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Free gifts for the tabernacle. EXODUS. The readiness of the people to offer. willing heart, let him bring it, an offer- offering: and every man,

with whom was ing of the LORD; gold, and silver, and found thittim wood for any work of the brass,

service, brought it. 6 And blue, and purple, and scarlet, 25 And all the women that were wise and fine linen, and goats' hair,

hearted did spin with their hands, and 7 And rams' skins dyed red, and bad- brought that which they had spun, both gers' skins, and shittim wood,

of blue, and of purple, and of scarlet, 8 And ol for the light, and spices for and of fine linen. anointing oil, and for sweet incense, 26 And all the women whose heart stir

9 And onyx stones, and stones to be set red them up in wisdom spun goats' hair. for the ephod, and for the breastplate. 27 And the rulers brought onyx stones,

10 And every wife hearted among you and stones to be set, for the ephod, and Mall come, and make all that the Lord for the breastplate; hath commanded;

28 And spice, and oil for the light, 11 The tabernacle, his tent, and his and for the anointing oil, and for the covering, his taches, and his boards, his sweet incense. bars, his pillars, and his sockets,

29 The children of Israel brought a 12 The ark, and the staves thereof, willing offering unto the Lord, every with the mercy seat, and the vail of the man and woman, whose heart made them covering,

willing to bring for all manner of work, 13 The table, and his staves, and all his which the Lord had commanded to be vefsels, and the few bread,

made by the hand of Moses. 14 The candlestick also for the light, 30 And Moses said unto the children and his furniture, and his lamps, with of Israel, See, the Lord hath called by the oil for the light,

name Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son of 15 And the incense altar, and his staves, Hur, of the tribe of Judah ; and the anointing oil, and the sweet in 31 And he hath filled him with the cense, and the hanging for the door at spirit of God, in wisdom, in understand. the entering in of the tabernacle, ing, and in knowledge, and in all man

16 The altar of burnt offering, with his ner of workmanship; brasen grate, his staves, and all his vef 32 And to devise curious works, to sels, the laver and his foot,

work in gold, and in silver, and in brass, 17 The hangings of the court, his pil 33 And in the cutting of stones, to set lars, and their sockets, and the hanging them, and in carving of wood, to make for the door of the court,

any manner of cunning work. 18 The pins of the tabernacle, and the 34 And he hath put in his heart that pins of the court, and their cords, he may teach, both he, and Aholiab, the

19 The cloths of service, to do service for of Ahifamach, of the tribe of Dan. in the holy place, the holy garments for 35 Them bath he filled with wisdom Aaron the priest, and the garments of his of heart, to work all manner of work, of sons, to minister in the priest's office. the engraver, and of the cunning works

20 4 And all the congregation of the man, and of the embroiderer, in blue, children of Israel departed from the pre- and in purple, in scarlet, and in fine linen, sence of Moses.

and of the weaver, even of them that do 21 And they came, every one whose any work, and of those that devise cun. heart stirred him up, and every one ning work. whom his fpirit made willing, and they

CHAP. XXXVI. brought the Lord's offering to the work 1 The offerings delivered to the workmen. of the tabernacle of the congregation, 5 The liberality of the people restrained. and for all his service, and for the holy HEN wrought Rezaleel and Aholiab, garments,

and every wise hearted man, in 22 And they came, both men and wo- whom the Lord put wisdom and undermen, as many as were willing hearted, Nanding to know how to work all man, and brought bracelets, and earrings, and ner of work for the service of the fancturings, and tablets, all jewels of gold : ary, according to all that the Lord had and every man that offered offered an commanded. offering of gold unto the Lord.

2 And Mofes called Bezaleel and Aho. 23 And every man, with whom was liab, and every wife hearted man, in found blue, and purple, and scarlet, and whose heart the Lord had put wisdom, fine linen, and goats' hair, and red lkins of even every one whose heart stirred him rams, and badgers’lkins, brought them. up to come unto the work to do it:

24 Every one that did offer an offering 3 And they received of Moses all the of silver and brass brought the LORD's offering, which the children of Israel had


The people's liberality restrained. Chap. xxxvi. The ciirteitig bearils, Sr. brought for the work of the service of 19 And he made a covering for the the fanctuary, to make it withal. And tent of rans’lkins dyed red, and a coverthey brought yet unto him free offerings ing of badgers' skins above that. every morning.

