Sidor som bilder

At Grantchester, Philip Ingersel, esq. of

SUFFOLK Theitord, Norfolk, to Miss Matthew's

Married.] Robert Clayton, esq. of Sibton, Died, I At Malsution, der Wisicach, o to Miss Cuik, of Yoxtird. Saturday the 3ch inst. in the 18th year of Dedil At Hoxne Hall, the lady of Sir his age, Mr. James Climenson : on the Tues. Ti

des. Thomas Hagelrigge, bart. 70. day following, at the same age, Mrs. Mary At Sury, the Rev. Frederick Barnwell. C. his wife; on the 13ch they were both Simon Cuimberland, esq. 71.-Mrs. Alderton. buried in one grave; and at four o'clock the Ac Brockford, Viss Chilcon. next morning died Ann, their second daugh. At Hoxne, Frances, widow of Ezekiel Rivert tor, aged 19. To add to this scene of deso esa, many years steward to Sir Thomas Hallation, nine orphans remain to bemoan their striuke art. 66. luss!

me Edwardstone Hall, Mr. Isaac SparAt Madingley, Mrs. Phypers, 68.

TOW, 70. At Islcham, Mrs. Hi is, 73.

At Lowestoft, Elizabeth youngest daughter ar Cambridge, Mrs. Gee, wife of Mr. Of the late Rev. Dr. Temple, of Norchwood Robert G. solicitor, 61.-Mrs. Ann Shor', Placc. 72.--Mr. Richard Gutes, one of the common At Stradbrook, Miss Holland, daughter of council of this corporation, 76.-Miss Maria Mr. lohn H. Carter.

Af Beckles, Mrs. S. Verdor, 63. Ar March, Elizabeth, wife of Owen Gray,

At Denston, Juho Hainmond esq. 69. esq. 41.

At Parham, Mis. E. Bewer, 99.

Ac Hawstead, Mr. Henry Smith, 21.
Married ] At Norwich, the Rev. John
Newton, or London, to Miss Neale.

ESSEX. Abboe Cocher, esq. of Tonipson, to the Married.] At Cupford, Wm. Meeke Fare eldest daugh:er of the Rev. Henry Wilsun, mer, esq. to Miss Frances Barstow. of Kirby Cane.

At Onger, Mr. Potcer, surgeon, to Miss Mr. C. Gillett, eldest son of Mr. G. of Gilbert. Muttsord Hall, Sinolk, co Miss Howard, William Berkely, esq. second son of the dangliter of Mr. B. H. of Brighton, in this Rev. Dr. B. of Writele, to Lucy Frederica, county.

youngest daughter of John Richard Comyns, John Wright, esg. of Kilverstone Lodge, eeg. late of Hylands. to Frances, youngest daughter of the late At Gosfield,

Gage, esq. to Miss Rev. Z. Rose, rector of Broughton and O'Donald, niece to the Marchioness of BuckDraughton, Northamptonshire.

ing bun. Philip Ingersoll, esy, of 'Thetford, to Miss At South Weald, Timothy Dockuray, esq. Matchewa, of March, in the sale of Ely. to Miss 3. Delrenham, of Brook-screet, Brenc

Dild.) At Harleston, Mrs. Sewell, wife of wood. Mr. S. bookseller.

Dred.] Ac Stanted Hall, Bailey Heath, esq. At Hapton, Mr. J. Hart. 78.-Miss Trom- Having died without a will, a property of lett, daughter of the Rev, Mr. T.

160.0001. devolves to his three sisters. A: Walpole, St. Andrews, Mr. Robert Ai Chigwell, Captain Joseph Hongman, of Twisiey.

the Royal Masincs. Ac Hingham, Mrs. Evans, relict of Cope Ac West Mersea, J. Spurden, esq. 55. taju E. of the 23d regiment, daughter of the At Chelmsford, Mr. Wm. Stuart, Lieuten. late G. Ridley, D. D.

