The Dispatches of Field Marshal the Duke of Wellington, K. G. During His Various Campaigns in India, Denmark, Portugal, Spain, the Low Countries, and France: Peninsula, 1809-1813


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Sida 21 - A great deal might be done now, if there existed in England less party, and more public sentiment, and if there was any Government.
Sida 467 - Lisbon, and for the food of the army and of the people, while the troops will be engaged with the enemy. As for principal Souza, I beg you to tell him, from me, that I have had no satisfaction in transacting the business of this country since he has been a member of the government ; that, being embarked in a course of military operations, of which I hope to see the successful termination, I shall continue to carry them on to the end...
Sida 391 - Lestrade, and I shall be very much obliged to you if you will let me hear of any fresh, developments of so singular a chain of events.
Sida 448 - Mortagoa, over the mountains towards Oporto. " Having thought it probable that he would endeavour to turn our left by that road, I had directed Colonel Trant, with his division of militia, to March to Sardao, with the intention that he should occupy...
Sida 325 - I beg to draw your attention to the orders which I have given this day respecting the private correspondence of the officers of the army. I was astonished some time ago to see in the English newspapers, an accurate account of the batteries and works erecting at Cadiz and on the Isla, with the number of guns, and of what calibre each was to contain, and their distance from each other, and from the enemy's works.
Sida 467 - I had done and intended to do; and that, instead of endeavouring to render all further defence fruitless, by disturbing the minds of the populace at Lisbon, they would have done their duty by adopting measures to secure the tranquillity of the town. " But I suppose that, like other weak individuals, they add duplicity to their weakness, and that their expressions of approbation, and even gratitude, were intended to convey censure. I request you to communicate this letter to the Regency ; and to transmit...
Sida 448 - I do not regret my having done so. This movement has afforded me a favourable opportunity of shewing the enemy, the description of troops of which this army is composed; it has brought the Portuguese levies into action with the enemy for the first time in an advantageous situation...
Sida 449 - I should not do justice to the service, or to my own feelings, if I did not take this opportunity of drawing your Lordship's attention to the merits of Marshal Beresford. To him exclusively, under the Portuguese Government, is due the merit of having raised, formed, disciplined, and equipped the Portuguese army, which has now shown itself capable of engaging and defeating the enemy.
Sida 445 - Vizeu, and separates the valley of the Mondego from the valley of the Douro. On the left of the Mondego, nearly in a line with the Sierra de Busaco, is another ridge of the same description...
Sida 446 - At six in the morning of the 27th, the enemy made two desperate attacks upon our position, the one on the right, the other on the left of the highest point of the Sierra. The...

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