Sidor som bilder

the king to reflect, that no part of the con- bis majesty the King of Great Britain, and rulions which have already been experi- addreified by his excellency to the Rollian enced, or of those which are threatened for ambassador at Paris. the future, can be in any degree imputable That the admission of the sovereignis in to his majesty. The king is most willing to alliance with England to a Congress cannot acknowledge that all such dreadful changes be a point of difficulty, and chat Russia and are indeed contrary to the policy of Great France consent to it. Britain.

But this principle by no means extends to If the cause of so much misery is to the necefsity of admitting the plenipotencia be found in the stagnation of commercial aries of the Spanish insurgents: the emperor intercourse, although his majesty cannot be of Ruitia cannot admit them. His empire, expected to hear, with unqualified segret, in fimilar circumltances and England can that the system devised for the destruction of recollect one particular instance, has been the commerce of his subjects has recoiled upon true tu the fame principle. Moreover, he irs authors, or its instruments, yet is it nei. has already acknowledged the King Joseph ther in the difpofition of his majefty, nor in Napoleon. He has announced to his Britage the character of the people over whom he nic Majesty, that he was united with the reigns, to rejoice in the privations and uchag- emperor of the French for peace as well as piness even of the nations which are com. for war, and his Imperial Majesty here rebined against him. His majeity anxiously peats that declaration. He is resolved not defires the termination of the sufferings of the to reparate his interests from those of that Continent.

monarch ; but they are both ready to con. The war in which his majesty is engaged, clude a peace, provided it be jut, honouri. was entered into by his majesty for the im- ble, and equal for all parties. mediace 'object of national safety. It has The undersigned fees with pleasure, that, been prolonged only because no secure and in this difference of opinion respecting the honourable means of terminating it have hi- Spaniards, nothing presents itself which can therto been afforded by his enemies.

either prevent or delay the opening of a ConBut in the progress of a war, begun for gress. He derives his persuation in this reself-defence, new obligations have been 101- fpect, from that which his Britannic Ma. pored upon his majesty, in behalf of powers jefty has bimself confided to the two emwhom the aggreffions of a common cremy perors, that he is bound by no positive en. have compelled to make common caufe with gagement with those who have taken up his majesty, or who have solicited his ma arms in Spain. jesty's antitance and support in the vindict After fifteen years of war, Europe has a ciun of their national independence.

right to demand peace. The interests of all The interests of the crown of Portugal and the powers, including that of England, is to of his Sicilian majesty are confided to his render ic general: humanity commands it; majesty's friendship and prorection.

and such a delire, surely, cannot be foreign With the King of Sweden his majesty is to the feelings of his Britannic Mojefty. connected by ties of the ciofest alliance, aod How can it be, that he alone can withdraw by ftipulations which unite their counfels for himself from such an object, and refuse to peace as well as for war.

terminate the miseries of suffering humanity. To Spain his majesty is not yet bound by The underfigned consequently renews, in any formal instrument; but his majesty has, the name of the emperor, his auguft master, in the face of the world, contracted with that the proposal already made, to fend pleniponacion engagements not leis sacred, and not "tentiaries to any city on the continent which les binding, upon his majesty's mind, than his Britannic Majesty may please to point the most rolemn treaties.

out; to admit to the Congress the plenipo. His majesty, therefore, affumes that, in tentiaries of the lovereigns in alliance with an overture made to his majesty for entering Great Britain; to treat upon the balis of the into negociations for a general peace, the re uti poflideris, and upon that of the respetive lations subfilting between his majesty and power of the belligerent parties : in fine, co the Spanish monarchy have been distinctly sccept any basis which may have for its obtaken into consideration and that the goject the conclufion of a peace, in which all vernment acting in the name of his catholic parties thall find honour, juftice, and equamajety Ferdinand the Seventh, is understood lity. to be a party to any negociation in which his "The underfigned has the honour to renew majesty is invited to engage.

to his excellency, Mr. Canning, the allorancca GEOIGE CAXNING. of bis high confideration.


