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freely than for several weeks past: the holders of good sugars in some instances obtained higher prices, but no generalimprovement could be stated. This forenoon the market has been heavy; very few sales were effected, yet the holders were firm, and would submit to no reduction in the prices. The request for refined goods considerably revived last week, particularly for lumps for crushing and packing. The wholesale purchased fine goods rather freely for the home consumption, and there was some request for refined for Ireland: the prices asked were rather higher, but the advance demanded seemed to check the request.—Molasses were inquired for at a small improvement.—In Foreign sugars there were, we believe, no sales effected.—By public sale on Friday, 102 bags, 100 chests India sugars were brought forward: white, fine, 42s. 6d., middling, 33s.; brown, 14s. 6d. and 15s. 6d. The refined sugar trade has been falling off for some years, owing to the encouragement given by foreign governments to their own refiners. In 1818, the sugar pans in work were 350, producing nearly 150,000 hhds per annum; at present they are reduced to 170, producing about 90,000 hlids. Average prices of Raw Sugar by Ga

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December 29 ...... 31s.

January 5 ...... No return. 12 ...... 31s. 104d. 19 ...... 31s. 104d.

Coffee.—For a fortnight after Christmas there was very little business doing in the coffee market. There was only one public sale in that time (on the 1st January), when the prices appeared very firm, and the stock on hand being greatly reduced a considerable advance was anticipated on any improvement of the demand. In fact, the market greatly improved in the second week of this month; the quantity brought forward by public sale was 229 casks and 668 bags; the whole sold freely, the Demerara and Berbice 3s. to 4s. higher, Jamaica and Dominica at the advance of 2s. to 3s. per cwt.; St. Domingo and other foreign descriptions might be quoted at the improvement of 1s.; a considerable parcel of St. Domingo coffee in bags realized 102s.

The following is the report of the market for the week ending yesterday, the 22d.

Generally of the coffee market it may be stated, Demerara and Berbice descriptions are 4s. to 5s. higher than on Tuesday last, Dominica and Jamaica 2s. to 3s. and all British plantation nearly at a similar improvement. Foreign coffee was neglected till this forenoon, when the accounts brought by the Flanders mail were so exceedingly favourable, that an immediate demand took place in the market, and good ordi

nary St. Domingo realized 103s. and 103s. * which is 1s. to 2s. higher than Tuesday ast. Baltic Produce.—The tallow market was heavy the last week in December, and the prices declined from 45s, to 44s. The demand has, however, since been increasing, and prices rising, so that towards the close of last week yellow candle tallow realized 49s. bd. to 50s. and the market has since remained steady. The chief buyers are the previous large holders, and speculators: there is, however, a more general opinion than formerly of an advance in tallow, the present holders are firm and sanguine of obtaining very high prices. Hemp, which had obtained very high prices, has rather declined, but the market is very firm. Flax has not much varied, but has been in fair demand. Spices will probably remain without interest till after the sale at the India-house, on the 11th of February. The quantity declared is cinnamon, first quality, 500 bales, taxed at 7s. per lb.; second quality, 450, at 6s. 3d.; 550, at 5s. Nutmegs, 500 casks, at 3s. 6d. Mace, second quality, 200 casks, at 5s. Black Pepper, 2,443 bags. Oil of Mace, 1000 lb. The East India sale is declared for the 5th March, as follows:–Bohea 1,000,000, Congou 4,765,000, Campoi 40,000, Souchong 45.000, Twankay 1,125,000, Hyson Skin 75,000, Hyson 250,000; total (including private trade) 7,300,000. Indigo.—The sale at the India-house finished on Friday last, it consisted of 3,096 chests, of which only about 400 were taken in for the proprietors. Fine indigo sold 2s. good, good middling, and consuming, ls. 8d. to 2s. higher than last sale; the low squares only realized the previous prices. Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.-The government contract, 28th inst for 180,000 gallons rum, was known towards the middle of last week, it created some interest as it was brought forward at an earlier day than what had been anticipated; the market, which was previously firm, improved considerably, and though few purchases could be reported, yet the buyers could not purchase any large parcels without submitting to an advance. Yesterday forenoon the holders were still more sanguine of obtaining an improvement, in the prices of rum, an advance of ld. per gallon must be stated in low Jamaica and in the Leeward Island descriptions.—The few purchases of brandy are at a small decline.—Geneva is without alteration. Corn-Aggregate average of the six weeks, succeeding Nov. 15, by which importation is regulated:—Wheat 51s. 5d., Oats 17s. 7d., Rye 23s. 11d., Beans 23s. 5d., Barley 20s. 10d., and Peas 26s. 10d.



