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lasted; Mr.' Whitepoord being his first " The Royal Academy, the Earl of . acquaintance in London. In reply to Dartinouchi, and the British Institus Mr. Flaxman, who had complimeviled rion"_" the Most Noble the Marquis of hins for his patronage, the venerable Stafford"-" Thomas Bernard, esq. the President observed, that genius, or (x= founder of the British Tustitution" traordinary abilities, alwavs excited bis 4 those Gentleinen who, as artists from attention, and that die surprising yenius Ireland and Scotland, bad tavoured the of the youthiul sculptor, first attracied Academy with their works and compouv. liis notice; and as such, Mr, Haxman Among the company prezent were the was indebied only to his own powers, following ventionen : Benj. West, e:q. Gentlemen, said lie, I have been called Caleb Whitetoord, esq. Rev. Mr. Fogo the iather of the present British school ter, Professor Carlisie, Messrs. Britton, of painting, by nuy friend opposile; (Mri Nixon, SirF, Bourgemis; Messrs. Woodlord,

.) and I certainly must say, 'never had Phillips, Dawe, Drummond, Thoinson, a farhèr* sich a promising progeny. Owen, Green, Ward, Callcott, Sass, Corb. I am sure,**as I lave in another way bould, Singleton, C. Heach, Merchant, stated) ihat 1 * kno'y of no people since Flaxman, Westinacott, 'Turnerelli, Svane, the Grecks, who have indicated a higher Busby, Elmes, Byfield, and many other promise to eglialthem in the refinement professors and amateurs. of the ares, than the British nation. I . The first part of the Artist bas made was, Geulemeii, one of the four artists its appearance, and the second is forth. who presented the plan of the Royal Aca: coming. Anottier noraber of Academic demy to liig present Majesty,and truly hap- Anals, fór 1805-6, 1807, 1803-9, 1 py have I been in observing the progress also published, and contains the luistury of the tineraris in our countiy, in denance of the fine arts for those years. Mia of the asserijos of foreign writers, that we Hayley's Life of Ronney the painter is are placed in too cold a latitude for the also published, with engravings, and is retinement of the fine arts, whichi, I likely to excite mach iterest; it is from trust, hare struck such deep root in Bri- a provincial press (Chichester), ou which tain, that they never will be eradicated, it reflects typographical honur. He concluded with thanking tbe coin The Work,* entitled " Tus Fist pany for tlic kionour he had just received, ARTS OF THE English School, &c." and hoped to meet thein again that day which was announced lii a former Mata twelveidathi.''

zine, is posponued to the 1st of November Among other appropriate toasts were, next. By uris delay the Proprietors wüt

- he enabled to make such preparatiis • Letter to the Commitiee of the Northern and arrangements, as to secure a regular Society for promoting the Fine Aris. quarterly publication. .


... REPORT OF DISEASES, Under the care of the late senior Physician of the Finsbury Dispensary, from the

in 2001 of May, to tho 201h of June, 1809. HYPOCHONDRIASIS..

· nearly ihe tentli part of n century, pube Dyspepsia - "

lished a monthly essay upon the sulject Pertussis ......

of luna maladies, mighi, upon a wmilac Hepatitis .........

principle, wish for the discovery of some. Febris intermittens ...

new disease; a description of, or ruwa;ks. Phthýsis . ..?

upon which, would help to.siverstiy va Vermes . ... Scrophula --..

i sterile and fou uniform grown upou. Opthalmie .....

wbich lie had so long trodden. Repe', Epilepsia .......

i lition is not to be blamed, where i care Amenorrhea p....

. not be avoided ; and for sure time pasta A Roman Cimperor, who had exhausted it has beell the reporter's ambition du the stock of knowll and ordinary en- place in a clearer and a stranger lukt, joyments, offered a reward, for the in. sunie of the opinions which de las lag remion of a liew pleasure, A writer, since given to the world, rather than to who, with small interruption, bus, for add to the number of ducis and obserne



