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Apocrypha. us for a spoil, and unto captivity, and thee that I should die, command some reunto death, and for a proverb of reproach gard to be had of me, and pity taken of to all the nations among whom we are me, that I hear no more reproach. dispersed.

16 So the prayers of them both were Ś And now thy judgments are many heard before the majesty of the great and true : deal with me according to my God. fins and my fathers’: because we have 17 [ And Raphael was sent to heal not kept thy commandments, neither them both, that is, to scale away the have walked in truth before thee.

whiteness of Tobit's eyes, and to give 6 Now therefore deal with me as Sara the daughter of Raguel for a wife seemeth best unto thee, and command to Tobias the son of Tobit; and to bind my spirit to be taken from me, that I | Asmodeus the evil spirit; because she bemay be dissolved, and become earth: longed to Tobias by right of inheritance. for it is profitable for me to die rather | The selfsame time came Tobit home, and than to live, because I have heard false entered into his house, and Sara the reproaches, and have much forrow : daughter of Raguel came down from her command therefore that I may now be upper chamber. delivered out of this distress, and go into

CHA P. IV. the everlasting place : turn not thy face 3 Tobit giveth insiructions to his son Tobias, away from me.

20 and telleth himn of money left with Go7 It came to pass the same day, that in bael in Media. Ecbatane a city of Media Sara the daugh N that day Tobit remembered the moter of Raguel was also reproached by her ney which he had committed to Gafather's maids ;

bael in Rages of Media, 8 Because that she had been married 2 And said with himself, I have wished to leven husbands, whom Asmodeus the for death ; wherefore do I not call for my evil spirit had killed, before they had fon Tobias, that I may signify to him of lain with her. Dost thou not know, said the money before I die? they, that thou hast strangled thine hul 3 | And when he had called him, he bands? thou hast had already seven iuf- laid, My fon, when I am dead, bury me; bands, neither wait thou named after any, and despise not thy mother, but honour of them.

lur all the days of thy life, and do that 2 Wherefore doft thou beat us for which Mall please her, and grieve her not. them! if they be dead, go thy ways after 4. Remember, my son, that she favy them, let us never see of thee either son many dangers for thee, when thoul curlin or daughter.

her womb; and when the is dead, bury 10 When she heard these things, she her by me in one grave. was very forowful, fo that she thought 5 My son, be mindful of the Lord our to have strangled herself; and the faid, God all thy days, and let not thy will I am the only daughter of my father, and I be set to lin, or to transgress his comif I do this, it thall be a reproach unto him, mandments : do uprightly all thy life and I fall bring his old age with forrow long, and follow not the ways of unrighunto the grave.

teousness. II Then the prayed toward the win 6 For if thou deal truly, thy doings dow, and said, Blessed art thoni, O Lord Thall prosperouly succeed to thee, and to my God, and thine holy and glorious all them that live juitly. name is blessed and honourable for ever: 7 Give alins of thy substance; and let all thy works praise thee forever. when thou givest alms, let not thine eye

12 And now, O Lord, I set mine eyes be envious, neither turn thy face from and my face toward thee,

any poor, and the face of God shall not 13 And say, Take me out of the earth, be turned away from thee. that I may hear no more the reproach. 8 If thou hali abundance, give los 14 Thou knoweft, Lord, ihat I am accordingly: if thou have but a little, be

not afraid to give according to that little ; 15 And that I never polluted my 9 For thoi lzyeit up a good treature name, nor the name of my father, in the forthyfof against the day of neceilit;. land of my captivity: I am the only 10 Becaule that alms do deliver from daughter of my father, neither hath he death, and fuffcruth not to come into any child to be his heir, neither any near | darkneis. kinsman, nor any son of his alive, to u For alms is a good gift unto all that, whom I may keep myself for a wife: my give it in the fight of the most ligh. seven husbands are already dead; and 12 Beware of all whoredom, my son, why should I live? but if it please not and chicily take a wife of the feed of


pure from all

with iman,


Chap. v.

