Sidor som bilder

A: Bounds Lodge, the Hon. Mrs. Bulter, and at London, at Hankey and Co.'s, Fenmother of the late Countess of Darnley. church-strect, and Leterre and Co.'s, CornSURRY.

hill. A destructive fire broke out on the night of An act has been obtained for erecting a Monday, June 12, at Laycock Farm, in this chapel of ease in Worthing. It is intended county, on the minor of Mr. Terrace, which to be 80 feet in depth, and 60 in width. The destroyed a beautiful house and an extensive truste s have advertised for a piece of ground farm-yard. Such was the rapid progress of to build it upon, and fur plans and elevations the flames, that two men and a boy tell mare from persons willing to undertake its erection. tyrs to the devourinz eienient in their beds, Married.] Ac Brighton, Edward Warner, and the loss is estimated at 10,0001. It was esq. of Walthamstow, to Miss Atkins, of occasioned by a drunken waggoner setting fire the same place. , to a corn-loft.

At Kingstone, near Lewes, J. King, esq. Died.) At Woodlands, Dear Bagshot, John of Wilmington, to Miss Rogers, daughter of Bradburne, esq.

Thomas R. esq.

At Horsham, Capt. Thompson, of the The inhabitants of Brighton, and the pub- 32d regiment of foot, to Miss Chasemore, lic. at large, whose feelia: hearts can sympa. eldest daugh er of Mr. Philip C. thize for others woes, are now called upon D ied Al Robert bridge, W. Mills, e to exercise their benevolence towards the sur. Ai Ringmer Barrack", Mrs Kennyon, wite vivors, and aaticted families of the dreid ul of Serjeant K. of the Royal Artillery. She casualties ot Friday, June 9, 1809, which dropped down dead in an apoplectic fit, occa. took place, in the sight of some lundreds of sined, as it is supposet, by the alarm she spectators, when several honest and industrious experience from a suddeii clap of thunder, scamen met with watery graves! The casu- which immediately preceded her death. alties above alluded 10, were occasioned by a At Brighton, Mrs Bull. -Mr Baul umbe, sudden and tremendous gale of wind, which many years master of the New Shipinnt, but came on in the niglic of Thursday, when, of who had lately retired from business. the tweaty-two mackerel boats Lelonging to At Worening Wes, George Wynyard, esq. this place, twenty were unfortunately ex, lieut-colonel of the 24th light dragoons. posed to all the horrors of the storm. The At Lewes, suddenly, ages C?, Mrs Sarah greater part of them, however, afrer much (Neuve) Richman, daughter of the late Telabour, well-directed perseverance and ditt. remiah Neave, surgeon, of Staines, and wife culry, succeeded (though not withour ir.cur. of Joseph Rickmaila surgeon, &c Lewes: ring heavy damages, and serious losses in she was one of the people called Quakers, but nets, &c.) in gaining the land ; but were, remote from every degree of the sectariit; a uuhay pily, overwhelmed and lost.. The woman of uiblemished character and most Guod intent, John Priest, owner, in which conci iating mannere. In her were eminently boat were William Priest and mis son (the exemplified Solomon's observations-Prov. son and grandson of the said John Priest) Wil. xxxi. 28, 29, liam Leach, and John Sargent, was sunk

HAMPSHIRE. within half a mile of the shore, when all on An act has lutely passed the Legislature, buard perished. The lad, supported in the for supplying the towns of Pirtsmouth, a id arms of his father, was geen for a few mo Portsca, with water, upon a plan similar to ments, until boih being exisaussed they sunk the one proposed in the ac.ounsoPortsmouth, togсther. Four widows and fourteen chile in the Non hly Magazine tor October, 1801. dren are left almost triendless, and without These populous towns, have been hitherto the means of support, by this distressing.ct- supplied by carts, fron wells, in the vicinity. tastrophe. The case of poor Sargent was It is no

