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Chap. x.

Apocrypha. of the oppressed, an upholder of the 9 And she said unto them, Command weak, a protector of the forlorn, a savi- the gates of the city to be opened unto our of them that are without hope. me, that i may go forth to accomplish the

12 I pray thee, I pray thee, O God of things whereof ye have spoken with me. my father, and God of the inheritance of So they commanded the young men to Israel, Lord of the heavens and earth, open unto her, as she had spoken. Creator of the waters, King of every 10 9 And when they had done fo, Jucreature, hear thou my prayer :

dith went out, the, and her maid with 13 And make my speech and deceit to her; and the men of the city looked after be their wound and stripe, who have pur- her until she was gone down the mounposed cruel things against thy covenant, tain, and till the had passed the valley, and thy hallowed house, and against the and could see her no more. top of Sion, and against the house of the 11 Thus they went straight forth in poflession of thy children.

the valley, and the first watch of the Ar14. And to make every nation and tribe syrians met her, to acknowledge that thou art the God of 12 And took her, and asked her, Of all power and might, and there is none what people art thou ? and whence comother that protecteth the people of Israel est thou? and whither goeft thou ? And but thou.

she said, I am a woman of the Hebrews, CHAP. X.

and am fled from them : for they shall be Judith doth sei forth herself. 10 She and given you to be consumed:

her muid go forth into the camp. 13 And I am coming before Holofernes

unto the God of Ifrael, and had words of truth ; and I will shew him a made an end of all these words,

way, whereby he ihall go, and win all the 2. She role where ihe had fallen down, hill country, without losing the body or and called her maid, and went down into life of any one of his men. the house, in the which the abode in the 14. Now when the men heard the words, fabbath days, and in her feast days, and beheld her countenance, they won

3 And pulled off the fackcloth which dered greatly at her beauty, and laid unme had on, and put off the garments of to her, her widowhood, and washed her body all 15 Thou hast saved thy life, in that over with water, and anointed herself thou hast halted to come down to the with precious ointment, and braided the presence of our lord: now therefore come hair of her head, and put on a tire upon to his tent, and some of us shall conduct it, and put on her garments of gladness, thee, until they have delivered thee to his wherewith the was clad during the life of hands. Manasses her husband.

16 And when thou standest before him, 4. And she took sandals upon her feet, be not afraid in thine heart, but shew unand put about her her bracelets, and her to him according to thy word : and he chains, and her rings, and her earrings, will entreat the well. and all her ornaments, and decked her 17 Then they chose out of them an felf bravely, to allure the eyes of all men hundred men to accompany her and her that should see her.

maid ; and they brought her to the tent $ Then the gave her maid a bottle of of Holofernes. wine, and a cruse of oil, and filled a bag 18 Then wastherea concourse throughwith parched corn, and lumps of figs, out all the camp : for her coming was and with fine bread; to the folded all noited among the tents, and they came these things together, and laid them up- about her, and the food without the tent on her.

of Holofernes, till they told him of her. 6 Thus they went forth to the gate of 19 And they wondered at her beauty, the city of Bethulia, and found standing and admired the children of Israel bethere Ozias, and the ancients of the city, cause of her, and every one said to his Chabris and Charmis.

neighbour, Who would despite this peo7 And when they saw her, that her ple, that have among them such wonen? countenance was altered, and her apparel surely it is not good that one man of was changed, they wondered at her beau- them be left, who being let go might dely very greatly, and said unto her, ceive the whole earth.

