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Pte. William MANNING, 53rd Regt., died 1870, James SIMS, Naval School Master of H.M.S. January 10th, aged 26 years.

“ Bacchante," died 1880. Elizabeth J. Maxxs, daughter of B. D. N. J. William SMITHSON, Bandsman, Ist Batt. Manns.

Yorkshire Regiment, died December 4th, 1887, Walter H. MARSH, Warder, M.P.D., died 28th aged 27 years. November, 1899, aged 38.

F. Soden. (See ROYAL ARTILLERY.) Ethel, daughter of Warder W. H. MARSH, George William SPENCER, Engine Room ArtiM.P.D., died 1887.

ficer, H.M.S. Magicienne," died at Barbados, Pte. J. MATHEWSON, died 1878.

22nd March, 1893, aged 40. W. H. MATSER, Bugler, R.M.L.I., H.M.S. Annie STEPHENS. (See FRAZER.) * Volage," died January 27th, 1888, aged 16 years. Lance-Sergt. John STEVENS, 53rd Regiment, Annie Emma MAYERS.

who died at Barbados, 1870, 4th January, aged Pte. John McEvoy, 35th Regiment, died 1876.

25 years. Alison Jamieson, wife of Bandmaster A. I. Henry Fritz STOCHELL, died March 30th, MCGILL, died 9th June, 1888, aged 24 years.

1872, aged 42. Archibald McVEIL, Seaman, H.M.S. Tour- James Abbott SUGMUR. maline," died in hospital at Barbados, 17th May, James TAIT, died 1885. 1894, aged 19.

Jane, beloved wife of S. Qr. Mr. Sergt. H. Stephen MEARS, Band, 98th Regt., died 10th TAYLOR, A.S.C., died Sept. 12th, 1896, aged 56 years. April, 1874, aged 15.

W. F. TEGG, A.B., H.M.S. “ Pallas," died Lilian, daughter of Warder A. B. MOFFAT, 2nd May, 1896, aged 22 years. M.R.D., and his wife Margaret Ann, died November William THOMAS, aged 24 years, of Norwich, Ist, 1895, aged 5 years and 7 months.

England, Dr., H.M.S. Immortalité,” went Pte. Patrick MULLAXY, 35th Regt., died 1877. home May 7th, 1871. C. Nash, Canteen Manager, 3rd Lanc. Fusiliers, George THOMPSON, Private, R.M.L.I., died died 16th March, 1902, aged 53. Formerly June 1st, 1906, 34 years. Erected by officers of served as Officers' Mess Colour-Sergeant in the the H.M.S. “Indefatigable." Rifle Brigade.

Private M. Toy, No. 5854, F. Company, 4th Harriet Maria, beloved wife of Col. NICOLLS, Worcester Regiment, died 20th May, 1904. R.A., and daughter of Rev. C. Y. Crawley, rector Charles W. TUMNER (of Deal, England), of Taynton, Gloucester, born 5th December, 1840, Seaman, H.M.S.“ Tourmaline." died 26th July, 1881; also Georgina Harriet, Private Richard TYRELL, 53rd Regiment, who dear child of above, born 30th March, 1876, died died at Barbados, 1870, 6th January, aged 28 years. 28th July, 1881.

Emma Cecilia, widow of Major James UNIACK, No. 5814, Lance-Corporal Henry NORTON, R.M., of Arraglyn, Co. Cork., died at Shot Hall, E Company, 4th Worcester Regt., died 13th Jan. 12th, 1881, aged 78 years. October, 1904, aged 24.

Alfred WALKER. (See PARRETT.) George PACKHAM, Ordy. Seaman, H.M.S. Corp. Sergt. James WALLACE, died 1878. * Canada," died Ist November, 1893, aged 18 Private Thomas WALTON, 1st East Yorkshire years and 9 months.

Regiment, died 12th August, 1887, aged 21 In memory of John L. PARRETT, A.B., died at years. Erected by the officers and men of his Barbados, sth July, 1900, aged 22 years; also of Company. Alfred WALKER, A.B., drowned at sea, October

William WARD, Capt's. Steward, IL.M.S. 29th, 1898, aged 23 years, both of H.M.S. “ Pro- Canada,” died 24th May, 1862. serpine." Erected by their shipmates.

