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.Deaths in and near London. : [March 1, Physician extraordinary to the Prince of In Hoxton-squate, Samuel - Tcorba esq. 65.

At Grimsthorpe Castle, near Bourn, Lin. In Half Moon street, the Rewa. Pbilip colnshire, his Carate Brownkow Bertie, Duke Stinkope Smet;" Vicar' of Asión Abbott, Buck, of Ancaster and Kešteven, Marquis and irghimshire, and chaplain in ordinary tis his Earl of Lindsey, Lord Lirutenant and Casa

tos Rotulorum of the county of Lincoln, and ***tn Charles street, Perkeley square, Larisa Recorder of Boston, Ho was born in 1729, ortope Dagdas Curshree editor of the and was consequently in his Both year. In . Asiatic Anena? Register, and muthor of seve. 1762, while Lord Crownlow Bertie, he mar: ral pahli ations on East India affairs. . ried his first wife Hartiet, daughter and

In Pall Mall, the Regi Robert Pbillips, heiresk of George Motton Pitt, ese, but by teutorot Great Whelnerhan, Suffolk, vicar 'her he had no issue. In 1769, he was uni. of Kemostore, Norfolk, and chaplain ipted to Mary Anne, daughter of Peter Led ordinary to the Prince of Wales.

Færd; esg: who died in 1804. By this lady IM 'Buler street, the Rev. Georgie Ghandler. he had one daughter, Mary Elizabeth, born lace of Myless, near Chipping Ongar, Exsex. in 1771, and mariied jn, 1793; to Viscount

At Biacleneath, Captain Tbomas Gouch, a' Millington, eldest son of the Earl of Poremember of the Turkey company, in which more. She died in 1797. His Grace, While he commanded a ship for thirty years, a conimóner, was returoçu knight of the shire

:' for the county.of Lincoln in several parlia. In Azem cle-street, Liculeman Colonel meots In 1799 he succeeded his nephew, Borbwell; lace & the 23, of North British Robert in the dukedom of Ancaster, and be Dräzoons.

came a clasant for the phies of great Cham, At his house in Whitehall, at the advan. berlain of England, but tuled. His Grace ced age of 82," James Duff, Earl of File, having 1119 male issuf, by his death the duke Viscoönc Macduff, Káron Eraco, of Kilbryde, dom is extinct: thcmarquisateis also extinct ; in the county of Caven, in Ireland. His but the title of Earl of Lindsey devolves Fordship was created an Englisk peet, by the upon General Albemarle Bertie, M P. fer bities of, Baton Fire, in Great Britain, and the borough, of Stamford; umiccompanied, was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Bamtöhire however, by any estate, wuless it shall be He is saeceeded in his titles and escuces by his determined that that of Uthagcan descemis nophew, -Duff, esg. Further particip with the title. Gringthorpe Castle anet purk Lars of this nobleman tolll be gioos in pur next descend to Lord Gwydir, by right uf his wife

In Southainpton-street, Strand William Lady Willoughby d'Eresby, and, it is be Burro forms. eldest son by the second lieved, will be made the resideace, of his marriage of the late Sir Kildare D, Burrows, Jordship's son, the Honourible Peter Burrel,

who futely married the heiress of the house of - At Stockwell, T. Barrett, es proprietar Perth. The personal property of the duke of Vauxhall Gardens.

amounding, jt is supposed, tu upwards of Loist. Janies's Place, Cereral Mordaunt, 200,0001), is ;chicây bequeathed to his

grace's grandsun, Mr. Colyear, the heir in 1 Paternoster row, Mr. Alexander

H a beyanec of the earldom of Portmore.

, bookseller, 96


drarp.of.the Duke of Ancaster is a subject of In Argsle-street Lady zamn,

of real sortowo hundreds. His Grace was the Sir Francis 1. Bart.

common benefastor of all who lived around In Upper Norton-screet, Mrs. Tadais, ice him, and, as, 2, dadlord, was regasded as lit of Mr. Sericant A. V

1. indisputably the bqst in England: Very few w ofa Hurlingtoh-street, bis Excelency of those who held farms on the extensie do Com Brwbl, many ytar's minister from the main ut the Dulexy have had their rents ad

mor of Saxony, to his Britannic "Majesty vanced during the 3340) years in which is Knigli of the Order of the White Eagle. Cirace was their landlord.

Ar "Belchamp. Hall, Esser, the Countess * At mig fathers house in Manchester Buite of Danderd.

jags, Maguonanglers, Mr Edward Wad 516 Upper Titchfield-street, the Red Cres Ebridge, who had been employed via the pay Piwlie, Klate actor oft, Martin's, year department upon the expedition to Monte Live, in Curnwall., 80.

Video, and, Euchun. Aynés; and upon - I Get Russel-street, Nisa tio, te.. furo drop theices ini Consequence of the Site of R equr Chancery-lane.

Furation u, 1 calculator and account at Pimmersmith, şimor Leste esq. was selected by the senten of the Provid 10110

1. Institution, to ha their secretary, which In Mount street, Grosvenor square, Marrgempari te filled in the satisfaction, Le meill, egg. 70.