vations, which he would wish to inculcate lately fallen under the notice of the reor impress. Even in works of uw ordin porter, was reinarhalile, as being a nearly nary value, the merit often dues not regular interiniltent. The low ft elle tonsist so much in the thoughts theni- creased with tolerable punctuality every selves, as in the selection and arrange third day; the patient could give no rea. ment of the words, by which they are son for his distress, and yet was unable embodied and inade, as it were, visible to resist its periodical attack. Clouis to the reader, Knowledge is not power, and darkness were round about him, unless accoinpanied with the faculty of although to an indifferent spectator, cminunicating it. It is by the drapery crery thing in his external situation was of thought, the artful inanufactory of shining, and prosperous. This specious, composition, that we are delighted in and extraneous prosperity, was perhaps writers, who may have been long, and the cause of that in ward condition, which often anticipated, both in their subject, was, in fact, the more to be deplored, as and in all their inforination with regard it had no ostensible claim upon our syunto it, by men who possessed indeed the pathy and coinpassion. Opulence is the raw material, but were not able or dis natural source of indolence, and indoposed to work it up into a state, proper for lence of disease; neccssily, inasmuch as the purposes of ornament, or utility. it leads to exertion, is the mother of But such remarks can scarcely be strained bilarity, as it proverbially is of invention, so far as, in any manner, to apply to the If we wish for habitual cheerfulness, we humble and restricted walk of a medical must work for it. There is no royal essayist. Although he may be allowed, road to good spirits. especially after having often gone the The reporter has recently been same rounds, to deviate occasionally witness to a restoration from hopefrom his proper beat, to collect any fruit less disease, a kind of resurrection, or flower, which may spring up by the which he attributed, in a great meaway-sidle,

sure, to an undisturbed tranquillity on ·lhe writer has been often thought to the part of the patient, which aided abound too inucl, for the professed obe the operations of nature, and gave an ject of this article, in observations ap- efficiency, altogether unexpected, to the parently of a merely moral nature ; but it applications of professional art, The has been by those who have not suffici- patient was one of the society of friends, ently considered how closely physical is A society, whose peaceful and temperate connected with moral science, which are habits, and teneis, are as favourable to ju fact as intimately and indivisibly in health, as they are to piety and virtue, volved, as mind is with matter in the with whom christianity consists princicomposition of man. To pretend to pally in composure, and self-regulation, understand the regulation even of his constitutes the essence of religion. corporeul functions, without having ac That happily arranged, and well-adjusted quired some acquaintance with his su mind, which is not casily thrown into perior powers, would imply the grossest disorder by the external agitations of folly, and the most unpardonable empi- life, in every scene, and upon all occaricism. In a state of highly wrought sions, gives an incalculable superiority civilization, like the present, where the and advantage ; but nerer appears so understanding is laboriously cultivated, strikingly conspicuous, and beneficial, as and other feelings than those which we on the couch of torture, or in the chama inherit, in common with the inferior ber of disease. Uuder such circuinanunals, are cultivated, diversified, and stances, death waits, as it were, to conrefined, he would be ill qualified to sup- template, before it seizes its prey. But, port the character, and to perform the in general, on the contrary, the fermi. important office, of a physician, wlio, Daliun of life is prematurely quickened satisfieri merely with careful dissections, by the horror excited at its approach. or inspections of the body, was wholly to Fear precipitates the descent to the neglect, or insufhciently to attend to, that grave. higher anatomy, and more interesting In several cascs of a phthysical chabranch of physiological research, which racter, which have of late come under bave for their object the imagination, the the reporter's manageinent, he has found passions, and the other component prin- very sensible, and he hopes radical, ade ciples of the intellectual organization vantage, accrue from the frequently re

A case of hypochondriasis, that has peated use of blisters; u species of MONTHLY MAG. No. 180.



remedy, perhaps the least exceptionable, porter had sone time since an opporand most generally efficacious and bc- tunity of knowing, all organic injury or neficial, of any within the range of me- obstruction be produced by an unskilral, dical prescription. An inconvenient and ineffectual effort at an operation, affection of a local nature, soinetimes which is, in general, easily and success arises from their use; but this, for the fully performed. most part, may be obviated by incans of

J. REID, ready application, and never can be at- Grenville-street, Brunswick-square, tended with any dangerous consequence,

June 25, 1809, except, as in one instance, which the re

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ALPHABETICAL LIST of BANKRUPTSIES and DIVIDENDS, announced between the 20th of May and the 20th of June, ertracted from the London Gazettes. BANKRUPTCIES.

