Sidor som bilder

returned with some difficulty to Pres. swear, and to pray, by turns, and bourg, by begging for alıns!

finally concluded by sending for BroAlter liaving there in vain sought for ther Firmian, who arrived in great some means of subsistence, finding that baste; and whether it was, that he his religion was the chief obstacle to all employed the most efficacious means, or his efforts, and being actually on the that the disease had reached its crisis, point of dying withi famine, he yielded to or that faith in this case produced its the voice of despair, changed his faith, customary miracles, certain it is, that he and assumed the habit of one of the had scarcely entered the palace, when brethren of the order of charity.

the pains began to diniinish, and the gour, This timely step saved him; for hence by little and little, to withdraw. In forth be could not only live, but he found short, the prince got up, was able to himself entirely at his ease. As the walk about his apartment, receive comfraternity to which he now belonged, was pany, and do business as usual, chiefly employed in the care of the sick, One morning, as Brotber Firmian wag be took advantage of this opportunity to waiting in the anti-chamber to see the extend his knowledge of medicine. prince, an otlicer of artillery made his He accordingly read, remarked, made appearance; and trom the first moinent observations; and, in the course of a few he discovered him to possess a most sinyears, acquired a degree of knowledge, gular and extraordinary remblance to that procured him celebrity. It was his elder brother, froin whom he had thus, that Brother Firmian, for so he been for so many years separated. But was called in the convent, distinguished this uniform, which announced a distinhimself above all his colleagues, and guished rank, still kept him in doubt; nothappy was the patient confided to his withstanding this, the more he looked, care!

the more he was struck with the resemAinong other principal estates, it se blance; and after he heard bim address happened, that the Pruce de Lichten- a few words to the Prince's valet de stein possessed that of Feldsperg in Mo- Chambre, his conjectures were fully con. ravia, where he passed two or three firmed, especialiy after having taken the months every year. Having heard a latter aside, and learned his name. great deal about Brother Firmian, he de- At length, becoming bold, he apsired he might be sent to him from Pres. proached him, asked him if his name was burg; and, being much delighted with not Schræder, and if he had not a brother his knowledge, his skill, and his conver- called William? The major on this hoe sation, he called biin in, whenever he came more attentive and condescending : was afflicted with any disease. The he demanded, with the air ot a man confidence placed in this physician pro- greatly interested in the question, whether bably aided the success of the remedies he was alive, and if his informant could he prescribed ; for he saved his life during give any ridings of him? On being told two severe indispositions, for which he tbat he could be approached still nearer, was richly rewarded, and thus became but without recognizing him; and, at enabled to serve his convent. But it length, on learning the particulars, he never once entered, either into his mind, exclaimed: " Good Heaven ! is it you! or that of the Prince, that he was the and in this habit? O my brother! my brother of Schroeder; and since his apas. brother!" tacy, a certain degree of shame pre- Having said this, they rushed into vented him from keeping up any commu- each other's arms, uttering cries of joy nication with his family. On one hand, he at the same time. The Prince de Lichtenhad little or no intercourse with the stein, who was in his library, heard the court of the Prince while his Highness noise; and, enquiring of his domestics, resided at Vienna; and on the other soon learned the particulars. On this, Major Schroeder, although he saw his pro- he summoned the monk and the officer tector daily in the capital, yet never fol- before him; commended their frater. lowed him to Feldspery, his presencenal affection; praised their respective being indispensahle at the military school. merits, and concluded the scene, by as - But a severe fit of the gout having oc suring them both of the continuance of curred during the winter, the Prince de his support and protection, as he feliLichtenstein, after trying all the physie citated himself greatly at having two such cians of the Emperor in vain, began to valuable men attached to his person.