20 And he made boards for the taber. 4 And all the wise men, that wrought nacle of thittiin wood, tanding up. all the work of the fanduary, came every 21 The length of a board was ten cue man from his work which they made; bits, and the breadth of a board one cu

5 And they spake unto Mofes, fay- bit and a half. ing, The people bring much more than 22 One board had two tenons, equally enough for the service of the work, which distant one from another: thus did he the LORD commanded to make.

make for all the boards of the tabernacle. 6 And Mofes gave commandment, and 23 And he made boards for the taberthey caused it to be proclaimed through- nacle ; tiventy boards for the south side out the camp, faying, Let neither man fouthward : nor woman make any more work for the 24 And forty fockets of Glver he made offering of the fanctuary. So the people under the twenty boards; two fockets were restrained from bringing.

under one board for his two tenons, and 7 For the stuff they had was fufficient two fockets under another board for his for all the work to make it, and too much. two tenons.

8 And every wise hearted man among 25 And for the other side of the taberthem that wrought the work of the taber- nacle, which is toward the north corner, nacle made ten curtains of fine twined he made twenty boards, linen, and blue, and purple, and scarlet : 26 And their forty sockets of silver ; with cherubims of cunning work made two fockets under one board, and two he them.

fockets under another board. 9 The length of one curtain quas twen 27 And for the fides of the tabernacle ty and eight cubits, and the breadth of westward he made fix boards. one curtain four cubits; the curtains 28 And two boards made he for the cor. suere all of one fize.

ners of the tabernacle in the two lides, 10 And he coupled the five curtains 29 And they were coupled beneath, one unto another: and the other five cur- and coupled together at the head thereof, tains he coupled one unto another. to one ring: thus he did to both of them

11 And he made loops of blue on the in both the corners. edge of one curtain from the felvedge 30 And there were eight boards; and in the coupling : likewise he made in the their suckets were fixteen fockets of til. uttermost side of another curtain, in the ver, under every board two lockets. coupling of the second.

31 And he made bars of thittim wood; 12 Fifty loops made he in one curtain, five for the boards of the one side of the and fifty loops made he in the edge of tabernacle, the curtain which was in the coupling of 32 And five bars for the boards of the the fecond: the loops held one curtain to other side of the tabernacle, and five bars another.

for the boards of the tabernacle for the 13 And he made fifty taches of gold, fides westward. and coupled the curtains one unto ano 33 And he made the middle bar to ther with the taches: fo it became one shoot through the herds from the one tabernacle.

end to the other. 14 And he made curtains of gcats' 34 And he overlaid the boarels with bair for the tent over the tabernacle : gold, and made their rings of gold to be eleven curtains he made them.

places for the bars, and overlaid the bars 15 The length of one curtain was thir- with gold. ty cubits, and four cubits was the breadth 35 And he made a vail of blue, and of one curtain; the eleven curtains cuere purple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen: of one size.

with cherubims inade he it of cunning 16 And he coupled five curtains by work. themselves, and fix curtains by them 36 And he made thereunto four pillars felves.

of Ihittim wood, and overlaid them with 17 And be made fifty loops upon the gold: their hooks were of gold; and he uttermoft edge of the curtain in the cast for them four fockets of silver. coupling, and fifty loops made he upon 37 And he made an hanging for the ta. the edge of the curtain which coupleth bernacle door of blue,and purple,and scarthe second.

let, and fine twined linen, of needle worki 18 And he made fifty taches of brafs 38 And the five pillars of it with their to couple the tent together, that it might hooks; and he overlaid their chapiters be one,



The ark, mercy seat, table, Sc. EXODUS. The candlestick and altar of incenso. and their fillets with gold : but their five pure gold: of heaten work made he the Tockets were of brass.