of poor Sargent was It is now intended to do awiy this almost inlamentably severe; buficting the waves, he tolerable nuisince, occasioned by so many had nestly reached the land, where number carts constantly plyingi ad instead of this less individuals had codected in the bope of inconvenient Bitunud, to sink ore, or more afturding him assistance, who, within bis welis, in a field, called the White Swan hearing, called out to him, to keep up his Field, without, and at no great distance troin spirits, as his preservation appeared even more the furtifications, and by erecting resurvuirs, than probable. The drowning min, in the and laying down pipes, to convey the wa er agonies of death, had just strength lc feebly from thenc. into the two towns, the field be to ciaculare. "My heart is gone " then ing near the wells, from which the inhabitants clasping his hands, and raising his cyes to. are principal y furnished at present, au doubt wards heaven, he sunk-to rise no more is eller'ained by tho.e acquainted with the Another boat, The Mayflower, J. an R. geology, of the place, and ruir the userva. Spicer, joint owners, upset, in atempting to tiolis and experimen 3 which have becii inade, get into Shoreham harbour, when Juno Spin that all anipi: supply a good water will be cer unhappily perished. A subscriprion was alto ded, on the plali proposed. The wells, in been commenced for the relief of ihe widow's prese it use, ale noi no i thua'i 15 or o lost and orphans of the sufferers ; and books are in depth, and the wa er obtained irontem, open at the banks at Lewes, at Worthing, tougn stucwhat hard, is a pure and bright MONTHLY Mag., No. 186.



as spring water, in general; but it has been A t Portsmouth, Mr. Thorp-Mr. W. Pratt. fount that, by sinking or boring to a greater -Mr. Elliott, solicitor.- icut. Miller, of depth, that the water is not only preferable, the Pegase fire-ship-Mr.R. Welch, late sur. being perfectly free from the quality of harde geun of H.M.S. Kent John Viuery Elliott, ness, and of course purer ; but also in greater gent, 71-Mr. John North, 82. abundance. The strata, under which these At Ropley, Mrs. Page, 92. lower springs lie, are as follows:

At Bowcombe Cottage, Isle of Wight, Mrs. F. 1.

By growe, wife of G. B. esq. Vegetable mould

1 6

At South Sea Place, near Portmouth, A. Brick loam

Wilson, esq. 72. Course gravel

60 Finer gravel and sand 6

WILTSHIRE. 0 Bluc clay, or marl, )

Married.] Mr. James Randal, of Devizek

to Miss Saunders, of Larrington. terminating in a quick from

from 60 to 160 feet

" sand, in which are the

At Collingborne, Mr. J. Wheeler, of Salis

bury, to Miss Blatch, of Choldertun. springs, “It is therefore intended to excavate, through

Mr John Jarvis, of Whistly House, neur the blue clay, and hy stopping out the upper

Devizes, to Miss Martha Gilbert of Long

: bridge, Deverill. Springs, to supply the towns from the under springs alone, T'he capital, raised for the

Died.) At Chipping Norton, Mr. William undertaking is, 40,0001. in 501. sliares; the

Haynes, late surgeon of Morton-in-Marsh, estiinated expence being about $2,0001. The townso! Portsmouth and Portsea, from

At Bradford, Mr. S. Mundy, 72. their extensive population, necessarily con

At Ramsbury, Mrs. Meyrick, wife of the

1. Rev. Edward M. vicar of that place, 19tain a great number of poor and indigent chile dren; and although there are many charitable

Mrs. Whitelocke, relict of John W. esq. and institutions now existing for the purposes of

mother of the tou famous general of that

name, education, yet they are by 110 means of such a magnitude as to render further exertion unde

At Elstone, acar Umesbury, Mrs. Smith. cessary. From these considerations, it is in

At Salisbury, Mr. Charles Harwvod, 26contemplation to open a subscription for the

Mr. Samuel Williams, of Devizes. He had purpose of obtaining the means of erecting a

set off to attend the funeral of his mother in school on the plan of Dr. Bell and Mr. Lan

law, Mrs. Neave, at Fordingbridge, Hints, caster, capable of educating at least four hun

but an inflamation in the bowels stopped his dred pour children and for detraying the exe

further progress, and carried him of in penses attending the same.

. twenty.four hours. Married.) At Shalden, James Ward, esq..

At Stower Provost, Mics Ann Buriton, of Froyle, to Miss E. Smith.

• youngest daughter of Mr. John B. 1. At Winchester, Mr. Canigan, assistant

At Martin, Mrs. A. Bagues, 83. surgeon to the 77th regiment to Mrs. Burner,

At Evercreech, in consequence of a fall frost of the Star and Garter Inn.

an open carriage, Mrs. Cor. At Southampton, Lieut. Ware, of them

Ai Devizes, Mrs. Innes, relict of the Rev. Royal York Rangers, to Miss Heward.

he. Mr. I. late rector of that place, At Ringwood, John Durant, esq. of Poole,

AC Warminster, Mr. John Pearce, 03. Dorset, to Mary Anne, second daughter of the late Henry Oake, esq.