Archangel, Dec. 14th.-Our trade seems to become more lively, within this fortnight about 15,000 poods of tallow have been contracted for at 110 r. per pood, all the money down; at present, however, the buyers do not seem inclined to give more than 105r. 5,000 chetwerts of linseed have been sold this week at 17 r. at which prices buyers might be found, but the holders ask 18 for good quality: inferior may be had at 17 r. and perhaps rather lower. From the accounts received, it is likely that the new seed will be better than was at first expected.—Hemp, first sort, is said to have been contracted for at 80 r. per 10 pood. Mats have been paid at 270 to 275 r. per 1,000, for new ones 280 are asked. Tar is held at 6 r. per barrel, 5% have been refused. Potashes may be bought at 75r. Flax at 110 r. per pood.

Iłiga, Dec. 29th.-Flar continues to be on demand at the prices lately stated, for delivery in March, viz. Thiesenhausen and Druiania Rackitzer, 40 r. cut Badstub, 36r.; Risten Threeband, 27 r. but in all other articles of Commerce a mournful stagnation prevails.

Hamburg, Jun. 12th. Coffee. There has been some demand for middling and good middling, but of late little here has been done ; the prices are firm.–Corn. But little doing and prices nominal.— Spices not much in demand, except Pimento, which is firm at the late advance.— Tea low in price and not in request.— Sugars. Though several large parcels of

our refined have been brought to market this week, they have met with a brisk sale at the late advance. Under these circumstances, and as raw sugars are held at high prices, a farther improvement in the prices of refined is thought to be not improbable. Lumps of strong middling quality may be quickly disposed of at 9d. but our refiners cannot give a higher price. The sale of raw sugars is not extensive; the prices now asked are, fine white Havannah, lld. fine yellow ditto (of which the stock is small) 8d. middling and brown mixed 7d. to 736. fine white Brazil, 10%d, middling 9d. to 94d. ordinary 8d. to 8%d. fine Crown 73a. ordinary and middling ditto 6d. to 7d.

Germany.—The Convention for the free navigation of the Elbe has been ratified by the Powers through whose dominions that river flows. It will probably be productive of the most beneficial consequences to the trade of Germany, and it is hoped that it will speedily be followed by similar conventions for the free navigation of the Weser, the Rhine, and the Maine.

The South German States have, it is said, agreed on the main points of the intended commercial convention, and there is every probability that the plan of abolishing all § duties on the passage of goods from one of those States into the other will soon be carried into effect, and custom houses established on the external frontier of the whole confederation, which, in a commercial point of view, will form as it were one single State.

At Dublin, the lady of Sir Nicholas Conway Colthurt, Lart. MP. for the City of Cork, a daughter. IN IRE LAND. At St. George's, Dublin, by the Hon. and Rev. Henry Pakenham, the Rev. W. H. Foster, nel Fo of Lord Oriel, to Catherine, sister of John Hamilton, Esq. of Brown Hall, and niece of the Earl of Longford.


Dec. 21. At Catton, Derbyshire, the lady of Robt.
Wilmot, Esq. M.P. a daughter.
25. The lady of Sir James Lake, Bart, a son.
27. The lady of Sir George Clerk, Bart. MP. a son.
29. At the Ordnance Barracks. Chatham. the lady
of Lieut.-Col. Pasley, of the loyal Engineers, a
Jan. 2, 1822. At Sir Henry Halford's, in Curzon-
street, the lady of Frederick Coventry, Esq. a
— At Cheltenham, the ladv of W. F. Jones, Esq.
of Gwynfryn, Cardiganslaire, a son.
5. At Milton-hill, Berks. the lady of Thomas
Bowles, Esq. a son.
8. In Hertford-street, Mayfair, the lady of John
Wray, Esq. a daughter.
— At St. Alban's, the lady of Capt. Andrew King,
of the Royal Navy, a son. -
9. In Portland-place, the lady of Wm. Curtis, Esq.