candlestick; his fhaft, and his branch, CHAP. XXXVII.

his bowls, his knops, and his flowers, I The ark, 6 the mercy feat with cheru- were of the fame:

bims, 10 the table, 17 the candlestick, 18 And fix branches going out of the 25 and altar of incense.

sides thereof; three branches of the canAT

ND Bezalecl made the ark of Ihittim dlestick out of the one side thereof, and

wood: two cubits and a half avas three branches of the candlestick out of the length of it, and a cubit and a half the other side thereof: the breadth of it, and a cubit and a half 19 Three bowls made after the fashion the height of it:

of almonds in one branch, a knop and a 2 And he overlaid it with pure gold flower; and three bowls made like alwithin and without, and made a crown monds in another branch, a knop and a of gold to it round about.

flower: so throughout the fix branches 3 And he cast for it four rings of gold, going out of the candlestick. to be set by the four corners of it; even 20 And in the candlestick were four two rings upon the one side of it, and bowls made like almonds, his knops, and two rings upon the other side of it. his flowers :

4 And he made staves of Ihittim wood, 21 And a knop under two branches of and overlaid them with gold.

the same, and a knop under two branches 5 And he put the staves into the rings of the same, and a knop under two by the sides of the ark, to bear the ark. branches of the same, according to the

6 1 And he made the mercy seat of fix branches going out of it. pure gold: two cubits and a half was 22 Their knops and their branches the length thereof, and one cubit and a were of the fame: all of it was one half the breadth thereof.

beaten work of pure gold. 7 And he made two cherubims of gold, 23 And he made his seven lamps,and his beaten out of one piece made he them, snuffers, and his snuffdishes, of pure gold. on the two ends of the mercy seat ; 24 Of a talent of pure gold made he it,

8 One cherub on the end on this side, and all the vessels thereof. and another cherub on the other end on 25 | And he made the incense altar of that fide: out of the mercy feat made he shitiim wood : the length of it was a cuthe cherubims on the two ends thereof. bit, and the breadth of it a cubit; it

9 And the cherubims spread out their was foursquare; and two cubits was wings on high, and covered with their the height of it; the horns thereof were wings over the mercy seat, with their faces of the fame. one to another; even to the mercy feat. 26 And he overlaid it with pure gold, ward were the faces of the cherubims. both the top of it, and the sides thereof

10 | And he made the table of shittim round about, and the horns of it: also wood: two cubits was the length there- he made unto it a crown of gold round of, and a cubit the breadth thereof, and a about. cubit and a halt the height thereof:

27 And he made two rings of gold for 11 And he overlaid it with pure gold, it under the crown thereof, by the two and made thereunto a crown of gold corners of it, upon the two fides thereof, round about.

to be places for the staves to bear it withal. 12 Also he made thereunto a border of 28 And he made the staves of Tittim an hand breadth round about; and made wood, and overlaid them with gold. a crown of gold for the border thereof 29 And he made the holy anointing oil, round about.

and the pure incense of sweet spices, ac13 And he cast for it four rings of gold, cording to the work of the apothecary. and put the rings upon the four corners

CHAP. XXXVIII. that were in the four feet thereof. I The altar of burnt offering, 8 the laver

14. Over against the border were the of brass, 9 and the court. 21 The sum rings, the places for the staves to bear of the offerings. the table. 15. And he made the staves of shittim A fepinbe made the altar of burnt of

fering of thittim wood : five cubits wood, and overlaid them with gold, to was the length thereof, and five cubits bear the table.

the breadth thereof; it was foursquare; 16 And be made the vessels which were and three cubits the height thereof. upon the table, his dises, and his spoons, 2 And he made the horns thereof on and his bowls, and his covers to cover the four corners of it ; the horns thereof withal, of pure gold.

were of the same: and he overlaid it with 179 And he made the candlestick of brass.

The laver of brass, &c. Chap. xxxix.

