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Under the care of the lute senior Physician of the Finsbury Dispensary, from the

2018 of February, to the 20th of March, 1809. CATARRH..

.. 8 Seeds of disorder which lie hid in Pertussis ..

2 the constitution, the approach of spring Pachysis

3 is calculated to develope and exPoesmonia

pand. This is more particularly the case Hypochondriasis et Dyspepsia Paralysis ...

where there has been an innate tendenEpilepsia ...

cy towards scrophulous or phthisical afAgentia . .

i fections. March is a month of peculiar Amenorrhea ....

i peril to lungs of a delicate texture. Cold Mardi Infantiles.....

winds co-operating, at this time of the Morbi Catanei ...

. 2 year, with a warm sun, are singularly MONTHLY Mag. 183.


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Tomlins John, Brixtol, grocer, (Broom and Pinnéger, Hancock Joreph, Sheffield, merchant, ApS
Gray'inn fquare

Harrife Samiel, Mancheter, harrer, April 4
Turnbull Wakat, nxford &reet, mufic celler (Wood, Hart Sifuel wafhain Prior, Cambridge, dealer and chap
Richinend buildings, Soho

man, March 20 Valyer Thomas, Falmouth, butcher. (Tipper, Falmouth, Metherington Andrew and Joho Mackie, Drury ikiye, per and 'Shepherd and Allington, Bedfurd row

fumers. May jo Vinc Charles, Werbury. Wilts, tallnw chandler. (wis Hilton William and John Jackfon, Oxford road, linen dra. liams. Red Lion touare and Williams, Trowbridge

pers. April 17 Wake William, Spital Square, filk weaver. (Berry, Buick, kokman Daniel, Bolton ftreet, Long scre, cheesemonger, Jersbury

March 25 warrington ohn, Newcable, taard, butchet (Bud• Holden James the elder, and Holden James the younger

deley, Serle freet, Lincoln's inn fields. ind Griffin, Salford, Lancalter, dyers, March Titenfor, staford

Jackson Richard and John Hankin, Oxford Areet,re&ibers, whicmarth David, Brokenburt, Herts. shopkeeper. (Rear April 11

don and Pavis, Corbet court, Gracechurch ftreet Ibbetfon samuel, Ludgate hill, mercer, April Whittle Samuel, the younger, Shifinal, salop, grucer. Johnson William Catlin and John Willire, Huntingdom • (Corfer, Wolverhampton

drapers. May 1 Wild David, Newton, Montgomerythire, fannel monu Johnson Jofeph, Holborn hill, draper. April:

facturer: (Bys, Rattus gardco, and Marsh, Llapid Kent Elizabeth, Bicester, Oxford, draper March 28 Toes

Kirkman Jofeph, Gower street, Bedford Square, builder Williams John. Fenchurch Areet, cheesemonger. (Scot, April St. Mildred's court. Poultry

Langthaw Roger. Chester, linen draper, Aprile Willams William, Wapping, roap boiler. (Adams, Old Lawrence El Hodderfeld, York, drogmit, March 20 Jewry

Leykuufl William, Life Areet, Leicetter Square, en svaret Wood David, Plexwick. Stafford, awl blade maker. Tur. March 28

ser and Pik, Finsbury funare, and Hexlry, Walsal Lindiey John. Shetheld, cutler, April 7 Wynne William. Merther Tydvoll, Glamorganthire, vinte Maenient Nathaniel, Samuel Macnicht. and Joba MAC

ner. (Evans, Newport, and williams, Red Lion ncall, Liverpool, merchants, April 18 Square

Maclawrin Duncan, Watling #roer, warchouleman

April 13
DIVIDENDS ANNOUNCED. Magee John and Daniel M'Nulty, Oxfied Street, Muce

drapers, April 1 Ainsworth Thonias, Blackburn, Lancalter, and John War. Man Alex. Marke lave, oilman, June 3 : 57

fon. John Watson the younger. and Joseph Watson, Marr Robert, Lancader. tuerchant. April 12

Preitou. Lancaster, cotton manufacturers, April 5 Marsal William, Newark upon Trent. Nottingham. Ora Aintworth Thomas individually. Aprils

per, April 25 Anderson John Robert, Throgmorton Atreet merchant, Marthewspaniel, Basingstoke,

pion, April 21

March to Baillie George and John Jaffray, Fipsbury place, mer Medhura William, Rors, Hereford, innholdes, March a7* chants, April 25