8 The Cod, the God of our fathers, 20 And they that lay near Holofernes five thee favour, and accomplish thine went out, and all his servants, and they enterprises to the glory of the children of brought her into the tent. Ifraelgard to the exaltation of Jerusalem. 21 Now Holofernes rested upon his Then they worshipped God,

bed under a canopy, which was woven

T ,


Apocrypha. svith purple, and gold, and emeralds, and not be punished, neither can the sword precious itones.

prevail against them, except they sin a20 So they fhewed him of her; and gainst their God. he came out before his tent with silver u And now, that my lord be not lamps going before him.

defeated and frustrate of his purpose, 22 And when Judith was come before even death is now fallen upon them, and him and his servants, they all marvelled their sin hath overtaken them, wherewith at the beauty of her countenance; and they will provoke their God to anger, she fell down upon her face, and did whensoever they shall do that which is rcverence unto him; and his servants not fit to be done : took her up.

12 For their vi&tuals fail them, and CH A P. XI.

all their water is fcant, and they have 3 Holofernes asketh Judith the cause of her determined to lay hands upon their cat

coming: 20 he is much pleased with her tle, and purposed to consume all those wisdom and beauty.

things, that God had forbidden them to 'HEN said Holofernes unto her, eat by his laws :

13 And are resolved to spend the firstnot in thine heart: for I never hurt any fruits of the corn, and the tenths of wine that was willing to serve Nabuchodonofor, and oil, which they had fanctified, and the king of all the earth.

reserved for the priests that serve in Jeru2 Now therefore, if thy people that falem before the face of our God; the dwelleth in the mountains, ħad not let which things it is not lawful for any of light by nie, I would not have lifted up the people to much as to touch with their my spear against them : but they have i hands. done these things to themselves.

14 For they have sent some to Jeru39 But now tell me wherefore thou falem, because they also that dwell there art ned from them, and art come unto have done the like, to bring them a lius: for thou art come for safeguard; be cence from the senate. of good comfort, thou thalt live this 15 Now when they shall bring them night, and hereafter :

word, they will forth with do it, and they 4 For none fhall hurt thee, but en- Thall be given thee to be destroyed the treat thce well, as they do the servants of same day. king Nabuchodonofor my lord.

16 Wherefore I thine liandmaid, know5 Then Judith said unto him, Receive ing all this, am fied from their presence, the words of thy fervant, and suffer thine and God bath sent me to work things handmaid to speak in thy presence, and with thee whereat all the earth shall be I will declare no lie to my lord this astonished, and whosoever fall hear it. night.

17 For thy servant is religious, and 6 And is thou wilt follow the words ferveth the God of heaven day and night: of thine handmaid, God will bring the now therefore, my lord, I will remain thing perfectly to pass by thee; and my with thee, and thy servant will go out by lord hall not fail of his purposes. night into the valley, and I will pray unto

7 As Nabuchodonofor king of all the God, and he will tell me when they have carth liveth, and as his power liveth, who committed their fins: hath sent thee for the upholding of every 18 And I will come and thew it unto living thing: for not only men shall thee: then thou shalt go forth with all serve him by thee, but also the beasts of thine army, and there ihall be none of the field, and the cattle, and the fowls of them that shall refil thee. the air, shall live by thy power under Na 19 And I will lead thee through the buchodonofor and all his house.

milft of Judea, until thou come before 8 For we have heard or thy wisdom jerurlem; and I will set thy throne in and thy policies, and it is reported in all the midst thereof; and thou ihalt drive the carth, that thou only art excellent in thein as theep that have no shepherd!, all the kingdom, and might; in know- and a dog hall not so much as open his leuge, and wonderful in feats of war. mouth at thee: for these things were

9 Now as concerning the matter, which told me according to my forcknowledge, Achior did speak in thy council, we have and they were declared unto me, and I hcard his words ; for the men of Bethulia am fent to tell thee. faved him, and he declared unto thein all ec 9 Then her words pleared Holuferthat he had ipoken unto thet.

nes and all his fervants : and they mar10 Therefore, () lord and governor, re- velled at her wisdom, and said, jcct not his word; but lay it up in thine 21 There is not such a woman from heart, for it is true : for our nation ihail one end of the earth to the other, both


Chap. xii, xiii,

Apocrypha. for beauty of face, and wisdom of words. person, if we shall let such a woman go,

