Sidor som bilder

At Sunderland, the Rer, John Clegi, At Cockermouth, Drruthy, third daughTector for 18 years of the independent con- ter of Vr. Edmund Jefferson. gregation there, 60.-M. A. Higgins, 40. At Workington, Capiaii Joseph Ber

Ai Monkwearmouth, Mr. William Ro. ley, 62. binso 1,72.

At l grem nt, Mrs. Mary Clarke, wife of At the Clay Walls, near Hexham, Miss Mr. Christopher Carke. Jane Cha t.

At Keswick, Mr Isaac Biglands-Mr. At Fishburn, Mr. Gilbert Trotter, 76. George Hodgsor.-Mrs. Mary Lancaster,

At Grin ion Lodge, near Berwick, Mr. 74. John Gibson, 56.

! At the Raffels, near Car.isle, Mr. Tho Ai Bywell, Mary, daughter of the Rer. mnas Carruthers, 21. Henry Johnson.

At Wetherall Abbey, Ms. John Collin. At Kip-Hill, Mrs. Dorothy Cockrain, At Penrith, Mrs. Dinah Marvin, 80. 79.

At Birkett Field, near Keswick, Mr. At Stitchill, Berwick, in his 81th year, Wiliam Ga karth, 82 Sir Jain's Pringle, oi stitchill,bart. master At Branthwaite, Mrs. Linon.-Miss of the King's Worka, who repre.ented the Hea 1, caughter of Mr. Peser Head, 13. Cunty of Derwick, from 1760 to 1779. Ar Bird Dyke, in Lamplugh, Mrs. Jane He was s u of Sir Robert Pringlo, of Stit. Dickinsin, 58; and a few days afterwards .chill, bart. nephew of Sir John Pringlc, her husband, Mr. John Dickinson. M. D. F. R. S.; anii inarricu Elizabeth, At Kidburn-ill, Mr. Robert Watson. daughter of Norman Macleol, of Macleod, At Whnning, Mrs. Elizabeh Fiethy whom he had several children, one of cher. them married to George Bailie, of Jerris. At Woodside, parish of Dean, Mr. Harwood, M.P. for Berwickshire; and is suc- rison. ceeded by his eldest surviving son, now At Hullork, Mrs. Jane Mirchonse. Sr Johu Pringle, bart.

At Great Ortın, Mr, lohn Stanwix, o3. CUMBERLAND.

At Brampton, Mr. Thomas Alkinson, Married.) At Carlisle, John Wilson, 49. esq. to Mrs. Hodgson-Mr. William Mun: At Yealand Conyers, Mr Nathan Hadci ter to Miss Margaret Gorenl ck, and w'n, 87. at the same time Mr. William Monkhouse At Birks Ili'l, the Rev. William Kirk-, in Miss Mary Govenlock, sist-r to the bridge, 85. He was Vicar of Herlet in above.

the Forest, upwords of 45 years. His At Allonby, Mr. John Brags, of White character was highly respectable; it was haren, to Miss Beeby.

that of a truly pious and amiable man.Al Kendall, Mr. Joseph Braithwaite, to The suarity of bis manners recommended Miss Eleanor Wilson.

hiin to society, and h's memory will loog At Whitehaven, Mr. Hewetson, to Miss be remembered with affcction. Margaret Witherington.

At Great Salkold, in th: 81st year of his Died.] At Carlisle, Mr. Edward Foster age, Mr. Thomas Boustead, esteemed by --Mrs. Elliot, 61.-Mrs. Jane Simpson, a numerous and respectable acquaintance 89.-Mr. Story.-Mr. M. Ridley -Mr. as an experienced farmer and ingenious William Strickland.

mechanic. He was a lau lable instance of ALWhitchaven Mrs Brocklebank. -Mrs. honest industry and successful iugpruity, Mary Pears, 718.-Mrs. Wylie, 21.--Mrs. through a long and us: ful life, spent in Elizabeth Dickinson, 81. Mrs. Smith. the active improvement of his talent, to Mrs. Ann Post ethwaite.- Mr. Wallace, the advancement of his family and for cle:k to the excise collector of this dis- tone. trict.