Apocrypha. thy fathers, and take not a strange wo- / which may go with thee, whiles I yet mán to wife, which is not of thy father's | live, and I will give him wages: and go tribe : for we are the children of the pro- and receive the money. phets, Noe, Abraham, Isaac, and jacob: 4. Therefore when he went to seek a remember, my son, that our fathers from man, he found Raphael that was an angel. the beginning, even that they all married 5 But he knew not; and he said unto wives of their own kindred, and were him, Canst thou go with me to Ragcs? blefied in their children, and their feed and knowest thon those places well? shall inherit the land.

6 To whom the angel faid, I will go 13 Now therefore, my fon, love thy with thee, and I know the way well: for brethren, and despité not in thy heart I have lodged with our brother Gabael. thy brethren, the fons and daughters of 7 Then Tobias said unto him, Tarry thy people, in not taking a wife of them :/ for me, till I tell my father. for in pride is destruction and much 8 Then he said unto him, Go, and trouble, and in lewdness is decay and tarry not. So he went in and said to his great want : for lewdness is the mother father, Behold, I have found one which of famine.

will go with me. Then he said, Call him 14 Let not the wages of any man, unto me, that I may know of what tribe which hath wrought for thee, tarry with | he is, and whether he be a trusty man to thee, but give it him out of hand : for i go with thee. if thou ferve God, he will also repay 9 So he called him, and he came in, thee: be circumspect, my son, in all things and they faluted one another. thou deeft, and be wile in all thy con 10 Then Tobit said unto him, Brother, versation.

shew me of what tribe and family thou art. 15 Dothatto no man which thou hatest: 1 To whom he said, Doft thou feek drink not wine to make thee drunken : for a tribe or family, or an hired man to neither let drunkenness go with thee in go with thy fon? Then Tobit said unto thy journey.

him, I would know, brother, thy kin16 Give of thy bread to the hungry, dred and name. 2nd of thy garments to thein that are 12 Then he said, I am Azarias, the son naked; in according to thine abundance of Ananias the great, and of thy brethren. give alms; and let not thine eye be envi 13 Then Tobit faid, Thou art welcome, ous, when thou givest alms.

brother; be not now angry with me, ben 17 Pour out thy bread on the burial of cause I have enquired to know thy tribe the just, but give ncthing to the wicked. and thy family; for thou art my brother,

18 Ask couníci of all that are wise, and of an honeit and good stock : for I know defp:se not any counsel that is profitable. Ananias and Jonathas, fons of that great

19 Bless the Lord thy God alway, and Samaias, as we went together to Jerildetire of him that thy ways may be di- falem to worship, and offered the firstrected, an that all thy paths and countds born, and the tenth of the fruits; and may prosper : for every nation hath not they were not seduced with the error of countel; but the Lord himsef giveth all our brethren: my brother, thou art of god things, and he humblith whom he a good stock. will, as he will; now therefore, my fun, 14 But tell me, what wages shall I give remember my commandinents, neither thee? wilt ihou a drachm a day, and let them be put out of thy mind. things necessary, as to mine own son ?

20 4 And now I fignify this to thee, 15 Yea, moreover, if ye return safe, I that I committed ten talents to Gabae! will add fomething to thy wages. the jo? of Gabrias at Rages in Media. 16 So they were well pleafed. Then

21 And fear not, my lon, that we are said he to Tobias, Prepare thyself for made poor: for thou hast inuch wealth, the journey, and God fend you a good ifthou fear God, and depart from all fin, journey. And when his fon had preand do that which is plealing in his fight. pared all things for the journey, his faCHAP. V.

ther faid, Go thou with this man, and 4 The angel goeth with Tobias into Media : God, which dwelleth in heaven, prosper

17 his mother is grieved for his departure. your journey, and the angel of God keep T

OBIAS then answered and said, Fa- you company. So they went forth both,

ther, I will do all things which thou and the young man's dog with them. halt cominanded me :

17 9 But Anna his mother wept, and 2. But how can I receive the money, said to Tobit, Why haft thou fent away seeing I know him not?

our fon? is he not the staff of our hand, 3 Then he gave him the handwriting, in going in and out before us? and said unto him, Seck thee a man 18 Be not greedy to add money to

money :

of the fifth, and drew it to land.

roasted the fish, they did eat it: then fish, and thali make a smoke with it:


Cate, my lifter; he Mall return in safety, ven men, who all died in the marriage CO1 Pany, and his journey thall be prof- father, and I am afraid, left, if I go in river, and would have devoured him.