ant and quarter-master in the Royals. He' At Norwich, Mr. John Brown, upwardi o cut his throat in a fiz of insanity. -Mr. George 28 years beadmap of the Cathedral of that Bently,-- \r. um. Reed, organist, and Je. city, 76.-8. Robert Ninham, painter, a puty provincial grand master of Free Masons young artist of promising abilitie s . Bure for the county.-Mr. Win. Carwell, formerly ney Buwles.--Mrs. Miary Bennant, wite of master of the Saracen's Head Inn, 73. Mr. H. 81.-M. Abalora Shaiders, jun. 35. At Colchester, Lieut. Robert C. Steed, of -Mis Mary Wilcockson.

the Royal Artilary Gunner Drivers.--Mrs Ac Diss Heywood, Mr. John Fisher, 31.- Brondicy,Mrs. Jacklin, 65. Mrs. Warman, 26

At Maldon, Mrs Goslett, 53.
Ac Field Drilling, Robert Thomlinson esq. At Wetherfield, Mr. Thomas Fitch,
youngest son of the late Rev. Robert, T. of At Ferling, Mrs. Wood. ..
Cley, next the sea.

At Billericay, Mrs. Oates.
At Bungay, Mrs. Elizabeth Kingsbury. At Cold Norton, Mrs. Grant
Af Mautly, near Yarmouth, Mrs. Perrie. Ac Tilty Grange, Mr. Wm. Norrie.

At Rollesby Hall, Mrs, Mapes, wife of At Nayland, Mr. James Potter, of the Edmund M, esq.

Queen's Head Inn, 47. He Bajingham, Mrs. Knights, 39.

Ac Dodham, the Rev. T.L. Grimwood D. At Ladiun, M16. Cole, wile of Mr. D. rector of Brandeston, Norfolk, many years Jamnec,

master of tue Grammar School, Dedham, and At Swantop. Navess, Mr. Dew, second son le turet of that place. of Mr. T.D.

As Hornchurch, Mn Fransis. W. Misckle

only only son of the late J. P. Mircle, esq. of their differences departed together to their Gravesend, 22,

home, when he took an opportunity of knockAt Boxford, Mrs. Salter, wife of Mr. S. ing Harvey down, beat him wnmercifully, and surgeon.

threw him into a hedge, where he was found At Harwich, P. W. Deane, esq. 58. the next morning, in a state of insensibility, KENT.

in which state he continued two hours, and Married. At Faversham, Captain Thomas then died. He also confessed himselt to have Baines, of the 6th regiment of foot, to Frances, been one of three who murdered Mathews, the youngest daughter of the late Athelstan Ste- Dulwich Herniit; one of whom he said was phens, esq.

dead, and the other at sea ; but he did not At Lewisham, William Hayley, esq. of mention their names. Felpbam, Sussex, to Mary, third daughter of

HAMPSHIRE. John Weltord, esq, of Blackheath.

The physicians of Southampton have long At Dover, Robert Dalgleish, esq. of Mid. been in the habit of giving their advice gratis to dle Scotland-yard, London, 1o Miss Collett, the poor of this town; but as in many instandaughter of Samuel C. esq.,

ces their humane intentions are frustrated, At Gravesend, Captain Henry Bellingham, owing to the poor objects who apply to them, of the Bengal army, to Miss Henrietta not being able to pay for the medicines when Elizabeth Couden,

made up, it is proposed to establish, by annual At Chatham, Caplain Peter Douglas, R.N. Subscuiption, a oispensary, provided an adequate son of Admiral D. to Miss Moriarty, daughter sum can be raised for the gratuitous distribution of Admiral M.

of medicines to choose for whom no medical Ac Mersham, Major Wilkins, of the 85th provision exists; a subscription has been openregiment of Light Infantry, to Jane, daughtered for this benevolent purpose, of Edward Hughes, esq.

Married.) At Lockford, Wm. Morant, esq. Died.] Ac Harbledown near Canterbury, of Appleshaw, to Miss Sarah Dowling. Thomas Benson, esq. youngest son of the late Died.) At Southampton, Lady Hughes, reRev. Edward Bucking bam B. and nephew to lict of Admiral Sir Richard H.-Mrs. Mary the Earl of Tankewille.