YORKSHIRE. At Seaton Iron Works, near White. The inhabitants of Hulle have resolved haven, M. John Walton, aged 67 years, to apply t) prliament for an act fispotre uurtva:ds of 40 of which he had been hishing a nightly watch, with a provisio employed as forge corpenter, &c. at those for paving, cleansing, and lighing the works. His death was occasioned by an lordship of Myton, and such other improveaccident. While surveying the cylinder mnents as may be deemed proprr. bellows of the blasi furnace, his fot uni- On the morning of the second of May. fortunately slipped, and he became en- the fiunilation scone of the intenderl New tangled with the revolving crank of the ma- Theatre in Hull, was laid by John Himad-. chine; which in an instant sevired his foot ley, esq. The stone was fixed with he cofron his body just above the ancle Amu- remponies usual on such occasions, in the taiion a little higher up the log was presence of a cons.derable anber of pecimmediately performed, but a mor ifica- tators. In a cavity of the stone was detion ensued, and put a perind to his life. posited a sealed vial, captaining a parch

At Harrington, ir joseph Drape, 67. ment, with appropriate inscriptions, and

another with the signatures of Mr. Broad- daught:r of Mr Samuel Priestley.-Mr. ley, Mr. Mountain, (the Architec) ant William Dinsley.--Mis Sarah jacksia, the gentlemen who assisted ; together with 30.--Mrs Rushforin -- Mr.Tavlor.---Mrs. several go d, silver, and cpper coins of Rymer, 77.--Mr. William (arr. his present Majesty.

At York, Mrs. Goodrieke, relict of Hen. The sum of about 5001. has been appro- ry Goolr.cke, e q.--Miss Fairfax, daughpriated at Leeds, tu 'he relief of the poor, ter of Charles Gregory Fairfax, esq. of bv th distribution of soup, between the Gilling Cas le, 14.--Miss A. Moorehonse, 29th of Decebes and the 12th of May. of Gainsb:o', 61. The surplus of the funils collected fir this in his 80th year, Alexander Hunter. purpose. in he hands of the tr--asurer, M. D. F.R.S L & E. and Phys cinto to be apoiod, with ineresi, at any future the York Luna'ic Asviuin. He practised em rgency, is 530 The quanti yofs up nearly 50 yers in this ciiy vith the hind sold this season is 26,735 gallos

e st eminence and c edit in his pr fessinal Married.] At Skir augh, Cocifrev Park, character, his knowled, e of which was the esq. of Catwick, to Eeinor, daughter of result of scienc", skil, and well-funded the late Robert Wood, esq

experience. His goo ness as a man, A' Leeds, Mr. Howarth, merchant, to his urbanity and gentlemanly manners, Miss Lee.

his practice ofereryreal and social virtue, At ork, Mr. Jozeph Back'e, lun. to - the manly and plasing manner with Mis Ilus-man, daughter of Rbert H. which be gare his advice, whether as a esq.-The Rev Mr. Turre, lector of Rise Phy ician, a Friend, (r a Mentor,-hisento Miss Worsies, onlı daughter of the late couragement fihairte, or whatever apRev. James Wriors cy, frineriy rector of pared to be beneficial to mankıd, -uilt Slonegrave.--Mr. Thou pson, attorney, to ever enibalm his memory in the hearts of Miss Hepworth.

his fr ends, and of allibose who had an opA. Bra ford, William Bacon, esg. of portuity of knowing bir ; while his fami. Wolverhampton, to M ss Balme. . ly and connections will long bare to regret

At Hull, Captain John Masin, of the th- loss of a tener husband, an aff ctionate Halifax, Hulan i London Trad r, to Mises parent, a kind relative, and an indigeni and Jane Sa ler, daughterof CaptainAngus S. liberal master. In the world of letters he

At Sheffield, Mr. John Brown, solicit r, was highly esteemed, being au hor and to Miss Ward, daughter of Joseph Ward, annota'or of several work if great mai", esg.

among .hich were his editions f "Eve. Died.) At Moorgate, near Rotherham, lyn's Sylva,"? 2 vols. 4to; " Georgical Richard Holden, esq.