Married ] At Reading, Mr. D. F. Taylor, Mr. James Warner, jun. of Rotley Mills, of Newport, Isle of Wight, to Miss Biggs. to Miss Sarah Buckland, danghiter of Mr. Mr. R. Wheeler, of High Wycombe, to Mis John B. and niece of Admiral Bradby. Mary Lodge.

At Portsmouth, Lieut. Birdwood, of his At Bisham, Thomas Hassey, esq. of Pink 'Majesty's ship Belleiste, to Miss, Pirhorn. ney's Green, to Miss Westbrook, second

Captain Spain, of the Lucinda, West India. daughter of Mrs. W. of Stubbie's Farm. mon, to Mrs. C. Preed.

Ät Ramsbury, Mr. William Elliott, to Died.] At Northwood, Isle of Wight, J. Mies E. Challies. *Shor:, esq. R. N. captain of the sea fenci. Mr. Thomas Stove, of Cumnes, to Mine Slcs.

Baseley, of Charney. Af Shanklin, Isle of Wight, the Rev. Jou Died.] At Windsor, Mr. Richard Streetseph Hewson, M. A. forinerly fellow of ing, after a long and painful illness, oo. Queen's College Oxford, and rector of Bram- sioned by smoaking a pipe, which caused : ahot, Hants.

cancer in his lip, by not waxing the end of At Southampton, John Hunt, csg. his pipe before he put it into bis mouth banker, 72-Mrs. Smith, 27-Mrs. Middle. The Rev. Dr. Hand, one of the preberadaries. toni-Mrs. Archer, 79.

At Reading, Mr. Thomas Roctes, 17 'At Fordingbridge, Mrs. Elizabeth Neave, Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. Rusher, bout

seller, 13,Mrs. Bradly, of Farnham, Surr. Az Tlichfield, Edward Otto Ives, esq.

87-MrCollins, -Mrs. Austwicka

S. Clarke,


S. Clarke. -Mr. William Higgs. Mrs. Man, Palmer, daughter of the Rer. Mr. J. P. ang 69.

of the justices for this county. At Newbury, the Rev. Mr. Barker.

Ac Bristol, John Adney, esq. captain in At Abingdon, Elizabeth, eldest daughter first Somerset milicia, to Miss Bragge, ellest of w, Tomkins, esq. 24.-Miss Hannah daughter of John B. esg, of Sadborough, Tomkins, second daughter of the same gean Devon. tleman

Died.) At Bath, Mr. Samuel Kirkham, 83. At Wargrave, Miss Mary Ann May- -Mr. C. Fox, a gentleman of discinguished naid, 26.

abilities and acquirement, 60 He was for Ac Hook End Farm, Mrs. Bitmead. merly a bookseller i Falmouth, and pro

At Midgham House, William Poyntz duced an elegant translation of a volunte of esq. one or the justices of the peace for this Persian poems. - Mrs. Dlansfield. - Mia county, and brother of Dr. P. whose deach Holmes, 39.-Mrs. Guest. Mrs. Montague, is recorded in a preceding page.

-Mrs Susannah Stanton, 53.--Mrs. Fowlcs, At Parnber, Mr. Bishop.

30. Mrs. Woolaston, relice of William W. At Remenham Coutage, Mrs. Alicia Goz. esq formerly M. P. for Ipswich.-Lady M.G. mar, relict of Thomas G. esq. of New Broad Mergdyth, selict of Sir R. M. Bari.Mis. Screet, London, 63.

Hayes, wife of John H. 59.-George Poule At Granham, Mrs. Hillier.

esq 83.-Mss. Steplens, relict of Samuel S. At Reading, Mr. Charles Parr.

esq. of Tregonna Castle, Cornwall. At Hawthorn Hill, Mr. William Glaister, At Bristol, Edward Jones, esq. son of the At Denchurch, Mr. Joshua Slotcard, 57. late James J. esq. 23. Mrs. Ara Loveli, of Ai Hanney, Mr. ) seph Walton, 3.4. the Angel Inn.-The Rev. Dr. Bulkeley,

At Wantage, Mrs. Brown, relict of the brother-in-law to the Earl of Peterborough, Rev. Prvilip B. formerly fellow of Queen's subdean and prebendary of Bristol Cathedral College, Oxford, and vicer of Sparsholt, 83. -Mr. John Reader. SOMERSET SHIRE.

