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the institution of this instrumentality. | wither your prospects, and blast your The first is, that the instrumentality is fairest hopes. Was it not this that not local, or temporary ; but that it is pricked the three thousand to the universal and permanent, adapted to heart, under the first Gospel sermon all countries, and to continue through that was ever preached after the outall ages. The second is, that the in- pouring of the Spirit from on highstrumentality is, of itself, utterly in three thousand, who had sent up to adequate to accomplish the end pro- the astonished heavens, the frantic posed, and can only be rendered effica- cry, and the dreadful inprecation, of cious by the communication of the “ Away with him-crucify him-his Divine influence. The first of these blood be on us, and upon our chil. considerations is suggested in the gra- dren?" It was this that pricked them cious promise which accompanies the to the heart, subdued their enmity, commission—"Lo, I am with you won them to the Saviour, gathered always, even to the end of the world;" | them to his cross, and united them to and the second in the command, that his church. Was it not the faithful they should wait in Jerusalem until preaching of Christ crucified by that they were endued with power from onmonk Luther, that shook the dohigh.

minions of papal domination and tyThough the power with which the ranny to its very foundations, at the first preachers of the Gospel were en era of the Reformation? Was it not dued, was unquestionably a miracu this that caused such a shaking among lous power, while that agency which the dry bones in Great Britain and is continued in the church in modern America, when Whitfield and John times is altogether divested of this Wesley, those poble and dauntless character, let it be remembered, that men, took the field; and thousands, the power of working miracles was im- dead in trespasses and sins, heard the parted to the first promulgators of the voice of the Son of God, and lived ? Is Gospel for the accomplishment of a it not this that warms the heart of the specific purpose ; which purpose being shivering Esquimaux with the love of accomplished, the power is withdrawn, Jesus, and causes Christian churches while that agency of the Holy Spirit, to bloom, like gardens of the Lord, which is as equally efficacious to the amidst his dark and dreary clime? accomplishment of the great ends, of And is it not this that, more recently, the Christian ministry, and the re has constrained Tahiti to cast the generation, and the sanctification, of gods of his forefathers to the flood and the souls of men, is continued. So to the flame, and abandon the worship that inferior as we confessedly are of demons for the worship of the true in our labours, and in our success, the Jehovah ? meanest of our missionaries, the hum | Aye, my brethren, and there is in blest of our pastors, need not envy the this instrumentality such an obvious miraculous endowments of a Peter or inefficiency to the accomplishment of Paul. Still, my brethren, it is not by the great end proposed, that it is remight—it is not by power—it is not corded with infinite complacency by by miracles—it is not by eloquence the blessed Saviour, (for it completely it is not by argument it is not by removes all ground of confidence and wealth-but it is “by my Spirit, saith boasting from man, and it secures the the Lord :" it is the faithful and dis- undivided and entire revenue of glory tinct announcement of the great and to himself,) why he thus puts treasures glorious truth, that “ God so loved in an earthen vessel" that the exthe world that he gave his only begot- cellency and the power may be of God, ten son, that whosoever believeth on and not of man.” My brethren, the him might not perish, but have ever missionary may be ardent as Peter-he lasting life.” This it is that God has may be bold as Boanerges-he may be owned and blessed in every age, for tender as John-he may be pathetic as the accomplishment of these great Apollos-he may be learned as Paulends; and nothing else will he own he may be impassioned as Whitfieldand bless. In proportion as any thing he may be laborious as Wesley; yet else is blended with it, and brought to until the Spirit be poured from on high, its aid, in that proportion he will he may as well preach to mouldering skeletons, and to marble statues, as to foundation of every thing which man men dead in trespasses and sins. But had been taught, by the observance of when once the Spirit, the living Spirit, ages, to regard as great and venerable the Spirit from on high, accompanies - they went forth; and although they the prophetic message, and breathes were fined and imprisoned—although upon the slain-oh, then, there is a they were racked, and gibbetted, and shaking among the dry bones ; bone burnt, the cause which they had cleaves to its kindred bone, and limbabetted triumphed, the tree which they to its fellow limb; and an exceeding had planted grew, and took deep root in great army starts up in that vale of the soil; it became fairer, and firmer, moral darkness and spiritual death, to and more vigorous, by every drop of celebrate the praises of the living God. their martyred blood that was shed, And has not God taught you this lesson till it stretched forth its arms far and in a