a Søn. -
14. The lady of P. Hussey, Esq. Wyrley Grove,
Lichfield, a son and heir.
18. In Piccadilly, the Rt. Hon. Lady Gwydyr, a
son and heir.
At Edinburgh, Lady Berriedale, a son and heir.
At Edinburgh, the Rt. Hon. Lady Eliinor Camp-
bell, a son and heir.
1N IREi, An Id.
At Newcastle. County of Limerick, the lady of
Lieut.-Col. Balfour, a son.

At the Hague, the Countess of Athlone, a daugh-

At Calais, the lady of Thos. de Foublanque, KGO.

a daughter.
At Gibraltar, the lady of W. Filder, Esq. a daugh-

At Versailles, the Hon. Mrs. Elliot, a son.


Dec. 21. At Tonbridge, by the Rev. Thos. Price,
Chaplain of the Marshalsea of His Majesty's
Household. Warburton i)avies, Psq. to Sophia
Anne, daughter of Sir James Bland Lamb, Bart.
Lately at Lyndhurst, the Rev. C. W. Wodehouse,
to Lady Jane Hily.
22. At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the Rev.
Dr. Chisholume, John Lucius Charles Van Ba-
erle, Esq. to Caroline, daughter of Sir Thomas
Haslop, Bart.
23. At Hanford, the Rev. Wm. Knox, son of the
Lord Bishop of Derry, to Louisa, second daugh-
ter of Sir John Robinson, Bart. of Buckinghaul

Lately, Major Onslow, of the Fourth (or Queen's
own) Light pragoons, to Mildred, daughter of
%. Jones, Esq. of East Wickham House,