Nichols William, Minchinhamptos, Glouceber, clorhiere Daillie George, Finsbury place. merchant, April 25 Bead John Birmingham. button maker, April 11 Pander Johann Chrißopher. Mancheker, merchant, April in Bartoo Idward, Lancakter, merchant, Ap-il 6

Parry Morganig Pontypool, Moumouth, thopkeeper, Beake Tond, Rye, Safex. inpkeeper, April 8

March 16 Bedford Willam and Samuel Sumnor, Fotter lane, linen Layne Samuel Llicas. Change alley, hatter, Aprilia drapers, March 18

Pearloo Jobn, Pudicy, York, Jothier, April Beetfon Heory Greedy, Gray's ian square, ferivener, Piper Jofeph and Knowles Winder, kjenmond, Sorry, April 8

grocers, Apri4 Bell John, Troubridge, Wells, clothier, April . • Pirkethley James, Wood Greet, Cherplide, - dructis, Bell William, Brittol. linen draper, March 20 .

March 1
Siddell Blizabeth, Ratclife cross, Stepncy, baberdafier, Poppletone William, Plymouth, grocer. April 19
March 28 ORE

Price Daniel. Whitcoms trees, carpenter, April 1 1 Birch Jeremian, Creeting at. Peter, Suffolk, butcher, Prior-Jolepli, Princes freet, Spitalneds, arytalter

March 20
Bridger John, Mortlake, y, allow chand! Ranfall Joseph Leeds. York. To
March 18

Randal Jofeph Birmu giam, cotton mavunne
Brockhank Joan. Keswick, Cumberland, dealer and chape March 13
man, March 14

Kead Robert, Caroline Mews, Redford (quare, astle Bralit Richard. Garland, Minories, butcher, Apr

skeeper, April Bryson David, Toerenham, tatuary. April 8

Keynell Henry, Brittal, linen drapes. March 30 Bullen Robert, Weymouth and Melcernbe

Rickman Willian, Northampton. Unen Uraper. Apta buecher, March 18

Rodwell Thomas, Piccadilly, bontmaker, March 3B Bury John, Clifton upon Teame, Word butcher, Schindier Chriftian, Bartlet's buildings merchant) AN April

Scott George, Upper Thunes Atreet, crocer, April 1 2 Cadell William Lambert. Thames Dittoo, Suri

Singer Nathaniel Peach, We&bury, Wils, corunun bien ter, Mayu

er, April 10 Chalmera William, Carline, draper, March is

Smith' Rebecca, Crore freet. Wilderner tow dealer Cheyney John, Oxford reet, linen drapery April

April 8 Chodley John. Liverpool, merchant, April

Smith Thomas & fcort, Grest Trinity last Christian Adams High freet, St. Marylebone, pa

April bruker. March 250

Smith Thomas, Mawdeney, Lancalter, tanner, Aps Crane Charles Theomartyn, Raw lang, merchant, Somerville John, Clancery ime cablon maler Narens March 20

Spratt Stephen, Mendham, Suffolk, miller, Art Craven Edward, Clayton le Wods, Laacafter, cotton mat Surman William and Lphraim Ford, Cheltenlana, Cione nufacturer, April 4

cefter, liuen drapere, April Crombie David, Great Hermitage Areet, mariner. April: Swallow Richard, Arterelife Forge, shakes, Irak Cropley James, Nalifax, York, merchant, March 30

ter March 29 and 30 TYS
Callcha w Ralph, Wrichtlington, Lancakor, coal merchant Tennant John, Oxford At
April 14

Davenpor Jofeph and John Finney, Aldermanbury, mer Timming Joha, Stewart Areers statement

chants, March 2014
Dean Jofeph, Watling Areet, linen anuper, April Frontbeck Charles, Ruthbone place, uphol
Deck Arthur, Cambridke, chemie, March 19

Tulhartt John, Wilton, Kents
Degraves Peter, Cheaplide, and Thomas Brainbridge, March 18
Manchester, warehou remen, March 20

Tomer y hn, wemlos Sud
Pieks William, Frome, Somerset, clothier. April 105 Tyrrel John Maidone, Kent, Iron
Dudkeld Charles, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Innholder, Wation William, Great Cambridge at

hubudet March 28
Duna Thomas Trowbridge, wr, clothier, Aprili ni Waton john, John Wilon the younger
par Jofepa and Charles Kobinson, Wuod treet, London, on all of Fredon; Lantader, at

dors, March 20 Hamar Joho. Preston, Somacteu cotron spinner, April Waterinus, whleétio frent, you Pon William, Jualos, Bucklersbury warehoufemes, Warnind John Gottlob, Funny

9 Elton Geurge. Liverpool areant, March

Wade and Theta Hughes, Sermon John, Desascales, Cumberland, fador, March 14

. Jonathan tog Wie Tor Pavemtas. Finsbury, i Wiederheh John. Soru Bici merchants, Aprilia

non putaverille ? Dostlina, nood is schurch Hart, merchant, April

can entere, Mario W a tanawin padu Gheon Joen, Ne Cover Nard NOU


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April 6


Jeles ATL

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Containing official Papers and authentic Documents. 2.:" SWEDEX.

