Sidor som bilder

and well finished, but no child could mental bread and wine, and is, without possibly carry an iron helinet in the man- doubt, the most valuable copy of that ner here represented. The fault could fine picture in existence, and would soon be altered, and would then render make us less regret its loss. To single it an excellent picture. The effect of out the best would be but to choose that, Mr. Turner's Sun Rising through a Mist, whose original was the best, for they are (269) has a truly magical appearance, alike excellent. The most striking are, from any of the rooms, the deception · Jephtha's Rash Vow (2), from Opie; is so wonderfully managed, that the Sun · Raffaelle's Madona, Holy Family (4); seems ready to dart its inost piercing Sir Joshua Reynolds's Laughing Girl beams, the pictorial vapour. . The rest '(18); Dogs and Pigs (20 and 21), Morof the pictures are of smaller conse- : land; Head of David Carlo Dolci (92); quence, and many of them have been Nativity (23) ; Corregio; Ass and Chile before exhibited. The institution de- sdren (42), Gainsborough; Lady Jane serves every praise that can be bestowed Gray visited by the Abbot and the on such patriotic exertions, but let the ju. Keeper of the Tower, the Night before nior artists take this as a well meant hint, her Execution (50), Northcote; and which is only elicited by the extraordi- Gainsborough's Cottage Children (51) nary and extravagant prices many of

" The Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain them have set on their performances,

represented and illustrated in a series of Views, that such conduct will again divert the

Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details, of current of patronage, wbich is now in

various Englisb Edifices, with Historical and favor of the British school, into the former

Descriptive Accounts of eact; by Jobn Brito channel of the oid masters.

ton, F.S.A. Vol. II. Publisbed by Longman Exbibition of Pictures in Needle Work at the and Co.; Taylor ; and the Autbor. Linword Gallery, Leicester-square; by Miss

The second volume of this useful and Lirwood.

interesting work is principally devoted to In viewing these beautiful specimens the elucidation of the ancient domestic of female ingenuity, the mind naturally architecture of England. They are reverts to the best days of the Gobelin treated with the usual ability of this tapestry: and it is paying our fair coun- "able antiquary, and are fully equal to the trywonan no compliment in saying, expectations that were raised by the first that as works of art, for truth and fidelity volume. The present volume is enriched of colouring, expression, and outline, by the following, and many other rare they need not fear comparison with the and beautiful examples of the civil are finest of the French performances. chitecture of England :-Audley End, Considering them in another point of Essex ; Holland House, Middlesex; Oxu view, as productions of the needle they borough Hail, Norfolk ; Eton College; are the most wonderful performances on Henry the VIIth's Chapel, Wessminster, record, and have opened a new and which alone occupies niireteen prints, and

is the finest illustration of that beautiful * females of every rank and fashion.

Mausoleum extant. . The editor, the Too much praise cannot be given to draughtsmen an

draughtsmen, and the engravers have ac. Miss Linwood for her invention of this

quitted themselves of their important new style of picturing,

task with fidelity and honour. " A Michael's grandeur and a Raphael's Portrait of the Rigbt Hon. Lord Fincastle, grace."-ROGERS.

painted by J. Lonsdale ; engraved by George And for the perfection to which she Clint ; published by Clint. (herself the inventor) has at once at This portrait is designed in a broad tained.

bold style, and possesses many traits of There are more pictures than when character the engraving is forcible, and they were at Hanover-square, and better well finished. arranged; the great gallery is magnificent and furnished with much taste, The Gothic

INTELLIGENCE. Room, the Cottage, Ruins, and Dens, Bromley has just completed his etching are so admirably managed, and keep up from Devis's admired picture of the the necessary deception so well as to Death of Nelson in the Cock Pit of the increase the effect as well as the pleasure Victory, now exhibiting at the Britisha of viewing them. In the tasteful room Institution. The proof is one of the adjoining the gallery, is the celebrated finest specimens of the graphic art that Carlo Dolci of Christ Blessing the Sacra- has for a long time appeared, and pro