At Hurley, Mr. William Taylor, of LodThe new Docks ai Dristol are at lengtb com don, to Miss Ang Isabella Guy, pleted. After struggling through numberless At Minterne, Licur. K. Digby, of the unforeseen ditficulries, the directors of this Royal Horse Artillery. concern have fulfilled theis engagement; and At Stockland, Mr. Thomas Newcomen,75 have added another monument of the enter. At Belle Vue, Weston, Zachary Bayly, prize of modern times, to the many useful esg. and ornameacal structures which adurn this At Lower East Hayes, Hugh Payne, esg. proud and happy island.

66. Married.) At Bath, Major Goldsworthy, At Timsbury, Mrs. Smith, widow of B.S. of the East India Company's service, to Miss esq. Livesey,--Henry Davis, esq son of the late At Dawlish Villa, Walsh Porter, esq. of Arthur D. esq. of Forest Hall, Carmartheno Farin-Combe, Worcestershire, a gentlemaa shire, to Mary Josepha, second daughter of well known in the fashionable world, and the late Josepn Brissei, esq. of Jamaica. the author of two or three dramatic pieces. James Law Scewart, esq. tu Apo Withelmina, Mr. W. Poster married the beautiful and acthird daughter of Mr. B.-Major Kelly, of cumplished daughter of the late Rev. Dr. the East India Company's seevice, to Maria, Scrope, of Castle-Cumbe, near Bath. He eldest daughter of the late John Robinson, bad on the evening preceding his death, de. esg, of Pardshaw, Cumberland

sired his valet to order the post chariot to be At Frame, the Rev. Theophilus Prosser, got in reauiness by tive o'clock on the followa miaster of the grammar school there, to the ing morning. The man alteoded his naister's second daugnter of Edward Newport, esy. of order, and on entering the room townd him Keyford-house.

dead in his bed. Bis death is supposcd to Al Bristo!, John Russ Grant, esq. to Har. have been produced by the bursting of an ab. ricit, tuind daughter or Robert Watkins, csq. scess which had been formed in the liver.

-John Porter, esq. oi Paradise House, Wring Ar Clitton, Miss A. F. Capper, youngest ton, tu Miss Gillelt, ut Castle-green. daughter of the Rev. Francis C of Earl

At Batis, Heary, only son of Abraham Schim, Suffolk. Wilkinson, M.D. W White Webb Park, A: Keyrord, Frome, in his 86th year, John Endlield, to jane, only daughter of Samuel Stevens, esq. who, for more than half a Cox, esq. of Lumbridge.Walcer Brown, century, curied on the trade of a farmer, €59. to Miisa jones.

and whose active and unremitting industry At Tauncen, Juhn Lijdon, esq. to Miss was atpply rewarded in the honest acquire." Poole, only daughter of Charles ment of a large fortune. He was brother

At Wells, W. S. Midoletun, esq. of to tac late Ribara Stevens, esq. of London, Newark, Norts, to Ann, youngest daughter who, a lcw years since, left 20,0001. jur of l humas Lax, esq.of West Harrington. the building and endowing of an asylum ror

Ar Compiun, L. Basrow, esq. of Allich- for girls, and a hospital for pour uld nuen, wae Lodge, Cartmcl, Lancainie, to Mies and other charitable purposes, in tbe town of


Frome. The deceased has contributed to merit obtained him the appointment be held the public coarities in his native town by at his dea:h, and he fell a victim to a fever establishing a fund for clothing and edu- brought on by his incessant attention to the cating ten additional boys in the chiarity troups lately arrived from Spain. - Lieutenant school.

de Jersey, late of his Majesty's ship Alc. At Clifton, near Bristol, in his 90th year, mene, a promising young officer. -Mr. Aus. J. P. Hungerford, esq. of Dingley, a deputy tin, sen. --Mr. Thomas Harris. -Mrs. Hart. lieutenant, and many years an honourable, Mr. Yeoland.-Mr. Adam Snowdon, independent, and able representative in par quarterman in the Dockyard. - Mrs. Lord. liament for the county of Leicester, to which - Mr. G Rogers, bookseller. --Mrs. Billing. dizaified station he was first elected in the Mrs. Herbert, wife of George H.c89.-Lieu. ģe ir 1775, after one of the severest contests tenant George Disting, of the Marines, 21. ever remembered.

At Impacoombe, Mount Edgecombe, Mrs. Axed 76, the Rev. Robert Purcell, L.L.D. Johns, mother of J. J. esq. 98. vicar of Meare and Coombe, St. Nicholas. At Dartmouth, Mrs. Brooking, wife of

At Bath, Mrs. Gibbs, wife of Philip Mr. Thomas B. tide-surveyor. James G. esq. --Mrs. Bally, wife of Mr. B. At Totnes, Mr. Charles Ham, youngest bookseller.--Mr. John Salmon, banker. - son of Mr. Matthew H. Mrs. Beetham.