Count NICOLAS DI ROMANSOFT. The underfigned, minister for foreign af. fairs of his mrjetty the Emperor of all the

TAK TRENCX ANSWER. Rufias, has the honour to reply to the Note The underligned has laid before the em. of the 28th O&ober, figned by Mr. Can. peror, his matter, the note of his cxcellency ning, secretary of Ante før foreign affairs to Mr. Canning,

If it were true that the evils of war were , The king learns with astonishment and re. felt only on the Continent, certainly there gret the expectation which appears to have would be little hope of attaining peace, been entertained that his majesty should con

The two emperors had Aattered themfelves sent to commence a negociarion for a general that the object of their meafere would not peace by the previous abandonment of the have been misinterpreted in London. Could cause of the Spanish nation, and of the the Englith miniftry have ascribed it to weak- legitimate monarchy of Spain, in defeDesser decefity, when every impartial rence to an vfurpation which has no parallel ftatesman must recognize, in the spirit of in the biftory of the world. peace and moderation by which it is di&aced, His majesty had hoped that the participathe characteristics of power and true great- tion of the Emperor of Rusia in the overDefs ? France and Ruffia can carry on the tures made to his majesty would have afwar so long as the court of London Thall not forded a security to his majesty against the recur to juft and equitable dispositions, and propotal of a condition fo unjuft in its effc&s, they are resolved to do so.

apa fo fatal in its example. How is it possible for the French govern. Nor can his majesi y conceive by what obment to entertain the proposal which has been Ligation of duty or of interett, or by what made to it, of admitting to the negociation principle of Rullian policy, his imperial mathe Spanish insurgents? What would the jefty can have found himself compelled to Laglish government have said, had it been acknowledge the right, affumed by France, proposed to them to admit the Catholic insur- to depose and imprison friendly sovereigns, gents of Ireland? France, without having and forcibly to transfer to herself the alleany treaties with them, has been in commu. giance of loyal and independent nations, nication with them, has made them pro If there be indeed, the principles to which mises, and has frequently fent them (uccours. the Emperor of Russia has inviolably attached Could such a propofal have found place in a hinsself; to which his imperial majesty has pote, the object of which ought to have pledged the character and resources of his heen jos to irritate, but to eadcavour to ef. empire; which be bas united himself with fed i mutual conciliation and good under France to establish by war, and to maintain in Landing

peace, deeply does his majesty lament a de. England will find hersell under a strange cermination by which the sufferings of Eumistake if, contrary to the experience of rope mut be aggravated and prolonged; but the past, the fill entertains the idea of con- not to his majesty is to be attributed the contending fuccclaíully upon the Continent, tinuance of the calamities of war, by the dir.

paint the arties of France. What hope can appointment of ail hope of such a peace as the now have, especially as France is irrevo would be compatible with justice and with able united with Russia n

honour. The underligned is commanded to repeat

(Signed) - GEORGE CANNING, the proposal, to admit to the negociation all the allia of the King of England, whether it be the king who reigns in the Brazils; . REPLY TO THE FRENCH ANSWER. Whether K be the king who reigas in Sweden The underligned, his majesty's principal or whether it be the king who reigns in fecretary of fate for foreign affairs, has laid Licily: and to rake for the bafis of the nego before the king his master the note trans. carian the ai polsider. He is commanded mitted to bim by his Excellency M. de so aprel the liope that, not lofing Gght of Champagny, dared the 28th November. the indritable relates of the force of States, it He is especially, commanded by his ma. will be remembered, that between great jesty to abstain from noticing any of there

en there i no folid peace, but that which topics and expressions insulting to his majesty, the same time egual and bonourable for to his allies, and to the Spanish nation, with

which the official note transmitced by M. de (Sigped) - CHAMPAGNY. Champagny abounds... S i

His majesty was defirous to have treated L a THE RUSSIAN ANSWER.Ws for 1 peace which might have arranged the the underligned, his majetty'& principal respective interests of all the powers engaged Gazetarit Rate for foreign affairs, has Taid in the war on principles of equal justice : berate the liar ki meter the note trans, and his Majesty lincerely regrets that this de pred te him by his excellency the Count fire of his majesty is disappointed.

la Regionaod, minister for foreign But his majesty is determined not to aban, na himney the emperor of all the don the cause of the Spanish nation, and of stated 0 die zoch (Ben) of Now the legitimate inonarchy of Spain: and the

pretenfions of France to exclude from the ne.

gociation the central and fupreme govern.. Pure with a remain a monu- , ment, a&ing in the name of his catholic m casu s insolence bich poflefles jelty Ferdinand the Seventh, is one whica kile urped the goverment his majesty could not admit without acqui.

Rid all Europe with blood eseing in an ulurpation which has no parallel

die bis extravagant am« in the bi@ory of the world.