MONTHLY Mao. No. 184

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mises to become an admirable print. of the Judgment Day, 17 feet high, and From the sombre hue of the picture, so seven feet wide. truly characteristic of the melancholy The View of Dover, which Mr. Barker scene, there can be no doubt of its being has opened in the Strand, is executed with one of the best subjects for the graver, a degree of spirit and brilliancy, beyond that ever was transferred from the can. what we have ever seen in aus panorama; vas to the copper, the aid of colouring he has evidently taken it from the pier, not being so necessary an accessory in which is a most commanding situation, this as in many pictures. $

and shews to advantage every object of The exhibition of the Royal Academy consequence, connected with liat anis one of the finest That'has leen seen for cient and celebratcd port. It is difficult some years; a detailed account of the best to say, in what parts he has inost excel. pieces shall be noticed in our next. led, for the effect throughout is good,

Hayley's Life of Romneyfthe Painter but in our opinion the sea and sky are is nearly completed, and may be shortly particularly tine... expected.

A silver medal, in commemoration of The subscription for the Lectures of the the abolition of the slave-trade, den late Professor Opie, delivered at the signed, and executed by eininent artists, Royal Academy, are stille open; their bas been presented to the British Mupublication is anxiously expected. seum, by some gentleinen for the abore

Mr. Thomas Hope's Work on the Cos. purpose. On one sile, there is a por tume of the Ancients is also nearly ready trait of William Wilberforce, esq. M.P. for publication,

from a model taken by his perinission. Mr. Christie will have to offer to the On the reverse are several figures, expublic about the middle of May, a splente pressive of the christian act of our legis. did and valuable Collection of Ancient Jature, in putting an end to that iniqui. Stainerl Glass, among which is a window tous traffic.

ALPHABETICAL LIST of BANKRUPTSIES and Dividends, announced between the

20th of March and the 20th of April, ertracted froin The London Gazeltes.

Davenport John, Manchester, baker. (Edmunds, Lips

caln's in, and Teale, Manchester Davies Thor, 2s, Birminghain, dealer in coats. (Erer.

ton, Gray's inn Square, and Spurrier au Togleby,

Davies Thomas, Haverford weit, mercer. (Morgan and

Livett, Britol, and James Gray'inn qware
Deane Edward, Liverpool, merchant. (Wiatt, Liverpoul,

and Windle. John freet, Bedford row, London Denny Joh. Barbican, ftationer (Blackstock, st. Mil.

dred's court, Poultry Digoum William St. Martin's lo Grand, cheeremonger.

(Bryants Copthall court, Throgmorton Atreer Donnelly James, Greek ftreet, Soho, milliner. (Cuaning

ham, New North Atretty Red Lion square
Egler George, Portfea, miller (Poulon, Porties. And

Shelton, Sessions House, Old Bailey, London
Teather Luke, Nostingham, dealer and chapman). (Blake

lock and Makinfon, Elm court, Templo, and Sanders,

Tortor Pexall, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, book feiles

(Cury, jun, Great Warmouth, and Henrott and Metcalfe

Lincoln's Inn bew square
Guillod Thomas, Craven ftreet, wine merchant. (Dans

and Crossland. Broad street
Ball Omar, Stafford, banker. (Collins and Keens, Staf

Harrifon Samuel, Kent rond, Sorry, bricklayer. (Marfon,

Church row, Newington
Haydes Matthew Samuel Queenhiche, Inforence broker

(Allan, Frederic's place. oid Jewry
Hitchcock James, otherwise David James. Scalcotes

York, white lead merchant. (Picard and Broadley
Hull, and Pearce, and son, St. Bwithin's lane. Lo

Holland Kenry, Dxwillh, Devon, brickmaker Tor,

Wet Teignmouth, Devon, and Williams, Red Lion

Square, London
Holland Jolo.. Chexplide, haberdasher Maxdowcroft,

Gray's inn
Kortou Samuel, Birmingham, draper. (Parton, Teangla
Hull Thomas, Bath, carrier. (Sandys and Horton, Cape

c ourts Fleet ftreet, London, and Mant, Bath
Hunt Thomas, York, money ferivener. ( rton, Fun

nival'sion Jenkins Edward, Twickenham, Irunkeeper (Oriffith, ses

condaries Office, Temple Law, David, the younger Manchetty common brewer.

