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any European sovereign or otherwise— Not to allow the exportation of Arms or Naval stores without licence of his Majesty's secretary of state.—Certain articles may be exported from any of the Ports mentioned in the Acts in such foreign vessels on certain conditions.—The articles enumerated in table (B.) may be exported to any other British colony, or to the United kingdom.—The legality of the importation to be made appear to the satisfaction of the principal officers of the customs.-The privileges of this Act not to extend to vessels of such states and countries as do not give equal privileges to British vessels.-His Majesty may extend the provisions of this Act to other articles . and ports than those enumerated in the tables.—No articles, except such as are enumerated in the tables, to be imported in foreign vessels, on any pretence whatever. —How Penalties and Forfeitures are to be recovered. With respect to the commerce with Spanish South America, some uncertainty still prevails. The United States will probably recognize the new governments of that Continent, as now sufficiently consolidated to enter into permanent relations. The President having recommended this recognition, and his suggestion having been approved by the committee, there can be little doubt of its being carried into effect. What effect such a step may have on the conduct of the European governments cannot be anticipated ; but there are persons who think that France will not long delay to recognise the new Republics. At all events, it may be expected, that these states will be ready to give superior advantages to the subjects of the governments which shall recognise them; and, in fact, we learn by the Paris papers, that Mr. Zea, the agent from Columbia, has delivered to the minister for foreign affairs, and to the foreign ministers at the French Court, a note, in which, after a long preface, showing the reasonableness of acknowledging Columbia as an independent State, he declares it to be the intention of that government to allow full liberty of commerce to the subjects of those governments which shall recognise the Republic; to prohibit all intercourse, commerce with the ports, or residence there, and in the territory of Columbia, to those whose governments do not recognise it; and even to prohibit all merchandise coming from the countries whose governments refuse or delay the recognition sought. The long expected Russian tariff is not yet published; the last accounts, however, say that it was printed; but that having undergone several modifications, it would be found to differ materially from what had been asserted in German and English journals.

It is stated in the Times of the 24th April, that a vessel arrived at Hamburg on the 13th, from St. Petersburgh, after a quick passage, and brought an extract from the new tariff. We give the first articles. Sugar in loaves and crushed, prohibited. Ditto raw, white and brown, per pood, 1 r. 50 cop. Coffee unaltered. Rum arrack, Cognac unaltercd; but only to be admitted at St. Petersburgh. 'We must observe, however, that the Hamburgh papers up to the 16th inclusive, have no later intelligence from St. Petersburgh than of the 1st of April, and merely say, the tariff would be published the ensuing week. Nor does the Borsen Hall list (answering to Lloyd's list) of the 15th and 16th, notice any arrival at Hamburgh from St. Petersburgh on the 13th.

Cotton.—The state of the cotton market has been favourable and improving for this month past. Bengals, in particular, have been in great request. The sales during the last five weeks, that is, since March 19, have been about 16,000 bales; of which, upwards of 11,000 bales were Bengals. The most considerable business was done in the week ending April 2, of which the following are the particulars as reported: “There has been a general and rather extensive demand for cottons for exportation;

