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WITH ALL THE MARRIAGES AND DEATHS; Arranged geogruphically, or in the Order of the Counties, from North to South.

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NORTHUMERLAND AND DURHAM. Ac Hexham, Serjeant Robert Elliot, an M ARRIED.) At Coldiream, Lieut. Potrs, out-pensioner of Chelsea college, 86.

of the Northumberland inilitia, to Miss At Alnwick, Mr. Luke Mattison, 75. Eliz. Pratt, of Alnwick, second daughter of At Ferryhill, Mis Tiplody, 74. the late Mr. Michael P. formerly of Dar At Belsingbiam, Mrs. Risley.. Jington.

At fioughton, Mr. William Beck with, seAi Newcastle, Mr. R. Common, merchant, cond son of William B. esq. of Herrington. to Miss Isabelia Jones.

At Widdrington, Mr. John Annett, 78. Ac Durham, Mr. Benjamin Ord, of Moors. At the Barker House, Hexhamshie, Joha iey Banks, to Miss Lidster, daughter of Mr. Ord, «sq. sen, 88. Michael L.

At Bishop Auckland, Mrs. Atkinson. At Hexham, Mr. Thomas Elliott, to Miss Ac Corbridge, Mrs. Jobling, relict of Mr. Charlotte Busby, daughter of the late Rev. J. attorney, 16.-Mr. R. Gibson, formerly a Mr. B.

Captain in the Northumberland militia. 73. Died.] At Durham, aged 76, Mrs. Judith CUMBERLAND AND WESTMORELAND, Sharp, sister of Mr. Granville Sharp, and the A long Scotch ewe, upon Mr. Lowthian's Jate Dr. Sharp, prebendary of Durham, and farm at Brisco, Dear Carlisle, has this spring archdeacon of Northumberland.-Mrs. Mary yeaned a tup lamb, with five perfect lezs. Taylor, 71.-Mr. William Forest, 65. Mr. The fifth leg is situated near the navel. The William Angos, 89. Mrs. Mowbray, 62. animal is alive, and likely to thrive.

At Gateshead Fell, Mrs. Mary Errington, At the last Cockermouth district meeting 87.

of the Workington Agricultural Society, the At Larlington, near Barnardcastle, Mr. premiums were adjudged as follows: For roadThomas Parkin, 95.

sters, to Mr. Wood, for a horse called Skiddaw, At Howick, the Rev. Cha:les Thompson, the property of the Earl of Egremont.- For

At Monkwearmouth, Mrs. Eliz. Middleton, agricultural purposes, to Mr. Carruthers, for 99.-Mrs. Eggleston, 35.

a black horse. --Best foal, to Mr. Jolin Harris, At Newcastle, Mrs. Jane Watson, 85.- of Greysouthen. --Second and third best to Mr. John Thompson, 99. - Miss Eliz. Nespitt, J. C. Curwen, esq. 24,- Mr. Josias Farier, 77.-Mr. John Haw Married.] At Kirklinton, Mr. David Tate, don.-Mrs. Ann Thompson, a maiden lady, aged 60, to Miss Mary Lictle, 19. 87.- Migs Ann Hindmarsh.-Capt. Wharton At Brampton, Mr. Robert Conkey, to Miss Wilson, 79,-Mrs. Coats, relict of William Aon Bulman. C. esq. Mrs. Blagdon.-Mrs. Barnes, wife Ac Carlisle, Mr. Edward Barnes, to Miss of Mr. William B. bookseller.-Miss Hansell, Hannah Walcs.--Mr. Thomas Blinkinship, daughter of Mr. Richard H. 29.--Mrs. Mary to Miss Jane Lancaster, -Mr. William RayBurdon, 75 - Mr. George Storey, 60,--Mrs. Sun, to Miss Frances Nixon. Ann Whitley.-Mr. Nicholas Dixon, 62. Died.] At Whitehaven, Miss Mary Wade,

At Wallsend, near Gateshead, Mrs. Win. 18.-Mr. James Fawcett, 58. Mrs. Eliz. ship, 77.

Gibson, 7i.- Mr. John Piper, 80. — Mrs. At Sunderland, Mr. Rouc Armstrong, Ritson, 71. Mr. George Alounsey.--Mrs, 41.-Mr. Andrew Thompson, 61,

Martin, 24.- Sr. John Hayton, 45 --Mr. R. At Stockton, Mrs. Hannah Hixon, 91. Kelswick, 55.- Mr. Abraham Caldbeck.