Essiys," 6 rols. 810 &c. &c. In his le soie At Bawtry, John T. H. Kaye, son of hurs he use leccasi nally to amuse himJohn Kaye, esq.

set wi'h composing miscellaneous pieces, At Kirk-Ela, near Hul, Mrs. Pease, such as “Essays on cases of Insanity," on wife of C. Pease, esq.

" Agriculture," &c. &c. and which were At Hull, Mr. Joseph Howaril, 61.- always wel receiied by the public. His Mirs. Berridge, 49. - Mrs. Buye, 44 remai .s wire in'erred in the church of St. Mrs. Elizabeth Hasiewood, matron to the Michael le Belfr y, aitepiled by a pome. lying-in charity, 47.- Mrs. Sarah Maw, rous and very r. spec able body of his 69. - Mrs. Boyle, 44.-Mr. Joh-i Gurnett. friends and felw citizens.

At Thwing, Widow Dawson, aged 107 At hi field, Miss Smith, caught r of years. She retained all her faculties to Mr. John Sınjih, bookseler-Mr Thomas the last, and was ill only one we k. She Mills, s n of Mr. Mi'ls, of Stavely Bridge, has left iwo s ns; the eldest of them, 73 near Manchester, 21.--Mrs, Shirtcliffe. years of age.

At Morih Care, Anth ny Fuster, e q. $7. Al Romaldkirk, Charles, son of ibeAt Manningham, near Bradford, Mrs. Rev. R. Bligh, rector of that plac, 16. Lisier, relict of Samuel Lister, ($11. whose

At Brainhum, Mr. Henrv Child is, 102. charity to the poor, though private and

At Kurksatl Forge, near Leeds, Mrs. But un stenlaij us, wis extensive. ler, w.fe.if Mr. Jonin kut er, 6+.

Ar Barrosby Ha!, Miss Smith, daugh. At Douasier, Robert Gare, esqun al. ter of Charles Smith, esq. derman. ftia' curporatiin, 74. -isab l'a At the New Building, rear Thirsk, Franwife of the Rev. Rihard Hawksuorth, and cis Sinsih, -sq F.A..71. daughter of the late Sir Michael Pilking. At Ha ifax, Miss Eizabeth Spritb, eldton, bart 28.

est daughter of the lare Mr. Alexander At Boltun, near Sheffield, Mrs. Johnson Sin th, bork eller.-Mr. Join Wyld, 18. relict of Jereph Johnson, esq.

At Wakefield, Mr. 7 boinas Ray, i'r, 6. ! Ai Leeds, Mr. William Cookson, 17.-- At Huddersfield, Mise Sarah (h'ppen, Miss Elizabeth Warham - Mr. Luke dall, daughier of the late Thus. (hippenCookrift.-Mr. James Pickering, 29. dall, exq. of Backburn, 23. Mr. William Chadwick. -Eliza, only At be by, Mr Stanland, 70.

Moxruly Mac. No. 185.


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At Ripon, Mrs. Kilvington, wife of Tho At Rochdale, Mrs. Crook. mas Kiivington, esq. M.D.-Mrs. Goda At Manchester, Mr. Kivg, 49.-Mr. Samond, wife of the Rev. Mr Godmond, vi- muel Thumpson, 18. car of that place, 76.

CHESHIRE. At Scarbro', Mrs. Kendall, wife of Ad- Married.] At Chester, Mr. Bagnall, miral Kendall.

suryeon, to Miss Bennion, daughter of the At luugitts, the Rev. John Collings, late Thomas Bennion, esy.- Ezekiel Boyd Vicar of Dryford. Hull, 64.

Stewart, €89. of Spring Lidge, near Mrex. At Northallerton, Mr. Deni, 76. bam, to Miss Sarah Jones. At Knaicsbro', Mrs. Henlock, 77.

