Sidor som bilder

= NOV. 1, 1866.

procured a reorganization of the Medical Bureau ; ( notices of new remedies lately introduced into pracdistributed medical and surgical monographs which tice. An index of diseases is added with reference were written at its suggestion; organized soldiers' to the remedies found most useful in their treatment. homes and hospital steamers ; established supply A Manual of Auscultation and Percussion. By M. depots ; brought to its assistance the aid and sym Barth and M. Henri Roger. Translated from the pathy of women; instituted Aid Societies ; estab sixth French edition. pp. 161. Philadelphia: lished field relief corps and feeding stations for the Lindsay & Blakiston. sick and disabled, &c. &c.

This appears to be an admirable compend upon But to state all which its wisdom, its judgment, the subject of auscultation and percussion, and is its energy, accomplished; would be to transcribe the well adapted to the purposes of a hand-book. Too whole volume; to it therefore we refer the reader, i much praise cannot be given to the publishers for who will find in it one of the brightest pages in the the manner in which their medical works are pubhistory of the civilization and humanity of the lished. The paper, typography, and binding are nineteenth century. It is most admirably written. excellent. The Principles and Practice of Obstetrics. By Gunning s. Bedford, A. M., M. D., Professor of Ob

JUVENILE. stetrics, &c. in the University of New York. The College Days of Calvin. pp. 156. Illustrated by four colored lithographic plates Young Calvin in Paris, and the Little Flock that he and ninety-nine wood engravings. Third edition, l Fed. pp. 166. carefully revised and enlarged. pp. xxxii., 743. Each of these volumes, published by the PresbyNew York: William Wood & Co.

teriau Board of Publication, Philadelphia, has been This admirable treatise has passed to a third edi- prepared by Rev. Wm. M. Blackburn, of Trenton, tion, demonstrating the foresight of those who pre- N. J., the materials being chiefly drawn from dicted for it a foremost place among the text-books D'Aubigné. The design is to set forth the facts in upon this subject. No greater praise could be be- the early life of Calvin in a manner that may stowed upon the work, when the field was pre-occu- interest the youth of Sabbath-schools and Biblepied by so many writers of great eminence. We classes. The “ College Days” includes the period heartily recommend it to all who wish to obtain a when Calvin studied law and theology at Orleans, knowledge of obstetrics.

Bourges, and Paris, extending until he was twenty The Science and Practice of Medicine. By Wm. years of age.

Aikin, M. D., Edin., Professor of Pathology Brooke Silvertone: a Story for Children. By Emma in the Army Medical School, &c. &c. In two Marshall, author of “ The Lost Lilies,” etc. pp. volumes. Vol. 1. From the Fourth London 171. edition, with additions by Meredith Clymer,

The Story of a Red Velvet Bible. By M. H. pp. 108.

T. M. D., &c. &c. pp. 955. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston.

asay J. P. Skelly & Co., Philadelphia, publishes these. The author of this work has dedicated it espe

They are manufactured in good style. The second

pe of them is an English story. cially to the students of medicine. The following subjects have been treated, for the first time, in a

England Two Hundred Years Ago. By E. H. Gil. treatise upon practice. The department of medical lett. pp. 363. Philadelphia: Presbyterian Pubor noso-geography, or the conditions by which

lication Committee. health and disease are distributed over the globe,

Dr. Gillett, who has bestowed much attention to and the thermometry of disease with diagrams historical and biograpbical investigation, has enillustrative of the typical ranges of temperature deavored here to present a picture of England at particularly in febrile diseases. No greater proof the time of the accession of Charles II. Allein, can be offered of the value of the work and the Vane, Fox, Baxter, Howe, Manton, and other leadfavor with which it has been received in Great ing non-conformists of the period, figure in the Britain, than the fact that two large editions, the

parrative, which will impart a great deal of inforsecond and the third, were exhausted in one year.

mation not only to youth but to many children of dition has been submitted by the anthor to a a larger growth. careful revision, and new matter has been added. Frank's Search for Sea-Shells. By H. F. P., author The American editor disclaims any attempt at hav- of “Rambles after Land-Shells." pp. 352. ing edited the work, but has only made a few addi- Our Charlie ; or, The Little Teacher. pp. 125. tions, and added some notes where it was thought | Ceasele Vieit. a Tale for the Youna. pp. 2 necessary. The volume is a valuable contribution

Grace's Visit: a Tale for the Young. pp. 247. to medical science, and we recommend it not only

lv | Madge Graves. By the author of “Bessie Lovell." to the particular attention of those to whom it

pp. 268. is especially dedicated, but to the profession gene- The Story of Zadoc Hull. pp. 187. rally.