The sum of the offerings. 3 And he made all the vessels of the land of the court round about, were of altar, the pots, and the shovels, and the brass. balons, and the fleshhooks, and the fire 21 [ This is the sum of the tabernacle, pans : all the vessels thereof made he of even of the tabernacle of testimony, as it brass.

was counted, according to the command4 And he made for the altar a brasen ment of Mofes, for the service of the Legrate of network under the compassthere- vites, by the hand of Ithamar, son to of beneath unto the midst of it.

Aaron the priest. s And he cast four rings for the four 22 And Bezaleel the son of Uri, the son ends of the grate of brass, to be places for of Ilur, of the tribe of Judah, made all the staves.

that the LORD commanded Moses. 6 And he made the staves of fittim 23 And with him was Aholiab, son of wood, and overlaid them with brass. Ahilamach, of the tribe of Dan, an en

17 And he put the staves into the rings graver, and a cunning workman, and an on the fides of the altar, to bear it withal; embroiderer in blue, and in purple, and he made the altar hollow with boards. in scarlet, and fine linen. · 8 And he made the laver of brass, 24 All the gold that was occupied for and the foot of it of brass, of the looking the work in all the work of the holy place, glasses of the women assembling, which even the gold of the offering, was twenty assembled at the door of the tabernacle and nine talents, and seven hundred and of the congregation.

thirty sekels, after the Thekel of the 9 | And he made the court: on the sanctuary. south fide southward the hangings of the 25 And the silver of them that were court were of fine twined linen, an hun- numbered of the congregation was an dred cubits;

| hundred talents, and a thousand seven 10 Their pillars were twenty, and their hundred and threescore and fifteen Mhebrafen fockets twenty; the hooks of the kels, after the thekel of the sanctuary : pillars and their fillets were of silver. 26 A bekah for every man, that is, half

11 And for the north side the hangings a shekel, after the ihekel of the sanctuary, were an hundred cubits, their pillars for every one that went to be numbered, were twenty, and their sockets of brass from twenty years old nd upward, for twenty; the hooks of the pillars and their fix hundred thousand and three thousand fillets of silver.

and live hundred and fifty men. 12 And for the west side were hangings 27 And of the hundred talents of filof fifty cubits, their pillars ten, and their įver were cast the fockets of the sanctuary, sockets ten; the hooks of the pillars and and the fockets of the vail; an hundred their fillets of silver.

fockets of the hundred talents, a talent 13 And for the east side eastward fifty for a socket. cubits.

28 And of the thousand seven hundred 14 The hangings of the one side of the seventy and five Shekels he made hooks gate were fifteen cubits; their pillars for the pillars, and overlaid their chapithree, and their sockets three.

ters, and filleted them. 15 And for the other side of the cou 29 And the brass of the offering was gate, on this hand and that hand, were seventy talents, and two thousand and hangings of fifteen cubits; their pillars four hundred 1hekels. three, and their fockets three.

30 And therewith he made the fockets 16 All the hangings of the court round to the door of the tabernacle of the conabout were of fine twined linen.

gregation, and the brafen altar, and the 17 And the sockets for the pillars were brafen grate for it, and all the vessels of of brass; the hooks of the pillars and the altar, their fillets of silver; and the overlaying 31 And the sockets of the court round of their chapiters of filver; and all the pil- ; about, and the sockets of the court gate, lars of the court were filleted with silver. and all the pins of the tabernacle, and all

18 And the hanging for the gate of the the pins of the court round about. court was needlework, of blue, and pur

CHAP. XXXIX. ple, and scarlet, and fine twined linen : 1 The cloths of service, and holy garments, and twenty cubits was the length, and 2 The ephod. 8 The breastplate. 22 The the height in the breadth was five cubits, robe of the ephod, and other garments. answerable to the hangings of the court. 19 And their pillars were four mana AD of the blue, and purple, and

scarlet, they made cloths of service, their sockets of brass four; their hooks to do service in the holy place, and made of silver, and the overlaying of their cha- the holy garments for Aaron; as the piters and their fillets of silver.

LORD commanded Mofes. 120 And all the pins of the tabernacle,

a [ And

The holy garments, Se.