22 Likewise Holofernes said unto her, not having had her company; for if we God hath done well to send thee before draw her not unto us, she will laugh us the people, that strength might be in our to scorn. hands, and destruction upon them that 13 Then went Bagoas from the prelightly regard my lord.

sence of Holofernes, and came to her, 23 And now thou art both beautiful and said, Let not this fair damsel fear in thy countenance, and witty in thy to come to my lord, and to be honoured words: surely if thou do as thou hast in his presence, and drink wine, and be spoken, thy God shall be my God, and merry with us, and be made this day as thou shalt dwell in the house of king Na- one of the daughters of the Allyrians, buchodonosor, and shalt be renowned which serve in the house of Nabucho. through the whole earth.

donosor. CHAP. XII.

14 Then said Judith unto him, Who 2 Judith will not eat of Holofernes' meat; am I now, that I thould gainsay my lord ?

7 lise tarrieth three days in the camp. surely whatsoever pleaseth him I will do PHEN he commanded to bring her speedily, and it shall be my joy unto the that they should prepare for her of his 15 So she arose, and decked herself own meats, and that she should drink of with her apparel and all her woman's his own wine.

attire, and her maid went and laid fost 2° And Judith said, I will not eat | skins on the ground for her over against thereof, les there be an offence : but pro- Holofernes, which she had received of vision shall be made for me of the things Bagoas for her daily use, that he might that I have brought.

fit and eat upon them. 3 Then Holofernes said unto her, If 16 Now when Judith came in and fat thy provision should fail, how should down, Holofernes his heart was ravished we give thee the like? for there be none with her, and his mind was moved, and with us of thy nation.

he desired greatly her company; for he 4 Then fud Judith unto him, As thy waited a time to deceive her, from the soulliveth, my lord, thine handmaid Mall | day that he had been her. not spend thofe things that I have, before 17 Then said Holofernes into her, the Lord work by mine hand the things Drink now, and be merry with us. that he hath determined.

18 So Judith said, I will drink now, 5 Then the servants of Holofernes my lord, because my life is magnified in brought hier into the tent, and she sept me this day more than all the days since till midnight, and the arose when it was I was born. towards the morning watch,

19 Then she took and ate and drank 6 And ient to Holofernes, saying, Let before him what her maid had prepared. my lord now command that thine hand 20 And Holofernes took great delight maid may go forth unto prayer.

in her, and drank much more wine than 7 Then Holofernes commanded his he had drunk at any time in one day since guard that they should not stay her: he was born, thus Be abode in the camp three days,

CHA P. XIII. and went out in the night unto the val- 2 Judith is left alone with Holofernes in his ley of Bethulia, and wathed herself in a tent: 7jhe cutteth off his head while he Nept. fountain of water by .

when the evening was cone, fought the Lord God of Israel to direct and Bagoas Mut his tent without, and her

way to the raising up of the children disiniled the waiters from the presence of her people.

of his lord ; and they went to their beds: 9. So the came in clean, and reinained for they were all weary, because the feast in the tent, until the did eat her meat had been long. at evening

2 | And Judith was left alone in the 10 And in the fourth day Holofernes tent, and Holofernes lying along, upon his made a feast to his own servants only, and bed : for he was filled with wine. called one of the officers to the banquet. 3 Now Judith had commanded hermaid

11 Then said he to Bagoas the eunuch, to stand without her bedchamber, and to who had charge over all that he had, Go wait for her coming forth, as she did dainow, and persuade this Hebrew woman ly: for she said the would go forth to her which is with thee, that she come unto prayers, and she spake to Bagoas accordus, and eat and drink with us.

ing to the same purpose. 12 For lo, it will be a shame for our 4 So all went forth, and none was left

utan hehehe came out, the be- N his fervancis made chance to sdepart;

Apocrypha .

