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owed him ten thousand ta- was wroth, and delivered him lents. But forasmuch as he to the tormentors, till he had not to pay, his lord com- should pay all that was due manded him to be fold, and unto him. So likewise shall his wife and children, and all my heavenly Father do also that he had, and payment to unto you,

if ye, from your be made. The servant there. hearts, forgive not every one fore felldown and worshipped his brother their trespasses. him, saying, Lord, have patience with me, and I will The Twenty-third Sunday after pay thee all. Then the lord

Trinity. of that fervant was moved with compassion, and loosed

The Collect. him, and forgave him the God, our refuge and debt. But the same servant strength, who art the went out, and found one of author of all godliness; be his fellow-fervants, who owed ready, we beseech thee, to him an hundred pence; and hear the devout prayers of he laid hands on him, and thy Church; and grant that took him by the throat, say- those things which we alk : ing, Pay me that thou owest. faithfully, we may obtain ef

And his fellow-servant fell fetually, through Jesus Christ down at his feet, and be- our Lord. Amen. sought him, saying, Have patience with me, and I will

The Epiftle. Phil. iii. 17. pay thee all. he would RETHREN, be follownot; but went and cast him into prison, till he should pay mark them who walk fo, as the debt. So when his fellow- ye have us for an ensample. fervants saw what was done, (For many walk, of whom I they were very sorry, and came have told you often, and now and told unto their lord all tell you even weeping, that that was done. Then his lord, they aretheenemiesoftheCross after that he had called him, ofChrist; whoseend is destruc

said unto him, thou wicked tion, whose God is their belly, · servant, I forgave thee all that and whose glory is in their

debt, becaule thou desiredst shame, who mind earthly me: shouldest not thou also things.) For our conversation have had compassion on thy is in heaven, from whence fellow-fervant, even as I had also we look for the Saviour, pity on thee? And his lord the Lord Jesus Christ; who


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than change our vile body, The Trenty-foarth Skriday after that it may be fashioned like ni lliw and

Trinityplwona 3 unto his glorious body, ac- -As letritbe bcondarobliw lla

cording to the working, Lørd; we beseech thee, whereby heo is able even to absolve thy people from fubdue all things Yunto him- their offences; that, felf. sud besoni biem "thy Hountifurono

báness, we mit bortguel yság boA site map 21 Be defidered from The Gospel. St, Matth. XX. 15. the bands of thorens which

by sůl Frailty we have contHEN went thePharisees, mitte Grant this; O helaTHI

and took counsel how venly Father, for Jesus Christ's they might entangle him in fake, our blessed Lorar una his talk. And they fent out Saviour." Amen.olm.79419 unto him their disciples, with 37. ***?rg od os the Herodians, saying, Maf

The Epiftle. Colof... 306 ter, we know that thou art true, and teachest the way of

WEgive thanks to God,

and the Father of our God in truth, neither careft Lord Jesus Chrift, prating 11thou for any man': for thou ways for you, fince we heard regardest not the person of of your faith in Chrift "Jesus, Tell us, therefore, and of the love whichi ye

have What thinkest thou? Is it to all the faints'for the hope lawful to give tribute unto which is laid up for you in Cæsar, or not? But Jefus per- heaven, whereof ye heard bei ceived their wickedness, and fore in the word of the truth faid, Why,tempt ye me, ye of the Gospel; which is comande hypocrites ? Show me the unto you, as it is in all the tribute-money. And they world, and bringeth forth brought unto him a penny. fruit, as it doth alfolin you, And he faith unto them, since the day' ye heardt of it, Whose is this image and fu- and knew the grace of God perscription? They say unto in truth. Asye also learned of him, Cæfar's. Then láith he Epaphras, our dear fellow ferunto them, Render therefore vant, who is for you at faithunto Cæsar the things which ful minister of Chrift; who are Cæsar's ;

and unto God alfodacelateep antokul your the things that are God's love in the fpirit. For this When they had heard these căuleaz balfo, fince the day words, they marvelled, and weheard it, do ytliceale

to left him, and went their way, Präyl foro you, and to defire





that ye might be filled with made whole from that hour.) the knowledge of his will in And when Jesus came into all wisdom and spiritual un- the ruler's house, and saw the derstanding : that ye might minstrels and the people mawalk worthy of the Lord unto king a noise, he said unto all pleasing, being fruitful in them, Give place : for the every good work, and increas- maid is not dead, but feeping in the knowledge of God; eth. And they laughed him strengthened with all might, to scorn. But when the peoaccording to his glorious pow- ple were put forth, he went er, unto all patience and long- in, and took her by the hand, suffering, with joyfulnels; and the maid arosé. And the giving thanks unto the Fa- fame hereof went abroad into ther, who hath made us meet all that land. to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light. The Twenty-fifth Sunday after

The Gospel. St. Matth. ix. 18.