Died.] At Chester, Mr. King, 49.-Mrs. At Whitby, Miss Sarah Parkin, daugh. Mars Wilbraham.-Mrs. Penningtun.ter of Mr. Parkin, Comptroller of the Cus. Mrs. Dixon.-Mr. Joseph Young, school. toms, 17.

master. At Beverley, Mr. Humphrey Sandwith, At Słockport, Mrs. Barlow.- James Surg on and Apoihecary.

Gee, esy. 88. At Boroughbridge, Mr. Fletcher, 87. At Peover, Miss Harriot Drake, 94. .

At Ponteiract, the Rev. Thomas Heron, At Kingsley, Mr. Robert Churchman, Vicar of that place.


DIRBYSHIRE. It is intended to iake down the spire Married.] Ac Chesterfield, Mr. Samuel ad part of the steeple of St. George's Lancaster, to Miss A. Wilcockson, both of Church, at Liverpool, a intasure which, Walton. thug greatly to be regrerted on account Died.] At Shardlow-Hall, Mary Anne of the architectural beau y of the structure, eldest daughter of Leonard Fost souke,esq. is set become absoluteiy necessary to the At Swark-tone, Mr. Thomas Bates. securily of the inhabitants, and all who At Hognaston, Mr. Charles Smith, 62. atend the market.

At Derby, Mrs. Cantrill of the Nag's Married.] At Liverpool, Joho Speed, Head Ion, 40.--Mrs. Hopkinson, 86. esq. of Aldford, Cheshire, to Miss Hannah At Chesterfie'd, Mrs Gratt n. Bailey. — Captain A1'Claring, of Mary. At Birchorer, Mr. Prime, 53. pori, to Mis Hannah Nicholson. -Cap- At Eckington, Mr. William Rother. tain M.Pherson, to Miss Nerron, of Green- ham. ork.-- James Willasey, esq. to Miss Mary At Doveridge, Mrs. Palmer, 69. Casteen.

NOTTINGHAM. At Warrington, Mr. James Cropper, Married.] At Bakierron, near Newark, attorney, to Miss Martha Leigh. Mr. Gerrard Hodgkinson, gent. of Carter-lane, Charles Asken, eldest son of David Asken, Derbyshire, to Katherine, only daughter esq. of Cheadle, Stafford, to Miss Sherr tt. of George Cuskin,esq. of Charlion-le-Mor.

Died. 7 At Liverpool, Mr. Robert Wil- land. son.-Thomas Foxcroft, esq. 77.--Mr. At North Clifton, Edward Swan, gent. George Gleave.-Mrs. Long, of the Unic of Gunthorpe, to M ss Pole. on Tavern, 33.-Mr. Robert Sinon, for. Died.] At Farnsfield Mr. T. Kemp, merly one of the Surgeons of the Dispen. 78. sary, 41.-Mr. James Hague.- Mrs. Hig. At Rolleston, Mr. Samuel North, 78. ginson.-Mr. J. Parry, 84.W. Atkinsun. At Winfield-Castle, Mrs. Jane Prety. esq. 84.- Mr. Herbert Robinson, 29. mar. Mr. John Molyneux.-Miss Hastings. At Newark, Mr. Chapman.-- Mr. James Mr. Edward Lyon. - Mrs. Tunstall.- Mr. York, diuggist, of Noitiogham, 32, Mr. Richard Rutter, 62.-Mr. Edward Tachy, Paccy.- Mr. W. Crow. 26.

At Nottingham, Mrs. Peet, 48.-Mr. At Lancaster, Henry, youngest son of George Nelson, senior.-Mrs. Cartwrigblthe late Erlward Salisbury, esq.

Mrs. Barbara Sherwin, sister of the late At Kirkland, near Garstang, Mr. Wil. John Sherwin Esq. 80.-Mr. James' Wood, liam Armstrong, 57.

46.—Mrs. Lewis, wife of Mr. Lewis, Jun. At Sandfield Wallasey, Mr, Alexander 29.-Mrs. Ward, 43. Witherspoon, 73.