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A BENSBERG, account of the battle of 501 Astronomical anticipations 111, 220, 320,
+ Abraham, on the buspitality of 50

424, 335, 616
Aberdeen, ancient monument found at 55+ Athanasius, anecdote of ... 50
Absolution, on reading the .. 595 | Atmospheric air, on the changes of 476
Academy, lectures at the royal
179 Austria, political state of

497, 610
........, exhibit on of the 482, 603 | Authors, traces of modern theories in an- .
Acts of parliament, abstract of new 382, 495 cient


Addison, intended monument to the me. ' Balamas, hemp produced in the

mory of

399 | Bankruptcies, monthly lists of 90, 193, 287,
Affairs, state of public 74, 183, 289, 388,

386, 508, 603
497, 610 Barclay, David, account of

African Institution, proceedings of the 377 Bark of trees, experiments on . .., 58
Agricultural reports, monthly 110, 318, 423, ..., in ague, on the administration of
645 tbę

..... societies, proceedings of 912, Barlow, Hugh, account of

303, 405, 406, 409, 517,521, 525, 629 | Baronius, remarkable assertion of 16€
Ague, remedy for the

150 Barrow, Dr. anecdote of .. 158
...., mode of administering bark in .327 Bartholomew, C. account of
Albion East Indiaman, burnt .. 71 Barwick, Rev. S. account of

Albuquerque, anecdute of ..

50 | Bastille, anecdotes of the . "429, 540
Alburnur, conversion of bark into 58 Bath and West of England Society, prow :
Alinew, Mr. account of

407ceedings of the


Alkalies, on the decomposition of fixed 271. .. hospital, cautions published by the 497

366 | Baths, discavery of Roman -
Alnwick. improvement at

624 Becket, absurdity of Thomas à
Aloe, beneficial uses of the

282 Rexidoes, Dr. memoirs of
America, on the naming of .. 49 | Bengal, narrative of a tour in
......, state of commerce with

215 Berkshire canal, state of the
....., repeal of the orders in council, Berry, Licut account of
with regard to

528 Bibles, incorrectness in printing of
......, proclamation of the president of 641 Bible Society, donations to the
Ames's Typographical Antiquities, on | Blind, fund for the relief of the

the new edition of .. . 144, 225 Blondel's account of the reconquest of
Amsterdam, decayed state of
Amsterdam, decayed a

.. 379/ Normandy
Ancaster, memoir of the Duke of

long 198 Boat, improvements in the life

Anchors, improved method of getting in 589 Boccacio, observations on
Ancients, on the costume of the 649 Boconnock, Cornwall, improvements at 107
Anderson, Dr. J. memoir of

297 Bolton, account of the Duchess of
Animals, society for the abolition of Boniface VIII, anecdote of Pope 159
cruelty to Ci.....

353 Books, analysis of curious
........, Lord Erskine's speech on cru- Boothby, R. account of ...
· elty to ..


556 Boracic acid, description of the
Antiquary, the .

29 Boringdon, Lord, improvements on the
Antiquities discovered . 105, 489 estace of m o
Apostles, account of royal

50 Botanical reports 1 917, 470, 550, 64
Archangel, state of the trade of 108 Bouhours, correction concerning
Archbold, Colonel, account of 212 Bourbon, account of the embassy
Arches, on the tangents of three ... 60 Louis De
Architecture, origin of gothic 3 671 | Boustead, T. account of me 146

Argens, memoir of the Marquis D' 574 | Brand, Rev. J. account of
*Armorial bearings, on

14 Branchwayte, A. account of
Arms of clie city of London, on the 151 Brazil, vaccination in
Arsenic, method of detecting

600 Breck ockshire, improvemeats
Arts, monthly retrospect of the fine 61, 177, roads of

277, 384, 482, 603 | Brest fiect destroyed
S o the state of the fine

322 | Brevity, rule for judging of
. .. proceedings of the society of 593 Brewers, report of the London

Asthma, on the treatment of 72 Brewery, accoönt of Me

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Bridge finorings, patent for improved 172 Cockram, Henry, pedantry of ... 584
Brighton, dreadful accidents at

631 Coffee, history of
Bristol, improvements at

106, 633 | ......, excellent substitute for
British Critic, animadversions on the 141 ......, improved method of preparing 274

........, vindication of the 326 ......, foreign mode of preparing 316
...... Institution, exhibition of the 63, 180). | Columbus, remarkable assertion of 160

277, 381 | Combustion, instances of spontaneous 71
Brown, J. account of
315 Comet, observations on the late

......, Dr. on the theory of

38.1 Commercial reports 108, 215, 315,417, 528,
Brushes made from whale bone

Button, anecdote of
... 159 Composition, on musical

Bunting's Itinerarium, account of 585

.........., on literary

Buonaparte, character of

5.54 Compson, Rev. T. account of .. 208
.........., on the birth and genealogy of!40 | Consumprion, on the prevalence of
Burgh, Dr. account of

........., on the prevention and cure
Burns, on the application of oil in 139 of se .