27, At, Mary-le-tone Church, Robert Augustus Cottle, Esq. of Aldermanbury, to Henrietta, eldest daughter of the late John Sargeaunt, Esq. of Gower-street, and Coleshili, Berks. - At Sulhamstead, Lieut.-Col. Sir Henry Watson, * and is rigadier General in the service of ilis Most Faithful Majesty, to Anna losetta, fourth ‘laughter of the late William Thoyts, of Sulhamstead House, Berks. -...At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Alexander Monro, Esq., son of Dr. Mouro, of Bushy, Herts, to Harriet, fourth daughter of Robi. Withy, Esq. of Buckingham-street, Adelphi. 31. At Richmond, Surrey, by the Rev. Charles Smith, Fellow of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, F. C. Meyer, Esq. of Great Portland.street,"to Sarah Pomeroy, eldest daughter of Dr. Clement Smith, of Richmond. Jan. 2, 1822. At St. George's, Hanover-square, W. S. Balcock, Esq. Post Capt. of the Royal Navy, to Selina, §§ of Lady H. Crewe, of El. toain Park, Kent, and sister to Sir Geo. Crewe, Bart. of Caulk Abbey, Derbyshire. -- At St. Anne's cio, Roderick Macleod, MI). to Margarct Saunbier, daughter of the liev. Doctor Macleo!, Rector of St. Anne's, Westin inster. - At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Robert Monro, Esq: second son of Thomas Mouro, M.D. of Bushy, Herts, to Charlotte, Mary, second daughtor of the late Jame: Monro, Esq. of Hadley, Middlesex. 3. At St. Mary's, Lambeth; Jonathan Angas, Esq. of Clapham, Surrev, to Miss Poignand, of Stockwell, in the same County. 4. At Hackney, Robt. Walter Byers, Esq. youngest son of the late Major Byers, to Anne, daughter of the late Benjamin Trarers, Fsq. 9. At St. George's, §.'. Jos. Knight, Esi, to the Hou. Eleanor de islaquiere, youngest daughter of the late, and sister to the present Lord de Blacquiere. – At St. George's, Hanover-square, by the very Rev. the Dean of Canterbury, Hugh Hammers. ley, Esq Banker, to Maria Georgiana, eldest daughter of the late Lewis Montolieu, Esq. and Hicce to Mrs. Orby Hunter, of Brutou-street, Berkeley-square. ll. At St. Andrew's, Holborn, Lieutenant Colonel Walter O'Hara, late of the Portuguese Service, second son of the late liobert O'Hara, Esq. of Raheen, County Galway, to Marian, second daughter of Charles Murray, Esq. John-street, bedford-row. 12. At St. James's Church, William Beckford, second son of F. L. Beckford, Esq. of Southroupton, to Maria Elizabeth, only daughter of the Rev. John Brainstone Stane, of Forrest Hall, Essex. – At Speidhurst, Kent, by the Rev. Thomas Stephens, DD. and LL.D. of Southfield, John Wetheral Smith, Esq. only son of Lieutenant Ge. neral Sinith, of the Royal Artillery, to Charlotte, otest daughter of the late Robert Woodmass, , Esq. of Montague-square. 14. At Cod-hall, Staffordshire, o the Rev. ('harles Wrottesley, the Rev. John Hilyar, to Charlotte, doughter of the late, and sister of the present Sir John Wrottesley. Bart. — At St. Martins in the Fields, George Thomas Williams, Esq. of Charlotte-street, . Fitzroysquare, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Smith, Esq. M.P. for Ludgershall. – At Wimbledon, Surrey, John Samuel Hudson, Esq. of the Inner Temple, to Maria, daughter - o co-heiress of the late Ralph Allen, Esq. of Bath. - At Mary-le-bone Church, by the Rev. Thomas Harwood, BD. Charles Harwood, Esq. of Stour. bridge, in Worcestershire; to Anne, daughter of the late Edward Moxam, Esq. of Promyard, Herefordshire. 15. By special licence, at Everingham Park, Yorkshire, the Hou. Charles Thomas, second son of the Rt. Hon. Lord Clifford, of Ugbrooke Park, in the County of Devon, to Theresa, youngest daughter o the late Marmaduke Constable Maxwell, Esq. — At Footscray, J. R. Coryton, Esq. to Elizabeth, only daughter of William Rose Haworth, Esq. Principal Clerk in the othce of Auditor of Receipt of his Majesty's Exchequer.


At Morges, near Lausanne, by the very Rev. the Dean of Raphoe, the Marquis Marius d'Espimasso de Fontanelle, to Maria, second survivin daughter of the late Hon. John Thomas o and Lady Caroline Capel.


Lately, at the residence of her, daughter, Lad Broughton, at Hoole, near Chester, aged #. Mrs. Exerton, daughter of Sir Francis Egerton, 'art.; relict of the late Philip Egerton, Esq. of Oulton Park, Cheshire; and mother of Sir John Grey Egerton, Bart. At Stapenhill, Derbyshire, Joseph Peel, Esq. brother to Sir Robert Peel, Bart. and uncle'to the Hon. Robert Peel, MP. for the University of Oxford. 23. At Lewisham, Kent, Major Fead, of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, scn of the late Lieut. Gen. Fead, of the same Corps. --Jn Gloucester-place, Lady Ximenes, wife of Sir Morris Ximenes, Eart. of Bear-place, Berks. 24. In Duke-street. St. James's, aged 38, Edwin overlayne, Esq. KC. Captain of the

