Sidor som bilder

lications, 394—MAY. Opera; I Due
Pretendenti; Signor Mosca, Curioni,
Lord Burghersh's Bajazet, 490–Phil-
harmonic Concerts; Surrey Chapel; Ma-
dame Catalani, 491–New Publications,
Rawlings, Kiallmark, Steil, Moschelles,
Latour, 492—JUME. Opera, Mosé in
Egitto, 583—Ancient Concerts, Otello,
584–M. Mazas, Concerts, Kellner, 585
—Ambrogetti's Concert, Mrs. Salmon's
ditto, Cramer's ditto, 586—New Publi-
cations, 587.

Mythology, Heathen, the poetical use of,
113–difference between that of Greece
and that of Rome, 117—spirit of the
Grecian, 118.

Naples, sketch of 517–Strada Molo;
mountebank, 519—letter-writer; puppet-
shows, 520–maccaroni-sellers, game of
Morra, 521—barbers and water-sellers,
522—the Largo del Castello; Toledo-
street, 523.
Natural History, 196.
Nature, always to be recurred to by the
artist, 153—obvious in all the Elgin
Marbles, 153—the sole guide and proto-
type of art, 447.
Narrative of a Voyage to New South
Wales, 221.
Neapolitan Priests, 49, 518.
Necrological Table for 1821, 588.
New South Wales, Voyage to, 221.

Opera, see Music.
Orford's, Lord, Additions to his Royal and
Noble Authors, see Royal.

Lovely Woman; a Scottish Song, 523.

The Princess of Moonland, 524.

Life, Death, and Eternity, 531.

Translation of V. Bourne's Epitaphium
in Canem, 533.

— from Catullus: To C. Nepos,


Polish Journals, 296.

Porpoise, 226.

Pope, Warton's Essay on, 267—not a re-

fined Writer, 433.

Portrait and Historical Painting discrimi-

nated, 452.

Post Office, System of Espionage in the

French, 494.

Praise of Chimney Sweepers, 405.

Public Events: Change of the French Mi-

nistry, 98—Emancipation of the Greeks

anticipated; War declared by Persia

against the Turks; Commotions in

Spain, 99–American Navy; Assassi-

nations in Ireland; Appointments, 99,

100—Operations of the Greeks, 197—

Affairs in Spain; Italy, Illness of the

Pope; France, the New Ultra Admi-

nistration, 198—Miss Loveday's Con-

version; the Independence of the Ame-

rican Provinces acknowledged by the

King of Portugal, 199—Ireland; Party

Spirit at Dublin, 200–Turkey; France,

Discussions in the Chambers; Meeting

of Parliament, 297—the King's Speech;

Dispatches from Ireland; Increase of

Disturbances there, 298—and suspen-

sion of the Habeas Corpus Act; Irish

Insurrection Act; Lord Wellesley; Sir

Robert Wilson's Dismissal, 299–Lord

Londonderry's Speech for the Relief of

the Agriculturalists; New Stock, 300–

Peace between Turkey and Persia;

Death of Ali Pacha, 397—France, In-

competence of the Ultra Administration;

Rising in Samur, headed by General

Berthon, 398—Napoleon's Will; Spain,

Riego nominated President of the Cortes;

Missionaries forbidden to enter China;

Disturbances in England and Ireland;

Population of Ireland, 399—Debates,

on the Salt Tax; on the Expences of the

Admiralty Office; Army Estimates;

Post Office, 400–Turkey, Discussions

in the Divan, and Preparations for War,

493–France, Situation of the Bourbons;

System of Espionage in the Post Office,

495–Press in India; Debate on the

State of Ireland, 495—Death of Sir John

Silvester; Duel in Scotland, 496—Af.

fairs in France, 592–war between Rus-

sia and America anticipated, 594—dis-

tress in Ireland; Parliament, Reduction
of Taxes, 595—Newspaper stamps, &c.
596–Mr. Canning's Bill in favour of
the Catholics; Swiss Cantons, 597–
Relief of the Poor in Ireland; Ionian

Islands, 598.

Publications, (M. n.) See Books.

—, announced, (M.R.) 11, 26,

43, 62, 82, 101.

Puns, 283, 437.

Tales of Lyddal-cross; Introduction, 5–

No. I. Elphin Irving, the Fairies' Cup-

bearer, 13–No. II. Honest Man John

Ochiltree, 141—No. III. The King of

the Peak, 243—No. IV. Allan-a-Maut,

321—No. V. The Mother's Dream, 458.

No. VI. The Death of the Laird of

Warlsworn, 539.

Tales: Peter Klaus, the Goat-herd, 229
—The Devil's Ladder, from Schreiber,
337–The Rose in January, from Wie-
land, 369.
Taxation affected by the alteration of the
Currency, 188.
Theoris the Enchantress, 474.
Theseus, the Statue of, 153–449.
Thorvaldson, 190.
Thurma, on pleasant and unpleasant Peo-
ple, 125.
Titian, Remarks on his Portraits, 453.
Torso, the, Defects of, 153.
Translations: from Heroet, 38, 39–Ge-
lais, 41—Valerius Flaccus, 121–Ho-
mer's Hymn to Pan, 162—from Du
Bellay, 233, 235—Paterno, 234—Ho-
mer's Hymn to Ceres, 348–Horace's
Odes, by Wrangham, 277. -
Turkey, see Public Events.

University Intelligence, (M. n.) 8,25,68,88.
Valerius Flaccus, Specimen of a Transla-

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THE ILIssus, from the Elgin Marbles, to be placed as a Frontispiece.

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