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for November, and it naturally excites The Rev. Mr. BELOE is proceeding surprise and indignation, that our army with the fourth and fiftb volumes of Anec. in Spain was not in possession of a spe- dotes of Literature and Scarce Books. cies of aunmunition which ensured de- At the end of the fifth will be given a struction to any arniy, however-punie. general Index to the work. tous, which might be opposed to it. We A Life of the late Dr. BEDDOES has have the authority of the first military been undertaken, with the approbation commanders for this opinion. We are of his family and friends, by Dr. STOCK, tyld, indeer, that General Beresford took of Bristol. Buenos Ayres with a single regiment by The long-expected Reports of the Premeans of it; that Sir David Baird took ventive Medical Institution at Bristol, the Cape-ly the same aid ; and that Sir bave been left by Dr. Beddoes in some Arthur Wellesley found it equally effica- degree of forwardness. They will be cious at Vimiera, where an entire French completed and published as soon as posreginent was swept away by it. The sible by Mr. Kenig and Dr. STOCK. The reason why the army of General Moore former of these gentlemen has been surwas not supplied with it at a time when geon to the institution since its conit might have decided the fate of Europe, inencement; and the latter has been conremains to be explained: but we learnected with it since March, 1804. there is something rotten in the state of Messrs. Leigu and SOTIE DY will sell Denmark." This invention of Lieute by auction, during this winter and suicnant-Colonel Shrapnell, of the artillery, ceeding spring, the following libraries falfils a prophecy of Frederic the Great, and collections; of the time of euch sale that the time would come when battles due notice will be given. . 1. A very rare would cease to be decided by the musket - and curious collection of prints and books or bayonet, but would depend in their of prints, the property of a gentleinan, issue solely on the artillery.

well known as a literary amateur, conDr. STANCLIFFE will commence, on the taining some rare portraits, fine speciniens 2d of February, a course of eight Lec- of early mastere, and a large collection of tures' on 'Chemistry, its principles and the works of Hierony.nus Wicrx, &c. applications, at the King's Arms Room, 2. The large collection of botanical Change Alley.

prints, drawings, and books of drawings, The Rev. Dr. Vixcext is preparing to the property of the late Earl of Bute; publish the Greek text of Arrian's Indica corrprising many hundred capital bota

and the Periplus, with a translation, to nical drawings on paper and vellum; · accompany his comments on those works. likewise all the plates, coloured and

The History of the Dissenters, by plain, of the botanical works then ex.. Messrs. Bogue and BENNET, is in such tant, forming a completcillustration of the forwardness, that the two first volumes Species Plantarum. 3. A select collecmany be very soon expected. **** tion of books, in Greek, Latin, English, * Mr. Willian RICHARDS has issued Italian, and Spanish, being a consideraproposals for publishing by subscription, ble part of the library of the Rev. Nr. a Flistory of Lynn, civil, ecclesiastical, - Dutens. 4. The library of Dr. James commercial, biographical, political, and Sinis, of Finsbury-square, 5. The enmilitary, from its foundation,' about the ure library of the late Earl' of Clanri* first age of the christian era, to the pre- carde. 6. Part of the lihrary of the

sent time; interspersed with occasional late Lord Penrhyn. 7. The library of remarks on such national óccurrencies as Sir Wm. Smyth, Bart. containing a very may setve to elucidate the real state of fine collection of classics, county bistas the town, and the manners, chåracter, ries, &c. many on large paper. 8. Dr. and condition, of the ithabitahts ac dit- Kitchener's musical library, consisting ng ferent periods; and prefaced by an ac- the complete works of the best compo count of its situation, barbour, rirers, in- seis, to which is added a small miscellut land navigation, the ancient and randern neous selection from his library. 9. The state of marsh land, Wisbench, and the library of James Stevens, Esg, of Ch Tenis, and whatever is most remark- merton containing a very capital collec.

able in other parts of the adjacent tion of books on nntarul luistory, &e * + country.


