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Letter on the Irish Absentee Tax, to Sir Charles

...Oct. 1773. IX Speech on American Taxation

.. April 1774. Speeches at Bristol

.Nov. 1774. III Speech on American Conciliation ....March 1775. In Letter to the Marquis of Rockingham, on the

proposed Secession from Parliament of
Members who opposed the American

...Jan. 1777. IX Address to the King—Address to the British

Colonists in North America; both on the
same Subject

1777. IX
Letter to the Sheriffs of Bristol ......April 1777. I
Letter to the Hon. C. J. Fox, on Political
Affairs ...

.Oct. 1777. IX *Epitaph on Mr. Dowdeswell Two Letters to Gentlemen at Bristol, on Bills relative to the Trade of Ireland,

April and May 1778. Ju Letter to the Right Hon. Edmund Pery,

Speaker of the Irish House of Commons,
on a Bill for the Relief of the Roman

Catholics of Ireland .... ....July 1778. IX Letter to Thomas Burgh, Esq., in Vindication

of the Author's Parliamentary Conduct

relative to the Affairs of Ireland ....Jan. 1780. Speech on Economical Reform ........Feb. 1780. I

III Letter to John Merlott, Esq., on the Affairs of Ireland ...

.. April 1780. Ix Letter to the Chairman of the Buckinghamshire

Meeting for procuring Parliamentary Re-

April 1780. IX Sketch of a Code of Laws for the Regulation

of the Slave Trade, and the Government

of the Negroes in the West India Islands 1780. Letters and Reflections on the Execution of the Rioters.

..July 1780. IX Speeches at Bristol ....

..Sept. 1780. III



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Notes of a Speech on the Marriage Act. „June 1781. Letter to Lord Kenmare on the Penal Laws against the Roman Catholics of Ireland,

Feb. 1782. Notes of a Speech on a Motion for Reform in

the Representation of the Commons, May 1782. X Ninth Report from a Committee of the House

of Commons, on the Administration of
Justice in the Provinces of Bengal, Bahar,
and Orissa...

...June 1783. Eleventh Report from the same; both intended,

probably to pave the way for the India

1783. XI ** Letter to James Barry, Esq., Professor of

Painting, Royal Academy, on the Subject
of his Pictures, exhibiting in the Great

Room of the Society of Arts ....August 1783.
Speech on the East India Bill.... ...Dec. 1783.
Representation to His Majesty, moved June 14, 1784.
**Epitaph on Sir George Saville, Bart....... 1784.
Speech on the Nabob of Arcot's Debts ..Feb. 1785.
Articles of Charge of High Crimes and Mis-

demeanours against Warren Hastings, Esq.
late Governor General of Bengal,

April, 1786. XI & XII **Epitaph upon, or Character of, the Marquis of Rockingham ...

1787. Speeches on the opening of the Impeachment

of Mr. Hastings, February 15th, 16th,
17th, and 19th, occupying about four
hours each day

.. 1788. XI11 Speeches on the Sixth Article of Charge, April

21st, 25th, May 5th, and 7th ......1789. xu & XIV **A variety of Letters and Papers (public) on the Regency Question

...1781, 1789. ** Letter to Mr. Pitt (as from His Royal High

ness the Prince of Wales), on the Subject
of the Regency

..Jan. 1789.


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#Letter to Mr. Montague, on the Subject of

the Impeachment of Mr. Hastings. .April 1789.
** Letters to M. Menonville, on the French

...Oct. 1789,

Substance of a Speech on the Army Estimates

Feb. 1790.

Letter to Thomas Mercer, Esq. on the Sub-

ject of the French Revolution......Feb. 1790:

Reflections on the Revolution in France..Oct. 1790.

**Character of Henry IV. of France ... Jan. 1791.

Letter to a Member of the National Assembly,

Jan. 1791, VI

Hints for a Memorial to M. Montmorin ..Feb. 1791. VII
Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs ..July 1791. vi
Letter to the Empress of Russia. .Nov. 1791.

Thoughts on French Affairs ..

..Dec. 179). VII

Letter to Sir Hercules Langrishe, Bart. M. P.

on the Subject of the Roman Catholics of

....Jan. 1792. Vi
** Character of Sir Joshua Reynolds ....Feb. 1792.
Notes of a Speech on the Unitarian Petition,

May 1792.
**Appeal to Public Benevolence in favour of

the Destitute French Clergy .....Sept. 1792.

Heads for Consideration on the Present State

of Affairs

...Nov. 1792. VII

Letter to Richard Burke, Esq. (his son), on the

Subject of the Popery Laws of Ireland .. 1793. IX

Observations on the Conduct of the Minority

in the last Session of Parliament, August 1793. VII

Remarks on the Policy of the Allies ....Oct. 1793. Vi

Preface to a Translation of the Address of

M. Brissot to his Constituents ........

1794. VII

Report from the Committee appointed to in-

spect the Lords' Journals relative to their
Proceeding on the Trial of Warren Hast-
ings, Esq.-Ordered on the 5th and 17th
of March ; and this important and elabo-


In what Vol.



rate Paper, of nearly 200 octavo pages,

was produced by Mr. Burke ..30th April 1794. XIV Letter to William Smith, Esq. M. P. (now one

of the Barons of the Court of Exchequer
in Ireland), on the Subject of the Popery

...Jan. 1795.
Second Letter to Sir Hercules Langrishe, Bart.
on the same. Subject

.....May 1795. IX Letter to William Elliott, Esq. occasioned by

a Speech in the House of Lords by the

*** of *** (Duke of Norfolk) ....May 1795. VII Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Auckland, Oct. 1795. IX Thoughts and Details on Scarcity ......Nov. 1795. Vir Letter to a Noble Lord (Earl Fitzwilliam), on

the Attacks made upon him (Mr. Burke),
and his Pension, in the House of Lords,
by the Duke of Bedford, and the Earl of

1796. viu Three Letters on a Regicide Peace...

1796. VIII Fourth Letter on the same Subject.

1797. IX Letter on the Affairs of Ireland

1797. IX Two more octavo volumes are to be filled by the concluding or summing-up Oration on the Impeachment, which Mr. Burke commenced on the 28th of May, 1794, and continued for nine days.

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