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ALPHABETICAL LIST of BANKRUPTCIES and DivIDENDS, announced between the

20th of December and the 20th of January, extracted from the London Gazettes.

BANKRUPICIES. (The Solicitors' names are between Paremi beses.) ANDERSON John, Stockport, Chefter, draper... (Bat.

tye, Chancery Lane, and Baltyc, huddersfield Barlow' Williain. Stockport. Chelter, iniber merchant.

Linguard. Heateni. Norris and Edse, Iuner Temple,

Darton James, Shuttleworth. Liverpool, merchant.

(Row, Liverpool, Cowper and Lowe, Southampton

Buildings, Chancery lane
Birchail Juhn, Liverpool. butcher. (Woods. Liverpool

and Bluckftock, St. Mildred , Court, Poultry Blackturo William, Leeds, woolt! apler. (Speight,

Leeds and Battye, Chancery Jane
Blannin Nicholas, Wettbury upen 'Trim, Glocefterhire.

(Field and Shear gold, Clifford'. In
Buddon Henry, Little Chapel #reet, Weft miofter. (Lat.

kuw. Doctors Commons Chambers Wallium, L ccin. currier. (LIGIC, LincOID,

and Leigh and Marin, New Bridge-treet London). Crawford Jonathall, Charles Square, Huxton, money.

scriveuer. (Baflest, Bennett-freet, Blackfriar's

Dawlon Jame', Tottington, Lancatter. (Wigglesworth,

Gray's Inn and Parker, Bury,
Dewhurit Peter, Pretoa, Lancaster. Mater. (Weber,

Laucatter and Sleatdale, Alexander and Holme, New

Inn, London.
Douglas Jaunes, Loughboroughn Leicester, merchant.

(Bleasdale, Alexander and holme, New fun, Luisdon

and Bond. Leiceiter Dutton William, Liverpool, grocer. (Wouds, Liverpool

and Blackrock, st. Mildred's Court, Poultry
Edwards William, Brittol, cordwaincr. (Janies, Gray's

Innquare, and Mellin, Bristol
Frater Thomas, Well itreet,, coach-sprius.

manufacturer. (rinero, Charles Street, Cavendido

French Martin, George Street, Portman Square, wine.

mrchant. (Hackett, Chancery lane
Frost Thomas, Leadenhall treet, tationer (Evitt und

Rixoil, Maydon Square, Minories
Gath John, Parker's row, Bermondsey, viavaller. Smith,

Creat St. Hciens
German William, Britol, tiler. (James, Gray's Inn

fquare, London), and Cooke, Brittol
Glazier Edward, Lea Bridge, Middlesex, publicas.

(Tebbutt and Shut leworth, Gray's inn fyware Green Jarnes, Hackney, builder. (Chapman, $t. Mil.

dred's court, Poultry Harrifon James, Parke Areet Bees, Cumberland, cotron

manufacturer. (Haworth and Son, Bulton, Milne

and Party, Temple Harvey Richard, Woodwich, baker. (Allan, Frederic's

place, Old Jewry
Haydon i angdon, Edgware Road, merchant. (Hul,

Hayes William, Kilburn, Middlesex, brickmaker. (Hune

phries, Clement's ion
Hayes Joho, Oxfurd, grocer. (Young, West Sinithheld
Heaven williain, Naill worth. Glucelter, clothict, (rule

len, Fure-treet, Cripplegate Howa o Jerrard Juht), Lower Eaton Rreet, Pimlico, fut.

| ton. (Kich, Bacific Crui Hunt Jorepli, Livetpool, haberdather. (Blackstock, S.

Mildred's Court, Poultry, - nd Murrow, Liverpool Jeffery Henry: Melcomb Reris, Dorset, Hochdraper.

(Syddall, Aldergate street, London
Jogel George, Liverpool, hookfeller. (Blackstock, St.

Mildred's couri, Poultry and Munou, Liverpool
Kinder samuel, Hunheid, Derby, clothier. Jackson and

Judd, Stanford
Laing Geurce, London, merchant. (Caton and Brumell,

Alterlyste itreet
Lockwoud George, Huddersfeld, York, woolien-draper.

Taylor, Manchester
Manfa! James, George Burkinthaw and John Fielding,

Shteid, raw manufacturers (Rimington and
Wake, Shefield, and Wilton, Greville Arce, Harton

Marrior James, Burnley, Lancader, cutton Spinner,

(Huru, Temple, and Shaw, Buraley
Marihall Thornas, Sca.borough vintner. (Bowsfeld.