At Chester-de-Strecl, Mr. Matchew Corner, Mr. Thomas Farrel. – Mrs. Forster, - Mrs. B5,

Kendall, 62.-Mrs. Hall. At Eyton Banks, Mr. Francis Eyons, 75. At Nether Town, near Egremont, Mrs.

At Blyth, Mr. George Forster, sen, son of Ann Ford, 39. the late Joseph F. esq. of Newton by the Sea. At Penrith, Mrs. Bird, 88.-M. William

At Bolton, Mrs. Forster, relict of Matthew Monk house, 62.-Serjeant Dempsey, of the F esq. 77.

Cumberland militia. • At Bishopwearmouth, Miss Mary Ann Kay, At Wininarley, aged 90, Ann Bourne, wife third daughter of C, K, esq. major of the of James Bourne, formerly of Rampool, in Sunderland volunteers,

Cockerham. She was the mother, grande At Washington Wood, Sarah Hudson, 100. mother, and great grandmocher to 137 chil.

At Birling, near Warkworth, Mr. Henry dren. Cramlington, 86.

At Parsonby, Mr. John Wilkinson, 85.


At Grange, near Egremont, Mr. John Cook. again enablei to admit seventy-five boys into

At Wigton, Miss Stockdale. -Mr. John the school, as was done a few years ago, but Monk house.-Mrs. Barker, wite of the Rev. since, from the inadequacy of its funds, the Mr. B. of Holme-Coltram.

number has been of necessity reduced to At Newby, Westmoreland, Mr. Robert fisty. Camplin, a very respectable yeoman, 89. He The following is the Annual Report of the went to bed in good health and spirits, wiih Cloth-searchers of the state of the Woollca a grandson, who was greatly alarmed in the Manufacture in the West Riding of the cousimorning, on discovering his grandfather to be ty of York, from the 25th of March, 1308, dead, and appearing in as composed a stale as to the 25th of March, 1809, on a comparison if asleep. Ile was a great admirer of, and with the preceding year:-proficient in, sacred music ; and the most ex.

NARROW CLOTHS.: cellent counter-tenor in the vicinity.

This year, 144,624 pieces, or 5,309,007 yards, At Mockerkin, Lowes water, Miss Mary Last year, 161,816........5,931,953 Bushby. At Brampton Hall, Mrs. Powley, 79. Decrease, 17,192

622,946 At Kendal, Mr. John Empson - Mrs.Tayler, wife of Mr. T. master of the Bluecoat

EROAD CLOTHS. Hospital, 50.-Robert, second son of the Rev. This year, 279,359 pieces, or 9,050,970 yards. John Harrison, dissenuing minister, 21.-Mr. Last year, 262,024........8,482,143 John Bulfield. At Carlisle, Mr. James Rome, 28.-Mr. Increase, 17,835

568,827 Robert Blicklock, 31.- Esward Routledge, private in the king's body guards, a native of Aggregate Increase in pieces...... 613 this city. He had been personally engaged

Decrease in yards......53,419 in eight general engagements, besides minor , It will appear extraordinary, without some actions, in Holland, France, the Netherlands,' explanation, that although there has been anin, Italy, Spain, Portugal, &c. &c. - Mrs. Jagecrease in the number of pieces, the ageregaie Dodgson, 58.-Mrs. Sarah Todd, 77.--Mrs. decrease in yards should exceed 53,004). This Jane Johnston, 60.

peculiarity is, we believe, to be accounted for At Hayton, Mr. Wills, 35.

from the pieces made for military cloching, At Workington, Mr. John Askew, aitor- of which there have been an unusual quangey, 34.

tity during the last year, being of short or At Maryport, Miss Mary Pearson, 31. lengths than those made for the regular trade

At Brampton, Mr. George Little, 21. On reference to the returns of the three last Mrs. Jackson.

years, it will appear that our staple manuAt Thurstenfeld, Mrs. Betty Frizzle, 85. facture is gradually on the decline. At Burgh, Mr. Isaac Lonsdale, 31.

In 1807, the decrease in yards was 911,994 At Cargill Hall, near Egremont, Janc, 1808, there was a still farther daughter of Mr. Wordsworth, solicitor, 13.

decrease of .........1,637,813 At Egremont, Mr. Thomas Leach.- Mrs. 1809, notwithstanding the large Isabella Thompson.-Mr. Thomas Rogers.

army contracts, there At Middleton Place, in the parish of Cor.

prores to be a further ney, Mrs. Benn, 61; and two days after

decrease of.......... 53,409 wards, her husband, Joseph Benn, esq. 57, At the late meeting of the Holderness Agrione of his Majesty's justices of the peace for cultural Society, at Hedon, a silver cup, of this county. Their remains were intcrred in the value of five guineas, was adjudged to one grave. They were apparently in good Mr. William Billaney, of Arnold, for shewing health on the Sunday preceding their death the best bull; and three guineas to Robert • YORKSHIRE.