...., remedy for

573 | Contagion, observations on

Butler, on lines said to be writ:en by 458 Copper glance, curious variety of

Buiter, account of the Swedish turnip 436 Correspondence between France, Russia,
Cachectics, observations on .. 73 and England ..

Caius, Dr. account of a curious book by 99 Carunna, account of the battle of
Calculi, on the structure of 476, 592 Coster, account of the printing forms of
Caledonian Asylum, plan of the

Cambridge University intelligence 103, 209. Co'ton imported from Africa

307, 414, 524 Covent Garden Theatre, ceremony of lay-
Campbell, Dr. vindication of .. 12 ing the foundation stone of .. 91
Camphor, process of cleansing

Cow, anecdote of a


Cancer, extraordinary cure for

573 Cowley, Mrs. memoirs of
Canterbury, building of a new hospital at 625 Crantz, observarion of

Cards preferred to chess ... 160 | Cretinism, obstrvations on
Carew, his observations on criticism 208 Crust, Dr. account of

Carlisle, meteorological journal kept at 9 Cryolite, account of a mineral so called 369
......, births, marriages, &c. at

97 Cummins, W. remarkable account of 512
......, Mr. account of the lectures of Danube, account of the bacele of the 614
Carriages, improvements in the construc Davi , J. account of
tion of

371 Davy's, Mr. discoveries, account of 176, 271,
Carrot, seed of the wild, a cure for the


196 .........., observations on .. 355
Cartridge paper, patent for improved 63 | Decameron, observations on the

Cassini, J. D. account of

159 Debrors, released from confinement
Cavanilles, Abbe, memoir of .. 701 Derwent Waser, account of the floating
Cattle, shews of prize
309 island in

...... , patent for slaughtering 27.) Dibdin, Mr. on Ames's Typographical
Chalmers, Mr. G. queries to

330 Antiquicies


44, 925
Chalybeate spring discovered .. 135 | Dickes, Mr. account of .. 309
Chaospagne, account of the vineyards, &c. Dillettanti Tourist, the 40, 145, 247, 4.19

ib, Diseases, monthly reports of 7%, 182, 285,
Chaos, explanation of the word


383, 444, 607
Charles, Archouke, proclamation of 389 ......, popular remedies for 149, 573
Charles V. his correspondence with Fran Dividends announced 90, 194, 287, 387, 509,
cis I.

Charcoal, experiments on

481 Dogs, account of a curious old treatise
Chatterton, vindication of

436 upon
Children, on severity to .. 235 Drawing, on a gchool for ".

........, necessity of instructing poor 8 | Drowned, on resuscitating persons appa-
Christ Church, Oxford, fre at
306 rently

Chromatametry, account of a lecture on 70 Dropsy, extraordinary cure of the 149
Chrysostom, strange observation of 160 | Drugs, gew machinery for pulverizing 275
Clackmannanshire, mineral strata of 599 | Drury-lane Theatre burnt

Clapham, Mr. account of .. 525 Dudley, account of the mineral spring at 578
Cleavers, their efficacy in cancer 573 | Duelling, un ..

Cleveland, Mr excellent character of 257 | Duncan Rev. Dr. account of .. 214
Clifton, elegant building at

311 | Dunmore, Earl of, account of the 462
Cloth trade in Yorkshire, state of the 406 | Dunmow, on the bacon of

Coal-gas, advantages of

273 Dunning, in Perthshire, earthquake at 174
Coates, S. account of

303 Earthquake in Scotland
Cock, patent one for drawing liquos 370 East India College, examinations at the 69

East India

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East India sales, account of 315, 641 Floorings, patent for bridge