At Williwood, Mrs. Sant, 96.
At Astun, Mr. Henry Leyland.

At Beestwn, Mrs. Wilsun.
At Fazakerly, Mr. John Maddock, 71. At Snenton, Mrs. Mary Allrock.

At Eccleston-Hall, Mr. H. E. Fruds. At Kingston, Mr. John Stokes, senior. ham.

LINCOLNSHIRE, At Preston, Mrs. Lodge.--Mr. Thomas Died.] At Louth, Mrs. Allenby, 50,Stockley.-Mrs. Grern.

Mr. C. Heaton, 22.-Mr-. Elranor Foster, At Hart-Common, near West Haughton, 54.-Mr. Jobo Driokall, 81.-Mr. Thomas Mr. Hargraves,

Stanley of Hull, sloop owner, 63 - The At Parbold, Miss Charlotte Hatlon, 25. Rev. W. Dugance, Vicar of Bliton aod

All Tattenhall, David, Sec ad son of Scotcorne, both in this couny, 82.-Mrs. Thomas Orton, esq.

Preston, 70.

At Withern, near Louth, Mrs. Keal, 93. At Compton, Mrs. Evans, wife of Charles

At Grimsby, George Smith, gent. former- Evans, esq. ly'a partner in the banking-house of Apple- At Penkridge, Mr. John Lander. ton, Machell and (o. B 'Verley.--Mr. Sa- At Stafford, Mr. T. T. N cholls, attorney muel Alfred.-- Mrs. Amelia Blow, wife of of Lane end.-Mrs. Carter. Mr W. B. likewise their infant child; being At King's Swinford, Mr. Pratt, 56. the ih rd wite, and eighth child. that Mr.B. At Leek, Mrs Wood, 76. though only in his 37th year, has followed At Rocester, Mr. John Watson. to the grave,

At Abbot's Bromley, Mrs. Blackwell, 85. A Boston, George Moore, Surgeon in the

WARWICKSHIRE. Navy, 25.-Mrs. Davies.

Married ] At Birininghain, Mr. C. Tun. Ai Donington, Mrs. Wilson, wife of the stall, of Nampt wich, to Miss Gibbins, Rev. J. W.

daughter of Mr. G. banker. At Boothby, Mr. Masson, 87.

At Cweníry, Mr. Whitehead, to Miss At Willoughton, Mr. Robinson, 84. Jane Parks, of Willennall. At Melior), Mrs. Towers, 35.

At Sutton Coldfield, Edward Grove, esq. At Gainsbro', Mrs. Bromhead, wife of of Sheostun Park, Staffurdsbire, to Emilia, R. B. Esq. 50.—Mr. Jobn Hall.

second daughter of Sir Edmund Cradock At Stockwirth, near Gainsbro', the Rev. J. Hartopp, Bart. Pearson, 62.

Died.] At Birmingham, George Croft, At Lincoln, Mrs. Sympson.-Mr. Caw. D. D. formerly fellow of University Colthorne.

lege, Oxford, preacher of the B.:optou Ar Spilsby, Mr. John Webster, 51.- Mr. Lectures, in 1786, Vicar of Arnclilfr, and John Basslington, shior.

Rector of Thwius, Yorkshire, late head LEICESTERSHIRE.

master of Brewood School, Staffordshire, At a meeting of the Leicestershire and and for the last 18 years, Lecturer of St. Mar. Rutland Agricultural Society, the Prize of- tio's, Birmingbarn. To great classical learnfered at the last general meeting for the ing, he added a considerable knowleogeof the best cart stallion, was adjudged to Mr. Hebrew, the Syriac, and some modern lan. Berridge, of Frisby. The committee are guages, and an exterisive acquaintance with directing their attention towards establishecclesiastical law. He was a zealous suping a cominunication with the principal porter of the Constitution, in Church and agriculturists throughout the kingdom, and State, and inade himself koowp in the litetheir proceedings will be submitted for ap. rary world, by several publications on theproval at the general meeting in October ology, politics, and ethics. By all who next. Mr. Hose of Melton, intimated his in- knew him in private life, he was highly estention of laying before the meeting the teemed for his integrity, his hospitality, his result of some experiments towards im- constancy, his ardour as a friend, his kind proving the growth of wool, by a cross of and anxious attention to the poor, and his the Merino with the Dinley breed.