Siccives every acknowledgmental choir In Lamb's Conduitestrees, M. Tobu. Makapation. Being however stoly afferale Solicitor."

on pointmet et applicant pay atter, the *lä сkingham.street, Fitzroyesquire, a Liston, he w33 pat paring for his voi pir. Ra s k of Jyle S 49 of Hantun, to that plaas bus bene peventer, Kent.

ung out. He way you


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Rear-admiral Party, whom he accompanied to of the British squadron, gaye chacer the mou , :* Port Royal, in Jamaica. As profound peacement that the signal was thrown out, and did . then prevailed, Captain Gardner had neither not return the enemy's be until she could get a an opportunity to distinguish nor to enrich into close action. The English admiral. was in Bimaselt. On the expiration of 111c-usual pe- once more untortunate; fct although he dei riod the Preston returned home, and was pat, termited, notwithstanding his manifest -infe. out of commission. The contest with Ame- riority, lu glve battle, yet.the French always rica, sunn after fullowed by a general war with look care co bear up su as to avoid it; and France, Spain, and Holiang, however unfurtheir ships being far better sailors, they were tunate it right prove for the general interest thus enabled, at will, to prevent a decisive enat the country, yet veas attended with many gagement, Byron, in hi; official letters to individual advantages, as it restuct a number the lords of the Admiraltys pays arany comut promising young men from obscurity, and pliments to the gallantry of Vice Admiral enabled them to prove serviceable to dicir Barrington, and the Captains. Saivyer and Custry. Captain (lardner had by this time. Gardner, the last of whom had no less than te come a husband and a father. While at sixteen men killed and thirty-nine wounded; Jamaica (May 20, 1769), he married Susan- Soon after this drawn batede, the Sultan was nah Hyde, the only daughter of Francis Gale. ordered to Januaica, wbeaco Cayrain Gardner Esg. a planter in Liguania. This Jady bad, returned the fulluwing year to England with already broughe.liim four children; and as he a convoy under his care. On bis arrival, his had now ofie.prospect of a family to the full slip was paid off;, and after remaining for a as numerous as that of his tatherand was at · shurt time out of commission, towards the end the same time ambitious of rising, in the ser- of 1791 he was appointed to the Duke, e sevice, an appointment of course became an ob'cond rate of 98 guns, one of the shijys sent to ject of consequence to himn. Nor did the soli.' reinforce the feet of bir George Rodney, cit in vain; he obtained the Marstone, a iria who had meanwhile succeeded to the gate of twenty-eight guns, in which he sailed chief command in the West ladies. Captor the West Lidies carly in 1778, and in the tain: Gardner had the good fortune to join course of iliat year he fortunately obtained a the Admiral previous to che memorable 18th sich capture on the coast of America: On of Amil 1782. On that glorious day the the 4th of November, while truising about Duke was second to the Formidable, the Rag sixty leagues to the eastward of Cape Henry, ship of Sir George Rodney, and Captain Gard: he gave chase to and came up with the Lion, ner was the first to break through the enea French man of war, with fifteen hundred my's line of battle, according to the new pian hogsheads of tobacco belonging to the mer- or attack adopted by the British Adntirai on chants. Although the hola of this vessel that occasion. During one period of the ac was crowded with merchundize; yet there tion, the Diske, in conjunction with the Forwere forty guns and two hundredi men on midable and Namur, had to sustain rne fire of board; she therefore sustained a severe action eleven of the enemy's ships, and their loss . and killed foar and wounded nine of the was proportionably great. An. board the Maidstone's men before she surrendered. Cap. Duke thitteen men were killed and key seven tain Gardner bose away with his prize for wounded, among the former of which were Antigua; and soon after his arrival in the the master and boatswajn. Such a spiritsid . West Indies, he was appointed by Vice-at- conduct tutitled. Captain Gardner 19. gbe pars miral Byron to the command of trit Suloed of ticular notice of the commander in chief; . 74 guns. Hicherto the subject of this mes vbo was so well pleased, with the exertions moir may be considered mérety as a private of all under him as to remark in an emphaticharacter; but from this moment bie is to be cal manner, that he wanted words to oxranked as a public man, occupicah, wi:h-his press how sensible he was of the peritorious professional duiy, and engageit in almost eve conduct of all the enprains, officers, and men, ry great action during the space of the subse who had a share in this glorious victory obquent twenty-two years, which constituie une txined by their gallout exertions.". Soon after : of the most important epochs in the navathis.. this, a long peabe ensuça, during which, the tory of Great Britain. Haying now obtained subject of this memoir, appeared sometimes, a ship of the 'line, Captain Gardner semained in a civil, and sometimes ista' naval capacity; under the command of the gatlant but unfore, having acted as con modare on the Jamaica tunate Byron, whose face it was to encounter stkiion, on board the Europe of fifty guns, in and combat unceasingly with dangere, dillj. the year's 1783 6:7-8 and 9, and in 1790-usa culties, and hurricanes, is every duarter of lord of the Admiralty, he also, as will be the habitable globe. loan engagement which seen hereafter, obtained a seat iu parliamento took place with the Count D'Laing, off the Having been at length raised to the rank of Island of Grenada, the French, inscead of berear admiral of the plae Feb. 1, 1793, he soon . ing far inferior in force, asid been suppo- : after hoisted his Hagan board the Queen of nincs : sed, exhibited no less than twenty seven said" tyright guns, and on the 24th of Marching .. of line of battle ships, not witiis anding, sailed in the capacity of contander in chjet us which, the Sulua, which was the headınost the Lecward Islands. Upon the arrival of

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