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The Scots pagazine,

AUGUST 1817.

CONTENTS. ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. REVIEW OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. Observations on tive Introduction into Secret and True History of the Church

Sootland of the Instrument of Torture of Scotland. By the Rev. Mr James called Thumbikens, and the use made Kirkton of it in the case of Principal Carstares. Lament of Tašs. By Lord Byron....... 48

With an illastrative Plate...meantecomww.5 Reports of some Recent Decisions, by the Original Letter from David Hume to Consistorial Court of Scotland. By Jas.

John Home, with some account of a Fergusson, Esq. one of the Judgeman 50 rare and curious Tract characterized Historical Account of Discoveries and in that

Travels in Africa. By the late John View of the Change of Manners among Leyden, M. D. ; Enlarged by Hugh

the Higher Ranks in Scotland during Murray, Esq. F.R.S. E. camaracaraniw..52 the course of the last Centurymnasha... 10

ANALYTICAL NOTICES Original Correspondence of Paul Jones, 14 of the Supplement to the Encyclopædia Letter to Lady Selkirkumammanum 15

Britannica, Vol. II. Part II.comin 55 to Lord Selkirkamanna .17 to Admiral Vander Capellen.. 18


The Minstrel's Vision, or, the Isle of from Dr Franklin.manasa .19 from the Empress Catherinewib.

Eyra. A Fragment...

cora.... 63

The Celestiall Vestallis. An ancient Mefrom Kosciuszko

trical Romaunt


...iba Account of the Geological Structure of the Calton

An Answer to the Question, What is ib.

Love? By Thomas Paine............. 65 Abstract of the Evidence taken before the Committee of the House of Com

LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC IN. mons on Steam-boats, with Observa


mw.66 tions.

21 MONTHLY List OF New FUBLICAMiscellaneous Observations on some facts

70 in Natural History—Medusa Capil

WORKS PREPARING FOR PUBLICAlataEffect of Refraction-Origin of Fogs, &


MONTHLY REGISTER. Account of a Remarkable Audience of a Foreign Intelligence...soooonna

was nevard 74 Polish Ambassador at the Court of British Chroniclenuman..wanasomwa... 8 Queen Elizabeth... 29 | New

.86 On the Proper Use of Terms in Writing 31 British Legislation..... Observations on the Principles of the Appointments and 88 Poor Lawsum

-32 Meteorological Report. General View of the Credit and Com- Agricultural Report

_92 merce of the Country. -39 Commercial

-94 Border Sketches.

43 | Births, Marriages, Deaths...mmm..97





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Mr Jamieson's curious communication on the Origin of the Pícts,-Mr Duncan's View of the Commerce and Manufactures of Glasgow,-A very

able article on the merits of Mr Kemble as an Actor,-and a learned paper on Atmospheric Phenomena, - will appear in our next.

An interesting account of Block-Printing is in preparation.

A series of Original Letters to and from Queen Elizabeth—Also Original Letters of Burns-will appear successively, as our arrangements permit.

As soon as we have recovered from the alarm occasioned by the abrupt appearance of Satan, his very characteristic address may find a place in our Mis cellany.

Our materials will soon enable as to present our readers with a comprehensive view of the improvements which have taken place in this Metropolis from a very early period to the present time.

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Printed by George Ramsay & Co.


The Scots MAGAZINE was begun in 1739, and has been continued, without interruption, during the seventy-eight years which have since elapsed. It forms now a record of Scottish Literature and History, during that long period, the value of which is so universally acknowledged, as to render all panegyric superfluous. For some time past, however, it has been strongly pressed on the Proprietors, from various quarters, that, in order more fully to adapt it to the taste of the times, a considerable enlargement of plan was become necessary, and that it ought to receive some improvements in typography and appearance. The Proprietors felt some hesitation in making any change upon the plan of a work so long established; but the ample and highly respectable assurances which they have received, both of regular support, and of occasional contributions, in the event of such a change, have at length determined them to enter with spirit and zeal upon the execution of the improvements suggested.

The Proprietors, therefore, beg to intimate, that the present series closes with the Number for July; and that the Number for August forms the first of a new series, upon a plan greatly enlarged and improved, and which will combine, with the objects hitherto treated in the Scots MAGAZINE, a variety of others, which the narrower limits of that Miscellany did not permit it to embrace.

To form a repository for the short and occasional productions of men of genius,—to draw illustrations of the manners, history, and antiquities of Scotland, from mines

yet unexhausted or unexplored to record the remarkable occurrences of the Republic of Letters, including an obituary of its eminent characters,--to illustrate the progress and present state of the fine, as well as of the useful, arts,--and to preserve a faithful journal of foreign and domestic occurrences ;—these are objects which, with many others of a nature too miscellaneous to be particularly enumerated, they confidently expect to fulfil, with a success not attained by any similar work hitherto-attempted in this country.

The work will now be entitled, “ THE EDINBURGH MAGAZINE, or LITERARY MISCELLANY, being a new series of the Scots MAGAZINE,” and will be published monthly. The Magazine bearing the former title was, in 1804, incorporated with the Scots MAGAZINE, and the two united have since been published under the title of the Scots MAGAZINE AND EDINBURGH LITERARY MISCELLANY, It will contain Six Sheets of Letter Press, and, being printed in a closer manner, will comprise in each number nearly double the present quantity of matter. The price will be Two Shillings. This moderate addition is ren. dered unavoidable by the enlargement of the plan and the improvement of the materials ; nor is there now any publication of the kind which is sold at a lower rate.

August 1817.

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