Apocrypha. in the bedchamber, neither little nor tion, and yet hath he not committed fin great. Then Judith, standing by his bed, with me, to defile and shame me. Taid in her heart, O Lord God of all 17 Then all the people were wonderpower, look at this present upon the fully astonished, and boited themselves, works of mine hands for the exaltation and worshipped God, and said with one of Jerusalem.

accord, Blefred be thou, O our God, For now is the time to help thine which haft this day brought to nought inheritance, and to execute mine enter the enemies of thy people. prises to the destruction of the enemies 18 Then said Ozias unto her, O daughwhich are risen against us.

ter, blessed art thou of the most high 6 Then the came to the pillar of the God above all the women upon the bed, which was at Holofernes' head, and earth ; and blessed be the Lord God, took down his fauchion from thence, which hath created the heavens and the

7 9 And approached to his bed, and earth, which hath directed thee to the took hold of the hair of his head, and cutting off of the head of the chief of our faid, Strengthen me, O Lord God of If-1 enemies. rael, this day.

19 For this thy confidence shall not de8 And she fmote twice upon his neck part from the heart of men, which rewith all her might, and the took away member the power of God for ever. his head from him,

20 And God turn these things to thee 9 And tumbled his body down from for a perpetual praile, to visit thee in thé bed, and pulled down the canopy good things, because thou hast not spared from the pillars; and anon after she went thy life for the affliction of our nation, forth, and gave Holofernes his head to but hast revenged our ruin, walking a her maid;

straight way before our God. And all 10 And she put it in her bag of meat: the people faid, So be it, fo be it. so they twain went together according

CHAP. XIV. to their custom'unto prayer: and when : Judith's advice. 11 The head of Holothey passed the camp, they composed feries is kanged up:15 He is found dead, the valley, and went up the mountain of and much lamented. Bethulia, and came to the gates thereof. THEN said Judith unto them, Ilear 11 Then said Judith afar off to the

me now, my brethren, and take this watchmen at the gate, Open, open now head, and hang it upon the highest place the gate: God, even our God, is with us, of your walls. to Mew his power yet in Jerusalem, and 2 And so foon as the morning shall his forces against the enemy, as he hath appear, and the sun shall come forth upeven done this day

on the earth, take ye every one his wea12. Now when the men of her city pons, and go forth every valiant man out heard her voice, they made hasie to go of the city, and let ye a captain over them, down to the gate of their city, and they as though ye would go down into the field called the elders of the city.

toward the watch of the Allyrians; but 13 And then they ran all together, so not down. both small and great, for it was itrange Then they shall take their armour, unto them that the was come: so they and shall go into their camp, and raise opened the gate, and received them, and up the captains of the army of Aflur, and made a fire for a light, and food round they shall run to the tent of Holofernes, about them.

but thall not find him ; then fear shall fall 14 Then she said to them with a loud upon them, and they shall fee before your voice, Praise, praise God, praise God, I face. lay, for he hath not taken away his mer 4 So ye, and all that inhabit the coast cy from the house of Israel, but hath de- of Ifrael, mall pursue them, and overstroyed our enemies by inine hands this throw them as they go. night.

5 But before ye do these things, call 15 So she took the head out of the me Achior the Ammonite, that he may ba; and thewed it, and faid unto them, fee and know him that despised the house Behold the head of Holofernes, the chief of Israel, and hath sent him to us, as it captain of the army of Aflw, and behold were to his death. the canopy wherein hedid lie in hi: drunk-| 6 Then they called Achior out of the enness; and the Lord hath fmitten him by house of Ozias ; and when he was come, the hand of a woman.

and saw the head of Holofernes in a 16 As the Lord Jiveth, who hath kept man's hand in the assembly of the people, me in my way that I went, my counte- he fell down on his face, and his spirit nance hath deceived him to his deitruc-tailed.

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7 But


Chap. xv.