Dickie T. Cornhill, bookfeller. (Birkett, Band courte


Dyke Simeon John, Percival Grect, Gelrell Greer, crocera (The Solicitors' Names are between Parenthesis.) Pringle. Grtville treet, Karton Garden, B80T William, Prefcut, Lancatter, watch movement

Luan William Windl, Láecefertanner. (Leigh and

Mafon. New Bridge Areet, London; and Russo maker. (Houghton, Prescot, Leigh, and Maton, Prescort New Sridge ítreet, London

Tleet John, Southampton, miller.. (Bacon, Southampton Xbbott Joseph, Prescot, Lancaster, grocer. (Avifon,

Arect, Covent Gardeo, and Rugzett tud Cole, Oihat, Liverpool

Wants. dams Jolin, Waifall, Stafford, factor. (Turner and

Foreman Thomas. Jate of Chatham, trocer, but now Pike, Bloomsbury Square, and Heeley, Walfall

prisoner in Maldtune goal. (simmunt, Rocheller Alger Samuel Sollett, Gracechurch Rreet porkmin.

and Plexney, Chance y lane. (Olahm, st. Swithin's lave, Lombard Atreet Allen Edward, and Ifaac Hancock, Briftol, navycon.

Preemantle John, John Frandon and John Defense

King Arest. Gutwell Orect, iron fouaders. 5 tractors.' (Price and Williams, Lincoln's ind, and Allen, and Bett, racernoster row "Strickland and Burges. Briol

Gibson Thomas, High trect, M Ayres James, Stratford, Eflex, coal merchant. (Robin.

Sudlow Monument yırd fon and Lee, Lincoln sinn

Giles williain. Southampton freety Co
Bailey John, Chancery lane, kationer. (Pearce and

Brace New Borwell court
Soti. 8withia's lane.

Giles David, jun. Conubrook, Manchel
Jarclay Willium, late of Mancheiter buildings, wetmin-

(Willis, Warnford court, and Heflip, Ma ker, dealer and chapman, but now a priroter in the

Giorgi Balchazer, Wilson Rreet, Moore King's Bench. ROBCTS and Son, Manchetter (Laxley, Cheapfide buildings

Gortun James, Manchetet, merchant, the
Barnes J. Kendal, dealer. (Farror and Steadman, and Currie Mauchcher, and Milne and

Bread ireet will
Beaton William, Taunton, Somerset, currier. (Blake

Green Edward, Srepney, carpenter. (Cowper sod Low

Suuthampton buildings, Chancery me and Son, Cooks court, Carey freet, and Bradon and Higier Joseph, Leicester Square, Carver 3 # Leigh, Taunton Bennet Benjamin, Hallfham, Suftex. brewer. (Colbarch,

(Mills. New North @reet, Red Lina square

Mode fon Thomas, Blackman &reetSouthvart.
Brighton, and Garder, Cbancery lane.

(Med ock and Stevenson, Lincula'sing Benton Williant, stuneywell, Stafford, miller, (Bonde Huugbtun G. Loudon, merchaat. (Warrand, Calle consta

Lichheld and Lambert. Hatton Garden
Berry Chritopher, the elder, and Rubert Rochefter, of

Budge row

Howre John, Wantare. Serks, curtier. Chilero Norwich. bookfellers. (Simplon Rackham, tage, and Prict and Williams, L, and Windos, son and Holtaway, Chancery Hushce heury: Worcester, hatter. (Plea, Weronder Bleckley G. Reading. Ironmonger.

and Platt, Temple

(Hunt, Surry Greet Hung Charles Agar, welbert kreet, pothitary, diet Strand

Duke ftreet, Grosvenor (gua Blundell James, Lloyd's Coffee house, and Tentonville, insurance broker.' (Palmer, Tomlinsons and Thorn

(Plart, Temple fon, Copthall court, Throgmorton Areet Bolton James, John Arcer, Adelphi, and Charing Cross,

wine merchant (Hannan, Great Piazza Covent Tackson T.'. New Roud, welelale fuite,

Bonier Richard, Ray Areet." Clerkenwell, maua tter.