Nicklin, 92.-Mrs Smith, wife of Wm. S. At New Romney, the Rev. William Wing esq.collector of the customs.-Mrs. Green.Fowle, rector of Ivy church and Burmarsh. Mr. Wm. Rogers, an eminent coach-proprieAt Lenham, Mrs. Lucy Coombes.

tor, 63. At Bethessden, Mrs. Martba Chambers. At Titchfield, John Adain Carter, esq. one Mr. Daniel Buss, 70.

of the aldermen of Portsmouth. At Rainham, Mr. R. Featherston, master At Peterstield, Mr. James 'Wiicher, surgeof the Green Lion Inn.

on. At Ramsgate, Miss Thorpe, only daughter At Winchester, J. Pyle, esq.-Mrs. Grater. of Lady Susan Drew, hy her first husband Jo- -Mr. Fleetwood, solicitor. seph Thorpe, esq.-Mr. Smith, surgeon of the

WILTSHIRE. 2d Surry mililia.

Married.] At Chippenham, Mr. Colberne, At Maidstone, Lieutenant E. Ranbin, of the surgeon, to Miss Ann Frances Stephens. East Suffolk militia, 32.

At Devizes, Major George Evans, major At Boley Hill House, Rochester, Mrs. of brigade, to the forces in the Portsmouth Head, wife of J. R. H. esq.

district, to Miss Spalding, only child of Dr. S. - At Chatham, Mr. D. Stanner, surgeon of Died.] At Hormingham, Miss Charlotte the Royal Marines.

Bishop. At Gravesend Mr. G. Rackstraw, a very ec. At Salisbury, Mrs. Ann Rothwell, sister of centric character, 80.-Mr. Newnian. the late James R. esq.-Mr. A. Montgomery. At Margate, Mrs. Mussured, 56.

-Mr. William Humphrey. At Throwley, Mr. Twist, 80.

At Warminster, Mr. Thomas Evans, At Mersham, Mr. Richard Clarke, 69. jun. 27.

At Canterbury, Mr. William Petritt, of the At Telfont Mill, Mr. Goodfellow, 59. Coffee House, High strett.The Rev. John At Salisbury, Mrs. Williams. Riquieu, a French ecclesiastic, 74._Mr. Ben- At Warminster, John Speed Frowd, esq. 39. jaman Kelly-Mr. Bisiker.-Mr. Henry At Devizes, Mrs. Inmead. Abrahams, 38.

Ac Mere, che Rev. Thomas Groves, rector At Lenton, Mrs Groombridge, 40.

of Weymouth. At Challock, Mr. Thomas Millen, 62.

BERKSHIRE. At Elmston, Mr. Soutre, 85.

Tbe Wilts and Berks Canal is intended to At Deal, Mr. Henry Hart, 38.

be opened into the Thames at Abingdon, in At Lewisham workhouse, Isaac Evans, well the inonth of September next; by means of known about Sydenham and its neigbbow hood, which, and the junction at Semington with by the name of wry.necked Isaac. A short the Kennet and Aron Canal, which commu. time previous to his death be confessed to be nicates with the river Avon at Bath, there ing the cable of the death of a fellow-labourer will be a complete inland water communia of the name of Harvey. They had quarrel. Cation between Briscol and London. led at the Gypsey-house, but after settling Died.] At Newbury, Mrs. Graham, 84. •

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At Hurley Mill, Mrs. Willabs.

Died.] An Braininch, Henry Bowden, At Martin, near Hungerford, Mr. Randall. esq. 75. SOMERSETSHIRE.

CORNWALL. Married 7 At Evercreech, John Bradshaw, Married.] At Truro, Mr. Lidgey, seresg. of Darcey Lever, Lancashire, to Miss C. jeant-major of the Truro volunteers, to Mils M. Smith, second daughter of the late Sa- Guy. muel S. esq. M. P. for Ludgerehall.

Died.) At Autron Lodge, near Helston, Ac Bath, Thomas Brooks, esq. of Great Mr. Rogers, wife of Captain R. and daughter George-street, Westminster, to Mrs. West, of the late Major Oldham, of the East India relict of Thomas W. esq.