Royal Navy. 25. At Roding Lodge, Barking, Essex, the resi. dence of his father, T. Baker, Esq.) the Rev. Alfred Baker, in his 33d year. - At Broughton Hall, Láncashire, Wm. Jones, Esq. opwards of 4 years a partner in the Bank. ing Firm of Messrs. Jones, Lloyd, and Co. in London and Manchester. 27. At Carhampton, Hants, aged 62, Luke Dillon, Esq., brother to the late, and uncle to the present Lord Clonbrook. - At his residence, Claremont-place, Holloway, so-Col. Brunt, aged 70, late of his Majesty's 83d Regiment. - At Woolwich, in his 92d year, Lieut.-Col. Chas. Adolphus Quist, Commanding the Riding House Establishment, of the Royal Artillery. 28. In George-street, Portman-square, the Rev. (Silbert Mathias. - At Witham, Essex, after a few hours, illness, the Rev. J. Jefferson, Archdeacon of Cólchester, l{ector of Weeley, and Vicar of Witham. To the exertions of this worthy Man, and ornament of the Church, Colchester is indebted for an Asylum for the Affiicted Poor, an Institution that will long cause his memory to be revered for his philanthropy and practical charity. – In Boston-row, after a lingering illness, Catherine Julia, wife of Robt. Ward, Esq. M.P. - In Trinity-square, aged 57, Benjamin Stow, Esq. li.te Commissioner of the Receiver's Office for Greenwich Hospital Dues. 29. At Daise Lodge, in her 65th year, the Right Hon. Maria Margaret Lady Napier, eldest daughki of the late Lieut-General Sir John Clavering,

B. - In Barton's Buildings, Bath, the Rev. Thos. Fothergill, DD. formerly Vicar of Tiverton. 30. At her house in Berkelev-square, after a ; and painful illness, Maria, Countess of Guildford, relict of Francis, the late Earl. – At the house of James Stephens, Esq. Kensington Gore, Barbara, eldest daughter of William Wilberforce, Esq. M.P. — At the Shrubbery, Great Malvern, in his 64th ear, Sir Jonathan Cope, Bart. uncle to the Suchess of Dorset and the Counte of Aboyne. low his death the Baronetage becomes extinct. 31. At Winchelsea, Sussex, in his 80th year, the Rev. Drake Hollingbery, Chancellor of the diocese of Chichester, and Prebendary of St. Paul's, London. — At the Rev. Mr. Murry's, Charles-street, Berkoley-square, Miss M. Gayton, sister to Mrs. Murry. This nnfortunate and beautiful young lady. only 17 years of age, fell a victim to a practice that cannot be too severely reprobated,


that of playing with fire-arms. Mr. Murry's eldest son, a boy between nine and ten years old, having obtained a pistol from his father who, although he examined it, did not perceive that it was loaded, entered the nursery, where Miss Gayton was sitting, exclaiming in the most playful manner, “See, aunt, pa" has lent me his pistol.—I'll shoot you;" and instantly pulled the trigger.—The ball entered the left breast.—Miss Gayton rose, uttered a shriek, and exclaiming, “O James, James,” fell down and expired. Thus in an instant was an amiable family plunged into the deepest misery : the horror of every one, and the feelings of the innocent perpetrator of the fatal accident, may be far better imagined than described. -Jan. 1, 1822. In Warwick-square, after a long illness, Mr. Charles Jas. Letterman, of the firm of Scatcherd and Letterman, aged 56. 2. In Parliament-street, Westminster, in his 61st year, John Mills, Esq.. He died very suddenly while sitting at breakfast, and was discovered a corpse by his servant, who entered the apartment with a newspaper. The medical men who were called in, were of opinion, that his death was occasioned by an enlargement of the heart. – The Rev. Philip Douglas, DD. Master of Cor us Christi College, Cambridge, and Vicar of Sedney, in the county of Lincoln, aged 63. 5. In his 90th year, John Chapman, Esq. of Whitley, Yorkshire. 6. Hannah, the wife of William March, of Ludgate Street, in the 77th year of her age. 9. At Exeter, after a protracted and painful illness. George Daniell, M.D. for many years an eminent medical practitioner in that city, senior Physician of the Devon and Exeter Hospital, and one of the Physicians of the Lunatic Asylum. 11. At Worthing, Sussex, aged 89, Benjamin Hawes, Esq. brother to the late Dr. W. Hawes, the founder of the Royal Humane Society. This truly charitable man was a most liberal contributór to that excellent institution, and a warm advocate for the abolition of the Slave Trade. By his will he has bequeathed 1,000l. each to twentyfour different charitics. He expired in a fit which seized him whilst he was taking his usual daily walk abroad; but a man whose whole life had been employed in acts of beneficence and religion was well prepared for death, however suddenly it might approach. — in Russell-place, Mrs. Tennent, relict of W. Tennent, Esq. late of Stanmore, Middlesex, and of Pool, Lanerkshire. 11. At Newport, Herefordshire, in his 44th year, Thos. Foley, Esq., eldest son of the late Hon. Andrew Foley, Member for Droitwich, and for many years one of the Representatives for the county of Hereford. 13. At Denne-park, Horsham, Sussex, Mrs. Eversfield, relict of the late W. Eversfield, Esq. of that place, and of Catsfield, in the same county. 15. At his seat, Gilston-park, in his 86th year. W. Plumer, Esq. M.P. for Highaun Ferrers, and formerly Representative for the county of Hertford in eight successive Parliaments. — In Argyle Street, Georgina Harriet, youngest daughter, and co-heiress of the late George Colebrooke, Esq. of Crawfurd Douglas, Lieut.