(Jones and Ruche, Covent Garden Chuch runt

Johnton John, Bolton, Lancaster, Mopkeeper (Croc, King Arees Southwark Bowca William. Newport, Ile of Wight, Ironmonger nek w

Johnton John, Grear anddow. Eflex, carpentet.

dowcron, Grmy Ines, and Bunramkin, break (Worsley, Newport


rov, Took's court, Curitor erecti sad Bryan Michael, George Areet, Hanover fquare picture Chelmsford dealer. (Holmes Aid Gowdca, Clement's inn

Kent w. Xermodleyi ta Bryan Tohin. Merthyr Tydiri, Glamorgan, comenon brewer

slane Beareale, Alexander, and Holine, New Inn, London; Kimpian John, old Betriem, paper 1980. mil and Symes, Bridgewater

Furtival's ing Buddle Williard, Chenies Brees, Bedford square, carpenter. Kitton Saraue Richard, Holt, Nori (Godmond, New Bridge drect

Norwich Cadmas Charles, Park dieet, Illington, carpenter. (Ed Lawrence Robert, Prospect row, Dermondy, card wurds, Symhoog's lon :

1 (Robimon, Protpest row Carr George, late of Ripon, iron funder, but now i

foner in York Cake Atkinson and Bollard, Leeds. 2 (Nind, Tb thoron treet

Exley and Stocker, Furnival's in London. Chapmau Llas, Tunbridge Wells, carpentier

Mansell JofephNauthdeer, como

(Cun. cock, Chenex and Mine and are ningham, New North Areer. Red Isob fuare

Murkham Elizabeth. Hogeyinde Nacht
Chapman John, Dalton, Miedietex, and Grear Turuille, S tou, thorcdick
Holborn, Ausur-factor. (Pullen, Tore Atreet

Michal wahan, Alanneth,
Churchett George, Plymouch, baker. (Elworthy. ?

Inner Cannun A SCELUD T mouth dock

Mlium Jud. Notiek Clapham, W. Kebnington, wine merchuhe.

Son, and Nold and Growhe, Merchant Tailor's hall

Moreley Nenn, LiveCER Clarkfun. Gebrze, brin cabinervinaker. (Davis, Brillol; weldon Cupth a cour

and James. Gray'inn fquaro Cockella se Gravelend, Carpenter. (Deboy and Nuby, - Mutan Hem, olethal Cowpar kohert, Catanton Areet, Warehouferan. (wide,

172 and fowacji, acara

Newman iron and on
Warwick vare fra
Davies Eva Thomas, Qtent Wurnar Brece, Clerkenwell,
lines draper.

Midian Tun
Twert, Temple
Dean Wigan kew beleza, cavum Itaper
Wciddi old creation

(Jullion in

Dewmar Georg Juhng maling brucer (Rodgfong
மோr erect ப ம II Hities

komfund 3

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e, orrokanta




Ortodo hain


Oren Rober, Staffold-hill-mill, Northumberland. miller. Bull Sarati, Rrewer Atreet, Golden fquare, tallow chandler (Atkinf ***, Chancery.lanc, und Bainbridge, New

June 30 ciltle pon-Tyne.

Burwand william, Old Hund &rees, cotchmaker, June 7
Parke William, Liverprol fpirit-merchant. (Hulme, Ruby William. Strand, hatter, July 13
Rufell Guare, and Piumbe iverpool

Chapman fohi, Martia's lane, Cannon Arcet, dryfaitet,
Peartin Johin, wolyhead, Anplerea fationer. (Swain, June 27
Stevens, and Maplez, Old Jewry, and Whateley. Bir Clark. Abraham, Newport, Ine of wight, tanner, July 15

Chetton Uweb, Pooley treet, Southwalk, Coin mercbanty
Penrore James Richard, Morochurch, Elier. (Townsend, June 13, July

Nomford, and Jones, Murtin's fane, Cannon Arcet Colgrave J. Ked Lion Areet, wine merchant, July 1s Pitt Thomas Strand, hafier. (Frrame, Grear Queen Collier R New Bond frert, merchant Nov. 14 Areet. Lincoln ins Fields

Corrie John, Wetton street, Southwark, common brewer,
Planket Henry Genrka, Murin lane, Dread areet hill, June 14

Londun vidua ler. (Templer, Bure Areet, Ball Cruthard Jofeph, Bucklersbury, warehouseman, June 10

Cowley Jofeph, Sheffield, cutler, July 7
Read Jacob, Heckington, Somerset. clothier. (Rottoni, Crouch 'Thomas, Cockheld Suflex, grocer, June 24

