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In offering a new translation of Sturm's Reflections, it may be proper to notice in what respects this Edition differs from those that have so long been before the Public.

The readers of Sturm are aware that many of his papers on particular branches of science were written at a period when the subjects of which they treat had not received the illustrations that the labours of more recent inquirers have conferred upon them. The object of the present edition has been to produce a translation of Sturm, in which his Reflections might harmonize with the progress that science has made since the Author first gave them to the world. These papers have accordingly been revised by a scientific man, and the Translator has chosen rather to interweave his improvements with the text of the Author than to point out as errors, by notes, what indeed can

not be considered as such, since the opinions which Mr. Sturm advanced were generally received as correct in the close of the last century. But the work is not altogether a scientific book, and of course the translation is in all other respects substantially the same with the original.

The Translator hopes this explanation will exculpate her from the charge of presumption, since her aim has been to give Sturm's compositions that correction only which the worthy Author would have given them, had he lived in the present day.

STURM'S REFLECTIONS being a work which from the nature of its subject necessarily extends to a considerable length, various attempts have been made by reducing its bulk, by omissions, to place it more within the reach of young persons, for whose use it was more particularly designed. Of the merit of these abridgments it is not necessary in this place to express any opinion; but it was thought, in the case of the present elegant and unavoidably somewhat costly edition of the entire work, that the expense would be less felt, and its circulation be better facilitated by forming it into four separate volumes, bearing for their titles the seasons of the year, Spring, Summer, Autumn, WintER, any of which may, at any time, be separately purchased.


1. Meditation on new year's day.-2. The advantages of winter.-3. Daily proofs of God's providence.-4. The various uses of fire.-5. Winter amusements.-6. Providential care of the Almighty for animals during winter.-7. Pleasures of winter.-S. Vegetables which preserve their verdure in winter.-9. State of man during sleep.-10. The advantages of our climate.-11. The fertility which the snow imparts to the earth.-12. The starry heavens.-13. Microscopic discoveries.-14. Benefits of night.-15. Reflections upon myself.-16. The injuries caused by excessive cold.-17. The repose of nature during winter.-18. The Laplanders.-19. The formation of our globe.-20. Scriptural meditation on the works of God.-21. Wonders of the human voice.-22. Self-examination.-23. Spectres. -24. Subterranean fires.-25. Comets.-26. Snow.-27. The rapidity of life.-28. Frost upon windows.-29. The utility of bread.-30. Our duties with regard to sleep.31. Changes taking place continually in nature.


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