Beuveric treet, London; and Woodall, Scarburough Mills John, and Joreph Rich, merchants, late of Lewes,

Sufft X. (Pember, Great Charlotte treet, Blackfriar'i

road Pearton Thomson. South Shieldı, Durham, thipwright,

Bawbridge. Chapter Tow, South Shicids, and Bell

and Brodrick, Bow 14te. Cheaplide
Pickwood Gcurte, luuk lane, wine merchant. (Gud.

Taond, New Bridge atreet, Black Tiars
Roare sobr, Mill line, 7ocley Areet, lighterman (Lee,

Torce Cruwn court, Soothwark
RaiQrick Samuel, Tole, York, cluthier. (Evans, Karton

Garen, and Crolley, Bradfora
Loreta Saruel, Chepstow, M mouth. istiot (51910.

Stevens and Maples, Old Jewry Lundur, and whate.

Jey Pirmingham
Sarpion Samuel, and Charles Chipcharc, Rrrad Brees.

A mercetti (Caracter and bully, Xaling lau uruct.

Sampton Williard, Liverpool, fiour dealer, (Farra

Liveprol and sheppard, and Aubiuston, Bedford run

Sellars yarret, Little Hulton, 1 ancager, innkeeper.

Hurd. Temple, and Law, Manchester
Sinith John Nottingham, mercer. (Bigaby and Wells.

Nottingham; and Baxters' and Marin, Furnival's

Smith Tuitinian and Cha les, Bath, plane manufacturer'.

(Sheppard and Adlington, Bedfor a row, ano Sacopare

Stone Thomas, Wilton, Hereford, cornfactor. (James,

Gray's inn, London; and Martin, Brito
Tanner Thumus, Barnaple, Devon. Inomy for rener.

(Law, Sarntaple, aus Bremridge, Cumu Pleas

Othce, Temple
Tomlinfun wilan, Toxteth Park, near Liverpool. mere

chant. (Forret, Liverpool, and Shephard and Ad.

Jindton, Bcdtird row
Wells William, ligncy place, Queen Areet, Bicomsbury.

(Edwards and Lyon, Great Ruficll ftreeri
Wilkes William, Birninghami, maltier. (Lowe, Bir.

minghain and Chilion, Exchequer Office, Lincola's

inn Willion Richard Hodfon, Wakeficid, factor, (Lawton,

Leicefter and Taylor, Southampton buildings, Chan

Cery lanc
Woulf John, Liverpool, merchant. (Blackstock, St.

Mildred's court Poultryand I'ritt, Liverpool

Adams Thomas, Lancaster, merchant, Feb. 7
Allen William, King's road, Holborn, coach-maker,

Jan. 17
Aptie John, Devizes, Wilts, clothier. Jan. 16
Banks Richard, Eltham, Kent, victualier, Feb. 7
Barlett Charlto, Cannon freet rund, Middlesex, fone.

mafun, Feb. 31
Beckwith Thomas, Commercial road, coach-maker,

Jan. 21
Beetton Henry Groundy, Gray's inn square, money-scrive-

ner. Jan. 21
Betts Beújamin, and Am Smith, Bafinghall freet, factors,

Feb. 14
Blany Thomas, Bouwerie freet, Whitefriars, merchant

Feb. 16
Bloom Daniel, Norwich, merchant, Feb. 4
Bridges John, the younger, Mortlake, Serry, Tallow-chand-

ler, Feb.
Broadhurit Jofeph, Charing Cross, Jeweller, Jan. 28
Bulgin William, Brittol, printer, March 17
Bunn Benjamin, London wall, pawn broker, Feb. 4
Burger's George Warner, Bristol, Binen-draper, Jan. 31
Chambers Henry, Warwick, lan keeper, Jan, 16
Clark Thomas, Chatham, corn-dealer, Jan. 24
Clemence Mark, Craven fireet, Strand, tailor, Feb. 7
Glouch Thomas, Bramley, York, clothier, Jau 1
Coats Edward, Thomas Malley and Jofeph Hall, Hornia

low, Stafford. brewers. Feb. 4
Cohen Mtyer. Vevonshire ftreet, Quces Square, exchang-

broker, Jan. 24 Core Robert, Bricol, har inanufacturer, Jan, 18 Cowperthwaite William, and James Waring, Macheter

manufacturers, Jan. 30
Cowperthwaite William, Old Fith Areet, grocer, Jan. 7

Feb. 18
Curteis John, and John Stephens, Penryk, Cornwall,

Mopkeepers, Feb. 2
Davies Darles, St. John freet, Carpenter, Feb. 15
Davis William, Cine, place, Kentish-town, Carpenter,

