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Chap. xiv.

Apocrypha. 3 Who went and finote the host of De 21 The ambassadors that were fent unmetrius, and took him, and brought him to our people certified us of your glory to Arsaces, by whom he was put in ward. and honour: wherefore we are glad of

4. As for the land of Judea, that was their coming, quiet all the days of Simon, for he fought 22 And did register the things that they the good of his nation in such wise, as spake in the council of the people in this that evermore his authority and honour manner, Numenius son of Antiochus, and pleased them well.

Antipater son of Jason, the Jews'ambasa5 And as he was honourable in all his dors, came unto us to renew the friendacts, so in this, that he took Joppe for an fhip they had with us. haven, and made an entrance to the isles 23 And it pleased the people to enof the sea,

tertain the men honourably, and to put 6 And enlarged the bounds of his na- | the copy of their ambassage in publick tion, and recovered the country,

records, to the end the people of the 7 And gathered together a great num- Lacedemonians might have a memorial ber of captives, and had the dominion of thereof: furthermore we have written Gazara, and Bethsura, and the tower, out a copy thereof unto Simon the high of the which he took all uncleanness, nei- priest. ther was there any that resisted him. 24. After this Simon sent Numenius to

8 Then did they till their ground in Rome with a great shield of gold of a peace, and the earth gave her increase, thousand pound weight, to confirm the and the trees of the field their fruit. league with them.

9 The ancient men fat all in the streets, 25 Whereof when the people heard, communing together of good things, and they said, What thanks shall we give to the young men put on glorious and war. Simon and his sons ? like apparel.

26 | For he and his brethren and the 10 He provided victuals for the cities, house of his father have established Ifrael, and set in them all manner of munition, and chased away in fight their enemies so that his honourable name was renown- from them, and confirmed their liberty. ed unto the end of the world.

27 So then they wrote it in the tables 11 He made peace in the land, and of brass, which they set upon pillars in Israel rejoiced with great joy :

mount Sion; and this is the copy of the 12 For every man sat under his vine, writing; The eighteenth day of the month and his fig tree, and there was none to Elul, in the hundred threescore and fray them :

twelfth year, being the third year of Si13 Neither was there any left in the land mon the high priest, to fight against them: yea, the kings them

28 At Saramel in the great congregafelves were overthrown in those days. tion of the priests, and people, and rulers

14 Moreover he strengthened all those of of the nation, and elders of the country, his people that were brought low: the law were these things notified unto us. he searched out; and every contemner of 29 Porasmuch as oftentimes there have the law and wicked person he took away. been wars in the country, wherein for

15 He beautified the sanctuary, and the maintenance of their sanctuary, and multiplied the vessels of the temple. the law, Simon the son of Mattathias, of

16 Now when it was heard at Rome, the posterity of Jarib, together with his and as far as Sparta, that Jonathan was brethren, put themselves in jeopardy, and dead, they were very sorry:

resisting the enemies of their nation did 77 But as soon as they heard that his their nation great honour: brother Simon was made high priest in 30 (For after that Jonathan, having gahis stead, and ruled the country, and the thered his nation together, and been their cities therein :

high priest, was added to his people, 18 They wrote unto him in tables of 31 Their enemies purposed to invade brass, to renew the friendfip and league their country, that they might destroy it, which they had made with Judas and Jo- and lay hands on the sanctuary : nathan his brethren :

32 At which time Simon rose up, and 19 Which writings were read before fought for his nation, and spent much of the congregation at Jerusalem.

his own substance, and armed the valiant 20 And this is the copy of the letters men of his nation, and gave them wages, that the Lacedemonians fent; The rulers 33 And fortified the cities of Judea, of the Lacedemonians, with the city, unto together with Bethsura, that lieth upon Simon the high priest, and the elders, and the borders of Judea, where the armour priests, and residue of the people of the of the enemies had been before; but he Jews, our brethren, send greeting ; set a garrison of Jews there :

34 Moreover


Apocrypha 34 Moreover he fortified Joppe, which was well pleased to be high priest, and lieth upon the sea, and Gazara, that bor- captain'and governor of the Jews and dereth upon Azotus, where the enemies priests, and to defend them all. had dwelt before : but he placed Jews 48 So they commanded that this writthere, and furnished them with all things ing Mould be put in tables of brass, and convenient for the reparation thereof.) that they should be set up within the

35 The people therefore, seeing the acts compass of the fanctuary in a conspicuof Simon, and unto what glory he thought ous place; to bring his nation, made him their go 49 Also that the copies thereof should vernor and chief priest, because he had be laid up in the treasury, to the end that done all these things, and for the justice Simon and his sons might have them. and faith which he kept to his nation,

CHAP. XV. and for that he fought by all means to 4 Antiochus desireth leave to pass through exalt his people.

