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ment of the Lord's Supper fits whereof we are partakers ordained ?

thereby ? Answ. For the continual remembrance of the facrifice and refreshing of our souls by

Answ. The strengthening of the death of Christ, and of the Body and Blood of Christ, the benefits which we receive

as our bodies are by the bread thereby.

and wine. Queft. What is the outward part or sign of the Lord's

Queft. What is required of

those who come to the Lord's Supper

Answ. Bread and Wine, Supper ? which the Lord hath com Answ: To examine themmanded to be received. felves, whether they repent

Quest. What is the inward them truly of their former part or thing signified ? fins, stedfastly purposing to

Anfw. The Body and Blood lead a new life ; bave a lively of Christ, which are fpiritu- faith in God's mercy, through ally taken and received by the Christ, with a thankful refaithful in the Lord's Supper. membrance of his death; and

Quest. What are the bene- be in charity with all men.

The Minister of every Parish fall diligently upon Sundays and Holy-days, or on some other convenient occafions, openly in the Church, inftruet or examine so many Children of bis Parish, sent unto him, as be shall think convenient, in some part of this Catechism. And all Fathers, Mothers, Masters, and Miftreffes shall cause their Children, Servants, and Apprentices, who have not learned their Catechism, to come to the Church at the time appointed, and obedieniły to bear, and to be ordered by the Minifter, until such time as they have learned all that is bere appointed for them to learn.

So soon as Children are come to a competent age, and ean fay the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments, and can answer to the other questions of this foort Catechism, they fall be brought to the Bishop. And whenfoever the Bishop Mall give knowledge for Children to be brought unto him for their Confirmation, ibe Minister of every Parish shall either, bring, ar fend in writing, with bis hand subscribed thereunto, the Names of all such Persons within bis Parish, as he fall think fit to be prefented to the Bishop to be confirmed.



Or Laying on of Hands upon those that are baptized, and

come to Years of Difcretion. Upon the Day appointed, all. Then all the Bishop say, that are to be then confirmed,

O ye , in the prebeing placed and

sence of God, and of order before the Bishop ; be, this Congregation, renew the or some other Minister ap- solemn promise and vow that pointed by him, mall read this

ye made, or that was made in Preface following :

your name, at your Baptism; O the end that Confir- ratifying and confirming the

mation may be minif- fame ; and acknowledging tered to the more edifying of yourselves bound to believe such as shall receive it, the and to do all those things Church hath thought good to which ye then undertook, or order, that none shall be con- your Sponsors then underfirmed, but such as can say took for you ? the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments; ? And every one shall audibly and can also answer to such

answer, I do. other Questions, as in the

Bilbop. short Catechism are contained: Which Order is very

UR help is in the Name

of the Lord ; convenient to be observed; to the end that children, heaven and earth.

Answ. Who hath made being now come to the years of discretion, and having of the Lord.

Bishop. Blessed be the Naine learned what their Godfathers and Godinothers pro- without end.

Answ. Henceforth world mised for them in Baptism,

Bishop. Lord hear may themselves, with their

prayer; own mouth and consent, openly before the Church

ra- come unto thee.

Answ. And let our cry tify and confirm the same ;

Bishop. Let us pray. and also promise, that, by the grace of God, they will ever LMIGHTY and evermore endeavour themselves living God, who haft faithfully to observe such vouchsafed to regenerate these things as they, by their own thy servants by Water and the confeffion, have aliented unto. Holy Ghost, and hast given



A living



unto them forgiveness of all thy Name; Thy Kingdom their fins; ftrengthen them, come ; Thy Will be done on we beseech thee, O Lord, with Earth, as it is in Heaven : the Holy Ghost, the Com- Give us this day our daily forter; and daily increase in bread ; And forgive us our them thy manifold gifts of trespaffes, as we forgive those grace ; the spirit of wisdom who trespafs against us; And and understanding, the spirit lead us not into temptation; ofcounseland ghostly strength, But deliver us from evil. the spirit of knowledge and Amen. true godliness; and fill them, O Lord, with the spirit of And this Collect. thy holy fear, now and for Ameu.

