other public budies, at Madrid, to Nadistance from Corunna. The Duke of El- poleon.] chingen is with his corps near Lugo.

ThirrietBulletin.. In reckoning the sick, stragglers, those Valladolid, Jan. 21.- The Duke of Dalwho have been killed by the peasants, and matia left Betanzos on the 12th inst. Having made prisoners by our troops, we may calcu- reached the Mero, he found the bridge of late the loss of the English at one-third of Burgo cuto The enemy was dislodged from their army. They are reduced 10 18,000 the village of Burgo. In the mean wiile men, and are not yet embarked. From Sa. General Franceschi ascended the river, made hagun they retreated 150 leagues in bad wea. himself master of the high road from Cother, worse roads, through mountains, and runna to Santiago, and took six officers and always closely pursued at the point of the 60 soldiers prisoners. sword.

On the 13th, the enemy caused two pow. It is difficult to conceive the folly of their der niagazines, situated near the heights of plan of campaign. It must not be attributed St. Margaret, at half a league from Corunna, to the General who commands, and who is a to be blown up. The explosion was terrible, clever and skilsul man, but to that spirit of and was felt at the distance of three leagues. hatred and rage which animates the English On the 14th, the bridge at burgo was reministry. To push forward in this manner paired, and the French artillery was able to 30,000 men, exposing them to destruction, pass. The enemy had taken a position at or to flight as their only resource, is a con- two leagues distance, half a leapue before cepcion which can only be inspired by the Corunna. He was seen employed in basily spirit of passion, or the most extravagant embarking his sick and wounded, the num. presumption. The English Government is bers of which, according to spies and deser. like the liar in the play, who has told the ters, amounts to 3000 or 4000 men. The same untruth so often, that at last he believes English were in the meanwhile occupied in it himseli.

destroying the batteries on the coast, and Lugo was pillaged and sacked by the ene. laying waste the country on the sea shore. my. We cannot impute these disasters to The commandant of the forest of Sc, Philip, the English general: it is the usual anri ine- suspecting the face intended for tus fortifica. vitable effect of forced marches and precipi. tion, te used to adınit them in it. tate retreat. The inhabitants of the king. On the evening of the 11th we saw a fresh doms of Leon and Galicia hold the English in convoy of 160 sail arrive, among which horror. Under this head, the event that have were four ships of the line. taken place are equivalent to a great victory. Ou the morning of the 15th, the divisions

Zamora, whose inhabitants had been ani. of Merle and Meimet occupied the heig his of mated by the presence of the English, shut Villahoa, where the enemy's advanced guard their gaies against General Maujietet: Gene was stationed, which was attacked and desal Dorneau proceeded against it with tour stroyed. Our right wing was stationed on divisions-be scaled the city, took it, and the point where the road from Corunns to put the most guilty to the sword. Gaiiciu is Lugo, and that from Corinna to Santiago the province of Spain which mani:ests the meet. The left was placed behind the village best disposition, it receives the French 3 of Elvina, The enemy was stationed behind deliverers, who bive relieved them at once some beautiful heighila. from foreigners and from anarchy. Tbe The rest of the 15th was spent in fixing a Bishop of Lugo, and the clergy of the whole battery of twelve pieces af cannon; and it province, manifest the wisest sentimeats. was not till the 16ch, at chree o'clock in the

Valladolid has taken the oath co King Jo. afternoon, that the Duke of Dalmaria gase seph. Six men the leaders of re volt and orders to attack. massacre of the French, bave been condemned The assault was made upon the English by to deach. Five have been executed. The the first brigade of the division of Mcrier.