Yudea, and granteth great honours to the 36 For in his time things prospered in Jews : 27 he quarrelleth with Simon, 38 his hands, so that the heathen were taken and sendeth some to annoy Judea. ouette fint fier country band they callion that MOREOVER Antiochus Son of Des who had made themselves a tower, ont of the isles of the sea unto Simon the priest which they issued, and polluted all about and prince of the Jews, and to all the the fanctuary, and did much hurt in the people ; holy place:

2 The contents whereof were there : 37 But he placed Jews therein, and King Antiochus to Simon the high priest fortified it for the safety of the country and prince of his nation, and to the peoand the city, and raised up the walls of ple of the Jews, greeting : Jerusalem.

3 Forasmuch as certain pestilent men 38 King Demetrius also confirmed him have usurped the kingdom of our fathers, in the high priesthood according to those and my purpose is to challenge it again, things,

that I may restore it to the old estate, 39 And made him one of his friends, and ard to that end have gathered a multitude honoured him with great honour. of foreign foldiers together, and prepared

40 For he had heard say, that the Ro- thips of war; mans had called the Jews their friends 4 My meaning also being to go through and confederates and brethren ; and that the country, that I may be avenged of they had entertained the amballadors of them that have destroyed it, and made Simon honourably ;

many cities in the kingdom defolate: 41 Ilfo that the Jews and priests were 5 Now therefore I confirm unto thee well pleased that Simon should be their all the oblations which the kings before governor and high pries for ever, until me granted thee, and whatfoever gifts ihere should arile a faithful prophet; besides they granted.

42 Moreover that he should be their 16 1 give thee leare also to coin money captain, and thould take charge of the for thy country with thine own itamp. fanctuary, to set them over their works, 7 And as concerning Jerusalem and the and over the country, and over the ar- fanctuary, let them be free; and all the armour, and over the fortrefles, that, I sug', mour that thou hast made, and fortreffes he thould take charge of the sanctuary ; that thou hast built, and keepest in thine

43 Beside this, that he should be obey- hands, let them remain unto three. ed of every man, and that all the writ 8 And if any thing be, or hall be, ings in the country should be made in owing to the king, let it be forgiven thee liis name, and that he Mould be clothed from this time forth and evermore. in purple, and wear gold :

9 Furthermore, when we have obtained 44 Also that it should be lawful for our kingdom, we will honour thee, and none of the people or priests to break any thy nation, and thy temple, with great of these things, or to gainsay his words, honour, so that your honour fhall be or to gather an assembly in the country | known throughout the world. without him, or to be clothed in purple, 10 In the hundred threescore and fouror wear a buckle of gold:

teenth year went Antiochus into the land 45 And whosoever fhould do otherwise, of his fathers: at which time all the forces or break any of these things, he thould cametogether unto him, so that few were be punished.

left with Tryphon. 46 Thus it liked all the people to deal 11 Wherefore being pursued by king with Simon, and to do as hath been faid. Antiochus, he fed into Dora, which licih

47 Then Simon accepted hereof, and + by the fea-lide :

29 T


Chap. xv.

Apocrypha. 12. For he saw that troubles came up-, thenobius, one of his friends, to comon him all at once, and that his forces mune with him, and say, Ye withhold had forsaken him.

Joppe and Gazara, with the tower that 13 Then camped Antiochus against is in Jerusalem, which are cities of my Dora, having with him an hundred and realm. twenty thousand men of war, and eight

borders thereof ye have wastthousand horsemen.

ed, and done great hurt in the land, 14 And when he had compassed the and got the dominion of many places city round about, and joined ships close within my kingdom. to the town on the sea side, he vexed the 30 Now therefore deliver the cities city by land and by sea, neither suffered which ye have taken, and the tributes of he any to go out or in.

the places, whereof ye have gotten do15 In the mean season came Nume- minion without the borders of Judea: nius and his company from Rome, hav 31 Or else give me for them five huning letters to the kings and countries; dred talents of silver; and for the harm wherein were written these things :


ye have done, and the tributes of 16 Lucius, consul of the Romans unto the places, other five hundred talents: if king Ptolemee, greeting :

not, we will come and fight against you. 17 The Jews' ambassadors, our friends 32 So Athenobius the king's friend and confederates, came unto us to re came to Jerusalem, and when he saw new the old friendship and league, being the glory of Simon, and the cupboard of fent from Simon the high priest, and from gold and silver plate, and his great atthe people of the Jews :

tendance, he was astonished, and told 18 And they brought a fhield of gold | him the king's message. of a thousand pound.