Company's service Died. At Bruton, john Dampier, esq. At Penryn, Mrs. Williams, relict of Mr.

At Clifton, William Yeo, esq. an eminent Daniel W. surgeon. apothecary, 47.

At Poughill, Mrs. Loveday Trued, wife of At Kensbridge, Mr. William Martin. Thomas 1. jun. esq DORSETSHIRE.

At withian, in St. Agnes, Mrs. Nanhia Married.1 At Shartesbury, Mr. William vell, 97. Swaine, of North Cadbury, to Miss Oram.

WALES. Died.] At Sherborne, in the Alms House, Died] At Montgomery, aged 90, Charles John Mitchell, 103.

Jones, esq. grandfather to Maurice Jones, esq. At Watchland, near Bridport, Jane, eldest recorder of that borough, and father to the late daughter of John Keddie, esy.

C. T. Jones, esq. treasurer of the county: he DEVONSHIRE.

had filled the office, of high-bailiff of Montgo. Married.] At Plymouth, Mr. Norman, mery several years. one of the proprietors of the Naval and Com- At Brynbella, Denbigh, Gabriel Piozzi. mercial Bank, to Miss Sory, daughter of Mr. esq. husband of the ouce celebrated Mrs. S. surgeon.

Thrale. At Exeter, Mr. George Richard, to Miss At Conway, the Rev. Hugh Williams. Alary Bowditch.

rector of Halkin, Flintshire, 58.


MONTHLY COMMERCIAL REPORT. THE capture of Oportu, a second time by the French, has thrown our British merchants re.)

sident there, into great contusion; they however have got safe to Lisbon, and all their pro. perty shipped off only three days before the arrival of the enemy, except three ships laden with fruit and wine, which have fallen into the hands of the French. We can, however, with pleasure assert, that at this time there reinains in Bond, under the king's locks, Incarly three years consumption of Port wine, so that any advance on the article, will be merely nominal. and should not be encouraged. We trust, that the arrival of Sir Arthur Wellesley at Lisbon, with the forces already there, and those just now gone out, will retake Oporto, out of the hands of our enemies. The Americans have taken off the embargo, with respect to neutral ports, but where the neutral ports are, we are really at a loss to know. The fact is, that America cannot do without our inanufactures, nor can she send her produce, such as cotton. wool, indigo, tobacco, Aax-seed, staves, ashes, &c. to any other part of the world, than to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; and we trust this is an opening for their ships to make their way into British pouts, as several have already arrived both here and at Liver, pool, and many others are expected. King Louis of Holland has likewise taken off the embar. go, as far as relates to neutral ports, and already several small vessels have arrived here, with! every kind of Dutch merchaninize, suited for our market. The article of Hollands, or rather Geneva, bas lowered 1$. 6d. to 4s. Od. per gallon, and a similar depression has taksn place on all kinds of Darch articles. The capture of Martinique, by the British forces, puts us into possession of one of the most productive islands in the West Indies; the coffee of that island is equal in quality to the finese Java cofiee, and their clayed sugar the most valuable of any in the world, for the sugar refiners, having undergone the first process in the island, exclusive of this, ic becomes the more valuable to us, as it always was the rendezvous of the French ships of war and privateers in those seas.

The sugar market has rather advanced in price, good Jamaica's, sell from 745, to 89.. per cwt. ; rum 53. 60. to 6s. 6d. per gallon; coffee, from 51. 10s. to 61. 195. per cwt ; and coton, 16d. to 18d. per pound; otlier produce in proportion.

At public sale the oth instant, Messrs. Kymer and Co. sold 215 hogsheads Virginia Tobacco, from 6d. to 1s. 63. pound; 70 bales and 50 rolls Turkey dicto, 6d. per pound. Very fine Virginia tobacco in demand and scarce.

In the last week no less than 3500 tons of Pork, 3300 tons of bacon, and 3100 cons of butter, were entered at our custom-house from Ireland; 14,000 gallons of brandy from France. and an immense quantity of wine from Oporto, Lisbon, Cadiz and Madeira.

