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Apocrypha. .

Apocrypba. 32 Upon this Judas removed from the 46 Which done, he crept under the tower, and pitched in Bathzacharias, elephant, and thrust him under, and flew over against the king's camp.

him : .whereupon the elephant fell dowti 33. Then the king rifing very early upon him, and there he died. marched fiercely with his host toward 47 Howbeit the rest of the Jews feeing Bathzacharias, where his armies made the strength of the king, and the violence them ready to battle, and founded the of his forces, turned away from them, trumpets.

48 Then the king's army went up to 34 And to the end they might provoke Jerusalem to meet them, and the king the elephants to fight, they sewed them pitched his tents against Judea, and the blood of grapes and mulberries. against mount Sion.

35 Moreover they divided the beasts 49 But with them that were in Bethamong the armies, and for every ele- sura he made peace: for they came out phant they appointed a thousand men, of the city, because they had no victuals armed with coats of mail, and with hel- there to endure the fiege, it being a year mets of brass on their heads; and be- of rest to the land, side this, for every beast were ordained 50 So the king took Bethsura, and set five hundred horsemen of the best. a garrison there to keep it. 36 'These were ready at every

occasion : 5! As for the sanctuary, he bcfieged it wheresoever the beast was, and whither- | many days; and set there artillery with foever the beast went, they went also, engines and instruments to cast fire and neither departed they from him. stones, and pieces to cast darts and fings,

37 And upon the heals wcre there 52 Whereupon they also made engines strong towers of wood, which covered against their engines, and held them bat. every one of them, and were girt fast | tle a long reason. unto them with devices: there were also 53 Yet at the last, their vessels being upon every one two and thirty strong without victuals, (for that it was the fëmen, that fought upon them, belide the venth year, and they in Judea, that were Indian that ruled him.

delivered from the Gentiles, had eaten 38 As for the remnant of the horse- up the residue of the store ;) men, they set them on this side and that

54 There were but a few left in the lide at the two parts of the host, giving fanétuary, because the famine did so prethem signs what to do, and being har- vail againit them, that they were fain to nefled all over amidst the ranks,

disperse themselves, every man to his 39 Now when the sun Mhone upon the own place, Mields of gold and brass, the mountains 55. At that time Lyfias heard say, that glistered therewith, and Wined like lamps Philip, whom Antiochus the king, whiles of fire.

he lived, had appointed to bring up his 40 So part of the king's army being fon Antiochus, that he might be king, spread upon the high mountains, and 56 Was returned out of Persia and part on the vallies below, they marched Media, and the king's host also that went on safely and in order.

with him, and that he fought to take unto 41 Wherefore all that heard the noise him the ruling of the affairs. of their multitude, and the inarching of 57 Wherefore he went in all haste, and the company, and the rattling of the said to the king and the captains of the harness, were moved : for the army was host and the company, We decay daily, very great and mighty.

and our victuals are but small, and the 42 Then Judas and his host drew near, place we lay fiege unto is strong, and the and entered into battle, and there were affairs of the kingdom lie upon us : Nain of the king's arıny fix hundred men. 58 Now therefore let us be friends with

43 Eleazar alio, jurnamed Savaran, these men, and make peace with them, perceiving that one of the leasts, armed and with all their nation ; with royal harness, was higher than all 59 And covenant with them, that they the rest, and supposing that the king was tall live after their laws, as they did upon him,

before: for they are therefore displeased, 44 Put himself in jeopardy, to the end and have done all these things, because he might deliver his people, and get him we abolished their laws. a perpetual name:

60 So the king and the princes were 45 Wherefore he ran upon him cou- content: wherefore he sent unto them to rageously through the midst of the battle, make peace; and they accepted thereof. laying on the right hand and on the left, 61 Also the king and the princes made so that they were divided from him on an oath unto them: whereupon they both sides.

went out of the strong hold.

62 Then

4ypocryplba. ,

Chap. viti.

Apocrypha. 62. Then the king entered into mount 15 So he spake unto them peaceably, Sion; but when he saw the strength of and tware unto them, saying, we will the place, he brake his oath that he had procure the harm neither of you nor made, and gave commandment to pull your friends. down the wall round about.

16 Whereupon they believed him : 63 Afterward departed he in all hafte, howbeit he took of them threescore men, and returned into Antiochia, where he and New them in one day, according to found Philip to be master of the city : fo the words which he wrote, he fought against him, and took the city 17 The fem of thy faints have they cast by force.

011t, and their blood have they shed round CHAP. VII.

about Jerusalem, and there was none to 2 Antiochus is sain, and Demetrius reignets bury them. in his stead. 5 Alcimus quould be high priest. 18 Wherefore the fear and dread of I N the hundred and one and fiftieth them fell upon all the people, who said,

year Demetrius the son of Seleucus There is neither truth nor righteousness departed from Rome, and came up with in them; for they have broken the coa few men unto a city of the fea coast, venant and oath that they made. and reigned there.