Daniell, Mancheter, and Milne and Party, Temple,

Leach John, Turnham Green Middlesex, hopkeeper,

Saunders and Jeakins, Clifiom's Inn
Macon William. Back urtet, Horydow, viervaller.
(Clements in



Maund John Henry, Coventry, grocer. (Punton, HindBrown Willam, King Areet. Bloomsbury, roser, April as
court. and Maudeley Hirmingham

Brunu Samuel, Charing Cross, fword curler, May 37
Mead Frances See and Elizabeth Lewis Halles Areet, Bryan William. Camberwell, merchant. May 7

Cavendith fouare milliners. (Mouincey, Charlotte Burcher William, Chapel Areet, Westminster, carpenter
frreet. Bedford fourre

April 18 M eod wiliam, VPP T Crown freet, army agent. Burrels James, Coventry Areet, military better, April is 1 Toulmin. Aldermanbury

Burnett Ifr, Wulle grocer, April 26 Morris John Webiter, Dunable printer (Phillips and Carter John Sandwich draper, April 13 Ward Howard treet, London

Chapple James, Grace's alley, Weltc10$ fquare, hofies
Neal Jarob, Chirwell treet. victualler. (Earnthaw, Wed

T he Xed May 2
Cross dreet. Criaplegate

Cheverron. Edward, Newport, "Ide of Wight, lined and
Neve Arn, Strand, milliner. (Wright Dowgate hill

Wool en wraper, Aprilio.
Nevert John, Brolly, Salop, dealer in coal (Pritchard, Cheyocy John, Oxford freet. Iinen draper. April

Clarke Thomas, Po tímuuh, merchant, April 21
Newton John Joh. Gray's inn lane, ironmonger.

Chofe William, leeds, gyer. July I
(reat Queen ftreet

clore wiriant and Matthew C. Leeds, dyers. July 1 # Norris namitet Sheffield, nazor (mith. Prook held. Shef. Cole John Cock hill. Stepney, tailor, April 25

held, and Syk and Krusbles, New inn. London Collins John, Jewry ftreet. Aldgate. merchant, May 6 Norris Thomas, Gosport, Acorn meroliant (Bleafsale. Colquhouo Archibald, Hgh treet, Lambeth, yeat mer Alexander, and Holme, New in London, and Cruik.

chant and cooper, April 23 thank Gosport

Cooke Semtiel, Trowbridge,wilty, clorier. April 11
Norris Pallip Liverpool, iron merchant. (Mangnall. Cooke Weary and fona Nerbert Birchin fane, merchants,
Warwick fquore, London

MY 6T*
Grams Thomas Stowmarket Suffolk, iroomoneer. 'Kin cuiten 'homas, Grove, Inckney, insurance broker,

deriry. Long and Ince, Gray's inn, and Modd, y
Beechan market. 1

Cotton Lawrence, Fenchurch Street. merchant, May
Latton Thermas Hawkins. Drury lane. viduailer. (Jeyes, Cox Silas, Kourton, Gillingham, Dor fet, triller, Aprili 25
Charlotte Are-e. Fitzroy fooare

Ciombie Davis,GTER Hermitage free Wapping, mari.
Peat Thom , Wood &rect. Cheapfide, hufier. (Adams, 1. ger, April
Old Jewry

''Crufton withani Liverpool ni Chandler, April 12
Phileux John. Wrigh helmonr. Suffex. carpenter. (HIN. Dale trac Rofes Exeter, earthenwaremban, April 26