These are from the American Tract Society, Practical Therapeutics, considered chiefly with refer

Boston, and they are produced in the style of neatence to Articles of the Materia Medica, By Edward vess and excellence characteristic of the issues of John Waring. F. R. C. S.. F. L.S.. &c. From the the Society. We would call attention particularly second London edition. pp. 815. Philadelphia : to the "Search for Sea-Shells,” which will be found Lindsay & Blakiston.

a pleasant introduction to the department of natural The principal object of the author has been to history to which it relates, though we do not see collect " within a small compass the opinions and the good taste of dragging slavery, the North and experience of the most eminent writers of modern the South, and that sort of thing, into an introductimes, as to the real value of the articles of the tion to conchology. Materia Medica in the treatment of disease." This Red-Letter Days in Applethorpe. By Gail Hamilton. treatise will be found an admirable supplement to pp. 141. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. all the other works upon Materia Medica, in which There are ten papers here, all written in a spirited therapeutics are subordinated to the botanical and style, and just such as cannot fail to please the chemical characteristics of the various substances little folks. The red-letter days are New Year's treated of. This edition contains all the prepara- day, Washington's birthday, May day, Thankstions of the new British Pharmacopoeia, as well as giving day, Christmas, etc.


= NOV. 1, 1866. Bertie and his Best Things. pp. 108.

| 1856, Miss Delia Bacon published an article in Harry and his Dog Fidele. By the author of “Made- “Putnam's Magazine" announcing her theory of the line; or, The Lost Bracelet.” pp. 72.

| participation of Lord Bacon in the writing of the Annie Lincoln's Lesson ; or, A Day in the Life of a

plays of Shakspeare. Mr. Holmes took up the Thankful Child. pp. 72.

theory and began to analyze and collect the facts

which in his opinion imparted verisimilitude to it. Kitty Dennison and her Christmas Gifts. By the Miss Bacon's ** Philosopby of the Plays of Shaksauthor of “Madeline.”

peare Unfolded," appeared in 1857, but as the critics The Presbyterian Board of Publication, Phila- were not satisfied with her reasoning, Mr. Holmes delphia, has recently added these to their list.

| thought that by continuing the investigation be Rose Delaney's Secret. By the author of “May conld win favor for the view he had espoused. Castleton's Mission," &c. pp. 216.

| His results are now given to the world, and he May Castleton's Mission. By the author of "Rose thinks he has demonstrated that “Bacon's prose Delaney's Secret,” &c. pp. 228.

is Shakspearian poetry, and Shakspeare's poetry Flowers in the Grass. By E. L. Llewellyn, author

is Baconian prose." Our author writes with a great of “Piety and Pride," &c. pp. 214.

deal of enthusiasm, and even those who repudiate

his doctrine will be entertained by the persistency Only in Fun; or, The Teasing Boy. By the author and vivacity with which he champions it. of “Money," etc. pp. 158.

These are from the Presbyterian Publication Ars Rhetorica. Auctore R. P. Martino Du Cygne, Committee, Philadelphia, and they correspond in Societatis Jesu. Editio Secunda Americana, in excellence of contents and style of manufacture usum Collegii Georgiopolitani S. J. pp. 178. with the other Sabbath-school library books issued Baltimori : Typis Joannis Murphy, et soc. by the Committee.