ZO am si

I 4 ver




TO BI T. money: but let it be as refuse in respect | tance doth rather appertain to thee thai Our child.

to any other. 59 For that which the Lord hath given 13 Then the young man answered us to live with doth suffice us.

the angel, I have heard, brother Azarias, Then said Tobit to her, Take no that this maid hath been given to fethine eyes shall see him

. For the good angel will keep him 14 And now I am the only son of my

unto her, I die, as the other before: for perous, and he sail return fare. zz Then the made an end of weeping, a wicked spirit loveth her, which hut. CH A P. VI.

eth no body, but those which come unto The angel biddeth Tobias to take the liver, her: wherefore I also fear let I die, Beart, and gall out of a fil?, 16 and and bring my father's and my mother's Beacheth how to drive the wicked spirit life because of me to the grave with cozuay.

forrow : for they have no other son to ND as they went on their journey, bury them.

they came in the evening to the ri 15 Then the angel said unto him, Dost

Tigris, and they lodged there, thou not remember the precepts which 2 And when the young man went down thy father gave thee, hat thou shouldest

Therefore hear me, O my brother; for
Then the angel said unto him, Take the shall be given thee to wife; and make
thé fith. And the young man laiú hold thou no reckoning of the evil spirit ; for

this fue night shall the be given thee in
q To whom the angel faid, Open the marriage.
fit, and take the heart and the liver and 16 9 And when thou shalt come into
The gall, and put them up safely. the marriage chamber, thou fhalt take

So the young man did as ihe angel the ashes of períume, and shalt lay upon
commanded him; and when they had them fome of the heart and liver of the
they both went on their way, till they 17 And the devil fhall mell it, and flee
drew near to Ecbatane.

away, and never come again any more : 6 Then the young man said to the angel, but when thou thalt come to her, rise up Brother Azarias, to what use is the heart both of you, and pray to God which is and the liver and the gall of the fish ? merciful, who will have pity on you, and

7 And he said unto him, Touching the save you: fear not, for ihe is appointed }ieart and the liver, if a devil or an evil unto thee from the beginning; and thou Spirit trouble any, we must make a smoke thalt preserve her, and the shall go with thereof before the inan or the woman, thee. Moreover I fuppofe that the fall and the party ihall be no more vexed. bear thee chadren. Now when Tobias

8 As for the gall, it is good to anoint had heard these things, he loved her, and
a man that hath whiteness in his eyes, his heart was effectually joined to her.
and he thall be healed.

9 And when they were come near to 12 Raguelgivet! Tobius his daughterin mar-

riage : 17 She is convoyed to ber chamber,
Io The angel said to the young man, and aveepeth: 181er mother comfortethher.
Brother, to day we shall lodge with Ra-
guel, ivho is thy cousin ; he also hath AND when they were come to Ecba-

tane, they came to the house of Ra-
only daughter, named Sara; I will suel, and Sara met them: and after they
speak for her, that he may be given thee had faluted one another, she brought
for a wife.

them into the house.
11 For to thee doth the right of her 2 Then said Raguel to Edna his wife,
appertain, seeing thou only art of her How like is this young man to Tobit my

cousin !
12 And the maid is fair and wife : 3 And Raguel aked them, From
now therefore hear me, and I will whence are ye, brethren? To whom
speak to her father; and when we re- they said, We are of the sons of Neph-
turn from Rages we will celebrate the thalim, which are captives in Nineve.
marriage: for I know that Raguel can 4 Then he said to them, Do ye know
not marry her to another according to Tobit our kinsman ? And they said, We
the law of Moses, but he shall be guilty know him. Then said he, Is he in good
of death, because the right of inheri- health?

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5 And

my father.

Apocrypha. .

Chap. viii.

