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man's own invention, that the life of that beastly nature, (after which the whole world, from its creation to the present day, have wandered,) might be spared and kept alive. It never emanated from my holy spirit, saith the God of Heaven; but frail and mortal man, in his bigoted and darkened condition, hath invented it, and practiced the same.

10. Hearken, all ye nations, and give ear, O ye people of the earth, saith the Lord your God. Can you answer these questions? Have your souls found that which saves you from committing sin in the present tense? Have you found that which saves you from shedding the blood of your fellow creatures? Have you found that which causes you to love your neighbors as yourselves?

11. Have you found that which saves you from all the gratifications of lust, and beastly works of nature, only that which is indispensable for the sake of procreation, or for the fulfilling of that great command which I gave to the children of men, in early days; under which the most licentious and beastly works of abomination have been cloaked, from that day to this?

12. The command was good, and stands good, in its order and place, but not one act of gratification carried further than is necessary for the propagation of your own species, can ever be covered by this command.

13. Have you found that which enables you to dwell together in unity, harmony and peace, having all things in common, and none saying that aught of the things that he possessed were his own? If not, what is the matter? Ponder these things in your own hearts! Communities, you say, are good, if they can agree.

14. But thus saith the Lord, have you laid the axe to the root of the tree, or have you only lopped a few of the branches? Have you found the golden cord of purity, that binds souls in one? Or do the bands of sin and death surround you, and [cause you to be] broken in pieces?

15. What was the reason that the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah refused to hearken to the solemn warnings which I sent forth unto them, through messengers of my own preparing? Did they not mock and scorn my witnesses, and deride the word of my awful truth at their mouths, that unless they did humble themselves and repent, they with their city, should be destroyed?

16. What was this, but the arrogance of their spirit that refused to

hearken to my word through those messengers, whom I did send unto them?

17. What caused the inhabitants of the antediluvian world, to mock and scorn, the solemn and righteous warning of my servant Noah, although they were clearly shown, by the operations of my Spirit, through my faithful servant, that unless they would cease from their awful wickedness, humble themselves and repent, they should, by the judgment of my Almighty hand, be swept from the face of the earth?

18. And notwithstanding, they were all doomed to suffer death, as a certain and sure consequence, if they refused to hearken; yet, this only served to increase their epithets of scorn and derision upon righteous Noah, for being such an old superstitious fool, (as they called him,) as to believe that the Lord was going to overwhelm the world with a deluge of water.

19. Was not this refusal to hearken to the tender warnings of my mouth, sent forth by means of my own choosing, to be attributed to their gross wickedness, which had caused their senses to soar, in lofty and exalted imaginations of their own great wisdom, and by this means, cause them utterly to reject the most solemn and sacred warnings, that I, their God and Creator could send to them, through one whose humble walk in life they disdained, from the very bottom of their hearts?

20. Therefore, they received not of my tender mercies, but were, in lieu thereof, compelled to meet Me in judgment, and enter the eternal world with cries and screeches, under the most horrid and awful condemnation of a guilty conscience, loaded with crimes and beastly abominations to sink their souls in flames of hell, until, through sufferings, they had paid the utmost farthing, for all their sinful deeds.

21. And the last error of their lives, in refusing to hearken to my righteous word of warning, was worse than all the rest; for here they sinned, saith the Lord God, against light and understanding; for the humble walk of my servant Noah, brought forth fruits in their sight, declaratory that my spirit dwelt in him.

22. Hearken, O ye children of men, and incline your ears to hear, and your hearts to understand, the word of the Lord your God, though you have not walked in my paths, and inclined your hearts to understand and do my will, as I have required from the earliest


23. Yet, I am a God of mercy and of long forbearance, to such as have the least desire to return unto Me, through that medium which I have appointed for them; that is, to keep my law and order of nature unviolated.

24. Love mercy, deal justly one with another; fear Me, and keep my commandments throughout, which were given to regulate those in a natural state. This requirement, is distinct and apart from that of the order of my grace.

25. But consider, O inhabitants of earth, and in a special manner, those of you who make a great profession of Christianity! How have mankind treated, from the days of my servant Moses, to the present time, the merciful displays of my goodness, whenever, in my wisdom I have seen fit to send it forth unto them.

26. How oft did I have to scourge my chosen people Israel, for their wicked and rebellious doings, in rising against that order which I had appointed to lead and direct them, and thereby neglecting to keep my law, which I had established through my servant Moses, for their protection, stay and support; which, when strictly kept, would always ensure prosperity, and a blessing from my all righteous hand to rest upon them by day and by night. But when they departed therefrom, a curse was sure to follow.

