The Inkblots

Simon and Schuster, 23 feb. 2017 - 544 sidor
SUNDAY TIMES 'BOOKS OF THE YEAR': 'the book develops into a bigger biography of the strange set of images [Rorschach] bequeathed, taking in everything from the origins of abstract art to the invention of the idea of empathy'  James McConnachie, Sunday Times 


The captivating, untold story of Hermann Rorschach and his famous inkblot test, which has shaped our view of human personality and become a fixture in popular culture.

In 1917, working alone in a remote Swiss asylum, psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach devised an experiment to probe the human mind. He had come to believe that who we are is less a matter of what we say, as Freud thought, than what we see. Rorschach himself was a talented illustrator, and his test, a set of ten carefully designed inkblots, quickly made its way to America, where it took on a life of its own.

Co-opted by the military after Pearl Harbor, Rorschach’s test was a fixture at the Nuremberg trials and in the jungles of Vietnam. It became an advertising staple, a cliché in Hollywood and journalism, and an inspiration to everyone from Andy Warhol to Jay-Z. The test was also taken by millions of defendants, job applicants, parents in custody battles and people suffering from mental illness – or simply trying to understand themselves better. And it is still used today.

Damion Searls draws on untranslated letters and diaries, and a cache of previously unknown interviews with Rorschach’s family, friends and colleagues, to tell the unlikely story of the test’s creation, its controversial reinvention and its remarkable endurance. Elegant and original, The Inkblots shines a light on the twentieth century’s most visionary synthesis of art and science.

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Epigraph Authors Note
Tea Leaves
Want to Read People
Extraordinary Discoveries and Warring Worlds
A Path of Ones
Little Inkblots Full of Shapes
Hermann Rorschach Feels His Brain Being Sliced Apart
The Queen of Tests
Iconic as a Stethoscope
The Nazi Rorschachs
A Crisis of Images
The System
Different People See Different Things
Beyond True or False
Looking Ahead

The Darkest and Most Elaborate Delusions
Pebbles in a Riverbed
A Very Simple Experiment
It Provokes Interest and HeadShaking Everywhere
The Psychology He Sees Is His Psychology
Right on the Threshold to a Better Future
The Inkblots Come to America
Fascinating Stunning Creative Dominant
The Rorschach Test Is Not a Rorschach Test
The Rorschach Family 19222010
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