Apocrypha. 5 And they said, He is both alive, and, afhes of the perfumes, and put the heart in good health : and Tobias laid, He is and the liver of the fish thereupon, and

made a smoke there with. 6 Then Raguel leaped up, and kissed 3 $ The which smell when the evil spirit him, and wept,

had fine!!ed, he fled into the utmost parts 7 And bleiled him, and said unto him, of Lyypt, and the angel bound him. Thou art the fon of an honest and good 4 ( And after that they were both hut man. But when he had heard that Tobit in torether, Tobias rose out of the bed, was blind, he was sorrowful, and wept, and frid, Sifter, arik, and let us pray that

8 And likewise Edna his wife and God would have pity on us. Sara his daughter wept. Moreover they 5 Then began Tobias to say, Blessed entertained them cheerfully; and after art thou, O God of our fathers, and that they had killcd a ram of the block, blelicd is thy holy and glorious name for they fet store of meat on the table. Then ever; let the heavens bless thee, and all said Tobias to Raphael, Brother Azarias, thy creatures. speak of those things of which thou didit 6 Thou madeít Adam, and gavest him talk in the way, and let this business be Eve his wife for an helper and stay : of dispatched.

them came mankind : thou hast said, It 9 So he communicated the matter with is not good that man should be alone ; Raguel: and Raguel said to Tobias, Eat let us make unto him an aid like unto and drink, and make merry :

himself. 10 For it is meet that tl.ou shouldest 7 And now, O Lord, I take not this marry my daughter: nevertheless I will my lifter for luf, but upriglitly: therefore declare unto thee the truth.

mercifully ordain that we may become 11 I have given my daughter in mar- aged together. riace to feven men, who died that night 8 And the faid with him, Amen. they came in unto her: nevertheless for 9 So they slept both that night. And Ra. the present be merry. But Tobias faidh, guel arost, and 1 ent and made a grave, I will eat nothing here, till we agree and jo Saying, I feir left he also be dead. firear one to another.

II But when Raguel was come into 12 F Raguel said, Then take her from his house, henceforth according to the manner, for 12. He said unto his wife Edni, Send thou art her cousin, and she is thine, and one of the miii's, and let her fee wheiher the merciful God give you good success he be alive: if he be not, that we may in allihings.

bury him, and no inan know it. 13 Then be called his daughter Sara, 13 So the maid opened the door, and and the came to her father, and he took went in, and found them both alleep, her by the handl, and gave her to be wise 14. And came forth, and told them that to Tobias, saying, Behold, taketer after he was alive. the lar of Mofev, 21:d lead her away to 15 Then Raguel praised God, and said, thy father, Andre bleted them; O God, thou art worthy to be praited

14 Ard called Edualis wife, and took with all pore and hely rmie; thereiore paper, and did write an instrument of co- let thy lints praise thee with all thy creaTinants, and sealed it.

tures ; and let all thine angels and thine 15 Then they began to eat.

ele praise thee for ever. 15 After Ragucl called his wife Edna, 16 Thouart to be praifel, for thou has and said unto her, Sier, prepare another made mejiyful; and that is not come to chamber, ard bring her in thither. me which I fuspected; but thou hast deait

17 Which when she had done as he with us according to thy great mercy. had bidin her, she brought her thither. 17 Thou rri tu be praised, because thou and the wept, and he received the tears hast had mercy of two that were the only of her dugliter, and said unto her, begotten children of their inthers: grant

18 Be of good comfort, my daughter; them niercy, O Lord, and finish their life the Lord of heaven and carth give thee in herth with joy and mercy. jup for this thy sorrow: be of good com 19 Then Raguel bade servants to fort, my daughter.

fill the grave. CHA P. VIII.

19 And he kept the wedding feast four3 Tobias driveth the wicked Spirit away: teen days. 4. He crid his cuisi rise up to pray.

20 For bcfore íhe days of the marriage А

ND when they had fupped, they were finished, Raquel bad fud unto him

brought Tobias in unto her. by an oath, that be thould not depart till 2 And as he went, he remembered the fourteen days of the marriage were the words of Raphael, and took the expired;

Thaid unto him


Apocrypha. тові т.