........ Acet, arrivals of the 108, 528 / Fætus, description of a twin

East Indies, travels in the

123, 257 | Folly, various terms used by the Greeks
Eccles, Mr. account of
638 to express

Eckmühl, account of the battle of 501 Foreigners in distress, society for the re-
Edinburgh, meteorological register kept

lief of
239 Fossil horns, analysis of

........ Review, erroneous statement Foster, Mrs. character of

in the

Fothergill's, Dr, history of coffee
........ , proceedings of the natural Fox, the martyrologist, apecdote of
society at

.. 69, 369, 590 ..., C. account of .. .
Education of the poor, observations on the 8 France, gold mines in
...., query on Lancaster's plan of 40 ......, political state of
Edward II. anecdote concerning

51 French bulletins, on the ..
Edwards, the Rev. J. account of 201 Francis I. challenges Charles V. 685
Elastic for micrometers, a new on 600 Fuads, influence of trade on the

Elec:rical observations ...

235 Future state, evidences of a
Electricity, on Professor Davy's new Galvanic combinations, on the number of 176
· theory of

335 Galvanism, its use in recovering persons
.........., od the knowledge of the apparently drowned
Greeks in

.. 538 Gardner, Lord, account of
Elephant, discovery of the bone of an 488 Gaudentio di Lucca, author of
Elocution, query relative to writers on 499 Genesis and Ovid, coincidences in
Elvidge, Mr. account of

196 Genius, on musical
Embassy of Louis de Bourbon, particulars Geological theories, on modern
of the

Georgia, history of
England, on the wealth of

129 Germans, on the ancient
Enquirer, the


322 Gibbon, Mr. original letters of
Epidemics, observations on

654 Gilman, Rev.J. D. account of
Epigrams without point

Glass, account of a ponderous fint
Erasmus, epitaph upon
ib. Gold mines in France

Erskine, Lord, speech of
556 Goldie, J. account of

Escott, in Devonshire, fire at .. 107 Gothic architecture, on the origin of
Eustathius, electrical observations in 235 Gough, Mr. memoir of
Evans, Isaac, account of .. 416 Graham, anecdote of
Exchange, course of 109, 215, 316, 418, Grant, Mr. on the British Critic

3. 530, 642 ........, reply to
Falconer, Dr. account of

410 Grass, valuable qualities of the fiorin
Falkland, Lord, killed in a duel 994 Gravel, cure for the
Falmouth, Lord, improvement of the Gravitation, on the theory of
estate of .

107 Great Britain, political state of 80, 183,
Farrer, J. account of


397, 504, 640
Fathers, attack on the "

360 Greece. on the early lyric poets of
Faulknor, admiral, account of .. . 212 | Greek Lexicon, account of a
Fence, on an invisible

228 ..... iambics, oa i e..
Fevers, prevalence of

494 , proverbs
Fibres for micrometers, improvement in 599 Grellier, J. J. account of
Fife, memoir of the Earl of . .. 263 Grenville, Lord, improvement of the
Yinch, Miss, account of

: 305 estate of
Fiorin grass, valuable qualities of 378 Grimaton, Lord, account of
Fire, on accidents by

43 Guildford Agricultural Society, proceed-
... at St. James's Palace ..... 99 ings of the .
.... at Hution, Bushel Hall, Yorkshire 98 Gunpowder, composition to upper
.... at Escott, Devon

107 Hamill, Major, account of
.... at Drury-lane

195 Harvey, $. Necopot of
... at Oxford

306 Hastings, accougt the bottled
.... at Jerusalem

489 Haywood, Elis acconat of
• at Billingsgate ...

510 Hart, on disease of une
... at Losemore, Worcesters! 523 Hemp, new machine for de
er at Limehouse

621 Henkin, Mrs. character of St. Martin's-lane.

ib. Henry the Second, memory of
**•. at Shadwell ..

ib. ... the Sixth, embassy to
... at Layeuck, Surry

630 Herbert, Captain, drown
Fiskes, on che impregnation of the ova o 439 Hereford, new
Flints, cacts relative to the formation of 250 .. . LAWIPB DADE
Flints, observations on

Herries, Rer. John, eng

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Herrera, extract from .. 160 King's birth day kept by the Royal Aca-
Hertfordshire Agricultural Society, I demy

meeting of the

629 ...... speech


Hertfordshire, East India College at 209 | King, Rev. Mr. account of .. 208
Hetherington's, Mr, charity, state of 377 Kirby, Mr. account of ..