na. Five hundred English horses were also of the subject I am about to submit to the taken still alive, 16,000 muskets, and a consideration of the House, I most sincerely great deal or battering cannon, abandoned by lament that my abilities are unequal to do it the enemy. A great number of magazines complete justice. But yet I trust that an arare full of preserved provisions (munitions cone dent zeal for the welfare of my country, sup fectior.nés), which the English wished to carryported by facts strong and incontrovertible off but were obliged to leave behind. A will enable me to surmount every difficulty, powder-magazine, containing 200,000lbs. and eventually to rescue the state from the weight of powder, has also fallen into our baneful influence of a power which has long hands. The English, surprised by the issue been exercised for the worst purposes, and of the battle of the 16th, have not had time which, in fact, tends to endanger our ulija to destroy their magazines. There were 300 mate security. To stand forward the public English sick in the hospital. We found in accuser of a man so high in tank and so strong the port, seven English ships-three loaded in influence as his Royal Highness the with horses, and four with troops. They Commander-in Chief, may very naturally be could not get out. The fortress of Corunna deemed no less a bold than an arduous under is of an extent which secures it from a coup de taking. But, however bold, however ardumain. It was therefore impossible to enter it ous it may be, being derermined tha: no conbefore the 20ch, in virtue of the annexed ca. sideration of that nature shall ever induce pitulation. In Corunna we found above 200 any hesitation or wavering in the performpieces of Spanish cannon. The French Con- ance of my duty, either upon this or upon sul Fourcroy, the General Quesnel, and his any oiher occasion, my mind is fully made up staff; M. Bougars, Officer of Ordnance; M. for perseverance. In the resolution I have Taboureau, auditor; and 350 French soldiers formed, it is but reasonable for me to calcuor seamen, who had been made prisoners ei. late upon the concurrence and co-operation of therin Portugal or on board the ship Atlas, have this house and the country. For, at a crisis been delivered up. They express great satis. of peculiar peril, when the great if not the faction at the conduct of the officers of the only means of our safety may depend upon Spanish navy. The English have gained the judicious organization and able direction by their expedition the hatred of the Spa of our military force, every man in the comniards, shame, and dishonour. The flower munity must feel a lively interest in the obof their army, composed of Scotchmen, has ject which my motion has in view. I trust, been either wounded, killed, or taken. Ge. therefore, his Royal Highness the Duke of neral Franceschi has entered St. lago de Com- York, will chis right find, that however exalted pestella, where he found some magazines and his rank, however powerful his influence, the an English guard, which he took. He marche voice of the people, through their representaed immediately upon Vigo. Romana appear- tives, will prevail over corruption, and justice ed to love taken this route with 2500 men, will be done to the calls of a long-suffering and all that he could rally. The division of meritorious body-to the best, the vital inteMermet marched on Ferrol. The air about rests of the people. In the course which I am Corunna is infected by the carcases of 1200 pursuing, I feel conscious of no morive bur that horses, whom the English killed in the streets of a desire of serving my country, and I am The first care of the Duke of Dalmatia has confident that none other can be fairly ascribeen to provide for the restoration of salubri. bed to me. The conviction of my mind is, ty, equally important to the soldiers and the and for some time has been, that unless the inhabitants. General Alzedo, Governor of system of corruption that bas so long prevailCorunna, appears to have taken part with the ed in the military de partaient be done away, insurgents only from the constraint of force. this country may fall an easy prey to the eneHe took the oath of fidelity to king Joseph my. Consistently, therefore, with any raNapoleon with enthusiasm. The people tional feeling of solicitude for my country, manifest the joy they feel at being delivered which involves my own connections and my from the English.

family, it is impossible that I should sit si. GREAT BRITAIN.

lent and allow the practices wbich have come The attention of the nation has been to my knowledge to be any longer concealed drawn during the last month to a subject from those who are so much interested in of the highest consequence to its houour their character and tendency. It is upon and prosperity. No topic has excited for these grounds, Sir, that I am urged to utier several years solirely and universal an in- mys

myself to your attention. terest, and we cannot do more justice to it

The first point in the case which I have

to state, relates to the half-pay Fund, which than by preserving the able speech made

is an establishment under the direction of the in the House of Commons, by Mr. Wardle, commander in chief. This fund arises out of when he first brought it forward in that the sale of commissions vacant by death; by assembly. On the 28th of January, Mr. the promotion of officers not allowed to sell; Wardle, Member for Oakhampton, rose or by discussions from the service. The and spoke as follows:

power of the commander in chief over this “Fully aware, Sir, of the great importance fuod, was constituted, and intended, for the

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