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Noyes Barber.
Samuel Tweedy.

Horace Everett.
Hiland Hall.

William Slade.

John Adams.

Samuel Beardsley.

Abraham Bockee.
John W. Brown.
Churchill C. Cambreleng.

Samuel Clark.

John Cramer.
Rowland Day.

John Dickson.

Millard Fillmore.

William K. Fuller.

Ransom H. Gillet.
Nicoll Halsey.
Gideon Hard.

Samuel C. Hathaway.

Abel Huntington.
Noadiah Johnson.
Gerrit Y. Lansing.

George W. Lay.
Abijah Mann, Jr.
Henry C. Martindale.

Charles McVean.

Henry Mitchell.

Sherman Page.
Job Pierson.

William Taylor.

Joel Turrill.

Aaron Vanderpoel.

Isaac B. Van Houten.

Aaron Ward.

Daniel Wardwell.

Campbell P. White.

Philemon Dickerson.

Thomas Lee.


James Parker.


Ferdinand S. Schenck.

Joseph B. Anthony.

Charles A. Barnitz.
Andrew Beaumont.
Horace Binney
George Chambers.
William Clark.
Edward Darlington.
Harmar Denny.

[blocks in formation]




William K. Clowney.
William J. Grayson.
John K. Griffin.
Henry L. Pinckney.

Augustine S. Clayton.
John Coffee.

Thomas F. Foster.
Roger L. Gamble.
George R. Gilmer.
William Schley.
James M. Wayne.
Richard H. Wilde.

Chilton Allan.
Martin Beaty.
Thomas Chilton.
Amos Davis.

Benjamin Hardin.
Albert G. Hawes.
Richard M. Johnson.

James Love.
Chittenden Lyon.
Thomas A. Marshall.
Patrick H. Pope.
Christopher Tompkins.

John Blair.

Samuel Bunch.

David W. Dickinson.. William C. Dunlap.

John B. Forester.




William M. Inge.

Cave Johnson.
Luke Lea.

James K. Polk.

James Standifer.

James M. Bell. John Chaney. Benjamin Jones. Jeremiah McLene. Robert Mitchell. William Patterson. Jonathan Sloane. David Spangler. John Thomson. Joseph Vance. Samuel F. Vinton. Elisha Whittlesey.

Philemon Thomas.

[blocks in formation]

Several new members appeared, produced their credentials, were sworn to support the constitution of the United States, and took their seats, to wit:

From the State of Massachusetts.

Stephen C. Phillips, in the place of Rufus Choate, resigned.

From the State of Connecticut.

Ebenezer Jackson, Phineas Miner, and Joseph Trumbull, in the place of Jabez W. Huntington, Samuel A. Foot, and William W. Ellsworth, all of whom have resigned.

From the State of New York.

Charles G. Ferris, in the place of Dudley Selden, resigned.
John J. Morgan, in the place of Cornelius W. Lawrence, resigned.
From the State of Virginia.

John Robertson, in the place of Andrew Stevenson, resigned.
From the State of Kentucky.

Robert P. Letcher, to supply the vacancy declared at the last session to exist in the representation of that State.

From the State of Ohio.

Daniel Kilgore, in the place of Humphrey H. Leavitt, resigned.
From the State of Louisiana.

Henry Johnson, in the place of Edward D. White, resigned.
From the State of Illinois.

William L. May, in the place of Joseph Duncan, resigned.
John Reynolds, in the place of Charles Slade, deceased.

Delegates from Territories also appeared, and took their seats, viz.

From the Territory of Michigan-Lucius Lyon.

From the Territory of Florida-Joseph M. White.

And a quorum, consisting of a majority of the whole number of members of the House being present, it was,

On motion of Mr. McKinley,

Ordered, That a message be sent to the Senate, informing that body that a quorum of the House of Representatives has assembled, and that the House is ready to proceed to business.

A message from the Senate, by Mr. Lowrie, their Secretary:

Mr. Speaker: I am directed to inform the House of Representatives that a quorum of the Senate is assembled, and that the Senate is ready to proceed to business. The Senate have passed a resolution for the appointment of a committee, on their part, to join such committee as may be appointed on the part of the House of Representatives, to wait on the President of the United States, and inform him that a quorum of the two Houses is assembled, and that Congress is ready to receive any communications he may be pleased to make; and have appointed Mr. White, of Tennessee, and Mr. Swift, of Vermont, of the committee on their part. And then he withdrew.

The House proceeded to the consideration of the said resolution from the Senate; and the same being read, was agreed to by the House. And Mr. McKinley and Mr. Lansing were appointed of the committee on the part of this House.

On motion of Mr. Ward,

Ordered, That the daily hour to which this House shall stand adjourned be 12 o'clock meridian, until otherwise ordered.

On motion of Mr. Ward,

Resolved, That the Clerk be directed to cause the members to be furnished with such newspapers as they, respectively, may elect; the expense of each member not to exceed the price of three daily papers per


And then the House adjourned until to-morrow, 12 o'clock meridian.


Several other members appeared, and took their seats, viz.
From the State of Massachusetts-William Jackson.

From the State of Connecticut-Ebenezer Young.

From the State of New York-Philo C. Fuller, Abner Hazeltine, and Edward Howell.

From the State of New Jersey-Samuel Fowler and William N. Shinn. From the State of Pennsylvania-John Banks, Joseph Henderson, Richard Coulter, and John Galbraith.

From the State of Virginia-James W. Bouldin and Joseph W. Chinn. From the State of Ohio-William Allen.

From the State of Maryland-John N. Steele and Richard B. Carmichael.

A new member, viz. from the State of Vermont, Henry F. Janes, in the place of Benjamin F. Deming, deceased, appeared, produced his credentials, was sworn to support the constitution of the United States, and took his seat.

Mr. McKinley, from the joint committee appointed to wait on the President of the United States, and inform him that quorums of the two Houses have assembled, and that Congress are ready to receive any communications he may be pleased to make, reported that the committee

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