** The following is not exinct of the report Mr. SOUTHET, bas in preparation a of the committed to the con of director Ronnance in thime, founded on the mys of the East India Company dared RI chology of the Hindoos, to be iottled, December 1808 on the rolject of the The Case of Kelania,

conipitees visit to the collo aut Hers


dations were detailed wild ability; and gin of which is lined in the same manner the raterest of the whole was increased to exclude the water : hetween the cares Ly ácate observations on the mode of are Norwegian balks, bolted to the bote examining and discriminating rocks-a tom, fastened to each other by iron Bodypect of great importance, particularly clamps, and deched over. The depths of Bu bose wbo may be employed in exa- her keel is nine inches below the yar. mining the mineralogy of a country. board streak, the dead rising is four - On the 12h and 19th of December, inches; ber keel is varrow at the unier Mr.SOWINBY, author of British Minera- part, and wide above, for the puspose of Bey, delivered his long promised lecture giving the timber a good bed, which will wa Chromatometry, at liis house in Mead support the bolts, in case a necessity place, near the Asyluni. This lectore, should arise to encounter sand-lanks. the object of which is, to point out a In sarling over a bar, or in places where new and ingenious innde of ascertaming the water is shallow, the rudder will, the arrangement, muxture, and measure with ease, draw up even with the keel, of prisruarie ints, and to slicw their cor- and when in deep water, it will let down respondence with material colours, was easily, and with cqual facility a foot be. accompanied by an exhibition, in which how it, in consequence of which advantage the prismatic tints were produced, as the boat is found to steer remarkably well. hom ile suns, 111001, and stars; the sun as The forecastle of the buat forms a cabin. seen from the different planets, and a ten feet wide, six feet long, and suur leet paductor, sixy feet long, measuring an deep, into which women, children, and infinite series ; also the inaterial and disabled persons may be put; it is annprisirotic tints, forming mixtures in union, ply supplied with air, by means of vitit ile ellect as from candles and flani- iwo copper ventilators; it is furvishet beaus, and a sort of prismatic illumina. besides with two grayneis, very proper to tion, with different lustres from mernis, be tbrown out on board a wreck, to ride

c. The whole was elucidaicd by appa. by; the grapnel ropes will assist the suf. Fatus 2f a new and original kind, which ferers to remove and escape froia the pruusises to assist the philosopher in wreck to the boat. She is likewise greatly extending our knowledge on this equipped with masts and sails, and is as sohject, Mir. Sowerby continues to re- manageable with them as any boat of peat the lecture every Monday, and has her dimensions can possibly be: in a announced a work, illustrative of his teinpest, however, she must be dismasted dicoveries.

and rowcd by fourteco nien, with oars, Sir W. CLARGES, Bart. las constructed sixteen feet' long, double banked; the a lite boat on an inproved principle, the men are all fastened to the thwarts by leading features of indvich, are, that she ropes, and camot be washed from their will gut upset, sind, or be water-logged; seats. In his observa jonis on this boat, that she affords cabin room, and is like a Sir William says, “ Having stated the Run of war's launch, well built for row. leading features of my boat, I need not ing, the oars not on a curve, but nearly dwell on a few serondary points, which, in a riglia line and kw to the water, of however, it would be inproper not to which she draws little. The description mention : these are her being provided of this boat is as follows:--- ker length is with small ropes or lines fastened to Turty feet, ber breadth ieu, her depth hooks on the gull-tale, and each having a olurce feet, six inches. The space he. picce of cork paintedied at the extremity; tween her timbers is fitted up witis pine intended not only for persons who fall wood; this is done with a view to prevent overboard, or swing fronta wscck, to sce the water lodging there: the pine wood and catch hold of, but in tow those for is well caulkeri and paid; she is buoyed wliom there may not be room in the up by eight sietal cases, four on cach boat; and her basing a very powerful side; these are water tight, and indepen. rudder. The copper cases, though afford. dent of each other. They will serve to iny additional security in those, who buoy up six tons, but all the buyant chuse to be at the expence, are no more paris of the boat, laleo collectivciy will a necessary point otmyplan, ihan copperbawy up ten funts. The cases are secure- ing her bottom. The wood work alone, if ly deched over, and boarded at the sides well executed and properly illended to, with pine; there is n scuttle to each case, may be kept quite air-lighi. If the as. to put goods in ; the edges are lined with sistance of cork were to be called in, it baize; and over each scuttic, in the case, appears to me that it might be better is one of wood of a larger size, the mar- applied than in the other bouts, by hilling

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