There are several Roman Catholic Colleges in the

country, in which the Latin is to a great extent a MISCELLANEOUS.

spoken language, especially with the gradnating Rules of Order : a Manual for Conducting Business in class. In such institutions lectures and text books

Town and Ward Meetings, Societies, Boards of lin Latin are used, and among the latter we have in Directors and Managers, and other Deliberative the present volume a compend in that language, Bodies; based on Parliamentary, . Congressional, l of the instruction in rhetoric given in Georgetown and Legislative practice. By Benjamin Matthias. College. The subject is treated in rather a seholastie pp. 130. Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston.

style as compared with modern educational works, There have been eleven editions of this manual. but the method is orderly and the divisions and It has been extensively used, and is indeed a very subdivisions are clear and distinct. It consists of convenient and servicable compend.

three books, the first treating of Invention, the second The Authorship of Shakspeare. By Nathaniel of Disposition or orderly arrangement, and the Holmes. pp. xvi., 601. New York: Hurd & third of Elocution. Constant reference is made Houghton.

to Quintilian and Cicero, and an appendix of more The exact position of this volume in the Shaks than forty pages contains illustrations from Ameripeare controversy is easily stated. In January, I can orators.

ANNOUNCEMENTS. Lindsay & Blakiston.

| Roberts Brothers, Boston. Reynolds on the Diseases of the Nervous System, from My Chosen Friends, a new Collection of Stories. By the 2d London edition.

Jean Ingelow. Beale on Urine, 3d edition, enlarged.

Prejudice, or The Black Polyanthus. By Jean IngeBeale's Microscope in Practical Medicine, 3d edition. low.

. Headland on the Action of Medicines, from the 4th Leypoldt & Holt, New York. London edition.

The Journal of Maurice de Guerin, an American transRichardson on Local Anästhesia.

lation, with Essays on the Life and Genius of the Tanner's Index of Diseases and their Treatment.

Author. By Matthew Arnold and M. Sainte-Beuve. Gauder on the Opbthalmoscope.

The Letters and Literary Remains of Maurice de Trousseau's Clinical Medicine.

Guerin, an American translation. Cooley on the Toilet and Cosmetic Arts.

Presbyterian Publication Committee, Philadelphia. James Miller, New York.

Little Red Cloak. Square 8vo. What the Moon Saw, and Other Tales. By Hans Jesus on Earth. Square 8vo. Christian Andersen.

Miss Muff and Little Hungry. Square 8vo. A new edition of Mrs. Browning.

Ram Krishna-Punt. Square 8vo. Fireside Philosopby, a new edition.

Charles Scribner & Co., New York. The Arabian Nights, a new edition.

Elaine. By Alfred Tennyson. Illustrated by Gustave D. Van Nostrand, New York.

Doré. Luce's Seamanship. Third revised edition.

Milton's Paradise Lost. Illustrated by Gustave Doré. A Treatise on Intrenchments. By Francis J. Lippitt, Heber's Hymns, illustrated. Brigadier-General of Volunteers..

Gems from the Poets. Illustrated from Designs by F. Coffin's Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. Third A. Lydon. revised edition.

Lange's Commentary on Acts. Edited by Rev. C. F.

Schaeffer. Vol. 1. Carleton, New York.

Two new Volumes of Dr. P. Schaff's Church History. Our Artist in Peru. A new comic illustrated work, by

Studies in English. By Prof. Schele de Vere. Geo. W. Carleton, author of " Our Artist in Cuba."

Froude's History of England. Vols. 7 and 8. Roundhearts, and Other Stories for the Young. By the author of “Rutledge,” “Louie's Last Term at

| D. Appleton & Co., New York. St. Marys,'' etc. Illustrated.

The Vegetable World. By Louis Figuier. The Culprit Fay. By Joseph Rodman Drake. A new Joseph II. and his Court. By Louise Mühlbach.

Holiday edition, quarto, with one hundred drawings American Tract Society, New York. on wood by Arthur Lumley.

Charlie Scott; or, There's Time Enough.

= NOV. 1, 1866.

Advertisements inserted in this columnat 10 cents per line.]

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I FRANK J. BRAMHALL, Box 5992, N. Y. City, Wants Ritter's History of Philosophy, vols. 3 and 4. Wants Publishers' Circular and Literary Gazette, Nos. 1, B. WESTERMANN & CO., New YORK,

2, and 11, of Vol. VII. Want The History of the Buccaneers of America. New

MOORE & NIMS, TROY, N. Y., . edition. Boston : Sanborn, 1856.