Bell, esq. of Roos, for the second best bull. It appears from the Report of the state of A large assemblage of agriculturists were the Blue-coat boys and Grey-coat giris Cha- highly gratified not only with the excellence rity-schools of York, that the disbursements of the animais for which the prizes were ad. in the last year exceeded the annual income judged, but of some of the others which were to the amount of SS21. 6s. 11d. a circumstance shewn; and it was the general opinion, that that cannot bat be lamented by every friend they were much better than those kept in to an economical and well-regulated institg- Hoderness a few years since. At the same tion, the benefits of which to society in ge. time, two guineas were adjudged to Mr. John neral, are acknowledged to be incalculable, Pearson, of Hedon, for exhibiting the best It is hoped, therefore, that from the bene- boar. It may reasonably be hoped, that the volence of a humane and generous public, its exertions of this very useful society will exincome may not only be proportioned to the cite such a beneficial emulation in the district present expenditure, but that a charity, which in which it exists, as to cause every grazier has for its object the feeding, clothing, and and farmer to vie with his neighbour, both religious education of orphan and indigent as to the excellence of his stock, and the culchildren, may be lo far renovated, as to be tivation of his land,


Married.] At Gaisborough, Mr. Thomas At Camp Hall, near Leeds, Thonias, son Simpson, of Nanthorpe, near Stokesley, to of John, Wilson, esq. Miss Ann Lee, second daughter of James L.

LANCASHIRE. esy. of Pinchingthorpe.

At the annual meeting of the vestry of the At York, William Raven, esg. of Hartse parisii of Liverpool, held as usual, at the Old horn Hill, Derbyshire, to Lucy, daughter of Church, the state of the parish finances was the late Mr. William Brown.

Jail betore che meeting as follows: At Halitax, Janes llaley, esq. to Miss E. Total expenditure at the workPatchett, second daughter of Mr. P.

house; allowances to the Died. At Hull, aged 81, Mr. Philip Alf cut.poor; for the house of new. He was found dead in his yard, near a correction, lunatics, militia, piece of wood, which he had been seen a short salaries, and incidents for time before in the act of chopping. He was the last year

£35,094 19 4 master of a pilot-boat at the time Paul Jones The taxes uncollected to the was upon that coast; and falling in with a 95th March ult. (allowe ship captured by that notorious character, the ance being made for probaprize.master of which was dissatisfied, he took blebad debis) are estimated charge of her, and brought her into the Ilum at

15,000 00 ber.-Thomas Jackson, esq. many years an Stock of provisions and other elder brocber of the Trinity-bouse, 77.-- articles in the workhouse John Voase, esq. merchant, 63.- Mr. R. R. on the 25th March is, per Baines, many years governor of the goal for valuation

4,391 53 this town.

The debts owing by the parish At Leeds, aged 29, Captain John Paul, of on the same day are estithe 33d regiment, on the recruiting service mated at

11,576 18 3 in Leeds. He was a very gallant otiicer, and so that the balance in favour particularly distinguished himself at one of of the parish is

7,814 70 the most memorable events in our military The average number of paupers in the history, the storming of Seriagaratam.-Mrs. workhouse from the 31st March, 1808, to the Dove. --Mr. William Clough, 68-Mr. Isaac 25th March, 1809, has been 1142 persons. Rimington.

The increase of the out-door poor has been At Heworth Grange, near York, M13. very considerable; but from the great attenBourne, wife of William B. esq. 23.

tion of the parish oñcers, and the late church. Ac Scarborough, Mrs. Dale, wife of Sedge- wurdens in particular, the utmost economy field D. esq.--Mr. John Keatley; and the has been practised; and the same rates as last following day, bis wite, Mrs. K.

year, it is expected, will be sufficient, proAt Skewkirk, near Green Dam,merton, Ur. vided the parish is burthened with no aldia sula, second daughter of H. Tenan , esq. 16. tional exence on account of the inititii, or

At West Mills, Mirfield, Miss Maria Brook, other unforescen expences. only daughter of the late S. B. esq. 17.

