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Sept. 17, 1778. 7 Stat., 13.

Articles of agreement and confederation, made and entered into by

Andrew and Thomas Lewis, Esquires, Commissioners for, and in
Behalf of the United States of North-America of the one Part, and
Capt. White Eyes, Capt. John Kill Buck, Junior, and Capt. Pipe,
Députies and Chief Men of the Delaware Nation of the other Part.


ally forgiven.

That all offences or acts of hostilities by one, or either of the con- All offenses mututracting parties against the other, be mutually forgiven, and buried any in the depth of oblivion, never more to be had in remembrance.


1 ship perpetual.


That a perpetual peace and friendship shall from henceforth take Peace and friendplace, and subsist between the contracting parties aforesaid, through "In eastoi war, each all succeeding generations: and if either of the parties are engaged in party to assist the a just and necessary war with any other nation or nations, that then each shall assist the other in due proportion to their abilities, till their enemies are brought to reasonable terms of. accommodation: and that if either of them shall discover any hostile designs forming against the other, they shall give the earliest notice thereof, that timeous measures may be taken to prevent their ill effect.


have free passage to


And whereas the United States are engaged in a just and necessary United States to war, in defence and support of life, liberty and independence, against forts or towns of their the King of England and his adherents, and as said King is yet pos- er sessed of several posts and forts on the lakes and other places, the reduction of which is of great importance to the peace and security of the contracting parties, and as the most practicable way for the troops of the United States to some of the posts and forts is by passing through the country of the Delaware nation, the aforesaid deputies, on behalf of themselves and their nation, do hereby stipulate and agree to give a free passage through their country to the troops aforesaid, and the same to conduct by the nearest and best ways to the posts, forts or towns of the enemies of the United States, affording to said troops such supplies of corn, meat, horses, or whatever may be in their power for the accommodation of such troops, on the commanding officer's, &c. paying, or engageing to pay, the full value of whatever they can supply them with. And the said deputies, on the behalf of their nation, Such warriors as can

be spared, to join the engage to join the troops of the United States aforesaid, with such a troops of the United number of their best and most expert warriors as they can spare, con- States. sistent with their own safety, and act in concert with them; and for

S. Doc. 152- 1

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