Want twenty-five copies of The Hymnal. The Presby. Torrey and Gray, Flora of North America. 2 vols. terian Board will soon issue a new edition with addi. JAMES CRUIKSHANK, BROOKLYN, N. Y.,

tional hymns. Wants Scientific American. Vol. vi. No. 21 : Vol. xii. ASPINWALL, WEBBER & CO., ELMIRA, N. Y.,

No. 15, now series. And Round Table, Vol. ii. No. Want Publishers' and Stationers' Wholesale Price Lists. 30.


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Albums, Cheap Publications, Pictures, Photographs, Wishes to receive Catalogues, &c. from Wholesale Stereoscopes, and Stereoscopic views.

T Houses in those branches of business.

LIST OF BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES. ALMAXAC. Steiger's Volks-Kalender für 1867. J6mo. pp. 120. CHARLIE ; or, The Bad Habit. 18mo. pp. 115. Phila.; Amer. N. Y.: E. Steiger. Pap. 30 cts.

1 S. S.Union. Cl. 45 cts. AXSTIB. Notes on Epidemics. For the Use of the Public. By CHRISTIE, 2 vols. 16mo. pp. 360, 312. Phila.: Amer. S. S.

F. E. Anstie, M.D., etc. First American Edition. 16mo. pp. Union. Cl. $2 50. 95. Phila. :J. B. Lippincott & Co. CI. $1.

Clason. The American Conflict. By A. W. Clason. 8vo. pp. ARABIAN (THB) NIGHTS' ENTERTAINMENTS. A New Edition, 46. N. Y.: C. B. Richardson. Pap. 30 cts. revised, with Notes, by Rev. G. F. Townsend. With Sixteen CONNECTICUT (THE) BUSINESS DIRECTORY, for the Year comIllustrations. Cr. 8vo. pp. 583. N. Y.: Hurd & Houghton.

encing May 1, 1866. 8vo. pp. 204, 148. Boston: Briggs & Cl. $2.

Co. Bds. $2. BALLARD. Lift a Little; or, The Old Quilt. 18mo. pp. 80. Contrast (The): a Story for Boys. 18mo. pp. 112. Phila.: Boston: Amer. Tract Soc. CI. 35 cts.

Amer. S. S. Union. Ci, 45 cts. BALLARD. The Little Gold Keys. By Mrs. J. P. Ballard.

Cowdin. Agriculture: its Dignity and Progress. An Address 18mo. pp. 151. Boston: Amer. Tract Soc. CI. 50 cts.

before the Society of Agriculture and Horticulture of WestBANCROFT. History of the United States, from the Discovery chester County, N. Y., Sept. 20, 1866. By Elliot C. Cowdin,

of the American Continent. By George Bancroft. Vol. 9.1 8vo. pp. 20. N. Y.: Baker & Godu (The American Revolution, Vol. 3.) Svo. pp. 506. Boston: CowLES. The Minor Prophets ; with Notes, Critical, ExplanaLittle, Brown & Co. Cl. $3.

tory, and Practical, designed for both Pastors and People. BARTH and ROGER. A Manual of Auscultation and Percussion. By Rev. Henry Cowles. 12mo. pp. x., 425. N. Y.: D. ApBy M. Barth and H. Roger. Translated from the Sixth pleton & Co. CI. $2 25. French Edition. 12mo. pp. 161. Phila, : Lindsay & Blakis- DAVIS, The Boston Medical Register. For the Year comton. Cl. $1 25.

mencing June 1, 1866. pp. 168. Boston: Andrew Boyd. Cl. BICKNELL. The Practice of the Superior Courts of Indiana in $1 25.

Criminal Cases. By George A. Bicknell, LL D., author of DENISON. Led to the Light. A Sequel to “Opposite the Jail." ** Indiana Civil Practice." Svo. pp. vii., 518. Cincinnati:

By Mary A. Denison. 16mo. pp. 352. Phila. : J. S. Claxton. Robert Clarke & Co. $6.

ci. $1 25. BILDERBUCH für Kinder. 2tmo. pp. 64. N. Y.: Amer. Tract

Dick BOLTER; or, Getting On in Life. 18mo. pp. 196. Phila. : Soc. Cl. 30 cts.

Amer. S. S. Union. Cl. 65 cts. BOLIVAR. See LARRAZABAL.