Mary Elinor WARD (née Reede), died 11th Seymour Blanshard PEMBERTON, Lieut., 2nd August, 1881, and of her husband SurgeonWest India Regiment, who died of yellow fever, Major Espirie WARD, F.R.C.S.I., died 22nd 7th October, 1881, aged 25 years.

August, 1881. This stone is erected by Thos. Staff Sergt. W. G. PETTIFER, died 1880.

Picton Reede, father of former, and by Dr. M. A. Fred POWER, Private, 2nd Duke of Welling- Ward, brother of the latter. ton's Regiment, died 22nd August, 1891, aged 20. R. WATERS. (See ROYAL ARTILLERY.)

Frank QUIX, Qr.-Master Sergeant, 2nd Bat. Julia, daughter of Sergt.-Major W. A. WEBB, Leinster Regiment, died 6th September, 1901, \ 1st E.Y. Regiment, died 1888. aged 34 years.

Frank, died August 3rd, 1901, aged 6 weeks, William Henry RICHARD (child), died 1876.

and Florence Miriam, died Aug. 4th, 1902, Pte. G. RICHARDS, died 1879.

children of Albert and Miriam M. WELL, Royal Surgn. James RONAYNE, A.M.D., died of

Army Medical Corps. yellow fever, 10th Aug., 1881, aged 25 years. The Officers, N.C.O.'s and men of No. 17 Batt.,

David WHEATLEY, Sergeant of 18th Company, Western Division, ROYAL ARTILLERY, to the w.D., R.A., died 14th August, 1892, age 35. memory of Gr. F. Soden ; Gr. R. Waters ; Sergt. W.

Thomas Charles Lane WHEATLEY,

son of Scotney; Gr. D. Hyde ; Gr. F. Sandell ; Gr. J. Major C. R. S. Wheatley, 18/7 R.A., who died Bridger, who died at Barbados, 1885-1890.

of yellow fever, 14th Aug., 1881, aged 3 years. F. SASDELL. (See ROYAL ARTILLERY.)

Joseph John William WHINAM, died 1885. W. SCOTNEY. (See ROYAL ARTILLERY.)

Joseph John Fox WHINAM, died 188 8. Bandsman W. J. SIMONDS, 2nd Batt. Prince

Sarah Elizabeth, wife of Sergt. W. H. WILSON, of Wales Leinster Bgiment, died March 14th,

H.M. 97th Regiment. 1899.

Pte. J. WILSON, died 1879. Corpl. John SSEKY, 2nd Batt. Leinster

Lottie WORRISON, William Eric WORRISON Regiment, Royal anadians, died March 21st, Gordon Mackay WORRISON, children, died 1885. 1899, aged 26 yes




p. 382.


(See 12 S. vii. 485; ix. 85, 105, 143, 186, 226, 286, 306, 385, 426, 504, 525.)
(An asterisk denotes that the house still exists as a tavern, inn or public-house

—in many cases rebuilt.)
New Street, Fetter Lane

1753 Levander, A.Q.C., vol. xxx., 1916. Swan :: Whitechapel

1757 Daily Advertiser, May 6. “ To be

sold, a very good single horse
chaise made new last July and
very little used. To be seen at
Mr. Gumry's, the Swan Inn,

Whitecross Street

1763 Hale, A.Q.C., vol. xx., 1907.

1780 Public Advertiser, Sept. 14. Swan Norton Folgate, east side

1708 'A New View of London,' i. 81. Swan (White Swan) Holborn Bridge, opposite Fleet 1677 Ogilvy, and Morgan's London Sur Market

vey'd.' 1708 • A New View of London,' i. 80. 1732 ‘Parish Clerks' Remarks of London, 1734 T. Shaw to Sir Hans Sloane, Nov. 29

Brit. Mus.

1745 Rocque's 'Survey.' Swan

Long Lane, near Aldersgate 1708 'A New View of London,' i. 80.

Arundel Street, Strand

Larwood, p. 213.