the request has been chiefly directed to the

Bengal descriptions, of which the shippers have taken about 2,000 bales; the other purchases chiefly for resale. They consist of 5,000 bales, viz. –in bond, 4,000 Bengals, ordinary 5; d. and 5%d., good 5%d.; 200 Surats good fair 6}d.; 147 Boweds good fair and good 93d. a 9%d., a few 93d.; 56 Smyrnas good 8d. a 8+d.; and duty o 160 Demerara, ordinary 104d., good air 103d. and 11d., superior 12}d. and 12+d. ; 30 Surinams 11}d. ; 111 Spanish, ordinary 33d., good 83d. and 9d.; 400 Bahias fair 10+d.” In the two following weeks, the demand continued to be general and extensive, chiefly for exportation, the sales being 2,800, and 3,200 bales; without any remarkable variation in the prices. In the week ending this day, (23d,) the demand has been very considerable; the purchases are nearly 4,000 bales, viz.—350 Surats 64d. middling, G; d. a 64d. fair, 63d. good fair; 2,950 Bengals 5%d. ordinary, 5; d. a 53d. fair and good fair, 5%d. a 6d. good, and 23 packing fair 5%d. ; 150 Smyrna good fair 7; d. a Bd. ; 62 Boweds fair 9d., good 94d. ; 6 Sea Islands good 20d. ; 10 Bahias fair 10}d. all in bond; and duty paid, 100 Demerara TF fine 12d., 108 fair common 10; d. a 103d., and 50 middling 9}d. At Liverpool, the demand during the same period has been regular and clearly though not remarkably brisk. The sales have aniounted to 37,000 bags course of the week, ending April 20, the demand was rather more limited than it had been ; the sales being only 5,570 bags. Sugar.—The market has been in general heavy and languid for this month past. Yet the decline in price has not been very considerable on the whole; being about 1s. to 1s. 6d. per cwt. on inferior Muscovades; the finer sort having nearly maintained their prices. The refined market, however, has been exceedingly heavy, and goods - have been pressed upon the market, especially in the first week of April; some persons seemed resolved to sell at all ... events, and a parcel of brown lumps was stated to have been sold as low as 76s. 6d. The market, however, immediately recovered this depression, and several sales were effected at 77s. 6d. and 78s. We have adverted on a former occasion (in the London Magazine for February, 1822) to the great decline in the refined sugar trade. A petition, it is said, will shortly be laid before government by the refiners, stating the great depression of their trade, its progressive decline for a series of years, and praying to be allowed to refine from Havannah and other foreign sugars. Should the particulars of the Russian tariff above mentioned prove authentic, the consequences will be highly injurious to the refiners. The following are the particulars of the market for the week ending to day:—The reduction of 1s., to 3s.6d. per cwt. in the prices of low Muscovades by public sale on Tuesday last was confirmed by private contract last week; the market was exceedingly heavy at the decline, and the Turchases reported quite inconsiderable: the good and fine sugars nearly maintained the late prices. This forenoon there was a steady, but not extensive request; the sales effected fully supported the prices of last week. The wholesale grocers and refiners are stated to be out of stock, but they hold off from purchasing to any extent, in the anticipation that the late westerly winds will bring considerable new supplies to market, and that they will probably succeed in purchasing at lower rates. The request for refined goods for the home-trade was last week very languid; the prices of all the good and fine descriptions were 1.s. lower. For the low goods there was some demand for export to the Hans Towns. Molasses were in good demand, and this forenoon there is no alteration, the market steady at 25s. By public sale last week, 945 chests Havannah sugars went off freely; the ordinary and middling white at higher prices; the good white, the yellow, and brown, at the previous currency.—White, good, 37s. Antiquitics. Memoranda, illustrative of Egyptian Tombs; also, Remarks on Mummies, small 8vo. 4s. A Dissertation on the Topography of the Plain of Troy. By Charles Maclaren. 8vo. 9s. Education. The Conversational Preceptor, in French and English ; consisting of useful Phrases, arranged under distinct Heads, on a new and simple Plan. By J. L. Mahire, with amusing Dialogues on various Subjects. By M. Leblanc. 6s. 6d. The French Remembrancer, or a Com}. Vocabulary of all French Nouns. By . Boileau. 12mo. 8s.

In the

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April 7................ 34s. 10d. 14. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34s. 73d. 21. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34s. 33d.

Coffee.—The quantity brought forward towards the close of last month, being too considerable for the demand, had the effect of rather depressing the market. But this had the natural effect of rendering the demand more brisk; in the first week of this month the market regained fully the previous currency; good and fine ordinary Brazil sold 102s. a 104s. 8d.: afterwards nearly the same quality realized 104s. a 106s. ; 448 bags good ordinary Cheribon sold so low as 100s. a 103s. ; ordinary and good ordinary Cuba, 97.s. a 99s. 6d. ; good ordinary St. Domingo, 104s.; a large parcel of Porto Rico coffee sold at very high prices, middling, 118s. fine ordinary, IIIs. a 113s. good ordinary, 108s. a 110s.

In the following week, the public sales of Coffee brought forward were considerable, consisting of 388 casks and 912 bags, exclusive of the India sale: the market was in a very uncommon state, generally heavy, and little business doing by private contract; yet the public sales went off with great briskness; the Demerara and Berbice descriptions were much wanted for home consumption, and sold freely at prices 5s. per cwt. advance; Havannah sold at a similar improvement, good ordinary 107s. fine ordinary, 110s, a 111s. The other descriptions were without variation; ordinary and good ordinary St. Domingo, a little broken, went off at 100s. a 102s.

Baltic produce.—In hemp and flax but little has been doing, and few sales are reported. The report of the low state of the tallow market had the effect of bringing large orders from the country, but generally limited to rates which were too low. The news from St. Petersburgh received in the middle of the month, seeming to favour the opinion that hostilities were inevitable, had some effect on the tallow market. The letters received yesterday from St. Petersburgh were to the 30th of March; the Exchange was a shade higher, 9;d. It was reported there would be an export duty on tallow.

Oils.-There is little doing in Whale Oil ; yet, from the heaviness of the market, purchases may be made a shade lower: for the present season's fishing some inconsiderable parcels have been contracted for at 231. Seed Oils are quoted at a small reduction.