Prome Selwood, same fetand Ellis, hatton Garden Croudfone Thomas, Wigan, Lancaler, innkeeper,
Diminer John, sury Court, St. Mary Axe, nierchage June 10
(Wartye, Chancery lane

Dund Jotin, Kirkby Stephen, Weftmoreland, banker, Romer James, Rofainond treet, Clerkenwelt watch. June 24

Jeweller. (Deveberry Cwduit ftreet, Hanover quare Davey John, Curtain Road, Shoreditch, carpenter, June
Rowell william), Monttoo Marth. Lincoln. Jobber. (Cope, *, October 31

Button, and wilfot, Greville frect, Hartcu Garden Davis John, Oxford, dealer and chapmo, June 30
Scort Jubn, strand, bookfeller."(Barber, Chancery lase Davis George. Cranbourn treet, Leicester held, Unet-
Seager stephen Page, Maidenine, dealer und chayman. draper, June 37

Debary and Derly, Temple, and Scudamore, Maid Daw fon Kobe St. Paul's Cbarch yurd, hatter, June 13

Dean Jofeph. Warling treet, whulcfale linet draper, Stevewriche J, High Welket in the Forek, Cumheriand, • October 24

cattie dealer (Birkett, Bond court, Walbrank . Degreaves Perer, Cheapfide, and Thomas Bainbridge, Siffan John, Lumbard &reet, banker. " (Oakley, Martin's Mascheter, warelicofeman. June 30 lane, Cannun Areer

Dewhurit l'eter Prelog, Lancashire, Dater, June 21* Skiibeck Jonu, Huddersfied, York, merebant. (Dykes Dingles W. Exeter, corn fador Jaly ir and Knowles, New Inn London, and Sykes, Déw Dixon Thomas, Birmingham, money forivener, Juan

TS bury

Dolby I chard, Colchener. Ericklayer. June
Slater wuliam, w
Moor, Wakekeld

Dovey James, Hereford, wine merchant, June
Bagrats, Chancery lase, and Lainb and son, Wake. Eades Richard, and Grey Knowles, Birmingham, Tilrer

piacers July 7 Stuart Perer,

AL Eagleton Edward, Cheapfide, grocer. July ) Paternoster row To

Ekins Jofephi, Oxford &reet, cheerlemonger, July 8. Tintan Thomas, Batter's hall.eduiet, Cannon Arpet, winie. E qadin Abram Gompert, Portsmouth, shopkeeper, Juge 14

merchant. (Allifon, Freeman's court, Cornid kvads Joha, Cardigang diuen araper, June 10 Toralinton John, darliton, Stadord. buat-bowder. Wils, Werner Thomas Bevan Kotherhithe, carpenter. July is .. Waraford court. London and Vernun, stupe, Stof Fell James. Walworth, insurance broker, July fordshire

Fench John Charles, Rurtell court, Drury lane, taveta Townsend John Liverpool, merchant. (Windle, John keeper, July 11

freet, Bedford row and Guidth and Minde, Liverpool Terpeley To and G. Hulme, Lancader, cotton Opinners, Townrue Richard, Nutriughain, maioter, wate and June 17 * T eklis. Great Ormond Bretes and Richards, Alfreton, Frauk Tbomas, Brinola merchant, june

n Derby Mire

Falier John James, Yoxford, Suffolk, draper, July
Turn mes, Rachford, Ellex. carrier." (Beongt, Gardner I william, Lubon, "Bepford, fick manufaqurer,
Palpot Jane, Fenchurch &reet

July 13
walker Widiam Francis, Chatham, linen draper. (Il Gm'^. Willertou, Somerset, clothier, July no"
ner, Tomaliafun, and bouton, Copthall cpart,

Glenron William, Jermyn freet, tailor, June 34
morton irect

Greaves William, Leeds, Yok, currier. Tuly &
Wat willia a. Compton aithnp. Somente Ina.keeper. Green Henry, Southeace, Middle fex, Tarmer, July 30

Rake's, Cool coun, Carey Areet, London and Griffin Guyer. Toney Areer, fasking manufaurer, Julys den Parker. Axbridee

Halbert Newcale upon Tyne, merchant, July 4 Weedon Jofeph, Albiop Place,

r road

Hall George. Queen Areet, Lopdon, fik manufadu (Rogers, Capthal court

June 13
Wheadley John. Mark Lane, corn faor. (Alfon, Hanhip willam, Shadbrook, Suffolk, tanner, July is
Freeman's court Cornhill