Brighthelmue, and Tourle and Palmer, Doughty Pamant Braban, Whitechapel, brazier, April 18
treet, London

• Damere: Benjamin, Whitechapel brazier, April 18
Prigs Wilinm Ipswich, vidualler. (Rrogley and Bell, Davies Philip, late of Blackfriars Rosd, but now of the
Holborn courn Gray.inn. and Jackaman, Iprwich

King's Sench Pifon, hatter, May 6
Pyrk Duucorab, Bifupfgare ftreet, harter, (Coote, Davis George, Cradbourn freet. Leicotter helds. MY A
Audin Friars

Dawson John. Aldgate Hic Areet, Vinen draper, Apeli
Rayner James Nightingale, Ely, Cambridge, linen dra. Dean Williain, Newbrough, Lancaster, commots brewer,

per. Boerdition and Hewit, Little Friday freet, May . .

Doxon James, Manchofter, merchant, May
Richardfon Abraham, St. Dunian's hill, Tower freet, Duun Jofeph and Charles Robinfon, Wood treet, factors,
viaualier (Rippon, Bermondfey ítreet, Southwark

April is
Royles Jofeph, Freshury. Cheshire canner. (Clulow Dunn Thomas, Trowbridge, wie, clothier, May 9,

und Stove, Macclesfield and Ellis, Curfiter ftreet, Elliot Thomas, Bedford er et, Covent-garden, tailor


16 Aylance Jonah, Pilkington, Lancaster, cutron manufac. Ewer walter, Little Love lme, Aldermanbury, merchant,

turer. (Edge. Manchester, and Luis, Curfiror åreet, "Londo

Farbridge Robert, Paragon place', Kebt road, timber mere Sayer Richard Paul, Effer court. Temple, money feriveper, chant. May 6 (Blakelock and Makinfon. Temple

Fletcher Elia Sowerby, Tork, woolfapler, April 27
Sharw od Mary, Doncaster, jeweller. (Dixon and Allen, Fortnum William, Eati alley, Loin ard arcet, fationer,

Paternoster row, London
Sheville Williantly dury Arcet, Wappine, dealer and chap. Franklin Thomas, Lighton buzzard, Bedford, money ferie

man, Kinderley Lau, and Ince, Gray's inn, and.. Vener, May 6

Paimer, Birmingham
Stade Thoma Moore. Did Bond freet, picture dealer. dealer April
Walls, Earl Areet, Red Lion square

German Jarvis Alderminbury, holier: "May 9
Spencer fona, sherrard &reer, Golden fquare Jeweller. Giffard James, Shepherd Areet, Oxford freet, coal mes
(smart and Thomas, Staple lns, Chater, Bir! chant, May



Gill Johal, Nabur, York, draper. April 13 Sunderland John, Lower Balker, Emley, York, cora Gillan John, Cambridge, merchant, May 1 dealer. 4 5 wale and Neelis Stapleton

S. Gimber Giles. Sandwich, Jraper, April is e vinden benjamin und Juhe smalwood, Holywell freet, Glover David, Gutter fane, merchant and underwriter, 1 Strand, toymen. Jonofon, Charlotte frect, Fitaroy June 3 Square RS

Godden Thorn 36, Maidfone, carpenter, May 16
Teatner Luke, Notringham, dealer and chapman, (Blake- Gouhien Robert, Liverpool, merchant, May 4

lock and Makinson. Els court, Temple, and Sanders, Gran James and Patrick Dempsey Foley, Tower Royal, - Nottingham

merchants, April 29 Thompson Flemas. Great Amwell, Merts, Jabber. (H Graham John, Chorley, Lancader, and John Harrison, dink, Primrose treet, Citropfgare ftreet

Pretcor, Lancaster. Innor merchants, April 28 "Tulb wiinsm and James Meary Alexander Scort, King's Guest Joseph Mafon, Birmingham, merchant, Mayo - road, Pionkica, nurserymen(Jones and Roche, Co Hall John and William Dunlop, Newcattle upon Tyne, "event-Karden Church yard

