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Sidan 153 - Now men possess a moral nature ; but if they are well fed, warmly clad, and comfortably lodged, without being taught at the same time, they become almost like the beasts. This was a subject of anxious solicitude to the sage Shun, and he appointed...
Sidan 124 - Heaven gave birth to the multitude of people, they have (concrete objects=) bodies, they have (moral) rules; that the people hold on to the norms is because they love that beautiful virtue; Heaven looked down upon the domain of Chou, and brightly approached the world below; it protected this Son of Heaven, and gave birth to Chung Shan-fu.
Sidan 101 - GRAVE and dignified manners Are the helpmates of power. Men indeed have a saying, 'There is none so wise but has his follies.' But ordinary people's follies Are but sicknesses of their own. It is the wise man's follies That are a rampant pest. Nothing is so strong as goodness; On all sides men will take their lesson from it. Valid are the works of inward power; In all lands men will conform to them. He who takes counsel widely, is final in his commands, Far-seeing in his plans, timely in the announcing...
Sidan 34 - He was a model to his consort, it extended to his brothers, and so he governed his family and state.
Sidan 52 - In less than a day they completed it». Cf. ode 30, phr. 49 »(In less than a day =) at every time of the day there are windblown dark skies».
Sidan 158 - ... was the primary, even series (after the founder, as number one, the princes 2, 4, 6 etc.) and mu the secondary, odd series (princes 3, 5, 7 etc.).
Sidan 2 - August was Wen Wang, continuously bright and reverent; great, indeed, was the appointment of Heaven; there were Shang's grandsons and sons; Shang's grandsons and sons, their number, was it not a hundred thousand'.
Sidan 12 - The lawful heir of the Yin on the throne of Heaven was (caused not to=) not permitted to (encompass=) embrace the (states of the) four quarters.
Sidan 63 - And then he crawled; (then) he was able to (straddle =) stride, to stand firmly; and so he sought food for his mouth, he planted beans . . .». It is easily seen that A jumps much too abruptly from the »crawling» stage of infancy to the stage of a grown-up farmer.
Sidan 27 - They raised the outer gate; The outer gate soared high. They raised the inner gate; The inner gate was very strong. They raised the great earth-mound, Whence excursions of war might start. And in the time that followed they did not abate their sacrifices, Did not let fall their high renown; The oak forests were laid low, Roads were opened up.

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