The ephod, c. 2 And he made the ephod of gold, 20 And they made two other golden blue, and purple, and scarlet, and fine rings, and put them on the two sides of twined linen.

the ephod underneath, toward the fore3 And they did beat the gold into this part of it, overagainst the other coupling plates, and cut it into wires, to work it thereof, above the curious girdle of the in the blue, and in the purple, and in the ephod. scarlet, and in the fine linen, cuith cun 21 And they did bind the breaitplate ning work.

by his rings unto the rings of the ephod 4. They made shoulder pieces for it, to with a lace of blue, that it might be couple it together : by the two edges above the curious girdle of the ephod, was it coupled together.

and that the breastplate might not be 5 And the.curious girdle of his ephod, loofed from the ephod; as the LORD that was upon it, was of the same, ac-commanded Mofes. cording to the work thereof; of gold, blue, 22 1 And he made the robe of the. and purple, and scarlet, and fine twined ephod of woven work, all of blue. linen; as the LORD commanded Moses. 23 And there was an hole in the midst

6 And they wrought onyx fones in- of the robe, as the hole of an habergeon, clofed in ouches of gold, graven, as fig- with a band round about the hole, that it nets are graven, with the names of the thould not rend. children of Israel.

24 And they made upon the hems of 7 And he put them on the shoulders the robe pomegranates of blue, and pure of the ephod, that they fhould be stones ple, and scarlet, and twined linen. for a memorial to the children of Israel; 25 And they made bells of pure gold, as the LORD commanded Mofes. and put the bells between the pomegra.

8 And he made the breastplate of nates upon the hem of the robe, round cunning work,like the work of the ephod; about between the pomegranates; of gold, blue, and purple, and scarlet, 26 A bell and a pomegranate, a bel} and fine twined linen.

and a pomegranate, round about the hem 9 It was foursquare; they made the of the robe to minister in ; as the LORD breastplate double : a span was the commanded Mofes. length thereof, and a span the breadth 27 And they made coats of fine linen of thereof, being doubled.

woven work for Aaron, and for his fons, 10 And they set in it four rows of stones: 28 And a mitre of fine linen, and goodthe first row awas a fardius, a topaz, and a ly bonnets of fine linen, and linen breeches carbuncle : this was the first row. of fine twined linen,

11 And the second row, an emerald, 29 And a girdle of fine twined linen, and a sapphire, and a diamond.

blue, and purple, and scarlet, of needle12 And the third row,a ligure, an agate, work; as the LORD commanded Mofes. and an amethyst.

30 And they made the plate of the holy 13 And the fourth row, a beryl, an crown af pure gold, and wrote upon it a onyx, and a jasper : they were inclosed writing, like to the engravings of a fignet, in ouches of gold in their inclosings. HOLINESS TO THE LORD.

14 And the stones were according to the 31 And ihey tied unto it a lace of names of the children of Ifrael, twelve, blue, to faften it on high upon the mitre; according to their names, like the en- as the LORD commanded Mofes. gravings of a fignet, every one with his 32 Thus was all the work of the tabername, according to the twelve tribes. nacle of the tent of the congregation fi

15 And they made upon the breast-nished : and the children of Israel did acplate chains at the ends, of wreathen cording to all that the LORD commanded work of pure goid.

Mofes, so did they. 16 And they made two ouches of gold, 33 And they brought the tabernacle and two gold rings, and put the two unto Mofes, the tent, and all his furnirings in the two ends of the breastplate. ture, his taches, his boards, his bars, and

17 And they put the two wreathen his pillars, and his fockets, chains of gold in the two rings on the 34 And the covering of rams' ikins ends of the breastplate.

dyed red, and the covering of badgers' 18 And the two ends of the two tkins, and the vail of the covering, wreathen chains they faltened in the two 35 The ark of the testimony, and the ouches, and put them on the shoulder- taves thereof, and the mercy leat, pieces of the ephod, before it.

38 The table, and all the vedels thereine 19 And they made two rings of gold, of, and the thewbread, and put them on the two ends of the 37 The pure candlestick, wirb the breastplate, upon the border of it, which lamps thereof, xva suith the lamps to be was on the lide of the ephod inward,

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