1 0131

merchants april Turner , Tate of Blackheath, bricklayer, but now in Harvey. Thumas, Newport, Ille of Wight, Ironmonger,

the King. beach. Jerukings and Collier, Great Shire
TV lans, Lincoln's Inn
Willar's Wilian, Pentonykle, rator. (wilde, Warwick. May

A Herreli John Exeter, corn merchant, May I
Winan Edward ctewer, chatner, Worcefter, miller. Nil Benjamin, Little St. Martin', hane, man's mercer,
Becke. Ducps.Combstons, and Allen, Worcester

Wrangham wsibam, Seethiagulane, money ferivener. Hira Jufeph. Sufolk lane, Cannon Areet, broker, May 19
(Paruthor and Soily London Qreer, Fenchurch Areet Rodman Richard, Pulkitone engine maker, Muy

Wodgfun Joseph, Liverpool, auctioneer. Nay

Hofttran Daniel, Beiton ftreet, Long Acre, cbeesetonger, - DIYIDENDS ANNOUNCED Rua May 6 TRAVNO


Home James tod Edward Holmes, Sherborne la
Lawr Dean Areet, Sobo, vidualler, Mey

A band trect, merchants, May
Allany John, Ware, Herts, bargematter. April 18

Haarworth William, Addingham, fax (pinner, May S "
Wan-William Totenbod fe yard, broker, Tante 17

Morley Richard Epcom pork butcher May 163 nect fou w iatr, Charlton 10w, Manchetter, bilder, Neeks Saniuc, Canal row, Bermondseys cooper. May aprI1 19 9.

Numphreys Nicholas, Storeutrch. linen draper, May 30 n der fom Jofeph, Oracecburcharest, paper bangers, Runt stephen, Cradall, Southampton, tanner, Apris in

Hunt Joseph, Liverpool, haberdafer, Nay
Incheaul Andrew Bain halftreet, merchant, May 16 Hurry Nicholas. Lleorpach werchaag. May it
Barlow Thomas. Man heiter merchant May 9 21. In levev Byheiter, Nuddersfeld, nen draper, April 24
Butterbee Barnabasyon, Norfolk habersaineri, June 3 Jackfon. John, Liverpool, merchant, MS 31

le jona, Southampton rdet. Caniberwal, mathemi Jones wütiam Aibi Aldermanbury, haberdaher, May &
Rica: inarumcot paskert April

Toner Yohn Llanco kn, Deubuhi mpkeeper, Way
Info Neary Grundy, Grays inn fuare, money trives Jants Genres civerpool bookfellers Max 42 Y .
De Aprilia

Kenworthy orneliut and Edward Saleland, York, cotton
Comete soha Morris Brody Sop, naltster Apr

. fpinners April 30, Himlen Thomas, brainthals reex, Fador June

Kerifon Thutnat Allday, Norwich banker. April Norr Merlin and Benjamio savaze, Jeffrey's fquare, Kirke Gedge and John Ford, Grocery Hall court, mere srchton April 34

M chants,

o unt, mere S ant Joan Puimup.cante. Sålog plumber, April 36 Elrkman'£dware Portsmoutti, Koen traper, Apeli Bone n Warcrtane; Tower Greet, brkod mier L , John Wichtin, builder Junert

an Lev Tacob Frie), Haydou freet Minoles, donker, and tabek Ebeyouare, Moruak Surry alluremu,

Law Jopa oid wesennusomin. May


Geddes jumel. cleveland areet, Fitzroy square, four

spersonalisis habet Barker,

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e t Arecto

Herberington Thomas, Lawrence Pountney lane, broker,


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Mackenzie Joreph, Old Bailey, hook reller, May

Simmons John, Leiceler, drugzil, Mayo Malcolm Saimuel, Old Proad frect, hooker. April 19