The public labours of Mr. Lancaster, and At Osbaldwick, near York, Mrs. Willis, his recent visit to Manchester, with a view wife of the Rev. J. W. and daughter of the to explain and recommend his admirable late Rev. John Sarrande, rector of Sutton- system of education, has impressed the minds upon-Derwent and Elvington.

of a number of respectable inhabitants of that At Dunnington Lodge, near York, John town, wih a strong desire, to institute, upon Lister, gent. He served the office of sheriff a broad basis, a school on this plar., for the for that city in 1791.

gratuiecus instruction of the poor children of At Doncaster, Lieut. Westerman, of the this town, in reading, writing, and such fun. 35th foot, 92.

damental rules of arithmetic as may be neces. At York, Mrs. Cecilia Maughan, relict of sary for the general purposes of business, John M. esq. 69.-Mr. William Weatherill, every day in the week, except Saterday after39.-Mr. John Jackson, 70.-Mrs. Morriti, noon; and that it be always recommended, relict of John Lawrey M. e q. of Rokeby that, on Sunday, all the children attend some Park.-Maria, youngest daughter of William of the Sunday scliouls, or along with those Bayldon, €59. 17.

schools, some of the places of worship. with At Beverley, Mrs. Susannah Dickons, a both of which the town is amply provided. maiden lady, sister of Thomas D. esq. one of A subscripcion has been commenced in order tbe aldermen of that corporation, 70.-Mr. to provide for the expences necesarily conJohn Andrew.

nected with the execution of this plan, and At North Cave, Mr. A. Foster, 86. to procure, besides a moderate salary for the At Wighill Grange, Mrs. Wright, 93. master, a building sutliciently extensive for Ac Ferriby, Mrs. Johnson, 85.

so large a number of children as are expected At Northallerton, Henry Todd, esq. 72, to atten). At Wensley, near Bedale, Thomas Maude,

Married.) At Yapton, Mr. J. Rogers, esq.

tailor, horse-doctor, and tooth-drawer, aged At Masbro, Mrs. Pye, selict of the Rev. 60, to Mrs. Anne Stays, widow, aged 84 John P. of Sheffield, 81.

years. A gruudson of the bride gave her away, and her grand-daughter officiated as At Sandbach, Benjamin Wilson, esq. of bride's maid.


Ardwick, to Miss Mary Wilson. . At Blackburn, Mr. James Abbott, of Liver. At Prestbury, Joshua Wood, esq. of Mac. pool, tu Niss Eliz. Porter, of Pleasington. clesfield, to Mrs. Nicholis, relict of the late

Ac Preston, Richard Prescot, esq. of Dal. Mr. N. of Walsall. ton, near Ormskirk, to Miss Addison, only At Runcorn, Mr. Knight, of Stafford, to daughter of the late Mr. A. of Rufford Lodge. Miss Margaret Parsons, of Rigly.

AC Liverpool, Captain John Sinclair, of the Died.] At Tarvin, of a mortification, ocship Mercury, to Miss Eliz. Dagnia, daughter casioned by the bite of a dog, Mr. John of the late Captain D. -Mr. Thomas Heaton, Knott, 100. bookseller, to Miss Taylor, Mr Thomas At Chester, Mr. George Huxley.-Mr. Slater, of London, merchant, to Miss Chade Colin Robinson, 79.-Mrs. Briscoe.- Miss wick. -Mr. Knowles, of Ormskirk, to Miss Crewe. Brown, only daughter of the late R. B. esq. At Nantwich, Mr. George Stanton, comeof Formley.

dian. Died.) . At Lancaster, Mrs. Mary Miller, At Pulford, the Rev. T. Burrowes, rector 90.--Mrs. Kilslaw, 86.-Mrs. Noble, 75. of that place. Mr. George Barwise.

DERBYSHIRE. At Ulverston, Mrs. Sunderland, wife of Married.) At Scropton, Mr. William Thomas S. esq. 65.

Kniveton, of Church Broughton, to Miss E. At Grange, near Cartmel, Mr. Richard Manlove. Mounsey, 97.

At Brassington, Mr. George Toplis, to At Rochdale, Miss Hamer, only daughter Miss Mary Millington. of George H. esq. 22.