Strand, near St. Martin's Lane 1708 'A New View of London,' i. 80. Swan .. Ludgate Street

1723 Lane's ' Handy Book,' p. 169.

Parker's 'Variegated Characters.' Swan Shoreditch

1749 Heiron's Ancient Freemasonry,

1921. *Swan Bayswater

1793 London Museum : drawing by P

Sandy (A6904).
Knightsbridge (now 4 and 5,

Old house pulled down, 1788,
Sloane Street)..

Larwood, p. 215.

London Museum : sketch by J. T

Wilson, (A 22049).

London Museum : sketch by J. 1

Wilson (A22050).

Larwood, p. 213.

1740 Thornbury, vi. 523.

Larwood, p. 213. Swan and floop Cornhill


Daily Post, Oct. 7. 1733 Daily Post, Aug. 6.

Wherea sundry goods have been fraudu lently taken out of the East Indi Company's Warehouses to th great prejudice of the righ owners, in order to prevent th like practice for the future yo are desired to meet at the Swa and Hoop Tavern in Cornbill o Wednesday the 8th inst. at 11 i

the forenoon." Swan with Two Necks Opposite Hick's Hall, St. John's 1708 A New View of London,' i. 81. Street, Clerkenwell

1732 ' Parish Clerks' Remarks of London

1745 Rocque's 'Survey.' *Swan and Two Necks Whetstone, N.20

1725 Mist's Weekly Journal, Dec. 2

A fire broke out some days ag at the Swan and Two Necks Whetstone through the careles ness of a servant, but after burnir the upper part of the house which it began, it was happi extinguished.

p. 389.

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1718 Larwood, p. 324.
1720 Daily Courant, Sept. 28; Oct. 31.
1748 Plan of Great Fire, R.E.A.C.

* N. & Q.,' Dec. 9, 1916, p. 461.

Kept by Newington. 1757 Daily Advertiser, May 6. Wanted,

a journeyman apothecary, who hath been used to serve in a retail shop. As he will breakfast, dine and sup with his master, none need apply but sober genteel men, and such as can bear confinement. Enquire at Symond's Inn Coffee

House, Chancery Lane." 1777 Daily Advertiser, June 21. 1677 Ogilvy and Morgan's · London

Survey’d.' 1708 A New View of London,' i. 81. 1720 Daily Courant, July 2. At the

Talbot Inn, the corner of Surrey Street, near the Maypole in the Strand, is a pair of able coach mares, a coach and chariot, to be sold, a penniworth, belonging to a gentleman lately deceased. Either the innkeeper or Michael the

coachman will shew them." 1732 * Parish Clerks' Remarks of London,' 1745 Rocque's 'Survey.' 1759 Public Advertiser, Mar. 1777 Daily Advertiser, June 21. 1789 Life's Painter of Variegated Charac


p. 382.

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1745 Rocque's 'Survey.'


Whitechapel, south side, be

tween the “ White Swan" and

the “ Red Cow" Temple Eating House Near Temple Bar

Sadler's • Masonic Facts and
Fictions, 1887, p. 82.


(To be continued.)


A PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION IN ground in horsey downe intending to make the THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY.

election there ye day following, wch the same

night soe soone as ye pale was well up, was counterTHE following account of a by-election next morning two companies of foot were sent

manded by a letter from my lord Generall. The at Southwark for the Long Parliament on

over, the one possessed the Hall; where the March 15, 1666, was written to John Smyth writt was to be read, the other the Artilery of Nibley, Glos., by his son Edward Smyth, ground on Horsey downe; about 8 in ye morning a bencher of the Middle Temple, one of St Tho Clarges had gotten a party about him by His Majesty's judges for the circuit of to St Margaretts hill; weh being added to that

rideing from Horsey downe All up ye streetes South Wales and High Steward of the vast multitude wch he had amassed together Borough of Southwark. From it

one from Newington, Lambeth, Westm &c may gather that the open poll offered guessed at about 2000: of wch about 500 were certain advantages, as Edward Smyth was

allowed by ye spectators to be inhabitants & able to estimate the number of his sup- St Margaretts till soe full, that noe roome could

able to passe ye poll : with these he possessed porters and judge it expedientprobably be left for my friends; about 9 of ye clock I on the score of expense among other con- gott on Horseback at ye further end of All the siderations to offer the seat to his opponent, liberty below ye Tower, & rode

up ye streets Sir Thomas Clarges, a politician who achieved writt was to be read : At ye meat market,

All the way to St Margaretts Flill: when ye some reputation in ĥis time.