Simpton Thomas and Nottingham S. Northallerton, York, Muden Joh Grafton treet, Pancras, grocer, April 14

merchants, May 17 Mailison George and Joseph Sheard, Huddersfield, dyers, Sinclair William, Ratcliffe Highway, allow chandler, April 17

April 18 Marth Robere, old 3 iley, May 6

Soans Robert, dark !ane, and New Cross, Debriford, proo Marth Abralem, Aldiate, jewelier, June 3

vinou merchant, June 27 Middleton Richard, Liverpoo, merchant, April 11

Somerville John, Chancery line, cabinet maker. June Millegan Richard, Por sea, bewcr, April 12

Southard George, New Buod mrect, linct: draper, june 6 M'Kinay Daniel, Size lane, nerchant. May a

Spears Wiliani, Roodlane . faler at. Maya Morgan Stephen an Matthew Readr aw Morley, York Stephens John, Liverpool, merchant, pril 28 Arter. Southwark, hop factors, May 16

Stewart Robert and william, Mancheiter, merchants, Morii Edward, Carmarthet, innkeeper. April 24

i ril 15 Mure Hu chinson, Robert M. and William M. Fenchurch Stilsaran and Main Stiles, Dorking, Surry, plumbers rectmerchants May 13

santraziers, nii: Nantes Henry, Warnierd court, Throgmorton freet, mer- storry wannah, Newcatle upon Tync, binen draper, chiant Aprilis

Natt 21s Jonn, át. Joha's Chapel, Purham, innkeeper, Tankard w.viam, Bristol, cabinet maken May 9
April 29

Taylor James, Lamo's Conduit freet, apothecary, Pewcoinb George, Bath. Jeweller, May 2.

May 96 Nield Jureph. Manchetter, frucer, April 25

Thackray Richard, Burton Leonard, York, fiax dreter, Page John, Bithopsgate ireet, haberdarber, April ng

April 22 Parfoos John, Cheapfide, warehon seman, Mayo

Thoma fon), Richard, Staining, Lancaster, corn dealer, Payne, Robert, Raine. Efex, bopkeeper April 19

"May Peacock Joreph Allen, Broud freei, Ratcliffe, cheese. Thompron William, Dean Areer, southwark, and Ebenezer monger, May 1

Leadbeater, Moore place. Lambeth, June 23 Pean Ifiac. Leather lane, oilman, May 16 s.

Topping John Lewis Bilhopfgate ftreet, rrocer. May Piper Jofeph and Kuowles Winder, Richmond, Surry, ktp. Turnbull' j nn, John Forbes, Robert Allen Crawford, and cers, July 30

, Davidiskene, Broad areet, merchants, April 23 Plumbe Thomas, Omrkirk, Mancheter, manufacturer, I Turner John, Sweffline, Suffolk, diaper, Julys May 3

Tyrrell j nn, Maicrone, irunmonger, July Poole Samuel, Cheapfide, haberdasher, May

uiderhill John, Birmingham, merchant, May 8 Prior Joseph, Princess Arcet, Spital fields, dryfalter, Vole Jonu. Preton, Lancater, cotton manufacturer April 8

April 21.

* Pyke Kobert, the younger, and Peter Hankinson, Liver Wade Thoinas, Great St. Helen's, drug merchant, Ma pool, fpirit dealers April 28

Wall William, Oxford treet, hofier, Apriza Ravenscroft William Henry, Michael Edwin Tell, and Wallace Peter. Edrware road, carpenter, April 18

James Eprwide, Manchetter, dealers in cotton yarn, Warlo William, Great Cambridge Atreet, Hackney road, May 20

builder, Mayo Rayne: James, Michael Raynes, and, William Wood, Fins. Welsbone Charles, Evetham, Worcefter, grocer, April 22 bury quare, merchants, April 1!