May the higher and lower States of the A REVOLUTION las taken place common weal also join heart and hand to as. A in Sweden. When the last dispatch sert the freedom of the country, and thus, es lell Goltenburgh, the king was a prisoner, and Count Uglas, Count Fersen,

success to our enterprize and views. and others of his friends, had been ar

May the fathers of the country offer rested. The tribanal Intely instituted

peace and amity to our neighbours, but ac ?

company this offee with che assurance that by the King, at Stockholm, for the trial every Swedish hero will rather be buried 90. it some of his nobles, has been dissol. der the ruins of his country than suffer a ved. Overtures had also been made single inch of Swedish ground to be taken by to the cabinets of Paris and Peterse ovi eneinies, or cransferred to them." burgh for the restoration of pence,

Our ally, Great Britain, shall learn to ( Proclamation

appreciate and value a nation, which knows A considerable number of soldiers have how to break its fetters, and rescue liberty Caken ap arms in order to march to the capital, from its chains ; France shall learn to reand relieve our common, now unfortunate spect a people, anxious to rival her military and dismembered, native country. As our prowess; the rulers of Russia and Denmark, fellow citizens mast be sensible that our incessantly engaged in pursuits tending to views are such as public spirit and honour dic- promote the prosperity of their people, will tate to virtuous minds, we cannot be mis- not disturb the peace and tranquillity of a Duken in our implicit confidence, that our nation, which derely desires to live or die brethren in ans, and our unarmed fellow independent, citizens, will not form any incorrect opinion We have seen with sorrow the most im of our sentiments and views : they are merely portant concerns of Sweden, managed in a these, that the states of the realm, and our manner which was as destitute of any well legislators, shall be ar liberty to assemble, conceived plan as of success. and deliberate uncontrouled, on the means « Might not the remaining strength of of restoring the prosperity of our suffering Sweden have been wasted by folly ? but if country,

directed by wisdom, may it not be employed We have solemnly contracted the en- for the real benefit of the country? gagement to lay at their feet the arms which “ Such are our wishes for our country, we have taken up to procure them freedom, and we shall readily sacrifice our lives to ob We will form a wall around the hall wliere tain their fulfilment Swedish legislators hold their deliberations, It is of the utmost importance for Sweden which no power upon earth shall be able to thar every Swede should at length be allowed bear down

to return to a peaceful home, as far as it can "We have solemnly contracted the en- be done without any disparagement to the gagement, to destroy all such as shall still honour and independence of Sweden. endeavour to prefer foreign connection to the frontiers of the kingdom are for a the internal welfare and tranquillity of Swe- short time left without defence, on account den.

of our departure from thence; but should Sweden's German dominions are deliver the enemy, contrary to his solemn promise, ed up to the enemy, and Finland, the native avail himself of our absence to attack them, soil of a noble and gallant people, is lost. we shall speedily return, take a severe revenge,

We have solemnly contracted the en- and convince liim of the difference of a wargagement, that not a single inch more of the fare carried on by personal hatred of the rulers, Swedish territory shall be given up to the and a war urged by a nation, anxious and de. chemy.

termined to assert its independence. Sweden's trade and mines are ruined and Weimplicitly confide, that all military deserted; Sweden's youth are taken from Commanders will readily co-operate with us, agriturural pursuits, in order to be destroyed to secure, by speedy and vigorous exertion, by Rickness and the sword. The burthens the restoration of our lost prosperity, in the laid on agriculture are such, that they cannot destruction of our foreign foes. be borne uny longer; grinding taxes are ex- " To conclude, we venture to express the acted without mercy; desolation and misery wish, that our beloved countrymen and felare spreading wide and far, and threaten uni- low-citizens of every rank and description, Yeral ruin.

may suspend their judgment on all further xwe have contracted the solemn engage proceedings, until the decision of the states ment, that the fathers of the country shall of the realm shall be known. Enjoy full liberty to restore the welfare and ** Ter Commander of the troop: stationed prosperity of the country.

in rimland.

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