Dodge. Pleasant Grove. By Alice A. Dodge. 18mo. pp. 208. Booth. Justice Essential to National Prosperity. Address Boston: Amer. Tract Soc. CI. 60 cts. before the National Equal Suffrage Association. By Sherman

Dodge. Red-Letter Days in Applethorpe. By Gail Hamilton M. Booth. Washington, D. C., June 6, 1866. 8vo. pp. 12.

(Miss M. A. Dodge). So , 16mo. pp. 141. Boston: Ticknor & Washington: The Association. Pap.

Fields. Cl. $1 60. BOYD. A Walk to the Communion Table. By Rev. J. R. Boyd.

DRAKB. The Culprit Fay. A Poem. By Joseph Rodman Sq. 18mo. pp. 122. N. Y.: A. D. F. Randolph. Cl. $1.

Drake. With 100 Ilustrations by Arthur Lumley. Sm. 4to., BRAXX. Curious Questions. By Rev. Henry A. Brann, D. D. tinted paper, pp. 118. N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. CI. gilt sides

12mo. pp. 292. Newark, N.J.; J.J. O'Connor & Co. C1. $2. and edges, $5. BRIGGS. See RICHARDS.

Du CYGNE. Ars Rhetorica. Auctore R. P. Martino Du Cygne, BROCK.

Societatis Jesu. Editio Secunda Americana, in Usum Col. Making the Best of It; or, Charley's Disappointment. By

legii Georgiopolitani, S. J. 18mo. pp. 178. Baltimore: J. Mrs. Carey Brock. 18mo. pp. 80. Phila. : J. S. Claxton.

Murphy. CI. 75 cts. Cl. 45 cts.

FITZPATRICK. In Memoriam Rt. Rev. John V. Fitzpatrick. More Ways than One; or, The Little Missionary. By Mrs. 8vo. pp. 45. Boston: Patrick Donahoe. Pap. 30 cts.

Carey Brock. 18mo. pp. 74. Phila.: J. S. Claxton. Cl. 45 cts.

Frank's HunT FOR SEA-SRELLs. By H. F. P. 16mo. pp. 352.

Boston: Amer. Tract Soc. CI. $1 25. BROWXE. An American Family in Germany. By J. Ross

Browne. 12mo. pp. 381. N. Y.: Harper & Bros. CI. $2 FURMAN. The Medical Register of the City of New York. For BULPIXCH. Oregon and Eldorado; or, Romance of the Rivers.

the Year commencing June 1, 1866. Published under the By Thomas Bulfinch. 12mo. pp. xiv., 464. Boston: J. E.

Supervision of the New York Medico-Historical Society. Tilton & Co. Cl. $2 50.

Guido Furman, M. D., Editor. pp. 306. N. Y.: Eduard 0.

Jenkins. CI. $3. CAMBRIDGE. Hymns on the Holy Communion. By Ada Cambridge. With a Preface by Rev. R. H. Baynes. Sq, 18mo.

GAZETTEER of the Manufacturers and Manufacturing Towns of pp. 127. N. Y.: A. D. F. Randolph, CI. gilt edges, $1.

the United States, containing a Full and Comprehensive

Review of the Extent and Condition of the Manufacturing CARLETON, Our Artist in Peru. (Fifty Drawings on Wood.]

Interests and Resources of the United States, etc, etc. 1866. Leaves from the Sketch-Book of a Traveller, during the

4to. pp. 172. N. Y.: J. M. Bradstreet & Son. Cl. $5. (By Winter of 1865-6. By George W. Carleton. Sm. 4to., tinted

subscription.) paper, pp. viii., 50. N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. Cl. $1 50.

GORE. The Hardships of an Heiress. By Mrs. Gore. 8vo. CASTLE. Centenary Sermon, preached before the Philadelphia

pp. 192. N. Y.: F. A. Brady. Pap. 50 cts. Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, March 19, 1866. By Joseph Castle, M.D., D.D. Svo. pp. 36. GRACE's Visit: a Tale for the Young. 18mo. pp. 247. Boston Phila.: Bryson & Son, Prs. Pap. 15 cts.

Amer. Tract Soc. CI, 75 cts.

Wermoplam Rt. Rev. John

NOV. 1, 1866.