Apocrypha. 7

But when they had recovered him, 2. And fear and trembling fell upon he fell at Judith's feet, and reverenced them, so that there was no man that her, and said, Blessed art thou in all durft abide in the light of his neighbour, the tabernacle of Juda, in all nations, but rushing out all together, they fled into which hearing of thy name shall be asto- every way of the plain, and of the hill nished.

country: 8 Now therefore tell me all the things 3 They also that had camped in the that thou hast done in these days. Then mountains round about Bethulia fed Judith declared unto him in the midst away. Then the children of Israel, every of the people all that she had done, from one that was a warrior among them, the day that he went forth until that rushed out upon them. hour she spake unto them.

4 Then fent Ozias to Betomasthem, 9.

And when she had left off speaking, and to Bebai, and Chobai, and Cola, and the people shouted with a loud voice, and to all the coasts of Israel, such as should made a joyful noise in their city. tell the things that were done, and that

1o And when Achior had seen all that all should rush forth upon their enemies the God of Israel had done, he believed to destroy them. in God greatly, and circumcised the flesh 5 Now when the children of Israel of his foreskin, and was joined unto the heard it, they all fell upon them with house of Israel unto this day.

one consent, and slew them unto ChoAnd as foon as the morning arose, bai : likewise also they that came from they hanged the head of Holofernes upon Jerusalem, and from all the hill country, the wall, and every man took his wea- (for men had told them what things were pons, and they went forth by bands unto done in the camp of their enemies,) and the straits of the mountain.

they that were in Galaad, and in Galilee, 12 But when the Assyrians saw them, chased them with a great slaughter, until they sent to their leaders, which came to they were paft Damascus and the bortheir captains and tribunes, and to every ders thereof. one of their rulers.

6 And the residue, that dwelt at Bethu13 So they came to Holofernes' tent, iia, fell upon the camp of Aflur, and spoiland said to him that had the charge of ed them, and wore greatly enriched. all his things, Waken now our lord : for 7 And the children of Israel that rethe laves have been bold to come down turned from the slaughter had that which against us to batile, that they may be ut- remained; and the villages and the cities, terly destroyed.

that were in the mountains and in the 14 Then went in Bagoas, and knocked plain, gat many spoils : for the multitude at the door of the tent; for he thought was very great. that he had Nept with Judith.

8 Then Joacim the high priest, and the 15 But because none answered, he ancients of the children of Igael that opened it, and went into the bed-chain- dwelt in Jerusalem, came to behold the ber, and found him cafe upon the floor good things that God bad shewed to Ilo dead, and his head was taken from him. rael, and to fee Judith, and to falute her.

16 Therefore he cried with a loud 9 And when they came unto her, they voice, with weeping, and fighing, and a blessed her with one accord, and said unmighty cry, and rent his garments. to her, Thou art the exaltation of Jeru

17 After he went into the tent where Ju- falem, thou art the great glory of Israel, dith lodged: and when he found her not, thou art the great rejoicing of our nation: he leaped out to the people, and cried, 10 Thou haft done all these things by

18 These faves have dealt treacherous- thine hand : thou hast done much good ļy; one woman of the Hebrews hath to Ifrael, and God is pleased therewith: brought shame upon the house of king blefied be thou of the Almighty Lord Nabuchodonofor: for, behold, Holofernes for evermore. And all the people said, lieth upon the ground without a head. So be it.

19 When the captains of the Allyrians' II And the people spoiled the camp army heard these words, they rent their the space of thirty days: and they gave coats, and their minds were wonderfully unto Judith Holofernes his tent, and all troubled, and there was a cry and a very the plate, and beds, and vefrels, and all great noise throughout the camp. his stuff, and she took it, and laid it on CHAP. XV.

her mule; and made ready her carts, and I The Assyrians are chased and sain.13 The laid them thereon.

quomen crown Judith with a garland. 12 Then all the women of Israel ran A

tents heard, they were astonished at 'and inade a dance among them for her ; the thing that was done.


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