Hewson, Hugh, account of

401 Kirkbridge, Rev. Mr. account of 518
Highgace Hill, on che intended archway Koiic-eater, an extraordinary

328 Knight's, Mr. discoveries

Hill, Sir R. additional account of 246 Knowledge, on the present state of pub-
Hinduos, character of the
259 lic

Hindu Mythology, on the

426 | Lamb, description of a remarkable 405
History, use of ancient inscriptions to 438 | Lamps, improvements in

Hodges, Mr. account of

310 Lancaster's plan of education, observations
Hogarth, anecdote of .
158 on

Holcroft, T. memoir of . 358 Land, increase in the value of

Holderness Agricultural Society, meet Landshut, account of the battle of 501
ing of the

406 | Lawrence, Dr. account of .. . 402
Holland, sketches of

999 | Laws, ancient mode of recording 438
Holyhead, new light house at ..

...., observations on the poor 319, 459
Home, Juhn, memoir of

295 | Lead, improved mode of drying white 331
Honymian, Col. account of
315 ...., new mode of setting blue

Horns, remarkable fossil

601 | Lectures, ayrounced 68, 70, 174, 375
Hubbert, Mr. account of

$15 Leeds, bills of mortality at . 98
Hudibras, on lines in ..

......, relief of she poor at .. 519
Hull, new theatre at

302 Leicester Agricultural Society, meet.
...., improvements at
518 ing of the

Humane Society, enquiry relative to the 127 | Lemington Priors, descriptiou of
Hunter, Dr. A. account of .. 519 Less's Dr. work on religion .. 452
Hutchinson, Col. account of

Lessing's works, critical survey of 455
Hutton-Bushel Hall, fire at .

Letters of Lady M. W. Montague
Hyperbole, definition of the word

...... of the Duke of York ..

Hypochondriasis, observations on
286 .... General Moore

Hypothesis, on the material .. 132 .... Mr. Gibbon

Iambics, on Greek
267 ...... Bonaparte

Immaterial hypothesis, on the
132 Lexicon, account of a Greek .

India, narration of a cour in

Libraries, sales of .
Ingram, Rev. R. account of

207 Life boat, description of an unimmergi-
Inscriptions, use of ancient : 438 ble

.. .
.......... on ancient stones

553 1....., Sir W. Charges's improved 70
losects, on the re-animation of

651 | Linen, machine for washing ..
Invisible fence, account of an .. | Liquors, improved cock for drawing 370
Ireland, Hindu mythology introduced | Literary composition, on s. 359

426 ...... fund, extension of the .. 487
......, political view of .. 660 ...... and philosophical intelligence 67,
Iron, on applying it red bot to the tongue +2.

173, 280, 371, 484, 597
.... recommended for furniture S78 Literature, lycæum of ancient 19, 418
Island, description of a floating

Italian and English music, on the 554

James I. anecdote of


James's, Dr. powder, analysis of 379
Jeffreys, W. H. account of

312 ....... Lord Lonsdale's Memoirs of
Jehovah, origin of the word

51 |

James II.
Jerusalem, fire at

Memoirs of Robert Cary, Earl
Jews, anecdote concerning the ... 50

of Monmouth ..
... in Holland, state of the

233 .. De Motu per Britanniam Civico
... Society for promoting the Conver

Annis 17 45 et 6, Liber
sion of the


Johnson, Dr. on the disorder of 183

History of Miranda's Attempt
......, John, preservation of


tu effect a Revolution in
Jones, R. account of


South America . . .
Jupiter, appulse of Venus to .. 229

. Maurice's Modern History of
......, Observations on the planet 675

Karass, state of the mission at


Rendal Dispensary, report of the 203 ... Hope's Costume of the Ancients 618
......, philanthropic institution at S02 ....... Dr. Clarke's Greck Marbles 650
Kien Lung, Emperor of China, a poem of 657 ......., Abbot Islip's Funeral



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