The Collect.
HILE Jesus (pake

TIR up, we beseech thee, these things unto 0 Lord, the wills of John's disciples, behold, there faithful people; that they

thy came a certain ruler, and plenteously bringing forth the worshipped him, saying, My fruit of good works, may by daughter is even now dead; thee be plenteously rewarded, but come and lay thy hand upon her, and the Thall live through Jesus Christ our

Lord. Amen. And Jesus arose, and followed him, and so did his dif- For the Epifile. Jer. xxiii. 5. ciples. (And behold, a wo

the days come,

B. man, which was diseased with faith the Lord, that I an iffue of blood twelve will raise unto David a righyears, came behind him, and teous Branch; and a King touched the hem of his gar- thall reign and prosper, and ment: For the said within shall execute judgment and herself, If I may but touch justice in the earth. In his his garment, I Ihall be whole. days, Judah shall be saved, and But Jesus turned him about, Israel shall dwell fafely: and and when he saw her, he said, this is his Name whereby he Daughter, be of good comfort, shall be called, THE LORD thy faith hath made thee OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. whole. And the woman was Therefore, behold, the days



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come, faith the Lord, that ples to thein that were fet they shall no more say, The down, and likewise of the Lord liveth, who brought up fishes, as much as they would. the children of Israel out of When they were filled, he the land of Egypt; but, The said unto his difciples, Gather Lord liveth who brought up, up the fragments that remain, and who led the seed of the that nothing be lost. Therehouse of Israel out of the fore they gathered them togenorth-country, and from all ther, and filled twelve baskets countries whither I had driven with the fragments of the five them; and they shall dwell barley-loaves, which remained in their own land.

over and above : unto them

that had eaten. Then those The Gospel. St. John vi. 5.

men, when they had seen the HEN Jesus then lift miracle that Jefus did, said, up his eyes,

and faw This is of a truth that Proa great company come unto phet that should come into him, he saith unto Philip, the world. Whence shall we buy bread, that these may eat ? (and this if there be any more Sundays he said to prove him ; for he before Advent-Sunday, the himself knew what he would Service of some of those Sundo.) Philip answered him, days that were omitted after Two hundred penny-worth of the Epiphany, shall be taken bread is not sufficient for them, in to supply so many as are that every one of them may here wanting. And if there take a little. One of his disci

be fewer, the overplus may ples, Andrew, Simon Peter's

be omitted: Provided that brother, saith unto him, There

this last Collect, Epiftle, and is a lad here, who hath five Gospel, shall always be used barley-loaves, and two small upon the Sunday next before fishes; but what are they

Advent. ... among so many? and Jesus

St. Andrew's Day. ve said, Make the men lit down. Now there was much grass in

The Collect. the place. So the men sat LMIGHTY God, who down, in number about five

didst give such grace thousand.

And Jesus took unto thy holy Apostle Saint the loaves, and when he had Andrew, that he readily obeygiven thanks, he distributed ed the calling of thy Son Jeto the disciples, and the disci- sus Christ, and followed him



without delay; grant unto Gospel. For Efaias faith, us all, that we, being called Lord, who hath believed our by thy holy Word, may forth- report? So then, faith cometh with give up ourselves obedi- by hearing, and bearing by the ently to fulfil thy holy com- Word of God, But I fay, have mandments, through the same they not heard? Yes verily, Jesus Chrift our Lord. Amen. their sound went into all the

earth, and their words unto The Epifle. Rom. x. 9, the ends of the world. But F thou shalt confess with I say, Did not Israel know?

na fus, and fhalt believe in thinę voke you to jealousy by them heart that God hath raised that are no people, and by a him from the dead, thou shalt foolish nation I will anger be saved. For with the heart you. But Efaias is very bold, man believeth unto righteous- and faith, I was found of them ness, and with the mouth that sought me not; I was confeffion is made unto salva- made manifeft unto them that tion. For the Scripture faith, asked not after me. But to IlWhosoever believeth on him rael he faith, All day long have shall not be ashamed. For I stretched forth my hands unthere is no difference between to a disobedient and gainsaythe Jew and the Greek: for ing people. the same Lord over all, is rich unto all that call upon him. The Gospel. St. Matth. iv. 18. For whosoever shall call upon ESUS walking by the sea the name of the Lord, shall of Galilee, saw two brebe saved. How then fall thren, Simon, called Peter, and they call on him in whom Andrew his brother, casting a they have not believed? And net into the sea: (for they how shall they believe in him were fishers.) And he faith of whom they have not heard? unto them, Follow me, and And how shall they hear with: I will make you fishers of out a preacher? And how men. And they straightway hall they preach except they left their nets, and followed be sent? As it is written, him. And going on from How beautiful are the feet of thence, he saw other two brethem that preach the Gospel thren, James the son of Zeof peace, and bring glad ti- bedee, and John his brother, dings

of good things? But in a ship with Zebedee their they have not all obeyed the father, mending their něts ;

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