The Contested Plains: Indians, Goldseekers, & the Rush to Colorado

University Press of Kansas, 1998 - 422 sidor
"The Contested Plains" recounts the rise of the Native American horse culture, white Americans' discovery and pursuit of gold in the Rocky Mountains, and the wrenching changes and bitter conflicts that ensued. After centuries of many peoples fashioning their own cultures on the plains, the Cheyenne and other tribes found in the horse the power to create a heroic way of life that dominated one of the world's great grasslands. Then the discovery of gold challenged that way of life and led finally to the infamous massacre at Sand Creek and the Indian Wars of the late 1860s. Illuminating both the ancient and more recent history of the plains and eastern Rocky Mountains, West creates a tapestry interlaced with environmental, social, and military history. He treats the 'frontier' not as a morally loaded term, either in the traditional celebratory sense or the more recent critical judgment, but as a powerfully unsettling process that shattered an old world. He shows how Indians, goldseekers, haulers, merchants, ranchers, and farmers all contributed to and in turn were consumed by this process, even as the plains themselves were utterly transformed by the clash of cultures and competing visions.

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This is an excellent - and I would argue very readable - contribution to the history of America's expansion west and its impact on Native Americans. West is a fine historian and a fine writer who ... Läs hela recensionen

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This book was a very informative source of information. I would only buy it if I wanted to learn about early Indian history. If I were not reading this book to gain knowledge I would not read it to be ... Läs hela recensionen


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Elliott West is a professor of history at the University of Arkansas. His works include The Way to the West: Essays on the Central Plains.

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