The Rev. Henry Kave Bonney, collated to the Archdeaconry of Bedford, vacant by the death of Archdeacon Vince –The Rev. J. H. Hogarth, LL.B., to the Rectory of Strefford, Essex; Patron, John Hogarth, Esq. of Dorking. Surrev.–The Rev. J. Boyce. to the Rectory of Ketnor, alias Culborne, Somersetshire; Patroń, Lord King.—The Rev. Thomas Luttrell, to the Vicarage of Minehead, Somersetshire.—The Rev. — Williams, to the Rectory of Fitz, Shropshire; Patron, the Lord Chancellor.

CAMERIDGE.-Robert Woodhouse, MA. FRS. Fellow of Caius College, and Lucanian Professor of Mathematics, was unanimously elected, Jan. 3, Plumian Professor of Experimental Philosophy, in

Colonel of the First Somerset Militia, and foughter of the late Sir Geo. Colebrooke, art. 16. At Wallingford, in his 65th year, the Rev. E. Barry, DD. Rector of St. Mary's and St. Leonard's in that town. — ln Vere Street, Cavendish Square, Thomas Robertson, Esq. of George Street, Edinburgh, and late Captain in the Naval Service of the Hon. East India Company. 17. At Bath, in his 79:5 wear, Lieut.-General Sir Henry Augustus Montagu Cosby, Senior Officer o the whole of the Honourable Company's service. In sco T.I.A.N.D. At Echt-house, Sir Harry Niven Lumsden, Bart. of Anchindoir, aged 37. At Edinburgh, Miss Marzaret Maxwell, daughter of the late Sir W. Maxwell, Bart. of Culderwood. At Edinburgh. Mrs. Carruthers, relict of the late John Carruthers, Esq. and daughter of Sir Robert Laurie, Bart. of Maxwellton. At Broughton-ferry, Emma, wife of the Rev. H. Horsley, Prebendary of St. Asaph, and daughter of the late. John, Pourke, Esq. of Ballygieg county of Limerick, and of too, county 5f Tipperary. IN in ELAND. ln Drogheda, the Hou. Katherine Lyons Montgoinery. At the Earl of Aldborough's, Emily, the wife of Charles, Tyrwhitt Jones, Esq. and daughter of Admiral and Lady Joizabeth Tollemache. At his seat at Daly's Town, in the county of Galway, after a tortnight's illness, the Right Hon. Denis Bowes Daly, who had represented the county of Galway in successive Parliaments for upwards of forty years. At Longford house, Sligo, Lady Crofton, wife of Sir Jalues Crofton, Dart.

ABROAD. At Paris, aged 51, the Right Hon. Lucy, Countess of Lisburne, wife of the present Earl of Lisburne, and fifth daughter of the late Viscount Courteney. Her ladyship died somewhat suddenlv, although unwell sometime previously, having gone to Fran, e for the benefit of her health. She has left three sons, viz. Viscount Vaughan, and the Hon. Geo, and J. Vaughan, and one daughter, Lady Mary Vaughan. At Golden Grove, Tobago, John Robley, Esq. of Russell-square, London, and President of his Majestv's Council in that island. At the Cape of Good Hope, after a most severe illness, Robert John Dawes, Esq. Captain of the 19th regiment of Native Infantry, Bengal. At Sierra Leone, Henry V. Haskins, Fsq. Surgeon of the 2d West India regiment, and son of the late Joseph Haskins, Esq. of Shore-house, Devonshire. Lon GEviory.