GRAEFE, Clinical Lectures, by Prof. A. von Graefe, on Am- | PHELPS. Gypsy's Sowing and Reaping. By E. Stuart Phelps.

blyopia and Amaurosis, and the Extraction of Cataract. 16mo. pp 302. Boston: Graves & Young. Cl. $1 25. Translated from the German by H. Derby, M. D. 8vo. pp. | RAND. Elements of Medical Chemistry. By B. Howard Rand, 86. Boston: D. Clapp & Son, Prs. Pap.

M. D. 12mo. pp. 399. Phila.: T. Ellwood Zell & Co. Cl. $2. GRAHAME. Mistaken. By Nellie Grahame. 16mo. pp. 366. Reid. Tbe Ocean Waifs: a Story of Adventure on Land and N. Y.: A. D. F. Randolph. CI. $1 25.

Sea. By Capt. Mayne Reid. 16mo. pp. v., 366. Boston: GREEX. Bible Sketches and their Teachings, for Young People. Ticknor & Fields. CI. By Samuel G. Green. First Series. From the Creation to

RICHARDS. Great in Goodness. A Memoir of George N. Briggs, the Death of Joseph. 18mo. pp. 216. Boston: Amer. Tract

Governor of Massachusetts, 1811 to 1851. By William C. Soc. CI. 80 cts.

Richards. With Illustrations. 12mo. pp. 452. Boston: Could GUERNSEY. Milly; or, The Hidden Cross. By Lucy Ellen & Lincoln. CI. $2 50. Guernsey. 12mno. pp. 186. Boston: A. K. Loring. CI. $1 50. Roses AND Hon

Roses AND HOLLY: a Gift-Book for All the Year. With Original HAMILTON A Practical Treatise on Fractures and Dislocations. Illustrations by Steele, Herd man, Stanton, etc. etc. Sm. tto.

By F. H. Hamilton, M. D. Third Edition. 294 Wood-cuts. pp. xii., 146. Phila.; J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. full gilt,

8vo. pp. 777. Phila.: H. C. Lea. CI. $5 75 (corrected price). $5 25. HAMLIN. Martyria ; or, Andersonville Prison. By Augustus ROUNDHEARTS, and other Stories. By the Author of "Rut

C. Harlin. Illustrated by the Author. 12mo. pp. 256. Bos- ledge," etc. With 6 Illustrations by Cresson. 12mo. pp. 185. ton: Lee & Shepard. CI. $2.

N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. Cl. $1 75. HARRISON. The Tongue of Time; or, The Language of a Church SANSOM. Chloroform: its Action and Administration. By Ar.

Clock. By W. Harrison. From the Sixth London Edition. thur Ernest Sansom, M. B. 12mv. pp. 279. Phila.: Lindsay 18mo. pp. 103. N. Y.: A. D. F. Randolph. Cl. gilt edges, 1 & Blakiston. CI. $2 25. 76 ets.

SEQUEL TO THE OLD MANOR HOUSE. 16mo. pp. 423. Boston: HARTSHORNB. Cholera: Facts and Conclusions as to its Na Henry Hoyt. Cl. $1 50. ture, Prevention, and Treatment. By H. Hartshorne, M. D.

0.SHADOW (THE) OF THE ROCK, and other Religious Poems, Sq. 18mo. pp. 79. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott & Co. Pap. 30 cts,

18mo. pp. 224. N. Y.: A. D. F. Randolph. Cl. $1 50. Haven. The Pillars of Truth: a Series of Sermons on the

SPENCER. Tried and True; or, Love and Loyalty. A Story of Decalogue. By E. O. Haven, D.D., LL. D. 16mo. pp. 210.

the Rebellion. By Mrs. Bella Z, Spencer. 12mo. pp. 394. N. Y. : Carlton & Porter. c1 *1 25.

Springfield, Mass.: W. J. Holland. CI. $2 75. (By subscripHopking. The Law of Ritualism, examined in its Relation to tion only.) the Word of God, to the Primitive Church, to the Church of

SPRECHER. The Apostolic Method of Realizing the True Ideal England, and to the Protestant Episcopal Church in the

of the Church. A Sermon before the General Synod of the Uuited States. By the Rt. Rev. J. H. Hopkins, Bishop of

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Fort Wayne, May 17, 1866. Vermont. 12mo. pp. xi., 98. N. Y.: Hurd & Houghton. Cl.