27. Yet by all these things, how little did they learn, in willing obedience, the paths of true wisdom? Surely, not so much but that they set their hearts against Me their God. They surely were in my sight, a stiff necked and rebellious people, who were determined on pursuing their own plans; and by this means, they stood ready to destroy the animal body of the Christ whom I did send unto them, because he did not come in that way which they had laid out for themselves.

28. They wished him to come in great pomp and splendor, with mighty armies bowing at his feet. They wished to behold him as a mighty monarch, swaying the regal sceptre upon an earthly throne, destroying by the edge of the sword, all such as did not bow unto him in submission, and believe as he taught them, supporting the religion of his own nation, and condemning that of others.

29. Had he descended upon them in this manner and form, and held forth this testimony, it would at once have blended with their own self-exalted views of the coming of a Messiah; and they would readily have supported him, by force of arms, upon his throne.

30. But learn, Oye children of men, that man's way, is not the


way of his God and Creator. My way is equal for all; but man's way is unequal, unjust, and cruel. Therefore, did I send my only begotten Son to earth, clothed with the power of salvation, encompassed with a garment of humility and meekness, offering eternal life and salvation, upon equal terms, to all who would make the required sacrifice to obtain it.

31. I did not send him to court the love, favor or affection of Monarchs, Kings or Princes; or to say unto the great ones of the earth, Rabbi! Rabbi! But I sent him to proclaim, through the deepest scenes of suffering and tribulation, peace on earth and good will to men, if they would receive him in the name of his Father in Heaven, possessing the innocency of a lamb and the meekness of a dove.

32. Showing unto all, by precept and example, that he came in the perfect image of his Father, possessing a spirit of forgiveness, patience and meekness, under the most painful and excruciating sufferings of both soul and body, that was ever before shown forth upon the earth, by any spirit dwelling within an earthly tabernacle; being, at the same time, possessed of my mighty power to that extent,, that he could raise the dead from their graves to life, or call from the Heavens above, at any time, myriads of holy Angels and justified spirits to his assistance.

33. And because I sent him, clothed in the attitude of meekness and humility, as I had predicted for hundreds of years before, by the mouths of my prophets, that he would come, they, as a body of people, rejected him and gnashed upon him with their teeth.

34. But a little chosen band, who were accounted poor and illiterate men, he did gather around him, unto whom he imparted the words of eternal life, and baptized them with the holy spirit; and the few that received his testimony into honest and sincere hearts, became his true followers through life, and ended their days under the heavy hand of persecution for so doing. But I, the God of Heaven, have kept a record of these doings, from the earliest ages of the world unto the present day.

35. I again repeat the question, saith the Lord; Where is the nation, where are the people, either few or many, that have, in truth, denied themselves of all the enjoyments of sinful pleasure, by renouncing the world with all its alluring enchantments, for the sake of embracing the blessed gospel of that holy Savior, whom I sent forth to begin a work on earth which should never have an end?

though the wickedness of man should quickly destroy the body, which, by my Almighty hand had been prepared, as a receptacle for that saving spirit, while it acted in the capacity of a local agent, in time below.

36. Give ear, O inhabitants of earth, and hearken all ye people who dwell in her! The Lord your God hath stooped from his throne, to visit the earth in mercy and in judgment. His holy Angels have come forth to execute judgment at his word, and show mercy at his pleasure. Vials filled with mercy, and vials filled with wrath, he hath placed in their hands.

37. Hear my voice, O ye Angels, and sound aloud your trumpets to the children of men, saying, Shall the spirit of the Lord your God, always strive with man to no purpose? Will He always endure to be scorned, mocked and frowned upon by the mites of his creation, who are but worms of the dust, and small ones too?

38. Will He always receive a negative answer to his kind entreaties? Do not your own hearts bear witness in the sight of your God, O ye inhabitants of earth, that ye have perverted the way of the Lord, and the cross of his Christ ye have not borne in truth; nor bowed your necks under the yoke of the blessed Savior?

39. Doth not the haughtiness of man declare that his spirit is high and lifted up, exalted above all that is of God?

40. Doth not the spirit of oppression, and the hand that griudeth the faces of the poor, declare that justice hath departed from the earth, and the blessing of the Almighty withdrawn from her inhabitants?

41. Both not the spirit of bigotry and despotism rule in the hearts of the children of men? Are they not ready and willing, if not bound by civil laws, to support a religion that suits their own natural and carnal views, even at the point of the sword, and still maintain, that this is the religion of the Son of God, the Prince of Peace?

42. The Heavens bear witness against you, and the earth crieth unto Me with a loud voice, to be avenged on her inhabitants, for the rivers of innocent blood, which they have caused to flow upon her surface.

43. O ye Monarchs, Kings and Princes, and all ye Nobles, Lords and Commons, hearken to my voice of solemn warning, saith the Lord your God; all ye Rulers of the people, and such as move at their command,

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