Apocrypha. . 21 And then he should take the half of away, saying, The God of heaven give his goods, and go in safety to his father; you a prosperous journey, my children. and should have the rest when I and my 12 And he said to his daughter, Ilonour wife be dead.

thy father and thy mother in law, which CH A P. IX.

are now thy parents, that I may hear good I Tobias sendeth the angel unto Gabael for report of thee. And he kissed her. Edna

the money : 6 the angel bringeth it and also said to Tobias, The Lord of heaven Gabael to the wedding.

restore thee, my dear brother, and grant THEN Tobias called Raphael, and that I may see thy children of my daugh

ier Sara before I die, that I may rejoice 2 Brother Azarias, take with thee a before the Lord: behold, I commit my fervant, and two camels, and goto Rages daughter unto thee of special trust; of Media to Gabael, and bring me the wherefore do not entreat her evil. money, and bring him to the wedding.

C H A P. XI. 3 For Raguel hath sworn that I Thall | 6 Tobias' mother spieth her son coming : 17his not depart.

father welcometh his daughter in law. 4 But my father counteth the days; and if I tarry long, he will be very forry! ATER these things Tobias went his

way, praising God that he had given 5 So Raphael went out, and lodged him a prosperous journey, and blessed with Gabael, and gave him the bandwrit- Raguel and Edna his wife, and went on ing: who brought forth bags which were his way till they drew near unto Nineve. fealed up, and gave them to him.

2 Then Raphael faid to Tobias, Thou 6. And early in the morning they went knowelt, brother, how thou didit leave forth both together, and came to the thy father : wedding : and Tobias blefied his wife. 3 Let us halte before thy wife, and ( H A P. X.

prepare the house. I Tobit and his wife long for iheir fon : 7 the 4 And take in thine hand the gall of the

will not be comforted by her husband. fifn. So they went their way, and the N

OW Tobit his father counted every dog went after them.

day: and when the days of the jour 5 Now Anna sat looking about toward ney were expired, and they came not, the way for her son.

Then Tobit faid, Are they detained ? 6. And when the cípied him coming, or is Gabael dead, and there is no man the said to his father, Behold, thy fon comto give him the money?

etli, and the man that went with him. 3 Therefore he was very sorry.

7 Then said Raphael, I know, Tobias, 4 Then his wife faid unto him, My son that thy father will open his eyes. is dead, seeing he stayeth long; and the 8 Therefore anoint thou his eyes with began to bewail him, and said,

the gall, and being pricked thicrewith, he 5 Noru I care for nothing, my son, since Mall rub, and the whiteness thall fall aI have let thee

the light
of mine eyes.

way, and he ihall see thee.
6 To whom Tobit said, Hold thy peace, 9 Then Anna ran forth, and fell upon
take no care, for he is safe.

the neck of her fun, and faid unto him, 7. But the said, Hold thy peace, and Seeing I have seen ihee, my son, from deceive me not; my son is dead. And henceforth I am content to die. And they the went out every day into the way wept boʻh. which they went, and did eat no meat 10 Tobitalso rent forth toward the door, on the daytime, and ceased not whole and stumbled: but his fon ran unto him, nights to bewail her fon Tobias, until the II And took hold of his father: and he fourteen days of the wedding were ex- strake of the gall on his father's eyes, faypired, which Raguel had sworn that he ing, Be of good hope, my father. ihould spend there. Then Tobias faid 12 And when his eyes began to smart, to Raguel, Let me go, for my father and he rubbed them ; my mother look no more to see me. 13 And the whiteness pilled away from

8 But his father in law faid unto him, the corners of his eyes : and when he saw Tairy with me, and I will send to thy fa- his for, he fell upon his neck. ther, and they shall declare unto him how 14 And he wept, and frid, Blessed art things go with thee.

thou, O God, and bicted is thy name for 9 But Tobias faid, No; but let me go ever; and bleiied are all thy holy angels : to my father.

15 For thou hast scourged, and hast 10 Then Raguel arose, and gave him taken pity on me : for, behold, I fee my Sara his wife, and half his goods, fervants, | fon Tobiás. And his son went in rejoicand cattle, and money :

ing, and told his father the great things di And he blelled them, and sent them that had happened to him in Media.

16 Then

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