By Rev. Samuel Sprecher, D. D, President of Wittenberg $1 25.

College. Svo. pp. 44. Baltimore: T. Newton Kurtz. Pap. HORSE (THB) Book; being Simple Rules for Managing

Steiger's ZEITSCHRIFTEN-LISTE. Eine Zusammenstellung der Keeping a Horse. To which are added a Few Words on the

periodischen Erscheinungen der deutschen Literatur. 16mo. Horse's Eye, Foot, and Stomach, with Hints on Draught.

pp. 96. N. Y.: E. Steiger. Pap. Sq. 21mo. pp. 62. N. Y.: Amer. Soc. for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Pap. 25 cts.


STILLÉ. History of the United States Sanitary Commission.

Being the General Report of its Work during the War of the KELLY. The Gold Bracelet; or, Florence Archer's Temptations.

Rebellion. By Charles J. Stillé. 8vo. pp. 553. Phila.: J.B. By Caroline E. Kelly. 16mo. pp. 252. Boston: Henry Hoyt. Lippincott & Co. CI. $3 50. Cl. $1 15.

STORY (THE) of LITTLE GABRIEL. 18mo. pp. 178. Phila. : Amer. LANCEWOOD. Nellie Warren; or, The Lost Watch By Law. S. S. Union. Cl. 60 cts. rence Lancewood, Esq. 16mo. PP. 256. Boston: Graves & STORY (THE) OP ZADOC HOLL. 18mo. pp. 187. Boston: Amer. Young. CI. $1 25.

Tract Soc. CI, 80 cts. LARRAZABAL.

SWEDENBORG. The Divine Attributes. Including also The Correspondencia General del Libertador Simon Bolívar, en

Divine Trinity. A Treatise on the Divine Love and Wisdom, riquecida con la Insercion de los Manifiestos, Mensages,

and Correspondence. From the “ Apocalypse Explained" of Exposiciones, Proclamar, &c. &c., Publicados por el Heroe

Emanuel Swedenborg. 12mo. pp. 390. Phila.: J. B. LippinColombiano, desde 1810 basta 1830. Precede á esta Colec

cott & Co. CI. $2. cion la Vida de Bolívar. Por Felipe Larrazabal. Segunda Edicion. 2 vols. Svo. pp. xlii., 616; 679. N. Y.: E. Jenkins,

SWINBURNE. Laus Veneris, and other Poems and Ballads. Pr. CI. $5.

By Algernon Charles Swinburne. 12mo. pp. vii., 328. NY.:

G. W. Carleton. CI. $1 75. The Life of Simon Bolivar, Liberator of Colombia and Peru,

By Dr. Felipe Larrazabal. With 2 Portraits on Steel. Vol. 1. TAMMANY SOCIETY. Celebration, at Tammany Hall, of the Svo. Pp. viii., 410. N. Y.: Amer. Nevos Co. Pap. $2; cl. I

Ninetieth Anniversary of the Declaration of American Inde$2 50,

pendence by the Tammany Society, or Columbian Order, LEWIS. The Heroic Periods in a Nation's History. Au Appeal

July 4, 1866. 850. pp. 100.' N.Y. : New York Printing Co.,

Prs. Pap. to the Soldiers of the American Armies. By Taylor Lewis. 12mo. pp. 55. N. Y.: Baker & Godwin, Prs. Pap. 25 cts. I

TAXXER. A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Infancy and

Childhood. By T. H. Tanner, M.D., etc. Second American LOWELL. Melibeus-Hipponax. The Biglow Papers. Second Edition. Svo. pp. 464. Phila.: Lindsay & Blakiston. CI.

Series. 16mo. pp. Ixxx., 258. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. || $3 (corrected price).
CI. 81 50.

TEXysox. The Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson. Com. MADGE GRAVES. By the Author of "Bessie Lovell.” 18mo. | plete Edition, Sq.16mo. pp. 370. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. pp. 268. Boston: Amer. Tract Soc. CI. $1 25.

CI. $1 25. MAINE. Reports of Cases in Law and Equity Determined by THAT GOOD OLD TIME; or, Our Fresh and Salt Water Tutors.

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