Hart A. H. Houndfajtch, broker, July 22
White Coys, Oxford reet, dealer and chapman. (sur. Narvey 8. Woolwich, baker, July 17
held. S verie Arent

srnaway w. shoe lane, dealer, July 4..
Wiikie Jobn, Howard Areet, Strand, navyoagena (Led. Hays John. Oxford. krocer, June 17
W wich. Baldwin's court, Cloak lane

Heague Robert, Roffon dieety Spital Kelds, mik dyer,
Wyart Nenry, snow will. mhoemaker. (Mawley, Dorset Tuly &
Areet, Salisbury quare

Maketh Joseph, and William Jones, Liverpoul, grocern
Youpe James, Quées duzet, London, merchant. (Puthie,

Wetherington andra, ad John Mackie, Drury has

June 15

yerfumer June 2 0 DIYID

Bon John, Towcett Northampton, grocer, July

Nincks Rubert, Cheer, banker: July 7
Ailelor Robert, and John Whitaker, Lancakter, leather Holland John, Gray's lun lane, oil and colour nao,

une 24 12 seterian Alexander, Caluman greet. merchant, Ju. 22 Holliver Jeho, Coventry, ribhon manufacturer, Julio Audrade oui, Abchurch Tape, urance broker . HONNAN J. 0:00 Wer wine merchant. July 14

Horley Bichard, Esrom, pork butcher, June to, July Anneney Abram La vys Chirwell

merchaut. Norrocks Willam and JOHA, Stuck purt, Cheiter, mustin

manufaurers, Iuly 3 Arden am 94 Joh Marker A. Revering. York, vine, Berrock wallon, stocepant, sudin manufoaurer, July

merchants. Juny aker Jorena, Jelganlard, formater. June

wber 21

Hunter Jacies, Whitehavep. mercer, June as
bes-briaga Lanci

Lunette, cotton Beau
, cotton cada
Inglia fames and George, Frekon, Luncadre, pers,

VI arket will be Newark-upon-Trent Nordaghan, Trelas a joke, Rumford, Wurt kreet, tal omihked, cool Conlinar. galra

v an rol A . yopiluan nowfaurer, Jack Cun join

AC 3 on grege Yamuutko Norfolka shtrola,



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Mencelic and Marile oras june in nop fr

Lyon James. Savage Gardens. London, merchant, July 3
Mackean Archibald, Winchester Areer, merchant, June 34
Malmin Calton, Pickcit ftreet, Temple bar, chce semnonger

July |
Martiouale Jubn, St. James's frect, wide merchant,

June 14
Martianand S. St. James's frect. warehourman, July 10
May Janes, Vidham Ellex, maltter. June 19
M Bride Archibald, Liverpual, perfumer, July 7
M'Cathy George Packer, and Robert Walter Warhan,

Britol, tailors, July 1
N° Dei mutt, Red Lion Areet, Southwark, hop factor,

Medluitt William, Rots, Hereford, innhulder, July 3
Mercelin Ifaac, and David Amick, Cheapfide perfumers,
Morgan Stepbeh, and Mathew Readibaw, Morley, York

Areet, Southwark, pop factors, June 30
Morgan Stephen, York (rest, Southwark, hop fatur,

June 70 -
Morgan J. Slain fair-ar brin, Carmarthen, tiinber mer

chant, June 29
Morgan 1 humas Holborn, linen draper. June 29.
Morley Matthew Readthaw, Yurk arcet, southwark, dop

factor, June 70 Molesey John Swinefleet, Howden, York, potatoe mich

chant, Juve 24
Mulloy Thomas, Tokenhouse yard, London, mariner,

July 15
Mark Philip, Plymouth Dock, linen draper, July 4
Mari Abfalom. Alagate, jeweiler. July
Matthew Benjamin, Lime kreet fquare, merchant,