I placed two sober men, to tell what number I Sr

had; ye place being streight, & my company I have at last determined my troublesome marching orderly 4 in a ranke, who agreed 1530 busines to the satisfaction of my friends and I and some odd : and that when ye other party think not to my owne disadvantage. On Tuesday, were garbled of All their unpollable men, I must the bayliffe at loli charge divided the Artilery necessarily carry it by great odds : when I came to e bal. I reali so to or to the afold vote for him. sos do to be good content

bare ve sr: tas i. * 1 by Ls Of All: Tho Cares & les of each be Care Ph Hari & bas other of of re partra. to raise lors sod se or r Curt. So itat es ei pia who came bases esded: Wbebe rece between

azarzet te barlise and Los SAT od se tell was found to set in ve

A or Do I can say to I- Adermen crowd: The unit being mad. # to cry load, wling to defend & Esate boopi in An on both sides: I d-asiatbe poll and an hoger to tick to hide by si 200- nothing spor: 0 accredit rare to take it. uwirtspace: I wore 03 732 izis long - Er Lord mai required sboali be s Georges relation of tbe bases rec: sil misakes beiis bar I instei that Horse Donne was about it, and waste toe war har of it tbe tace. To ribe bara e Dese!IT roa nar are roste Is Se truth. I Bei Üto of the cioci; My loai mai stadi Dot made soa: base I 423 oct of towde ozoded berea: sest streszbi to se conceil. when I have seen A = seves have 1 ocrisided of the distrijesce of his other. rin b.zhar idar era I raise bough in and reared an order of te Oss Nurse the poe peoportion to pe ob sie Tb (arges tar - to are to Cruz S-is it be his buls semina to abore Eess I am in.

aed & sat it ora to o in tae eressz. foene ani aize is i bog vi ereuse 4:1 of text. afternoode ou Wendas. mer i acido iak: I came up : ora at;orid fute pour

YENON ce Fotop friedis best possiba:

ET: SYYTH Tbo (1Z* c 90 cc Dear. api derned S to have polas razy as I coeli baieteiz:

Na Mench 12h as the basis torr toe po I regerei

RLAND ACSTIX. a pasage from ST: Cart to speake De,

Ghurie. with deszt I obeyed. and care

on be obted to rengine of replace and that he had noe freets

PROVINCIAL BOOKSELLERS. Do ar ceste u be com trt, & deind

A.D. 1:14. me to cost to meet hin. at 6 in te eterrz. wch are of a side & Doe more here se Tee ie was narxes are erincted from agree of a regular provveditz on bed shes a fee Liss of Sibanders te Jeres Collier's DIT o seires toe te pol the best .ng api se we a jotze) :3 soft clock acinzi: Iben Ersasia. Hist, reli.ard Walker's se were met with 5 of a stea: reclock 'Serings of the Cergy, bech pub. aouia to o apreewest, the band was served lshei as the case of Qxen Anne's rign.

.as citron te mSR uz A few ranks are duratai, among them to take the postres baina bai aibe isher of Dr. Jotean.

WE DO I as e e io be ve under a face in the

(VILIER As for LI Siracis B.

B : ssn.
I e a csapato
L. 4 3. &irisha: 0 dba Is

Mr. Taxtarr. br. 20 tokone Th.

R$ 1te. II. meira edizioni. I fecha borse Agreemetarz farliging

dan Ashworth. to borrowherom Tisob

12 Peman. si agd some back ezarete

Rre Streces; ICETIZEN


* Se Swale,

Nick Jubaan. I dah 3 ore EN

1. Carton ༄༅, n? རྒྱུ རྒྱུ ༔ ན པ འི ་ རྒྱ ལྔ ས་མ

à Baion. & deindeuarice, razgeber

Rihan. Randall. as I us ose to cani s: 2 NO. 1

Ja Fri

Ur. list 2 Ine Errei with th: a. & 223

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* Doen nestas mot 23: bomen birisin it riidest:

Nesrin Suurthurst. ter I

Saris 5:21 - Siria i wenta TCD

hs Tarar. Re Urite.

