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confidence rely upon your usual Candour for indulging me in such a piece of vanity, when at the same time that I am gratifying it by this Address, I do the most essential service to the Subject of these Papers which accompany it. For though I cannot presume so much upon the relation above-intimated, as to expect your Lordship’s full concurrence with me in every particular Sentiment; - your Lordship knows right well, how very far I was from aiming to make such an use of it in Education; how cautious to guard those that were placed under my care against implicit prejudice of every kind:

yet it is natural enough to imagine, that from fo advantageous a Post which gave opportunity of forming the most favourable Impressions, and which both Duty and Inclination had determined me by no means to neglect : free friendly intercourse which ever passed betwixt us, and which invited and encouraged me to withhold nothing from you that I judged in any respect worthy of your regard; hence it is easy to suppose, that a similar way of thinking might

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in general be produced: and if this has been the case in any considerable degree; if it should engage your Lordship publickly to countenance the following Difcourses, which have received so much improvement from your Lordship’s hand in private, this will give new Life to them, and fresh cause of rejoicing to their Author.

Your Lordship will excuse me, if I am tempted to dwell a little longer on the present Subject, than may prove agreeable to your Lordship’s inclination: а Subject, which I have often dwelt upon with pleasure; and which must always be attended with a secret satisfaction, since it leads to a Period wherein so many favourite Scenes present themselves to view: when


many amiable Qualities, which then began to appear, and which have since exerted themselves so happily in higher stations; and when I am able to flatter myself with having in some measure contributed to the unfolding and directing some of them. That clear discernment, and true judgment of things; that open, honest ingenuity of


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mind; that chearful, candid, humane disposition; that universal sweetness of temper, and integrity of heart: --- these excellent endowments were your own, my Lord, by nature; and they as naturally produced, not only an innocent and agreeable, but a very useful and improving conversation among all your acquaintance. But that early application of them to some solid and substantial parts of Science; the nature, origin, and use of our intellectual faculties; the Author and the End of our Being; the Government of other Beings in the Universe, and our connexions with them; the fundamental Principles of Virtue and Religion; the Laws, Rules, Rights of Society; the grounds of our obedience to civil Government, and the bounds of civil and religious Liberty, particularly under our own Constitution: that fair and serious turn to a fober examination of the Truth in such important points as these; - the Love of Truth and Knowledge in general, more especially that of the Holy Scriptures

, and all such Studies as are properly preparative thereto:

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