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polis before the Civil Wars, there must have been a great difference between their several accommodations, ornaments, and prices; and that some would be much more shewy than others, though probably all were much inferior in splendor to the two great theatres after the Restoration.

The preceding Essay, although some of the materials are new arranged, hath received no alteration deserving notice, from what it was in the second edition, 1767, except in section IV, which in the present impression hath been much enlarged.

This is mentioned, because, since it was first published, the history of the English stage hath been copiously handled by Mr. Tho. Warton in his History of English Poetry, 1774, &c., 3 vols.

to. (wherein is inserted whatever in these volumes fell in with his subject); and by Edmond Malone, Esq., who, in his Historical Account of the English Stage (Shakesp. vol. i. part ii. 1790), hath added greatly to our knowledge of the economy and usages of our ancient theatres.

[This Essay is now entirely out of date, on account of the mass of new material for a complete history of the English stage, which has been printed since it was written. Information on the subject must be sought in the prefaces of the various editions of the dramatists and of the collections of mysteries and miracle plays, or in Collier's History of English Dramatic Poetry, and Halliwell's New Materials for the Life of Shakespeare.]

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DAM BELL, Clym of the Clough, and William of
Cloudesley, 153.

Aged Lover renounceth Love, 179.
Alcanzor and Zayda, 338.

Bryan and Pereene, 328.

Carre, Captain, 148.
Cauline, Sir, 61.

Character of a Happy Life, 317.

Chevy Chase, Ancient Ballad of, 19.

Chevy Chace, Modern Ballad of, 249.
Child of Elle, 131.

Cophetua, King, and the Beggar Maid, 189.

Corydon's Farewell to Phillis, 209.
Cupid's Pastime, 314.

Death's Final Conquest, 264.
Dowsabell, 304.

Edom o' Gordon, 140.
Edward, Edward, 82.
Estmere, King, 85.

Farewell to Love, 310.
Friar of Orders Gray, 242.

Frolicksome Duke, or the Tinker's Good Fortune, 238.

Gentle River, Gentle River, 331.
Gernutus, the Jew of Venice, 211
Gilderoy, 318,

Jephthah, Judge of Israel, 182.
Jew's Daughter, 54.

Lancelot du Lake, Sir, 204.
Leir, King, and his Three Daughters, 231.

My Mind to me a Kingdom is, 294.

Northumberland (Henry, 4th Earl of), Elegy on, 117.
Northumberland betrayed by Douglas, 279.

Otterbourne, Battle of, 35.

Passionate Shepherd to his Love, 220.
Patient Countess, 298.

Rising in the North, 266.

Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne, 102.
Robyn, Jolly Robyn, 185.

Song to the Lute in Musicke, 187.
Spence, Sir Patrick, 98.

Take those Lips away, 230.
Take thy old Cloak about thee, 195.
Titus Andronicus's Complaint, 224.
Tower of Doctrine, 127.

Ulysses and the Syren, 311.

Willow, Willow, Willow, 199.
Winifreda, 323.
Witch of Wokey, 325.

Youth and Age, 237.


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