LMIGHTY and ever

living God, who makest Then all of them in order us both to will and to do those kneeling before the Bishop, he things which are good, and Shall lay his Hands upon the acceptable unto thy Divine Head of every one severally, Majesty; we make our humsaying,

ble fupplications unto theç

for these thy servants, upon EFEND, O Lord, this whom, after the example of

thy Child, [or, this thy thy holy Apostles, we have Servant] with thy heavenly now laid our hands ; to cergrace ; that he may continue tify them, by this sign, of thy thine for ever, and daily in- favour and gracious goodness crease in thy Holy Spirit more towards them. Let thy Faand more, until he come unto therly hand, we beseech'thee, thy everlasting Kingdom. ever be over them : Let thy

Holy Spirit ever be with Then shall the Bishop fay, them : And so lead them in The Lord be with you.

the knowledge and obedience

of thy Word, that in the end Answ. And with thy spirit. they may obtain everlasting

life, through our Lord Jesus And all kneeling down, the Christ; who, with thee and Bishop shall add,

the Holy Ghost, liveth and
reigneth ever one God, world

without end. Amen.
UR Father, who art in
Heaven, Hallowed be

O Almighty


Let us pray.

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O everlasting Lord, and q Then the Billbop shall bless


179them, saying abuse 99131 fafe, we beseech thee, to disa

HE blessing of God Alo rect, fanctify, and govern both our hearts and bodies, Son, and the Holy Ghost, be

mighty, the Father, the in the ways of thy laws, and upon you, and remain with in the works of thy commando you for ever. Amen. wont ments; that through thy Dalo 90 vinsi Jon ya most mighty protection, both And there shall none be admithere.and ever, we may be pre. Sted to the Holy Communien, served in body and soul, until such time as he be conthrough our Lord and Sa firmed, or be ready and deviour Jesus Christ. Amen. ferous to be confirmed bt

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The Laws respecting Matrimony, whether by publishing the Banns in Churches, or by Licence, being different in the several States ; cvery Minister is left to the direction of thole Laws, in every thing ibat regards the civil contract between the Parties. And when the Banns are published, it Thall be in the following form.--I publish the Banns of Marriage between M. of

and N. of If any of you know cause or just impediment, why these two persons Mould not be joined together in holy Matrimony, ye are to declare it.

(This is the first, fecond, or third time of asking. Iliadis quo. Is 9

EARLY beloved,i wei ed for Solemnization of Matrimony, the Perfons to be here in the fight of God, and married foall come into the in the face of this Company, Body of tbe Church, or mall to join together this Man be ready in some proper house, and this Woman in holy Mawith their friends and Neight trimony: Which is cominend

and there standing-10- eds of Saint Paul to be gerber, the Man on ibe Righ! honourable among all men ; Hand, and the Woman on the land therefore is not by any Left, ibe Minister Jhall say, to be entered into unadvisedly


At the Day and Time appointe. D are gathered together

here in

bours ;


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or lightlý; ecbuk reverently, MA discreetlygradvisedly, foberly, NOUVV this Woman to and in the fear of God lato thy wedded Wife, te live tor! this holy ostate, these two gether after God's ordinance persons prosent come now topinathe holy etate of Matried be joined. If any man can mony w Wilt thou love her, i Thow just cause, why they comfort her, honour, and keepi may not lawfully be joined her, in sickness and in health together let him nowspeak, and forsaking all others, keep or elfe hereafter for evet hold thee only unto her, so long his peace.d 3 dor Szia asiye both shall live? bevist ab hup aboot sd to benet

62brs by TUO Nord ) And also speaking unto the 4 The Man fhall answers is Persons who are to be married, The shall say,

I will. I bearing yang change your aq Tben. Mbali by Minißer Say the dreadful day of judge

at o unto the Womana? 2 ment, when the secrets of N. I TILT thou have

W this Man to thy all hearts shall be disclosed) that if either of you know wedded Husband, to live toany impediment, why ye may gether after God's drdinance, not be lawfully joined toge- in the holy estate of Matrither in Matrimony, ye do mony ? Wilt thou obey him, now confess it : For be ye and serve him, love, honour, well aftured, that if any per- and keep him, in sicknefs and fons are joiged together other. in health ; and forfaking! wile than as God's word doth others, keep 'thee only unto allow, their marriage is not him, so long as-ye 'both ihau lawful, bsvolad YURAG


pp. 7 bus ' C setia 39019901 bord1 915, T The Muifter, if he shall have. The Woman shall an/ wer. reglemento doubt, of the lawfulon sit

... boginyoset nejsof fheapropeled Marriageo Kod I willed to vive hay demand fufficient surety.

Imolo chustad fon-kisindennigcation but if LaThen haal ike Ninilesteixen so impediment fallsbe alledgba - igbrot spody burger?

Istod edecer pufpected the Miniferd WQ, giveth this whall, Aay: ta, the Meridi basto ke married this Man belvbsau otai baustas ad of

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