At Moretonhampstead, Mr. William Smale. At Bristol, Mrs. Witherell, 81.-Mrs. In the walks of domestic charities, and social Mary Browne.

duties, he was an example of the power and

value of undefiled religion. DORSETSHIRE,

Amidst the sor

row which nature and affection feet on his reThe inhabitants of Lyme have entered into

moval, it is a theme of gratitude that his a subscription for the improvement of that virtus

virtues can cbarm us in remembrance, and fashionable watering-place. A wall is begun,

that faith realizes the re-union of kindred which is to txtend from the town to the har

spirits in happier and more lasting scenes. bour. There will be a gravel walk and shrub

Mrs. Pensent, wire of Joseph P. esq. of Lon. bery, extending full a mile The hot and 2

don. cold baths have undergone some judicious al.

At Exeter, the Rev. Christopher Watkins, terations.

55 years rector of Bradstone, 84. Mr. Jona Married.) At Poule, Mr. Robert Knight,

than Burnett, one of the aldermen of the city, to Miss Smith,

and who served the office of chief magistrate in * Ac Dorchester, Mr. Hazard, to Miss

1788.--Mr. John Lethbridge. Mr. Richard Bishop.


wo Died. At Milborne Port, near Sher- At Brixham, Mr. Thomas Parkinson. borne, Mr. Rich.rd Highmore.

Few men have experienced more the reverses DEVONSHIRE.

of fortune than the deceased; from a state of Lord Roringdon has lately added consi. affluence he hecame so reduced, as to seek an derably to the value of his estate in this asylum in the poor-house of the above place, county, by gaining from the sea, by means Engaged in thirty-two law suits with officers of an embankment, 175 acres of land, fore of the crown, for seizure of contraband goods, merly known by the name of Chelson Bay. without the limits, he lost twenty-eight of The work was undertaken in the spring of them, which impoverished his fortune. 1806. and completed in the autumn of He was an ingenious man, and was latterly 1807. The expenses amounted to: 9,0001. accustomed to carry about a niodel of a vessel and the regained land is valued at upwards of which he constructed to cross a river against 25,0001.

the wind, by a set of oars, which would po Married.] At Plymouth, Johnson Phil round with a wheel, and cause the little lott, esq. banker, of Bath, to Mary Eliza- vessel to make head against wind and tide, beth eldest daughter of Robert Fuge, esq. of He also constructed some curious machinery Ellford.

for driving piles, and if he had met with At Exeter, Ralph Barnes, esq, under support, it is thought that his plan for this sheriff of the county, "to Augusta Charlotte, ing the Royal George, at Spichend, would youngrst daughter of the late Rev, Arch have succeeded. deacon Andrew.-Dr. Parr, to Frances, At Bow, John Wreford, esq. of Nation youngest daughter of the late James Robson, At Coffleet, Frances, youngest daughter af esg. of Conduit-street, London, :... Thomas Lane, esq

At Teignmouth, Mr. Samuel Mortimer, At Topsham, Mrs. Ann Petan, wife of attorney of Exeter, to Miss Eliza Hawkins, Nicholas

Did] At Plymouth, Mr. C. Symons, sont At Easton, near Kingtbridge, Mink of Peter S. e59. -Mr. T. G Williams, eldest. Pearse. son of Thomas of Swansei, and as. ** At Worthill, Miss Brooking only sistant surgeon of the 2d Royal Veteran of Johu B. esq. Battalion. This gentleman had been in the At Budicisi, Saltrum, Mine East Indies, the almost miraculously escaped daughter of j. Fueng. of Dota planas front the dreadful massacre at Vellorc; bis Lydcard, Somerset


At Horsington, Mrs. Spencer, relict of hoped his friends will put it into the hands of Matthew S. esg.

some person, who will give it soon to the pub. At Yeotown, near Barnstaple, the wife of lic. He published, some years since, a volus R. Newton Incledon, esq.

minous work, intitled, “ The Gospel RecoAt the Retreat, near Exeter, Sir Alexander voreo;' and a few months before his death, Hamilton, who served the ortice vf high "A Treatise upon the Evidence of a Deity;" sbcrifit of the county in 1786,

in which he coniutes all atheistical doctrines, At Newton House, Yeovil, Mrs. Harbin, anu ably proves the existence of a God. This relict of Swayne H e8q 81.

work will remain a testimony of his great At Harewood, near Tavistock, John Pear. power of reasoning and extensive informa. son Foote, esq. At Heavitiee, Mr. Robert Jameson, son

IRELAND, of John J. 189 of Aberdeen, 27.