Inost amiable disposition as a husband and Married.) At Rothley Temple, the Rev. a father. Joseph Rose, to Miss Babington, eldest At Birmingham, Mr. W. Collins,- Mr. daughter of Thomas Babingtun, M.P. for J. Francis.--Mr. Thomas Pemberton, Leicester.

78.-Mrs. Nutall.-Mrs. Ann Taylor. At Market Bosworth, Mr. John Payne, -Mr. John Bacou.-Mr. Samuel Tonks, of Coton, to Mrs. Muzon, of the Bull's 34.-Mr. Woodrufe.- In the 52d year of his Head Inn.

age, John Morfitt, esq. son of the Rev. Mr. Died.) At Market Harborough, Mrs. M. rector of Horsforth, and Scarborough, Munton, of the Angel Inn, 63.

Yorkshire; and perpetual curate of Hatton, At Melton Mowbray, Mr. Robert Hill, Warwickshire. Mr. John Morfitt was a 69.

barrister-at-law,' bad formerly been a MemAt Bitteswell, the only daughter of T. G. ber of University College, Oxford, and, was Smith, esq. 16.

for many years, an inhabitant of BirmingAt Kerby Billairs, Mr. John Seagrave,an ham. With a beuevolent temper, and hoeminent land-sihveyor.

nourable principler, he united a considerAt Leicester, Sarah, third daughter of able sbare of classical learning, especially Samuel Oliver, esq.

in Latin authors, great general knowledge STAFFORDSHIRE.

of modern writers, a correct taste in English Married.] At Lichtield, the Rev. John prose, and talents for English poetry; which, Constable, to Miss Frances Dodson, of if cultivated more diligently, would have Hurstperpoint, Sassex.-Mr.Ward, to Miss procured for him bigb and lasting reputaJane Lloyd Jacksoo.

tion in the republic of letters.-Mary Ann, At Stafford, Mr. Joseph Lovatt, to Miss daughter of Mr. T. N. Lane. -Mr. Thomas Lovatt

Webb, many years principal clerk in the Died.] At Rowley Regis, Mr. John Alsop. Banking-house, of Messrs. Coales, Wooley.

At Wolverhampton, Mr, Harper, Drug. Gibbons, and Gordon,--Jarnes Timmins gist.

esq.---Mr. Richard Whitehouse, ---Miss one o'clock, those spacious premises becames Primera-Mrs. Guest, 64.-Mr. Abel Giove, heap of ruins. The inost strenuons endea

At Edgbaston, Miss Richards, dauzhier of yours of the neighbours to preserve any part Mr. T'heophilus Richards, of Biriningham of the valuable effects, were likewise abor

At Coventry, Mr. Luke Dresser, Mr. tive ; and they had the regret and morusiW. Cook,-Mrs. Leigh.

cation to witness the entire destruction of At Warwick, W. J. Plant, 64.-Mrs. every article connected with the ManufacWhitehead, wife of J. bauker. tury. At Helworth, Mr. Jackson, 59.

Married. ] At Worcester, Mr. Johnson, to At Ashted, Mr. T. Neale, 70.

Miss Sarah Allen,-Major Morrison, of the At Southam, Mr. Wm. Flulland, of Ox- 891h. foot, to Miss Harriott. ford, 63. SUROPSIIRE.

HEREFORDSHIRE. Harrived.) At Hales Owen, T. Phillips, A meeting of the inhabitants of flereford esq. of Newton, Herefordshire, to Mary, has been held for the purpose of taking into Fluest daighter of the laie Samuel Powell, consideration the propriety of making expe. esa

riments, in order to ascertain whether coal A "instanton, Mr. Thompson, of Badge exists under Chechley common, in the parista loy, Warwicksbire, to Priscilla, youngest of Mordiford, an experienced proprietor of daughter of Thwinas Beddoe, esq. of Cheney coal miges having given it as his opinion, Longville.

that it may be found there. The measure E. Turner, esq. of Corson, to Miss E. was resolved upon, and a subscription enterDownes, daughter of J. Downes, esg. of ed into for defraying the expence. Aston Hall.