Tobacco.—There is very little doing in Tobacco ; the sales since our last are confined to a few low Leaf Virginia, purchased at a small reduction in the prices. Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.-There has not been much briskness in the Rum markets of late, and a large sale on Tuesday last (16th) of 243 puncheons 11 hogsheads had an unfavourable effect on the market, but the prices have since recovered. Brandies are exceedingly heavy, and may be purchased at a small decline.— In Geneva there is no alteration. Indigo.—An inconsiderable sale (726 chests) at the India-House on the 9th instant, had but little effect on the market. About 60 chests were bought at 6d. a 9d. per lb. higher than the last sale prices. Corn.—There have been only such fluctuations in the prices as arise from the greater or less quantity brought to market; but there is o: to encourage an expectation of relief to the farmer by any considerable rise. Aggregate averages of the six weeks, including February 15, by which importation is regulated: Wheat, 47s. 2d. Rye, 22s. 4d. Beans, 21s. 7d. Barley, 19s. 0d. | Pease. 23s. 5d.

An account of all grain, wheat, meal, and flour, warehoused under the act 55 Geo. 3, c. 26; and remaining in the said warehouses on the 5th of January, 1822:

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qrs. bu. Barley.................. 35,255 3 Beans.................. 24,897 3 Indian Corn ........ . . . 226 0 Oats..... ........ 400,196 0 Pease .. ........ 10,063 7 Rye ... . . . . --------- - - - - 900 2 Wheat ................ 678,669 7 Potash... ............... 858,949 6

Wheat, meal, and flour, 133,652 cwt. 1 qr. 3 lb.

In addition to the official list of Foreign . Grain, under bond, in the different Ports of the kingdom, 5th January, it is calculated there are since arrived 6000 qrs. Wheat, 20,000 qrs. Oats, Barley about 7000 qrs. ; and in Flour there is a reduction of about 14,000 barrels.


Riga, 29th March.-Flar. The last prices paid were, Druiania and Thiesenhausen Rackitzer, 42r.; for cut Badstub, 374 r. ; Risten Thieband, 30 r. ; the supply is still slack, and it is therefore difficult to find sellers.—Hemp. That upon the spot is in demand, but very little has lately been purchased upon contract. A parcel of clean Ukraine has been sold at

108 r.; ditto Pass, 82 r.; for delivery and all the money down the prices are, Ukraine Outshot, 80r. ; Polish ditto, 85 r. ; Ukraine Pass, 70 r. ; Polish ditto, 80 r.; ditto Torre, 47 r—Hemp Oil. Is nominally, 95 r: ; both on the spot and on delivery.—Potashes. Contracts for Polish crown for the end of iMay have been made for 1024r.; all the money down.—Tallow. For yellow crown to be delivered at the end of May, 130 r. all the money down are asked; 128 r. are offered for it. There is no inquiry after other kinds. Gottenburg, 30th March.—At the iron fair at Christianham, which is just finished, the greatest part of the iron contracted for was sold with the condition of fixing the price afterwards, a minimum of 16 rix dollars banco, and a maximum of 17* being assumed. The real price will be determined by the general prices at this place from the commencement of the arrival of the new supply, till the middle of July. These high prices are in consequence of the uncommon mild winter, by which the work. ing of the mines has been so much hindered, that it is calculated, that no more than twothirds of the usual annual quantity can be delivered. Hence 10 rix dollars banco are still paid for raw iron. Though a large quantity of bar iron has been contracted for, yet a still larger quantity will be j hither, and this with what we may expect from other Swedish ports will probably prevent a rise in the prices. A grand repair of the sluices of the canal of Trollhatta will keep back the supplies from the interior till the end of May, which is the more disagreeable, because we have several orders here to be executed immediately, and our remaining stock, still undisposed of, hardly amounts to 5000 ship pounds of not well assorted iron articles. Since the beginning of this year four American ships, one loaded, have arrived here to fetch iron. Hamburgh, April 18.—Coffee. In the course of this week there was sold 20,000lb. of small Portorico, several small parcels of Brazil, 100 sacks of Batavia (mostly at 11%), and about 20,000lb. of Domingo at 11%. There was more demand for the latter yesterday, but none was to be had of equally good quality at that price.— Cocoa is in some request, and the prices consequently more firm.—Dyewoods. The sales are inconsiderable, and the prices unchanged.—Spices. There have been some purchases of pepper, and its price keeps up, as also that of Pimento.—Rice. The prices of the common sorts are a little advanced, but the better remain unchanged. –Sugar. Very little has been doing as well in the fine as in raw goods, which

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is probably owing to the holidays. The holders, however, endeavour to maintain the late prices.

, , Amsterdam, April 20.—In consequence of the petitions of several landowners and farmers, representing to the States General the depressed state of agriculture, a report on the subject has been laid before the Second Chamber of the States General, by the Committee of Petitions. The Chamber has ordered the report to be printed. We find from this report that the landowners in the Netherlands are making precisely the same complaints as the agri

culturists in England, respecting the depreciation of all kinds of produce, and the too great facility afforded to the importation of foreign grain. Neighbouring countries, they say, (meaning, we suppose England and France), protect and encourage agriculture by a wise legislation, by which they are prohibited from carrying their overplus to these countries as they formerly did, while foreign grain is freely admitted into the ports of the Netherlands. They, therefore, ask for prohibitory laws, high protecting duties, &c.


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