Jan. 21
Dawlon William, Nixon, Tabernacle Guart, Finsbury,

draper, March
Drake Robert, and Ebepezer Goddard, Newgate Areet,

wine and brandy merchants, Jau. 78 DuMeld George, York Buildings, Bermondfey, wool

caider, Jan. 17 Dutton John, Leventhulme, Mancheier, calico masusas.

turer, Jan. 15 Endall Jóhi, Over Norton, Oxford, cartier, Jan. 26 Tarbridge Robert. Paragon place, Kent road, timber mer

chant, Yeb.7 Filcode Thomas, Macclesfield, Chetter, grocer, Feb. 16 Yurd James Edward, Colentas freet buildings, London,

factor, Jan. 14 Trancis Thomar, Goodman Francis, and Thomas Francis

the younger, Cambride, mercbents, Jan. 98
Gluver Charles, Albemarle irect, upholdterer, Feb.
Grange Rochford, Yurk place, l'orto quare, miller

Feb. 4.
Hartley John, Kendal, Wenmoreland. theemsker, Tehle
Harvey Henry HIN. Tokenhoufe yard and Terrace court

Illingtuli, broker, Feb. 14
Hope wiliam, Manchetter, grocer, F0.35
Hope wuliam, ligampton, Cumberland, manufakturer,

Feb. 3
Horner John. Purbam, turner. Tanja
Howell Edward, Liverpool. cottoti merchant, Jan.
Hurry Nicholas, and Chriftopher Hird Joe, Liverpoo

Ives Chapman, Colith , Norfok, brewer. Vest
Juel Mures, Wien aurret, Storeditch, dealer in gas and

Cructware. Ja,



Jesen Beniarcin, Rother nithe Wall, tobacconitt, Jan. 9
Jullia Jamrs, Slackan freet. Suuthwark, liden draper,

Feb. 18
King Maria, Berwick upon-Tweed, linen draper, Feb. 3
Liron Thomas. Gray's jou fquare, muney ferirener,

King Samuel, Halefworth, Suffolk, merchant, Jan. 19
Kiny Jokeph, and William Edward King, Covent Garden,

aik mercers. Jan. +
King Juleph, Cavent Gardeu, filk mercer, Jan. 31
Lawfoo Thomas, Lancader, grocer, Yeb.
Leach: Thomas, Graces Ailes. Welbelofe quare, haber.
Surmand Peter, and Mary Henry Dornant, foap mabu.

factarers, Jan. 31
Lakaf wiliam, Lifie freet, Leicester square, engraver,
Luenire Margaret, Peurita. Cumberland, milliner,
Lou Richard, Long sere, Ironmonger, Feb. 25
Luchon John, Beetron, York, dealer and chapman,

Lucar Wiliam, Cheapfide, warehouseman, March 20
Marcham James, Upper Thames Areet, cheesemonger,
Markdam Jahn, the younger, Napton upon the Hill, War.

viek, topkeeper, Jan, 11
Kathew William, Maidenpead, Berks, carpenter,

Middleton Thamas, Liverpool, cotron manufacturer,

Midley Jareph. Leeds York. grocer, Teb. 4
Mulla Jones, Wood within Saddlewurth, York, dyer,
Morgun Edward, Noble Areet, London, Feh. 38
Murs Hutchinfun, Ruhere Mure and William Mure, Fes.

Church treet, merchants, March 1s
xen David Thompton, Stamford, Lincoli, draper,
Neppe Peter, Irigol, haberdaihet, Jan. as
Nescat. George, Barh, Jeweller, Jan. 14
Once Julia, Luit, Huatingdou, vidueller, Jan. 18

Pate John, Rury, Su folk, mon y fcrivener. Heb. 14
Parkinton Jeremiah, St. Saviour's Church.yard, Southe

wark, hop.factor, Feb.7
Percy John, Liverpool, Dock maker. Feb. 13
Verkins Christopher, Swansea, Glamorgan, shopkeeper,

Jan. 28
Popplewell John, Hult, auctioncer. Feb. 2
Preiton James, Bartou-upun Humber, Lincoln, tanner,

Reppen Jofeph, Xud John Rappen, Clapham, dealer in

coals, Feb. 4
Rowe foba, Cattle Areer, Falcon fquare, merchant.