19 After this removed Bacchides from 2 And as he entered into the palace of Jerusalem, and pitched his tents in Behis ancestors, so it was, that his forces zeth, where he fent and took many of had taken Antiochus and Lysias, to bring the men that had forsaken him, and certhem unto him.

tain of the people also, and when he had 3 Wherefore, when he knew it, he lain them, be cast them into the great pit. said, Let me not see their faces.

20 Then committed he the country to 4. So his hoft flew them. Now when Alcimus, and left him with a power to Demetrius was set upon the throne of aid him: to Bacchides vent to the king. his kingdom,

2. I But Alcimus contended for the 59 There came unto him all the wick- high prichhood. ed and ungodly men of Israel, having 32 And unto him resorted all such as Alcimus, who was desirous to be high troubled the people, who, after they had priest, for their captain :

gotten the land of juda into their power, 6 And they accused the people to the did much hurt in Israel. ling, saying, Judas and his brethren have 23 Now when Judas saw all the misfain all thy friends, and driven us out of chief that Alcimus and his company had our own land.

done among the lfraelites, even above 7 Now therefore fend some man whom the heathen, thou trustelt, and let him go and see what 24 Te went out into all the coasts of havock he hath made among us, and in judua rouid about, and took vengeance the king's land, and let him punish them of them that had revolted from him, so with all them that aid them.

that thcy durft no more go forth into the 8 Then the king chofe Bacchides, a country, friend of the king, who ruled beyond the 25. On the other fide, wheii Alcimus food, and was a great man in the king- saw that Judas and his company had dom, and faithful to the king.

gotten the upper hand, and knew that 9 And him he fent with that wicked he was not able to abide their force, he Alcimus, whom he made high pricft, and went again to the king, and said all the commanded that he fould take ven- wort of them that he could. geance of the children of Israel.

26 Then the king fent Nicanor, one 10 So they departed, and came with a of his honourable princes, a man that great power into the land of Judea, where bare deadly late unto Ifrael, with comthey fent mellengers to Judas and his bre- mandment to destroy the people. thren with peaceable words deceitfully: 27 So Nicanor came to Jerusalem with

II But they gave no heed to their a great force; and fent unto Judas and words; for they saw that they were his brethren deceitfully with friendly come with a great power.

words, saying, 12 Then did there assemble unto Alci 28 Let there be no battle between me mus and Bacchides a company of feribes, and you; I will come with a few men, to require justice.

that I may fee you in peace. 13 Now the Affideans were the first 29 He came therefore to Judas, and among the children of Israel that fought they faluted one another peaceably. peace with them :

Howbeit the enemies were prepared to 14 For said they, One that is a priest take away Judas by violence. of the feed of Aaron is come with this 30 Which thing after it was known army, and he will do us no wrong.

* K


Unters Judas and his host be now deliver N the Romans, that they were mighty


Apocryphas to Judas, to wit, that he came unto him, and closed them in; so that they, turning with deceit, he was fore afraid of him, back upon them that pursued them, were and would see his face no more.

all Rain with the sword, and not one of 3i Nicanor also, when he saw that his them was left. counsel was discovered, went out to fight 47 Afterwards they took the spoils, and against Judas beside Capharsalama : the prey, and smote off Nicanor's head,

32 Where there were sain of Nicanor's and his right hand which he stretched out fide about five thousand men, and the rest fo proudly, and brought them away, and fied into the city of David.

hanged them up towards Jerufalem. 33 After this went Nicanor up to 48 For this cause the people rejoiced mount Sion, and there came out of the greatly, and they kept that day a day of sanctuary certain of the priests and cer- great gladnefs. tain of the elders of the people, to fa 49 Moreover theyordained to keep yearlute him peaceably, and to Mew him ly this day, being the thirteenth of Adar. the burnt-facrifice that was offered for 50 Thus the land of Juda was in rest the king.

a little while. 34 But he mocked them, and laughed

CHAP. VIII. at them, and abused them shamefully, | 1 Judas is informed of the power and policy and spake proudly,

of the Romans, 20 and maketh a league 35 And fware in his wrath, faying, with them.