Wernink John, Gottlob, Plymouth. Duck, merchait Redhead Robert, Mark lane, wine merchant, April 18

April 19 Rees David, Llanelly, Carmarthe1), ihopkeeper, April 19 Wilkinson James, Leeds, dyer, April 24 Recs James London, mariner, formerly commander of the Willatts Frederic, Brewer treet, Golden Square, cheese Northumberland, in the service of the Eat India Com

monger. June 27 pany, April 29 w

Williams Thomas, Caerkily, Glamorgan, wool manufac. Reeve William Clapham, coach maler, May 16

turer, May 6 Richings Stephen and somerfil R. Oxford, breeches inakers Williamson Thomas Gibbs, Paradise ftreet, Katherhithe, and lovers, May 37

mariner, April 18 Robertson James and james Hutchinson, Tiset Greet, oil. Willmort Daniel, Whitecrofs Arcet, dealer in spirits men April 15

April 1B Robinson George and John R. Paternoster row, booksellers,' Wilton William, Shakspeare Walk, Shadwell, merchant, June 30

April 18 Roe Robert and Christopher Moore, Brittol, merchants,' .Winder Knowles, Richmond, Surry, grocer, July 29 May ,

winter William, the younger, Blackfriars road, palator Lofer Edward, Lindfeld, Suflex, roap manufacturer, June 3 April 15

-Wood William, Michael Raynes, and James Raynes, Fins Sampion Samuel und Charles Chipchase, Broad ftreet

bury square, merchants April mercers. May )

Wood William, Finsbury square, merchant, April 18 Secretan John James, Wincheter freet, insurance broker, Wright Charles, Aldgate, tobacconitt, May 16 May 16

Wright Sincidit, white Horse lane, Whitechapel, mer Shenfone Thomas, Market Bosworen, Leiceller, draper, chant, June 3 April 31

Young Solomon, Newport Areet, linen draper, April 29 Pilvebrand John. Spicer treet, Spitalhelds, colour manu


... Containing official Papers and authentic Documents.


and shall endeavour to acquit ourselves of THE King of Sweden bas been re- this arduous task in such'a manner, that the

I moved under a strong escort, from Empire may regain its former tranquillity and Dortmingholm to Gripsholm, a palace peace both abroad and at home, and trade and about 45 English miles from Stockholm., industry be revived; it being our firin deterHe hız, bitherlo been kept closely con..mination to deliberate jointly with other fineri, and has not been permitted to see states of the realm on the means which shall the Queen.

appear best calculated to promote the welfare The following circular letter, addres- of the Swedish people. We therefore charge sed to the Public Boards. Courts of and command you to evince towards us that Justice, and Consistories throughout Swe

" fidelity and attachment which our upright

intentions, and the security of the country den, bas been lately, issued :

demand at the present time. Your official CHARLES, by the grace of God, &c. tenorts are to be add

*C. reports are to be addressed to his Royal Ma• Whereas in consequence of the events estu, in the same manner as 'when during which have , lately alaken place, his Royal the minorits of the Kings we presided over Majesty is not able to superintend and direct the management of the concerns of the State, the affairs of the realm ; therefore, we being

CHARLES. the only Prince of the Royal Family who is We, &c. &c. of age, lave found ourselves obliged tu assume, **

M. ROSINBLAD, for the present, the rains of Goverainen, Stockholm Castle, March 13, 1809.




offence with animadversion, without distincProclamation by tbe Arcbduke Cbarles to the

me tion of person or rank; branded with disgrace

shall the worthless person be cast out to Austrian Army.

whom life is dearer than his and our honour. The protection of our country calls us to Adorned with the marks of public esteem, new exploits. As long as it was possible to will I present to our Sovereign, to the world, preserve peace by means of sacrifices, and as those brave men who have deserved well of long as these sacrifices were consistent with their country, and whose names I will ever the honour of the throne, with the security carry in my heart. . of the state, and with the welfare of the There remains one consideration, which I people, the heart of one bountiful sovereign must put you in mind of: the soldier is only suppressed every painful leelingon silence, formidable to the enemy in arms; civil vir but when all endeavours to preserve happy tues mast not be strangers to him ; out of the independence from the insatiable ambition of field of battle, towards the unarmed citizens a foreign conqueror prove fruitless when na- and peasants, he is muderate, compassionate, tions are falling around us and when lawful and humanes we knows the evils of war,

sovereigns are torn from the hearts of their and strives to lighten them. I will punish
** subjects, wben, in fine, the dangerxof uni- every wanton escess with so much greater se.