Marriedl.] At Foy, Thomas Proiberoe, esq. Al test fellon, Nir, Thomas Lith, aged of Newport, Monmouthshire, to Miss Mary 80, to Mrs. Surai Lloyd, 30.

Collio of Ingestone. Died.) at Orleton, W. Cludde, jun. esq. Died.] At Worcester, Mr. Francis Paul Jate capiain in the regiment of Royal Horse Palmer, attorney,~Richard, the youngest Guards, (blue) an! ad-de-camp to General son of Mrs, Evans.-Mrs. Blooper, relict of Leighton.

T. H. esq: Panty Goitre, Moumouthshire, Al Shrewsbury, Mr. Thos. Robinson, 69. Mrs. Sanders, of the Round-bill, Spetchley.

Mr. Robert Websier, jun. -Mr. Rosbury, At Bromsgrove, Mr. Jeremiah Clark, -Charl's Price Stapnier, esq. 32.--Mr. Miss Sarah Wright. Tilley,one of the persons who lately succeed At Rock, Mrs. Lingen, wife of the Rer. ed to in portion of the long contested proper- Mr L. Rector of that parish, aud of Casil ty of C. Barber, e..--Miss Susannah Lloyd Froome, Herefordshire. Parry, second daughter of Capt, P.-Mr. At Herwick, Mr. Haywood. Thus, Robinson, 09.

At Upton Sodbury, Mr. Bullock. At Wbiichurch, Mrs. Elizabeth Guest, At Bradley Green, Mr. Bonaker, 95.- Mrs. Eleanor Howarden, one of the At Lindsworth Hill, near King's Norton, church-singers, 18.-George, youngest son Mr. Joseph Crotchett, 87. of J Brookes, fsq.

At Hanbury, Mr. Jackson
At Heaton, near Wellington, Richard At Suickley, Mrs. Bracer, 71.
Stavier, esq.

Ac Church Lench, Mr. Tovey, Senior. At Pieston Montford, Mr John Yale. At Ombersley, Margaret Darby, 105.

At Kinderley, Mr. Thomas Griffiihs, 74, At Clifton upon Teame, Mr. Esward Hege and a few days afterwards bis wife, Mrs. wood, 68. Mary G.71.

At Leominster, the Rev. Sir John Dut. Al Houston, Mr. Samuel Broughall. ton Colt, bart. rector of Letton, Wile At East-wall, Mr. Edwarı Sanith, 68. dersby, and Cold Weston, and curate of the

At Ossestry, Mr. W. Hughes,--Mr. Ed. perpetual curacies of Kimbolion aya MutTaid laron.

dleton, in the diocese of Hertford, 90. Al Ludlow, Mrs. Collier.

At Treworgan Farm, Mrs. Howells.

At Herefwrd, Mrs. Lilwall.
Do Wednesday evening the 26th of April

GLOCESTERSHIRE, n bout eleven o'clock, a fire broke out in the Married.] The Rev. J. Dods, Vicar of China Manufactory of Messi's Granger, Ahnondsbury, 10 Mary, eldesi -ugh er of Wood, and Co. situated in Losemore, Wor. the Rev. 6. Swayne, Rector of Dyrham, und cester. lo a very short time assistance Vicar of Pucklechurch. was zealously rendered by the inhabitants, At Sl. Briaveil's, Mr. Howell, of St. and the 36th regiment assembled to protect Grange, to Miss Branch. the property. Engines arrived at the spot At Thornbury, Mr. Josepb Davies, op without delay, and no means were lefi un- Guernsey, to Mary, tbird daughter o tred to subdue the fury of the element; sepl Hunt, eq. of Exeler. but all efforis proved insufficient, and at Dicrl.] At Cheltenham, George Leyton:

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