Judas ed into my hands, if ever I come again in safety, I will bum up this house : and and valiant men, and such as would with that he went but in a great rage. lovingly accept all that joined themselves

36 Then the priests entered in, and unto them, and make a league of amity stood before the altar and the temple, with all that came unto them; weeping, and saying,

2 And that they were men of great 37 Thou, O Lord, didst choofethis house valour. It was told him also of their to be called by thy name, and to be a wars and noble acts which they had done house of prayer and petition forthypeople: among the Galatians, and how they had

38 Be avenged of this man and his hoft, conquered them, and brought them unand let them fall by the sword: remem der tribute ; ber their blafphemies, and suffer them 3 And what they had done in the counnot to continue any longer.

try of Spain, for the winning of the mines 39 So Nicanor went out to Jerusalem, of the silver and gold which is there; and pitched his tents in Bethhoron, 4 And that by their policy and patience where an host out of Syria met him. they had conquered all the place, though

40 But Judas pitched in Adafa with it were very far from them; and the three thousand men, and there he pray- | kings also that came against them from ed, saying,

the uttermost part of the earth, till they 41 O Lord, when they that were fent had discomfited them, and given them a from the king of the Assyrians blaf- great overthrow, so that the rest did phemed, thine angel went out, and smote give them tribute every year : an hundred fourscore and five thousand 5 Beside this, how they had discomof them.

fited in battle Philip, and Perseus, king 42 Even so destroy thou this host be- of the Citims, with others that lifted up fore us this day, that the rest may know themselves against them, and had overthat he hath spoken blasphemously a come them; gainst thy fanctuary, and judge thou him 6 How alfo Antiochus the great king according to his wickedness.

of Asia, that came against them in bat43 So the thirteenth day of the month tle, having an hundred and twenty ele. Adar the hosts joined battle? but Ni- phants, with horsemen, and chariots, and canor's hoft was discomfited, and he a very great army, was discomfited by himself was firft slain in the battle.

them ; 44. Now when Nicanor's host saw that 7 And how they took him alive, and he was Nain, they cast away their wea covenanted that he and such as reigned pons, and fled.

after him should pay a great tribute, 45 Then they pursued after them a and give hostages, and that which was day's journey, from Adasa unto Gazera, agreed upon, founding an alarm after them with their 8 And the country of India, and Metrumpets.

dia, and Lydia, and of the goodliest 46 Whereupon they came forth out countries, which they took of him, and of all the towns of Judea round about, I gave to king Eumenes :


9 Moreover

Apocrypha. .

Chap. ix.

Apocrypha. 9 Moreover how the Grecians had 23 Good success be to the Romans, and Hetermined to come and destroy them; to the people of the Jews, by sea and

10 And that they, having knowledge by land for ever : the sword also and thereof, fent against them a certain cap- enemy be far from them. tain, and fighting with them New many 24. If there come first any war upon of them, and carried away captives their the Romans or any of their confederates wives and their children, and spoiled throughout all their dominion, them, and took possession of their lands, 25 The people of the Jews shall help and pulled down their strong holds, and them, as the time Mall be appointed, brought them to be their servants unto with all their heart : this day.

26 Neither shall they give any thing 11 It was told him besides, how they unto them that make war upon them, destroyed and brought under their domi- or aid them with victuals, weapons, monion all other kingdoms and isles that ney, or ships, as it hath seemed good unat any time resisted them ;

to the Romans; but they shall keep 12 But with their friends and such as their covenants without taking any thing relied upon them they kept amity: and therefore. that they had conquered kingdoms both 27 In the same manner also, if war far and nigh, insomuch as all that heard come first upon the nation of the Jews, of their name were afraid of them : the Romans Thall help them with all their

13 Also that, whom they would help heart, according as the time shall be apto a kingdom, those reign; and whom pointed them : again they would, they displace; finally, 28 Neither Mall victuals be given to that they were greatly exalted :

them that take part against them, or 14 Yet for all this none of them wore weapons, or money, or ships, as it hath a crown, or was clothed in purple, to be seemed good to the Romans; but they magnified thereby :

shall keep their covenants, and that with15 Moreover how they had made for out deceit. themselves a senate house, wherein three 29 According to these articles did the hundred and twenty men sat in council Romans make a covenant with the peodaily, consulting alway for the people, ple of the Jews. to the end they might be well ordered : 30 Howbeit if hereafter the one party

16 And that they committed their go- or the other shall think meet to add or vernment to one man every year, who diminish any thing, they may do it at ruled over all their country, and that all their pleasures, and whatsoever they shall were obedient to that one, and that there add or take away shall be ratified. was neither envy nor emulation among 31. And as touching the evils that Dethem.

metrius doeth to the Jews, we have 17 In consideration of these things, Ju- written unto him, saying, Wherefore das choíe Eupolemus the son of John, the haft thou made thy yoke heavy upon our Son of Accos, and Jason the son of Eleazar, friends and confederates the Jews? and sent them to Rome, to make a league 32 If therefore they complain any more of amity and confederacy with them, against thee, we will do them justice, and

18 And to intreat them that they would fight with thee by sea and by land. take the yoke from them; for they saw

CHAP. IX. that the kingdom of the Grecians did 1 Alcimus and Bacchides come again with oppress Israel with servitude.

