Risks, Identities and the Everyday

Dr Jayne Raisborough, Dr Julie Scott Jones
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 28 dec. 2012 - 148 sidor

Risks, Identities and the Everyday focuses on the individual and the lived experience of everyday risks – a departure from the focus on risk from a macro level. The contributors look at risk and how perceptions of risk, risk taking, and risk assessment increasingly dominate our everyday lives and explore it in a variety of settings not previously associated with risk theory, including: plastic surgery, teenage sub-cultures, ageing and independent travel.

The volume moves risk away from abstract theorising about what people may or may not fear about risks, to focus on how it actually materialises and operates in everyday 'real' social interactions and contexts. It also interrogates the rational self at the heart of macro social theories by thinking through the construction of risk choices and the socio-cultural dynamics that 'present' some risks as acceptable, appropriate and necessary.

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Om författaren (2012)

Dr Julie Scott Jones is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology in the Department of Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Dr Jayne Raisborough is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology in the School of Applied Social Sciences, University of Brighton, UK.

Julie Scott Jones, Jayne Raisborough, Dawn S. Jones, Lara Killick, David Merryweather, Wendy Laverick, Sal Watt.

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