June 14
Nainby Charles, Great Grimsby, Lincoln, tallow chandler,

Puller David, late of Caonon Areet rond. Katsiite MIRA

way, mariner, but now a prisoner in tbe King'i berca,

June 17
Rawlins William, Gracechurch ftreet, Brocer, July 4
Read J Beckington, somerrt, closhier. July 24
Richards George. Cornhill, bookfeller, June 24
Bobinrin Ifaac, whitehaven, mercer Julys
wwland Nathaniel Greytoke place, retrtr lane, is-

furance broker, July 29
Rudge M. Prethorpe, Gloceter, tanner July 14
Rumsey Thomas, len. Bermondrsy. Otóra maker, Julys
Salterthwaite Thurnas, Manchettet, merchant. Jure
Saul Ibumas, and john keynolds, Mascheitet, reude
. Gaplere. June 17,

Saul Thomas, Manchefter, wonlotapler, June 39
Scort T. I and v. Gerthorpe, York krocers, June 19
Shaw George, Lincoln merchant June 19
Shaw Jofeph, Heights acar Delph, York, cotton Ipinber

June 6
Simpson Fangy, Pretun, Laocatter, milliner. July
Smith way. Albermarle licet, wine merchant, as
Smith Jarnes, Little Pulteney Areet, tellow claden

June 24
Stapleton John, Newington Commun, Hackney, dealet
• and chapman July
Sievens Thomas, Bristol, carpenter, July 21
Sraw G. Lincoln, merebant, June 19
Stratton William, Wadenhoe, Northampton by CBET
nylor j. Pachams, Suffex, thopkeeper, August 13
Tempeh Michael, Derby, mercer, June 30
Thompfin Wilham. jan. Wolverhainpton, froser juiy si
'ligar Ann. Beverly, York, iroamanger, June 25
Todd wiliam, Cross Lane St Mary H. Loudon,

Banklidc Surry, merchant, une je October
Tomlins John. Brittul, grocer, July 101
Tomlinfoo John and Charles. Chelter breweri, July
Tracy Francis, Windfor, grocer, July 1s
Turner John, Snuffing, Suffolk, draper, July 8
Tuthor Thomas Perry, Holborn lill, linen-drapet, June 25
Tyfon foha, Liverpool, tallow chapdier. July 7
Uhaw William, Beverly, York, corn merchant, just
Vincent Soho. Seathing Lane, carpenter, June 24
Viseck W. Midhurf, Suflex. draper, June 27
Watmough Robert, and Robert Williamson Clapha

verpool, soap-boilers, July 4
Watfon william Peter Selby, York, mercer. June 17
Warlow Jacob, Elton, Lancashire, cottos-Spinner, Jane idr.
Webb J. R. Chertfey, grucer July
Wilkes Williun, oli mingham, raccor. July
Willams W. Park Street, Ington, builder, 7uly 24
wi Imots. D. Dunter, Somerfet, inerchant, July
Winter William, and Thomas, Tarren May. Lorem

lacemia, Julie is
Wondward Auguline, liverpool, porter-merchant, Jouer
Wright Charles, Aldgate, tobaconia, July 11

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Containing official Papers and authentic Documents.

part of them are returned again to their habil. BULLETINS OF THE FRENCH ARMY.. * Fcurtb Bulletin. ..

The Emperor of Austria was three dan a Head-quarters at Brannau, May 1. Brannau ; he was at Scharding when he head 'On the crossing of the bridge at Landshut, of the defeat of his army. The inhabitants Brigadier General Lacour gave proofs of va- consider him as the principal cause of the lour and coolness. Colonel Lauriston placed war. the artillery advantageously, and contributed The famous volunteers of Vienna passed much to the happy issue of the splendid chrough this place after the defent at land affair.

. . . shot, throwing away, their arms, and can The Bishop and the principal public funcing with them in all haste their perner to tionaries of Saltzburgh repaired to Burghausen, Vienna. V to implore the clemency of the Emperor for On the 21st of April, an Imperiat Diate their country. His Majesty gave them his was published ja the capital declare the assuratice, that they should never again come ports to be again opened to the under the dominion of the House of Austria.. treaties with chis ancient to be They engaged to take measures for recalling hostilities against the comment the four battalions of the militia, which the gun. circle had delivered, and of which a part were General Oudinot base dispersed and fled. 4

battalion of 1000 den, ber The head.quarters are to be this day re- Ried. This battalion moved to Ricd.

and artillery. ON THE All Brannad, magazines were found with they made ad attained 900,000 rations of biscuit, and 6000 sacks of arms, but heiog spedya oats. The Circle of Ried has furnished three the cavalry were oby butrálions for the militis, but the greater arms.

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