At Derby, Mr. John Fountain, to Miss At Liverpool, Thomas, the youngest son Sarah Cockayne. of William Coupland, esq.-Mrs. Bardswell, Died.] At Chesterfield, Mr. John White, wife of Mr. Charles B. attorney, 37.-Mr. 74.-Mrs. White, wife of Mr. Thomas W. James Paul, 21.–Mrs. Mary Sill, 67.-Mr. foenerly a bookseller. Richard Brookfield. -Mr. John Sugden. At Plumley, Mirs. Pedley, 71. Mr. Richard Kendall, 45.-Mrs. Goldson. At Shardlow, Mrs. Moore, 54. . Mrs. Sharplis, 67.-Lieutenant Thomas Phil. At Foston, Mr. Thomas Wall. lips, forty-nine years a commissioned officer At Toadkole Furnace, Mr. William Hope of the royal marines, 67.-Mr. J. Tippin, 97, kinson, 80. He has left behind him 140 children, grand. Al Mackworth, Mrs. Chambers, relict of children, and great grand children.-Mrs. the Rev. Mr. C. of Stretton-en-le-Fields, 75. Jones, wife of Mr. J. of the York Hotel, 54. At Derby, M. W. H. Wood, first clerk in

The Rev. Mr. Harrison, vicar of St. John's, the banking house of Bellairs and Co. 32.Margate, 72.-Mr. John Hopley, 46.-Mrs. Mr. Robert Nurse, 69. Fox.

NOTTINGHAMSHIR E. At Knowsley Hall, Mrs. Brown, forty-five Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. Elijah years housekeeper in the family of the Earl of Adams, to Miss Catharine Abbott. Francis Derby, 65.

Hart, esq. to Miss Huish, daughter of the late At Wigan, Mr. Peter Gaskell, 36. Mark H. esq. At Ditton, Mr. John Craven, 82.

Died. At Mansfield, Mrs. Isabella Clarke, At Winstanley Hall, near Urgan, Mrs. mistress of a boarding-school for young ladies, Bankes, wife of Meyrick B. esq. and daughter 76. of the Rev. Edmund Lally, 37.

At Newark, Mrs. Shackles, 76.-M. At Penny Bridge, near Ulverston, Mr. Richard Kitchingman. Matthew Glasse.

Ac Bullwell, on the day on which he comAt Spridlington, Mr. George Grantham, pleted his 80th year, Mr. Robert Walch. 95. He had been clerk and sexton of the At Bingham, Mr. Shilton, 72. parish sixty-two years.

At Wilford, Miss Farnsworth, eldest daugh-
At Manchester, Mrs. Siddal. -Mr. William ter of Mr. F. of Nottingham.
Spencer.- Mrs. Petty, wife of Mr. William P. At Nottingham, Mr. Barwick.-Mrs.

At Warrington, Mrs. Agnes Penketh. Roughton, 88. Mr. Burrows, 46.-Mies
At Preston, Mrs. Clough.-Mr. Kirby. Maria Wright, 22.
At Broughton, Miss Ellen Whitlord.

At Wavertree, Ellen, wife of Mr. George Married.) At Grimsby, Mr. Edward Car.
Welsh, 23.

ritt, to Miss Lister, only daughter of R. L. CHESHIRE.

esq. mayor of Grimsby. Married.] At Knutsford, the Rev. le At Lincoln, Me, Mumby, to Mrs. Malam. Dixon, to Miss Drake, daughter of the late The bridegroom has nine children, and the Thomas D. esq.

bride eleven. At Chester, Mr. James Ritson, of Liver At Knaith, near Gainsborough, Captain T. pool, to Miss Hartley, daughter of Ms. Wil Salmon, of the brig Mary Anne, to Mrs. liam H.


At Gainsborough, Captain J. Gurnill, of transactions as well public as private ; whose the Resolution sloop, York Trader, to Miss love of literature and che arts, coupled with Palethorpe, daughter of Mr. P. of Newark, liberal manners and an easy unaffected address, Notts.

rendered his society generally desirable; and Died.) At Louth, on Good Friday, aged who amidst his other pursuits, did not neglect 68, Mrs. Uvedale, relict of the late Rev. Ro. to study and observe the law, by which men bert U. D.D. rector of Langton, near Spilsby. shall be judged hereafter. She was the daughter of Bennet Langion, esq. At Leicester, Mrs. Suinfew.-Mrs Deakin, of Langton, by Diana his wife, daughưer of wife of Mr. D. 81.-Mr. Read, superinEdmund Turner, eso of Stoke Rochford. It tendant of the Union Canal.-Mrs. Chawner, is remarkable that this lady had often ex. 77.-Anne, third daughter of Mr. Bradley, pressed a desire that, when she died, it might merchant, 23.-Mr. John Loseby, - Mrs. be on a Good Friday: -Mr. William Arliss, Fox, relict of Mr. F. formerly an eminent 72.- Thomas Phillips, junior, esq. a member surgeon. of the corporation, and trustee of several At Kegworth, Catharine, relict of the Rev. charitable societies, 61.-Mrs Howe. Robert Ingram, vicar of Wormingtord ar.d

