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To the inspired writer, who had been at the Angel's service, many days previous to the writing of this Roll, in showing forth signs, both strange, and in a great measure unaccounted for by mortals; yet evidently showing that heavy tribulation for the people of God, was even at their doors.

O thou child of mortality, in whose body life and breath is, but in whose power it is not, why dost thou seek to evade the sufferings and distress, which the Lord thy God hath meted out for thee, that thou mayest be prepared to do his will, though thy mortal life should be sacrificed as the consequence, and thy blood should be required by the hands of persecutors, to seal the truth of the words which, by his Almighty Power, thy mortal hand hath been moved to write?

I say unto thee, fear not mortals, nor the face of mortal man, who is able to destroy the body only; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Bow down thine heart, O thou instrument in mortal clay, and suffer thy soul to drink in tribulation, as a thirsty ox drinketh in the crystal water. Have not all thy Heavenly Parents bestowed their strength, love and blessing upon thee, that thou mightest take thy life in thy hand, and put thy trust in God? Hast thou ever been forsaken by the spirit of God, when thou didst go forth, in obedience, to do his will? "Nay, nay, never, never, O holy Angel."

Then, make haste, get thee up from thy slumbers, thou child of sorrow, no more be faint hearted or dismayed, because of the word of thy God unto thee, that thou shouldst end thy days under excruciating sufferings; for none can find complete happiness, until they have suffered the final destruction of all the life that is natural and carnal.

But rejoice in that God who hath called thee to suffer, that his word, pure and uncorrupted, may be brought forth to the children of men, according to his divine purpose: for to this end hath He called thee, and unless thou resignest to his will, thy soul will

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sink from his presence, and the blood of the unrighteous who would have hearkened to his word, had it been sent forth, he will require at thy hands. But if thou doest thy duty, and they hearken not, after they have had my word of warning placed before their eyes, or sounded in their ears, their blood must be upon their own heads. The Lord thy God, sendeth forth to earth nothing in vain; nought of all that he giveth to the children of men, shall again return unto him void. He sendeth it forth in mercy, to all such as will receive and obey it, according to the best light they have; and in judgment to all such as willfully refuse to hearken and give ear to the words of solemn warning, which he hath sent forth, stamped with the seal of his everlasting kindness, to all who turn and repent, Let him that will, come and partake of the waters of life freely. For we, his holy and proclaiming Angels, do testify and bear witness, that the Almighty Hand of the Lord God of Heaven is stretched out in wrath, in judgment and in mercy, over the inhabitants of earth, in a more singular and striking manner, than ever was done before, since it, by his hand was created.

And we do further testify, to all human beings, who may hear or see the record of our words, that judgments awful, gather rapidly over the face of the whole earth. And where ever God does find a people, whether they be few, or many, who fear Him, by keeping his commandments, and denying themselves of all ungodliness and every worldly lust, He will surely cover them with the shadow of his wings, and hold them in the hollow of his hand, that his destroying Angels, pass them lightly over.

He is no respecter of persons, farther than their works render them objects of his peculiar delight and protection: this marked distinction for work's sake, his attributes of goodness and justice at all times require him to show, Therefore, put on strength, O thou mortal child of sorrow, and be patient under sufferings, until the will of thy God, in writing this Roll, shall be accomplished.

Six hours in each day, I will distinctly read from the Roll, for thy mortal hand to write; the words thou shalt clearly understand, as I sound them forth to thee; but the rest part of the day, and time, thou shalt labor under severe distress of soul, and great anguish of spirit.

And so thou must be patient in this situation, until I shall have finished reading the Roll, and delivered the word which




the Lord my God hath given me; and, at times, you will be required to leave writing the Roll, and write the word which is sent forth for immediate application in Zion.

Be not too anxious to get released from thy present scene of sufferings. Do all things in the order that God requires, and then his Almighty Hand will stay and support thee; and I, his Holy Angel, will lead thee safely through the work which I have for thee.




Reader, hearken! Consider in breathless silence, every subject embraced in the following pages, which you are about to peruse; for they are the sentences of your Eternal God and Creator.

And as you slowly pass your eyes along these sacred pages, 'pause, and consider the source from whence this sacred volume was, in mercy, sent forth unto all the inhabitants of the earth; that it is the Eternal Source of all goodness, and of your immortal existence. Then proceed in solemn fear and reverence, considering, that by the declaration of the Almighty, made in this your day, He has placed before you that word, by which you shall be judged at his eternal bar of justice. And as you treat this, his word, so will He treat you, in the day of his heavy judgment which is at hand, and of which you have a solemn warning, in the sacred pages of this book.

Therefore, prepare, make no delay. And I solemnly warn you, (says the Angel,) make not this book a subject of speculation, for money's sake: for God forbiddeth that his sacred givings should be so used by mortals.

Ministers, professing to preach the pure gospel of Christ, are required, by the spirit of God, as soon as they can obtain a copy, to keep one sacred in the pulpit of their house of worship, as directed in the latter part of this book; and to be used accordingly. [See Chap. xxiv. Sec. 50.]

Boards of Foreign Missions, are also required, by his Holy Spirit, to translate correctly, into other languages, [this Sacred Roll,] and print copies sufficient to circulate into all foreign nations,

throughout Christendom, and where ever missions have been extends ed, making charges for the books, sufficient only to remunerate them for their trouble; and this is to be done, if possible, in two years' time from the commencement of the year eighteen hundred forty four, as will be seen towards the close of the Roll. [See Chap. xxvi Sec. 30.]

All printers, who may have a wish to re-print this book, are under the most solemn charge, (as will be seen by reading it through,) not to alter, add, or diminish, a word herein contained. [See Chap. xxvü Sec. 33.] And to make such charges for the books, of those who may wish to purchase, as will justly com pensate them for their expense, and no more, saith the Holy and Mighty Angel of God.

New Lebanon, Feb. 2, 1848. 12 o' clock. M.

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