At Allensmore, near Hertford, Thomas Gilbert, in the 120th year of his age. ‘.

Correction.—the statement of the death of Colonel Thornton, in our last No. was erroneous.

room of the late Professor Vince.—The Rev. J. lonsdale, M.A. of King's College, elected Christion Advocate, in room of the Rev. Thomas Rennell —The Rev. Charles Benson, MA. Fellow of Magdalen College, continued Hulsean Lecturer for the present year. The Hulsean Prize, adjudred to William Trollope, B.A. of Pembroke hall The subject, The Frpedients to which the Gentile Philosophers resort, d in opposing the Progress of the Gospel, described, and applied in illustration of the Truths of the Christian Religion. The subject for the present year is: The Argument for the Gentineness of the Sacred Volume as: generally received by Christians.

Hellas; a Dramatic Poem, on the Greek Model, in reference to the present State of Affairs in Greece. By Percy Bysshe Shelley. Memoirs and Select Remains of an only Son. By the Rev. Thos. Durant. Maid Marian, a Tale in 1 Vol. Mr. Cochrane's Treatise on the Game of Chess, in one large Vol. 8vo. “Specimens of the American Poets: with Biographical and Critical Notices, and a Preface, in one Vol. sumall 8vo. A Geographical, Historical, and Topographical Description of Van Diemen's Land; with Important Hints to Emigrants. By G. W. Evans, Surveyor General of the Colony. Also, a Large Chart of the Island, 30 inches by 24, drawn by the same, in which the various Grants of Land are accurately laid down. Six Tales, Moral and Religious; Translated and altered from the French of Madame Genlis, small 8vo. The Temple of Romance, and other Poems. By Stannard Melmoth. The Beauties of Jeremy Taylor, with a Memoir of his Life, and Observations on his Genius and Writings. By Stannard Melmoth. A comparative Estimate of the Mineral and Mosaical Geologies. By Granville Penn, Esq. 1 Vol. 8vo. The Exposition of the Historical Writings of the New Testament. By the late Rev. Timothy Kenrick. A New Edition with additional Notes, in 3 Vols. demy 8vo. The Bridal of Caëlchairn and other Poems. By John Hay Allan. Madeline, a Tale. 2 Vols. 12mo. Mrs. Opie. Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, Ancient Babylonia, &c. &c. During the years 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820. By Sir Robert Ker Porter, &c. &c. Vol. II. which *


completes the Work. in 4to. with numerous Engravings of Portraits, Costumes, Antiquities, &c. &c. Memoirs of the Court of King James the First. By Lucy Aikin. 2 Vols. 8vo. The Travels of Theodore Ducas in various Countries of Europe at the revival of Letters and Art. Edited by Charles Mills, Author of the History of the Crusades. Part the First, Italy. The Woman of Genius, a Novel, in 3 Wols. By the Author of the Bachelor and Married Man, Hesitation, &c. &c. The Widow's Tale, and other Poems. By the Author of Ellen Fitzarthur. In foolscap 8vo. Also a new Edition of Ellen Fitzarthur. Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of Scots. By Miss Benger, Author of “Memoirs of Mrs. Hamilton,” “Memoirs of John Tobin,” &c. &c. A Translation of Professor Berzelius’ Work on the Use of the Blowpipe in Chemical Analysis and Mineralogical Investigations, with Notes and other Additions. By Mr. Children. An Additional Volume of Elegant Extracts in Prose. By W. Ryan. Lectures on the Parables selected from the New Testament. By the Author of Geraldine. A Tour through Belgium. By the Duke of Rutland; with plates from drawings by the Duchess. Cotman's Antiquities of Normandy, Part IV and last. Proofs and Illustrations of the Principles of Population. By Francis Place. France for the last seven Years. By W. H. Ireland. The Perils of Man; or War, Women, and Witchcraft. By James Hogg. Monarchy Revived; being the Personal History of Charles the Second from his earliest Youth to his Restoration. 8vo. with numerous portraits.

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