At Blatherwick, near Stamford, Mrs. Wil. Boxced, Essex, 81. kinson, third daughter of Henry O'Brien, esq. At Tiltowon the Hill, Jane, the only She was subject to cpiiepric fits, and was daughter of Mr. Sik«s. found dead in the drawing-room, where she

STAFFORDSHIRE. had been left alone mly a few minutes.

At Brigg, John Goodwin, esq. 66.--Harry The premium, offered for the present year, Bentley, esq. 72.

1809, by the Newcastle under Lyne and Ac Donington, Joseph Dods, gent. 70. Potiery Agricultural Society, are as follow :

At Gainsborough, Mr. Kennin ton, 89. 1. For the best prepared and cleanest fallow Mrs. Dunning, wite of Captain D. of the brig for wheat, not less than ten acres, on lands Polly, London trader.

not adabted for the cultivation of green crops, At Lincoin, Mr. Charles Seeley, 41.--Mr. ready to be viewed before the 15th of Sep. Samuel Hall, 92.-Mrs. Skelton.-Miss Ann tember next, a gold medal or ten guineas. Jones, aged 17, apprentice to Miss Elizabeth 2. For raising, in the year 1809, the best Lievesley, of this city, milliner. She swal- crop of turnips, in every respect, to be tho. lowet poison that day at noon, and expired roughly cleansed from weeds, and properly abuut six in the evening. By the evidence and equally thinned by hocing no less than of Miss Lievesley, the young lady was at three acres, a silver medal, cup, or five yuitimes remarkably low-spir ced, and betrayed peas. such symptoms of unhappiness as to alarm 3. For raising, in the year 1809, the the family. This evidence induced the jury greatest quantity of cabbages, of the best to give a verdict of lunacy.

quality, for the purpose of feeding cattle, a At Heckington, Mr. William Bowles, 80. silver medal or three guincas.

At Langton, near Wragby, Miss Bartho. 4. For growing, in the year 1809, by field lomew

culture, the greatest quantity of carrots, of At Cockerington, St. Leonards, Mrs. the best quality, not less than three acres, a Thorpe, 71.

silver medal or three guincas. At Crowle, Harriott Thomasino, youngest 5. To the person, who shall quickset, in daughter of the late Horace Cattaneo, esq. 27. the best manner, the greatest quantity of dead

At Bracebridge, Dear Lincoln, the Rev. or barren fence, before the 1st of May, 1810, Mr. Norton.

two guineas. At Grantham, Mr. Alderman Hemingway. 6. To the person, being tenant of the estate,

At Spalding, Dr. John Wilson, who for who shall drain, in the best and most durable twenty years practised in that town with great manner, not less than six acres of land, becrcdit as a physician.

tween the 25th of March, 1809, and the 1st LEICESTERSHIRE

of May, 1810, a silver medal or five guineas ; Married.] At Kegworth, Mr. John At. and an additional premium of two guincas kenborough, to Miss Shepperson.

offered by the executors of the late marquis of At Leicester, S. Bankart, esq. to Miss Stafford, if done by a tenant at rack rent. Stevens, eldest daughter of Richard S. esq. 7. To the person, being owner of the Mr. J. Phillips, in the banking house of estate, who shall drain, in like manner, noc. Mansfield and Co. to Miss Hackett.--Mr. B. less than six acres of land, within the like Jackson, to Miss Price, daughter of Mr. P. time, a silver medal or five guincas. proprietor of the Leicester Joarnal.

8. To the person, who, between the 1st of: Died.) At Hinckley, William Francis, January, 1809, and the 1st of January, 1810, second son of major general Stapleton, and shall in prove not less than two acres of meanephew to Lord le Despencer.

dow or pasture land, not usually overflowed At Ashby de la Zouch, Mr. E. S. Pestell, in times of flood, by throwing warer over it, attorney, whose extensive legal knowledge, in the most judicious and equal manner. A and indefatigable zeal, justified the selection silver cup or seven guiness; and two guineas of him for the conducting of many important more offered by the executors of the late MONTHLY MAG. No. 184.



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