Bibliography Bulletin ..., Volym 4, Utgåva 41–50; Volym 41–50

University of the State of New York, 1906

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Sida 10 - Galileo. — THE PRIVATE LIFE OF GALILEO. Compiled principally from his Correspondence and that of his eldest daughter, Sister Maria Celeste, Nun in the Franciscan Convent of S.
Sida 86 - INSANITY AND ITS TREATMENT: Lectures on the Treatment, Medical and Legal, of Insane Patients. With a Summary of the Laws in force in the United States on the Confinement of the Insane.
Sida 17 - The Standard Concert Guide A Handbook of the Standard Symphonies, Oratorios, Cantatas, and Symphonic Poems for the Concert Goer, with a useful List of the Principal English Musical Organisations By GEORGE P. UPTON Author of "Musical Memories," "The Standard Operas,
Sida 104 - Reports of Trials for Murder by Poisoning; by Prussic Acid, Strychnia, Antimony, Arsenic and Aconitine; including the trials of Tawell, W. Palmer, Dove, Madeline Smith, Dr. Pritchard, Smethurst, and Dr. Lamson. With Chemical Introductions and Notes on the Poisons used.
Sida 82 - STATE OF NEW YORK EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Regents of the University With years when terms expire 1913 WHITELAW REID MA LL.D. Chancellor - - New York , 1917 ST CLAIR MCKELWAY MA LL.D. Vice Chancellor Brooklyn 1908 DANIEL BEACH Ph.D.
Sida 34 - Sonnets, Triumphs and other Poems. Translated into English Verse by various Hands. With a Life of the Poet by Thomas Campbell. With Portrait and 15 Steel Engravings. 5*.
Sida 1 - ... are suggested to libraries which must confine their additions within narrow limits ; 30 others marked b are also proposed to libraries that can buy 50 books ; and 50 more marked c may be added to a and b to make up 100 books. The remaining 150, including...

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