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ON THE LIFE AND WRITINGs of PIERRE DE Ronsand. Early French Poets........ - - - Song............ ------------ ----Sketch of the City of Naples........ Lovely Woman, a Scottish Song.... The Princess of Mooonland, an owre true Tale. Cum notis variorum .. Life, Death, and Eternity...... ---A CoMPLAINT of THE DEcAY of BEGGARs IN THE METRopolis. By ELIA ..... - - - - - - - Catullus, with New Translations: The Dedication .............. Consecration of his Pinnace.... Peninsula of Sirmio..... ----Hymn on a Festival of Diana.. Leisure Hours, No. VIII. THE DEATH of THE LAIRD of WARLsworm. Tales of Lyddalcross, No. VI... Janus Weathercock's Reasons against writing an Account of the ExhiBITION. . . . . ------- -----------Song. By John Clare ........ - - -

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LIFE of WILLIAM JULIUs MickLE. Lives of the Poets, No. VIII... 559

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[Entered at Stationers' Hall...]






Elia assures his pleasant Remembrancer * * * * *, that he has not lost sight of the topic he recommends so warmly. He has only put it off for a Number or two.

S. G. is requested to undertake the duty which he would impose on us. If he has Atlantean shoulders, it may not be too heavy for him; and, should he equal the spirit of his present private Communication in the exercise of his talent as a public functionary, our pages are freely at his service.

Our Lancashire friend shall be gratified next month, if possible; and Quando shall have no occasion to repeat his inquiry.

G.Y. is certainly in error as to the rule of the Ancient Concert. If he will only turn to the very last bill (May 15), he will there find compositions of Webbe's, which is a proof of his mistake. A good defence might be made of the expression to which he objects, although much that he advances is true. The writer has attended the Concert some years, though not regularly.

The Ode to America may as well be published in the Country to which it is dedicated. Mathews, the actor, is about to “trip” there, as the bills inform us, and he would perhaps find a corner in his trunk for two feet of poetry.

We are happy to find that we are still on good terms with Beta; and that we may continue to deserve the favour with which he regards us, we must decline his “ Broken Heart.”


Twilight's dull herald, who dost flitting come
From some lone cloister'd nook, by foul imp driven,
Where thou long time with Famine's pinch hast striven
Flitting along through the deep darkening gloom,
Pleased with unsightly shapes and shadows dim;
Pleased with lone churchyard scenes, and paths forbidden;
Unsocial Bird ' thou comest forth like him
Who seeks where Avarice' hoarded pelf is hidden.
The Moon is up; but oh! shines not for thee:
Say for thy thanks are those harsh shriekings given P
Behold yon scene of rare felicity,
Lovers enjoying Courtship's earliest Heaven
'Tis for their sake fair Luna breaks the gloom,
For thee she conjures up the shadows of the tomb.

There, Mr. , we have inserted one of your Sonnets (the other is too bad), in return for your kindly unbosoming yourself to our Lion's Head. To reply to the various particulars of your Letter, adeo sunt multa, is more than our patience or our place permits.

O'Keefe is alive, somewhere at Chichester: E. P.'s Elegy therefore may be had at the publishers', if the Author will either call or send. His Sonnet to Miss Tree is forwarded to her by the twopenny post.

The Essay on Agricultural Distress would only increase it.

The Sonnet by + (O fie!) is warm with other fires than those of poesy. .

The Captive is ready to be restored; other favours, viz. The Fountain,” H. L., Berkshire Ballad, Sonnetto the Moon, Essay on Happiness, Stanzas to Mary, On the Essence of Wit, and Imitation of Gray's Novelty, are disposed of according to their deserts.

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