Jao. 17
Seger Joren, Upper North Atreet, Gray's inn lave,

..Jan. 17
Schorey Henry, Holdsworth, Haifax merchant, Feb, s
Scagne Jos. Duke ftreet, St. James's, raiior, Feb 16
Shague Gilbert, Topiham Devon. rope maker. Feb. 4
Sharp Robert, Uptun-place, Stratford, EfTeX, builder

Poh. 7
Sharpe Johan. Market Deeping, Lincoln, finea-drap

Maren 4
Sintze ich Peter, Spring-piace, Keurishtown, and New

Bond Street. printfeller. Feb. 4
Smith Namuel, Liverpool, merchant. Jan. 18 *
Smith Charles, Bath, cor-factur, c. 3!
Smith Joshua, Manchester, cotton manufacturer, Jan, 31
Stacey John, Richard Dearman and Robert Deurman,

Bread itrect, Cheapfide, wareboufoma), Feb. 14
Tophan Thomas, Manchettet, merchant, Jan. 23
Wardell John, Lynn. Norfolk, frucer, Jan. 21
Wetton James, pallomall, vintaer, feb. 4
White John, Craven Buildioge, City' road, merchant,

March 7
Whitehead Joseph Manchester, cordwainer, Jan. 25
W.Ifan James, and John Sallows, Oxford Areet, leather

r-llers Feb. 7
Withers Thomas and Henry Browne withers, Greenhill's

Rents. Sinithheld Bars, vil renners, Jan. 21 wright Benjamin, Birmingham, facror, Jati. 20 Wright, William, Athby-de-la Zouch, Leicctcr, Jan. 31

, INCIDENTS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS, IN AND NEAR LONDON: With Bingraphical Memoirs of distinguished Characters recently deceased.

. THE foundation stone of the New Theatre, company of the 1st regiment of guards with - was laid on the 31st of December, 1808, their colours and band were stationed near by his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, the Bow-street' entrance as a guard of honour. a grande master of the Free Masons; and the At the angles of the ground were hoiste:) naSpectacle was unusually interesting, as it is val and military flags, and near the stone, che

of recorded that so distinguished an honour royal standard of England Upwards of 700 was ever conferred by any Prince of Wales workmen employed in the building, were upon a similar edifice. The preparations and placed on surrounding scaffolds. Ac twelve the arrangements were every way worthy of o'clock the grand officers of the several free the steat; detachments of horse and foot masons lodges, with the principals of the

quards were stationed to prevent the influx crafty amounting to near 400, decorated with sol the populace, and clear the avenues to the their paraphernalia, entered, Chevalier Rusa

Sound. The disposition upon the scite of pini bearing the sword before them, as grand the building, both the ceremonial and the tyler, and a band preceding them; these accommodating of the spectators, was 'ex- took their stations in their gallery. The se tremely judicious. At the north-cast cor. veral bands now played alternately till one, ne of the intended Itage of the theatre, the the hour fixed for the arrival of the Prince of foundation stone, containing nearly 60 cubic. Wales, at which time his royal Highness acfeet, and weighğug three tops, was suspended companied by the Duke of Sussex, attended are a basenient stone. On the west side a by. General Hulse and Colonels M'Mahon control and extensive awning, with a parapet and Bloomfield, arrived under an escort of in front and inclosed behind, furnished with horse-guards. His Royal Highness was remees of seats, was appropriated for the received, on his entrance at the Bok-street

o the spectators, who filled it before door, by Earl Moira as deputy-grand-masters fee De On the opposite sides and the detachments of guards salating with d e v kreet, another inclosed awns grounded colours and beating the Grenadier's;

Mo t ed for the numerous depu- March. The arrival was announced by loud e teenindons. Near the stone was plaudits of the people, and the discharge of a a spacious marquee for the illustrious royal salute of artillery. The Prince was a nd witte Ou an elevated dressed in blue with'a scarlet collar, and was

le Hut Areet, were placed decorated with the insignia Op his office a y band of the two-regiments of grand-master. As he proceedett uncovered.

Calderreams and 3d regi- with his uite aver railed platform spread poor mard, and that of the city with green cloth bordered with scarlet, the hful malomThe grenadier company all arose and gave him three cheers,



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