new forces into Yudea : 7 the army of 19. They went therefore to Rome, Fudas flee from him, 17 and he is sain. which was a very great journey, and 30 Yonathan is in his place. came into the fenate, where they spake Fheard that Nicanor and his hoft were

URTHERMORE when Demetrius and said,

201 Judas Maccabeus with his brethren, Nain in battle, he sent Bacchides and Aland the people of the Jews, have sent cimus into the land of Judea the second us unto you, to make a confederacy and time, and with them the chief ítrength peace with you, and that we might be of his host : registered your confederates and friends. 2 Who went forth by the way that

21 So that matter pleased the Romans leadeth to Galgala, and pitched their well.

tents before Mafaloth, which is in Ar22 And this is the copy of the epifle bela, and after they had won it, they which the senate wrote back again in New much people. tables of brass, and sent to Jerusalem, 3. Also the first month of the hundred that there they might have by them a fifty and second year they encamped bememorial of peace and confederacy:

fore Jerusalem ;

* K 2

4 From


Apocrypha. 4 From whence they removed, and went | 20 Moreover they bewailed him, and to Berea, with twenty thousand footmen | all Israel made great lamentation for him, and two thousand horsemen.

and mourned many days, saying, 5 Now Judas had pitched his tents at 21 How is the valiant man fallen, that Eleasa, and three thousand chosen men delivered Ifrael ! with him :

22 As for the other things concerning 6 Who seeing the multitude of the other | Judas and his wars, and the noble acts army to be so great were fore afraid ; | which he did, and his greatness, they are whcreupon many conveyed themselves not written: for they were very many, out of the host, insomuch as there abode 23 | Now after the death of Judas of them no inore but eight hundred men. the wicked began to put forth their heads

7 When Judas therefore saw that his in all the coasts of Israel, and there arose hoft slipt away, and that the battle pressed up all such as wrought iniquity. upon him, he was sore troubled in mind, 24 In those days also was there a very and much distressed, for that he had no great famine, by reason whereof the time to gather them together.

country revolted, and went with them. 8 Nevertheless unto them that remain 25 Then Bacchides chose the wicked ed he said, Let us arise and go up against men, and made them lords of the our enemies, if peradventure we may be country. able to fight with them.

26 And they made enquiry and search 9. But they dehorted him, saying, We for Judas' friends, and brought them Shall never be able: let us now rather unto Bacchides, who took vengeance of fave our lives, and hereafter we will re- them, and used them despitefully. turn with our bretliren, and fight against 27 So was there a great amiction in them: for we are but few.

Ifrael, the like whereof was not since the 10 Then Judas said, God forbid that I time that a prophet was not seen among Thould do this thing, and fee away from them. them : if our time be come, let us die 28 For this cause all Judas' friends manfully for our brethren, and let us not came together, and faid unto Jonathan, Itain our honour.

29 Since thy brother Judas died, we II With that the host of Bacchides re- I have no man like him to go forth against moved out of their tents, and stood over our enemies, and Bacchides, and against against them, their horsemen being divid- them of our nation that are adversaries ed into two troops, and their slingers and to us. archers going before the host, and they 30 | Now therefore we have chofer that marched in the foreward were all thee this day to be our prince and capmighty men.

tain in his stead, that thou mayest fight 12 As for Bacchides, he was in the right our battles. wing : so the host drew near on the two 31 Upon this Jonathan took the goparts, and founded their trumpets. vernance upon him at that time, and

13 They also of Judas' fide, even they role up instead of his brother Judas. founded their trumpets also, so that the 32 But when Bacchides gat knowledge earth shook at the noise of the armies, thereof, he thought for to llay him. and the battle continued from morning 33 Then Jonathan, and Simon his brotill night.

ther, and all that were with him, per14 Now when Judas perceived that ceiving that, sed into the wilderness of Bacchides and the strength of his army Thecoe, and pitched their tents by the vere on the right side, he took with him water of the pool Asphar. all the hardy men,

34 Which when Bacchides understood, 15 Who ditcomfited the right wing, and he came near to Jordan with all his host pursued them unto the mount Azotus. upon the sabbath day.

16 But when they of the left wing saw 35 Now Jonathan had sent his brother that they of the right wing were dif- John, a captain of the people, to pray comfited, they followed upon Judas and his friends the Nabathites, that they those that were with him hard at the might leave with them their carriage, heels from behind :

which was much. 17 Whereupon there was a sore battle, 36 But the children of Jambri came insomuch as many were slain on both out of Medaba, and took John, and all parts.

that he had, and went their way with it. 18 Judas also was killed, and the rem 37 After this came word to Jonathan nant fled.

and Simon his brother, that the chil19 Then Jonathan and Simon took dren of Jambri made a great marriage, Judas their brother, and buried him in and were bringing the bride from Nathe fepulchure of his fathers in Modin.


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