By the last ships from the Brazils, we find the markets there overstocked with all kinds of British manufactured goods, and several cargoes bonded for payment of the duties, which cir. cumstanice has dariped the trade of Manchester, Birmingham, &c. We, however, expect the Adericans will contrive to take off large quantities, under the mask of neutral property. MONTHLY MAG. No. 184.

3 I


Prices of Canal, Dock, Fire-Office, Water Works, and Brewery Shares, &c. at the Office of Messrs. L. Wolfe and Co. No. 9, Change Alley, Cornhiil; 21st April, 1809,- London Dock Stock, 1211. per cent. West India ditto, 1741. ditto. East India ditto, 1301. ditto. Com. mercial ditto, 135). ditto. Grand Junction Canal Shares, 1641. per share. Grand Surrey ditto, 801. do. Kennet and Avenditto, 41. per share premium. Globe Fire and Life Assurance Shares, 1171. per cent. Albion ditto, 581 per share. Hope ditto, 6s. per share premium. Eagle dirto, par. Atas ditro, par. Imperial Fire Assurance, 651. per share. Kent ditto, 461. per share premium. London Assurance Shipping, 211: per share. Rock Life Assurance, 45. to 55 per share premium. Como ercial Road Stock, 1151. per cent. London Institution, 841. per share. Surrey ditto, par. South London Water Works, 401. per share premium. East London ditto, 501. ditto. "West Middlesex ditto, 121. 12s. ditio. Auction Mart, 301. per share premium. West Country Fire Oance, 31. ditto. Lancaster Canal, 171, per share. Golden Lane Brewery, 771. ditto.

The following are the average prices of Navigable Canal Shares, &c. in April, 1809, at the office of Mr. S:ott, 28, New Bridge Street, London. The Stailordshire and Worcester Canal, 7001 dividing 401 Net per Annum. Grand Junction, 151, 1o 155l River Trent, 65). dividing 71. per cwt. Monmouthshire, 106 to 1051. Ellesmere, 701. Kennet and Avon, 23 to 221. Wilts. and Berks. 271. Ashby, 191. Thames and Medway, 771. with new subscription. West India Dock-stock, 173 to 174. London Dock, 1201. State of tbe 1collen Mar.ufacture. From the Twenty-fiftb of Marcb, 1803, to ibe twenty fifth of

March, 1809.

Milled this year

144,624, making 5,509,007
Last year



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Total increase in yards 6,581

Mar. 28th| 31st. April 4th. 7th 11th 14th 18th 21st Amsterdam, 2 Us. 33 0 S3

33 35

33 33 33 Ditto, Sight

32 5

32 5 32 5 325 32 51 Rotterdam, 2 Us. 10

10 4

10 4 11 410 4 10 4 10 41 Hamburgh, 24 Us. 31 1 31


31 31 | 31 | 31 31 Altona, 21 Us. .. 31 1 | 31 1 31 1 31 1 31 1 si 1 311 31 1 Paris, 1 day date. 20 19 20 19 20 19 20 19 1 20 1920 1920 1920 19 Ditto, 2 Us....... 21 3 | 21 3 21 3 213 | 21 | 21 | 21 9 21 31 Bourdeaux ...... 21 3 21 3 21 31 21 3 21 S 21 S 21 S 31 3 Madrid ........ Ditto, effective ..44

44 44 Cadiz ...... Ditto, effective .. 39

39 Bilboa

41 Palermo, per 02... Leghorn ..

57 Genoa. 50

50 Venice

52 Naples... Lisbon..

63 Oporto...


64 JRio Janeiro. 671

671 67 67

671 Malta.... 53

53 53

53 Gibraltar, 36 36 36

S6 Dublin.


84 87 Cork .... 9j 99

91 194 9491 WM. TENCUAND, Exchange and Stock Broker, No. 9, St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill.

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PRICES or STOCKS, from the 27th of MARCH to the 24th of April, both inclusive.

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12 P. 14 P. 14 P.

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NB, In the S per Ceut. Consuls the highest and lotsest Prices are given; in the other Stocks, the highest only.

• Wm. TvaQUAND, Stuck and Exchange Broker, No.9, St. Michael's Alley, Cornhill,

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