33 Then answered Simon, and said un19 We thought it good therefore to to him, We have neither taken other write unto the kings and countries, that men’s land, nor holden that which apperthey should do them no harm, nor fight taineth to others, but the inheritance of against them, their cities, or countries, our fathers, which our enemies had nor yet aid their enemies against them. wrongfully in possession a certain time.

20 It seemed also good to us to receive 34 Wherefore we, having opportunity, the ihield of thein.

hold the inheritance of our fathers. 21 If therefore there be any pestilent 35 And whereas thou demandest Joppe fellows, that have fled from their country and Gazara, albeit they did great harm unto you, deliver them unto Simon the unto the people in our country, yet will high priest, that he may punish them ac we give an hundred talents for them. cording to their own law.

Hereunto Athenobius answered him not 22 The same things wrote he likewise a word; unto Demetrius the king, and Attalus, 36 But returned in a rag'e to the king, to Ariarathes, and Arfaces,

and made a report unto him of these 23. And to all the countries, and to speeches, and of the glory of Simon, and Sampsames, and the Lacedemonians, and of all that he had seen: whereupon the to Delus, and Myndus, and Sicyon, and king was exceeding wroth. Caria, and Samos, and Painphylia, and 37 In the mean time lied Tryphon bý Lycia, and Halicarnassus, and Rhodus, ship unto Orthosias. and Phaselis, and Cos, and Side, and 38 Then the king made Cendebeus Aradus, and Gortyna, and Cnidus, and captain of the sea coast, and gave him Cyprus, and Cyrene.

and host of footmen and horsemen, 24 And the copy hereof they wrote to 39 And commanded him to remove Simon the high priest.

his host towards Judea : also he com25 So Antiochus the king camped a- manded him to build up Cedron, and to gainft Dora the second day, aflaulting it fortify the gates, and to war against the continually, and making engines, by people; but as for the king himself, he which means he shut up Tryphon, that pursued Tryphon, he could neither go out nor in.

40 So Cendebeus came to Jamni, and 26 At that time Simon sent him two began to provoke the people, and to inthousand chosen men to aid him ; silver vade Judea, and to take the people prialso, and gold, and much armour. soners, and say theni.

27 Nevertheless he would not receive 41 And when he had built rip Cedron, them, but brake all the covenants which he fet horsemen there, and an host of he had inade with him afore, and became footmen, to the end that ifluing out they strange unto him.

might make outroads upon the ways of 28 Furtherinore he sent unto him A- Judea, as the king had commanded hiin.

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12 For he was the high priest's son in 3 Fudas and Fon prevail again the forces law. Vent by Antiochiis. 11 Simon and two of 13 Wherefore his heart being lifted his fons treacherously murdered. up, he thought to get the country to THEN came up John from Gazara, liimself, and thereupon confulted deceit

and told Simon his father what fully against Simon and his sons to deCendebeus had done.

stroy them. 2 Wherefore Simon called his two el. 14 Now Simon was visiting the cities del fons, Judas and John, and said unto that were in the country, and taking care them, I, and my brethren, and my fa- for the good ordering of them ; at which ther's house, have ever from our youth tiine he came down himself to Jericho unto this day fought against the enemies with his fons, Mattathias and Judas, in the of Israel : and things have prosperered so hundred threescore and seventeenth year, well in our hands, that we have delivered in the eleventh month called Sabat: Trael oftentimes.

15 Where the jon of Abubus receiving 3 [ But now I am old, and ye, by God's them deceitfully into a little hold, called mercy, are of a sufficient age : be ye in- Docus, which he had built, made them tead of me and my brother, and go and a great banquet : howbeit he had hid fight for our nation, and the help from men there. heaven be with you.

16 So when Simon and his fons had 4 So he chofe out of the country twen- drunk largely, Ptolemee and his men ty thousand inen of war with horsemen, rose up, and took their weapons, and who went out against Cendebeus, and came upon Simon into the banquetingrested that night at Modin.

place, and new him, and his two sons, 5 And when as they role in the morn- and certain of his fervants. ing, and went into the plain, behold, a 17 In which doing he committed a mighty great hoft both of footmen and great treachery, and recoinpenfed evil for hortemen came against them: howbeit good. chere was a waterbrook betwixt them. 18 Then Ptolemee wrote these things,

6. So he and his people pitched over and sent to the king, that he should against them : and when he saw that the fend him an host to aid him, and he people were afraid to go over the water would deliver him the country and cibrook, he went first over himself, and ties. then the men seeing him pafled through 19 He sent others alfo to Gazara to after him.

kill John: and unto the tribunes lie 7. That done, he divided his men, and sent letters to come unto him, that he set the horsemen in the midst of the foot- might give them filver, and gold, and men : for the enemies' horfemen were rewards. very many:

20 And others he sent to take Jeru. 8 Then founded they with the holy falem, and the mountain of the temtrumpets: whereupon Cendebeus and his ple. hort were put to flight, so that many of 21 Now one had run afore to Gazara, them were blain, and the remnant gat and told John that his father and brethren them to the strong hold.

were Nain, and, quoth he, Ptolemee hath 9. At that time was Judas John's bro- fent to ļlay thee alfo. ther wounded ; but John still followed -22 Hereof when he heard, he was sore after them, until he came to Cedron, astonished: so he laid hands on them that which Cendebeus had built.

were come to destroy him, and flew 10 So they fled even unto the towers them ; for he knew that they fought to in the fields of. Azotus; wherefore he make him away. burned it with fire : fo that there were 23 As concerning the rest of the acts flain of them about two thousand men. of John, and his wars, and worthy deeds Afterward he returned into the land of which he did, and the building of the Judea in peace.

walls which he made, and his doings, II [ Moreover in the plain of Jericho 24 Behold, these are written in the was Ptolemeus the fon of Abubus made chronicles of his priesthood, from the captain, and he had abundance of silver time he was made high priest after his and gold

· father,




temple, they shut the temple as soon as Aletter of the Jews from Jerusalem to them Antiochus was come in :

of Egypt, to thank God for the death of 16 And opening a privy door of the Antiochus.

roof, they threw stones like thunderbolts, THE brethren, the Jews that be at and struck down the captain, hewed them

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dea, with unto the brethren, the Jews | them to those that were without.
that are throughout Egypt, health and 17 Blessed be our God in all things,
peace :

who hath delivered up the ungodly.
2 God be gracious unto you, and re 18 Therefore whereas we now
member his covenant that he made with purposed to keep the purification of the
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, his faithiul temple upon the five and twentieth day

of the month Caleu, we thought it ne3 And give you all an heart to serve | cessary to certify you thereof, that ye him, and to do his will, with a good cou- | allo might keep it, as the feast of the rage and a willing mind;

tabernacles, and of the fire, which was 4 And open your hearts in his law and given us when Neemias offered sacrificé, commandments, and send you peace, after that he had builded the temple and

5 And hear your prayers, and be at the altar. one with you, and never forsake you in 19 For when our fathers were led into time of trouble.

Persia, the priests that were then devout 6 And now we he here praying for took the fire of the altar privily, and hid you.

it in a hollow place of a pit without wa7 What time as Demetrius reigned, in ter, where they kept it sure, so that the the hundred threescore and ninth year, place was unknown to all men. we the Jews wrote unto you in the ex 20 Now after many years, when it tremity of trouble that came upon us in pleased God, Neemias, being sent from those years, from the time that J'or and the king of Persia, did send of the pohis company revolted from the ho , land ferity of those priests that had hid it to and kingdom,

the fire: but when they told us they 8 And burned the perci, and shed in- found no fre, but thick water; nocent blocd : then we prayed unto the 21 Then commanded he them to draw Lord, and were heard ; we offered also it up, and to bring it; and when the sacrifies and fine four, and lighted the facrifices were laid on, Neemias comlamps, and set forth the loaves.

manded the priests to sprinkle the wood 9 And now see that ye keep the feast of and the things laid thereupon with the tabernacles in the month Calleu.

10 In the hundred fourscore and eighth 22 When this was done, and the time year, the people that were at Jerusalem came that the sun shone, which afore and in Judea, and the council, and ju- was hid in the cloud, there was a great das, sent greeting and health to Arif- fire kindled, so that every man marvelled. tobulus, king Ptoltmeus' master, who 23 And the priests made a prayer was of the stock of the anointed priests, whilst the sacrifice was confuning, 1. jay, and to the Jews that were in Egypt: both the priests, and all the rest, Jona

11 Insomuch as God hath delivered us than beginning, and the rest answering from great perils, we thank him highly, thereunto, as Neemias did. as having been in battle against a king. 24 And the prayer was after this man.

12 For he cast them out that fought ner; O Lord, Lord God, Creator of all within the holy city,

things, who art fearful and strong, and 13 For when the leader was come into righteous, and merciful, and the only and Persia, and the army with him that seem- gracious King, ed invincible, they were pain in the tem 25 The only giver of all things, the ple of Nanea by the deceit of Nanea's only just, almighty, and everlasting, thou priests.

that deliverest Israel from all trouble, 14 For Antiochus, as though he would and clidst choose the fathers, and fanctify marry her, came into the place, and his them: friends that were with him, to receive 26 Receive the sacrifice for thy whole money in name of a dowry.

people lsrael, and preserve thine own 15 Which when the priests of Nanea portion, and fanctify it. had set forth, and he was entered with 27 Gather those to ether that are a small company into the compals of the scattered from us, deliver them that



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