History of Scotland


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Sidan 193 - We are upon an Engagement very difficult. The Enemy hath blocked up our way at the Pass at Copperspath, through which we cannot get without almost a miracle. He lieth so upon the Hills that we know not how to come that way without great difficulty; and our lying here daily consumeth our men, who fall sick beyond imagination.
Sidan 173 - The towns and villages are populous. The houses are good, all built of hewn stone, and provided with excellent doors, glass windows, and a great number of chimneys. All the furniture that is used in Italy, Spain, and France, is to be found in their dwellings. It has not been bought in modern times only, but inherited from preceding ages.
Sidan 106 - The king speaks, besides, the language of the savages who live in some parts of Scotland and on the islands.
Sidan 198 - ... meetings in the field, or in any house where there be more persons than the house contains, so as some of them be without doors (which is hereby declared to be a field conventicle) or who shall convocate any number of people to these meetings, shall be punished with death, and confiscation of their goods.
Sidan 135 - The which our duty being well considered, we do promise, before the majesty of God and His Congregation, that we (by His grace) shall with all diligence continually apply our whole power, substance, and our very lives, to maintain, set forward, and establish the most blessed Word of God and His Congregation...
Sidan 125 - Edinburgh as ye conveniently can ; sack Leith, and burn and subvert it, and all the rest, putting man, woman, and child to fire and sword, without exception, when any resistance shall be made against you...
Sidan 106 - He is of noble stature, neither tall nor short, and as handsome in complexion and shape as a man can be.
Sidan 165 - I must tell you, there are two Kings and two Kingdoms in Scotland. There is Christ Jesus the King, and His Kingdom the Kirk, whose subject King James the Sixth is — and of whose kingdom not a king, nor a lord, nor a head, but a member!
Sidan 215 - I desire and expect from all my subjects of both nations that from henceforth they act with all possible respect and kindness to one another, that so it may appear to all the world they have hearts disposed to become one people.
Sidan 170 - It is statute and ordained through all the realm, that all barons and freeholders that are of substance, put their eldest sons and heirs to the schools from the time they be six or nine years of age, and to remain at the grammar schools till they be competently founded and have perfect Latin : and thereafter to remain three years at the schools of art and law, so that they may have knowledge and understanding of the laws...

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