Mann ܡܬ.܂

V: T.

VH: 2:05)



V: Home

James Blithe.

mention of the house in his ‘Letters to Dorchester

Robert Gaylard. Fanny Kemble' is in 1874, p. 43; and on Dublin

Richard Gunne. Murham

such a Mr. Freeman.

the same page is a reference to Evesham .. Mr. Loveday.

delicious bit ” of Spedding's in ‘N. & Q.' (Philip Bishop.

The notes I have seen show that the Exon John Marsh.

writer's fondness for capital letters was not Edward Score.

confined to his published works. V. R. Hereford

James Wilde. Hall Thomas Ryles.


The Apprentice Books recently discovered Mr. Heartshorn. Leicester Simon Marten.

in the vaults of Somerset House should Lichfield

Michael Johnson. prove of great interest to all Americans Lincoln Mr. Knight.

anxious to trace their connexion with the Manchester Mr. Clayton.

Old Country. In a search extending over Newcastle

Rich. Randall. Northampton

some months many American names have John Fowler. Nottingham Will. Ward.

been noticed : Taft, Washington, Garfield, H. Clements, senior. Francklin, House, Baxter, Lincoln, Page, &c. Oxford Anth. Peisly.

These records also give particulars of J. Wilmot.

American boys apprenticed in England, as Peterborough Mr. Bouchier.

instance : Plymouth

Mr. Smithurst.
St. Edmundsbury Ralph Watson, jun.

5 June 1717. Leon Augustus son of Leon AugusSh-tbourne

tus Carter, late of York River in Gloucester County John Cook. Whitchurch Mr. Taylor.

in ye Province of Virginia, Planter, apprenticed Wolverhampton

to James Debraufree, Citizen and Clockmaker. George Unite. Worcester J. Montford.

Consideration £25. (Inland Revenue 1/5-136.) York .. Francis Hildyard. English boys apprenticed to Americans are

also to be found :John Walker (1674-1747) appears to have belonged entirely to Devon.

22 Aug. 1728. James son of Thomas Penn of But he must

Chipping Wycomb, Bucks, apprenticed to John have had friends in Essex, for about fifty of Harding of ye Province of Pensilvania, Miller. his subscribers lived in Colchester. It is (Inland Revenue 1/6-81.) worth notice that no Bristol bookseller is It may be as well to state that these mentioned in the foregoing lists. Richard registers of apprenticeships are a record of Brickdale of Bristol, grocer, did subscribe the tax levied on indentures at the rate of for Walker's Sufferings.' Manchester, on sixpence in the pound for sums under £50, the other hand, was almost a village in the and one shilling for sums over £50, the time of Queen Anne, yet it had a book. 'period covered being from 1710-1810, RICHARD H. THORNTON. parentage being given in most cases down

to 1752. Scotland and Wales are included

in this return, but not Ireland. EDWARD FitzGERALD : E. F. G.---Those

The genealogical value of this record is who claim to know most about the transla- immense, as it forms a central register of wr of Omar Khayyám have told us that parentage for a large proportion of our it is wrong to write “ Fitzgerald

population, many years before the birth

records at Somerset House commence. small “g," as the abbreviation “E. F-G. suggests. Lately, however, a Cambridge

It only remains to say that the Society friend who comes from Woodbridge showed of Genealogists of London is making an me a series of FitzGerald's signed notes alphabetical digest of these apprenticeship extending over several years, and they do not

lists, and has already reached the year 1716.

GERALD FOTHERGILL. support the assumption that he never wrote

11, Brussels Road, New Wandswortb, S.W.11. Fitzgerald.” Indeed, that form h latest choice in the way of spelling. In INEQUALITY OF POSTAL RATES.There 1579 he wrote his name with a big “G” in are less curious facts than this recorded the middle of it. In the later autographs the for the information of posterity : At *G," so far as I and my friend can discern, is Christmastide, 1921, it was possible to a small one. Similarly he wrote “ Little- send a printed card to Uganda for a halfgrange"—the name of his house in his penny, whereas if you addressed a like last years as one word continuously with a communication to your next-door neighmnali g," whereas he had written it bour, Government would not carry it to Parlier as “ Little Grange." The first him for less than a penny.

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