versal, subjugation threatens even the happye verity, asičnis not the intention of our mo.
States of Austria, and their peaceable fortu-narch to oppress neighbouring countries, but
nate inhabitants, then does our country deo to deliver them from their oppressors, and
mand its deliverance from us, and we stand to form with their princes a powerful bond
forth in its defence.


in order to bring about a lasting peace, and
On you, my dear brother soldiers, are to maintain the general welfare and security.
fixed the eyes of the universe, and of all those Soon will foreign troops, in strict union
who still feel for national honours and na-' with us, attack the common enemy. Then,
tional prosperity. You shall not share their, brave companions in arms! honour and supa
disgrace of becoming the tools of oppression. port them as your brothers; not vain-glorious
You shall not carry on the endless wars of high words, but manly deeds, do honour to
ambition under distant climes. Your blood the warrior ; by intrepidity before the enemy
shall never flow for foreign fleets and foreign you must shew yourselves to be the first sol-
covetousness, not on you shall the curse,diers.
alight' to annihilate innocent nations; and Thus then shall I one day lead you back
over the bodies of the slaughtered defenders of to your own country, followed by the respect
their country to pave the way for a foreigner of the enemy, and by che gratitude of foreign
to the usurped throne. A happier lot awaits nations, after having secured by your arma
you ; the liberty of Europe has taken refuge an honourable peace, when the satisfaction
under our banners. Your victories will loose of our Monarch, tte approbation of the world,
its fetters, and your brothers in Germany, the rewards of valour, the blessings of your

yet in the ranks of the enemy, long for their fellow citizens, and the consciousness of de• deliverance. You are engaged in a just served repose await you. .

cause, otherwise I should not appear at your CHARLES, Archduke, Generalissimo

** * Vienna, April 6, 1809.
w On the fields of Ulm and Marengo, whereof Paris letters of the 16th of April state
the enemy so often remind us with ostenta- that hostilities have begon with Austria.
tious pride, on these fields will we renew the According to an account received by the
glorious deeds of Wurtzburgh and Ostrach,

che telegraph, Napoleon and his wife arrived
of Liptingen, Stockach and Zurich, of Ve.

42 at Strasburgh on the 15th, at five in the

. rona, of the Trebbia and Novi. We will conquer a lasting peace for our country; but

moroing. All hope of preserving the

no the great aim is not to be attained without peace of the Continent is therefore lost, great virtues. Unconditional subordinacion, Hostilities took place on the 10th of this Strict discipline, persevering courage, and month, on which day the Austrian armiy unsbaken steadiness in danger, are the com- crossed the frontiers, and entered Ba.. panions of true, fortitude. Only a anion of varia. I will, and a joint co-operation of the whole, The advance upon the Bavarian ter lend to victory

itory was notified upon the 9th, to the My sovereign and brother has invested me King of Bavaria, by a letter from the with extensive powers to reward and punish... Archduke Charles, upon which his Ma-I will be every where in the middle of you, jesty resolved to leave his capital, and he and you shall receive the brst thanks of your

A removed to Dellingen, a town on the "country from your general on the field of remov

battle. The papriotism of many of the Aus- Danube.
trian nobility has anticipated your wants: The Austrian troops which were in

this is a pledge in the fullest measure, of the Moravia and Austrian Silesia, and the i public Bratitudes but punishment shall also, most part of those which were in the with inte ble rigour; fall on Every breach, north of Hungary, have fled ol for Bo

durywe hall meet with reward, and hemia, a

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