Married. Ai Castell, Lord Viscount Bere At Newton Abbott, Mr. Whitburne, sura hard, son of the Earl of Bandon, and M. P. geon and apothecary.

for the county of Cork, to Miss Broderick, CORNWALL.

daughter of the Archbishop of Cashel. A public Dispensary and Humane Society Died.] At Hampton, county of Dublin, has just been established at Penzance. Its Alexander Hamilcon, esq. high sheriff of the objects are to mitigate the sufferings of the county, and eldest son of the late Honourable poor in seasons of sickness, by gratuitous baron H. 44. medical assistance, nourishing food, and

In Dublin, the Countess Dowager of Mayo. other needtul comiorts to rescue the poor -Duwager Lady Steele.The Right Hun. from the malignity of the sinall-pox, by John Monck Mason, 8.1. introducing vaccination--and the recovery of At Athen, county of Limeric, in full pospersons in cases of suspended animation. session of her faculties, Mrs. Eleonora Scau,

Married. At $. Tudy, Richard Hasken, lah, 110, esq. to Mrs. Ann Furnis.

DEATHS ABROAD At Endellion, Mr. W. Thomas, to Miss In the Island of jamaica, Lieutenant-ge. Cock, daughter of C. esq. of Tretreock. neral Villettes. This officer was descended

At Lirkeard, William Beard, esqof Bode from one of the most ancient families in min, to Miss Nanjulian, of Lost withiel. France. His ancestors were Lords of Mont

D.ed.) Ac Flushing, the youngest daughter didier in Languedoc, in the thirteenth cenof J. P. B. Trevanion, esq. of Cashayes. tury, and many of them held considerable

At Towey, Mrs. File, wife of Lieut. F. othses under ditterent monarchs. During the

Af Charlestown, St. Austell, Mrs. Sarah civil wars, they were much distinguished for Vounder, 34.

their exertions in favour of the Hugonots; Ac Camelford, Mr. John Marshall, sur and after the revocation of the edict of geon,

Nantes they withdrew from France and setWALLS.

tled in this kingdom. The fatner of the lale The commissioners of the Breconshire lieutenant-general was educated in the diplom furnpikes are about to make two branches matic line, and was many years minister of turnpike-road; une branch from the Bre- plenipotentiary to the late and the pressus con ana Marthyr road near Nanc-yr-Eira, to king; first at the court or Turin, and afterjoin the Neath and Merthyr road near Hir. wards with the Helvetic Cantons. He withiwain iron-works; and the other from Crick. drew from public life in the year 1762, and howell-bridge to join the Abergavenny and resided at Barb till 1776; when he died, in and Merthyr road, near Pentwyn Clydach, the 75th year of his age. His second son, Llanelly.

William Anne Villettes, was born ac Bern, Marned.] At Glasbury, Brecon, Thynne on the 14th of June, 1735. He received the Howe Gwinne, eso. to the Hon. Georgianny early part of his education at a private school Marianna Devereux, sister to Viscount Here Dear Bath, and the lat er part of it at the ford.

Umversity of St. Andrew's. A mildness of Died.] Ac Newhouse, near Cardiff, Mrs. disposition, and a regular performance of Knight, aged 58, widow of the late William whatever it was his duty to do; qualities Knight, esq. and one of the daughters of which through life were distinguished ienthe lace William Bruce, caq. of Launble tures of Liis character, were remark wle even chian.

at this carly period. It was observed at NORTI NRITAIN.

school, that he never received a blow, citler Al Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, aged 84, job from his niaster, or any of his school-fellows; Goldie, esq. ; a man, for acuteness of apore. Dor was he ever known at the university to hension, and eccentricity of ideas, cqualied to have experienced a reptimod iron any of by few. The last forty years of his lite were the professors, or to have been engaged in a almost entirely spent in the study of the sci. quarrel with any of his fellow-students. His cace of astronuniy, in which he is said iulare father originally intended him for the corrected several prevailing errors. His book bar, and he was accordingly entered at Linupon the subject was must ready for going cola'sinn, and kept tw or three terins; but to use fess when uc died; and it is to be lus ardour fura mintary life was so great,


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