manner the most solemn and im- wide, covered with luxuriant foliage, pressive, by the circumstances which laden with the richest fruit; and at attended the first promulgation of the length the Emperor of the world reGospel in the world? Who, I ask, joiced to sit down beneath its shadow, were the first heralds of salvation ? So mightily grew the word of God and Were they mitred abbots ? Were they prevailed ; and such were the fairest croziered ecclesiastics ? Were they and earliest samples of the triumphs of belted warriors? Were they learned the cross. schoolmen? Were they subtle courtiers? And now, men and brethren, let me Were they men of high rank, with a remind you that that instrumentality name and an authority that commanded is yours; you have it in your hands : universal homage and respect ? And, and the cries, the groans, the tears, did the princes and potentates of this the miseries, of six hundred millions of world resign their conquering armies | the human race, call on you to employ, to their command, and hurl the thun- | to the utmost possible stretch, your der of their indignation against all who influence and agency; and, if you do opposed their doctrines, or resisted so in humble dependance on Divine their progress? No such thing. They assistance, and with a single eye to were fishermen, tax-gatherers, net the glory of God, that agency, which makers. They came from the very alone can render it effectual, will not dregs and refuse of society-at least be wanting. The residue of the Spirit with a few exceptions it was so. They is with God, and he will pour it out in had no learning—the Sanhedrim soon abundance on his faithful disciples. discovered they were unlearned and Oh, let me plead with you this day on ignorant men. They had no money, behalf of this great cause. Let me set their master was so poor that he was before you this day the claims of six obliged, on one occasion, to work a hundred millions of the human race. miracle in order to obtain the tribute Think, I beseech you think, of the money, although it was but a penny. | ignorance in which they are sunk, and They had no arms, save that spiritual from which we are anxious to deliver panoply with which their master had them. Of the Pagan nations it may furnished them. And any man that be said in truth, literally, that they had seen them assembled together, in are sitting in darkness and the shadow an upper room at Jerusalem, and had of death : no light beams on their dark been told of the enterprize they con- understandings-no sabbath dawns on templated, would have thought them their dreary habitations. They read fitter for the cells of maniacs, than the no bible, they hear no sermons, there haunts of sober men. Yet these very are none to tell them of the character men went forth, in the face of oppo- of God, or the way the sinner is acsition and resistance the most for- cepted. There is no hand to shed a midable; and though they were threat- cheering light on their path in sickness ened with fine, and confiscation, and and sorrow, and dispel from them the racks, and dungeons, and flames, they gloom that settles on the grave, or unwent forth; and, with a system calcu-veil · before them the dreadful and lated to excite, to irritate to madness, enduring realities of the eternal the malignant enmity of the human world. And yet, my brethren, igno. heart-a system that smote at the rance on all these topics is the greatest curse which can rest on man; because we have told you that the heathen are with them is connected, indissolubly, without a true God—that they are desthe dignity, and purity, and happiness, titute of the written word—that they of his immortal nature. Oh, look on know nothing of real religion-we the poor Pagan ; pity his sad, his for- have not told you all-I had almost lorn condition. Conscious that he did | said, it were well for them if we had. not make himself, does he say, Where | But they have gods of their ownis God my Maker? There is none to they have Shasters of their own—they tell him where. He feels after him, if have a religion of their own—they have haply he may find him ; but he feels oracles of their own, gods and ministers in vain ; for though he is not very far of cruelty and crime :- Shasters that from every one of them, the light of tolerate the commission of deadly sins nature was never found, in a single -a religion filled with pollution and instance, sufficient to pierce and pene- clotted with gore-oracles that give trate the gloom that veils him from utterance to the deadliest and most distheir sight. Frightened and agonized tracted lies. Oh, what is Paganism? It is with the stings of conscience, does the an hideous monster, from the contempoor Pagan cry out, What must I do plation of which everything benevolent, to be saved ? The stillness of death every thing holy, every thing rational, pervades the moral solitude by which turns with mingled abhorrence and he is surrounded ; and they give him disgust. The same essential features back nothing but the echo of his own characterize it in every form of its voice. And what must he do? He existence, in every period of its history, has tried the penance and the prayer in every scene of its influence; and he has tried the offering and the sacri whether you ponder it in the records fice—he has tried the toilsome pil. of ancient history, or in the journies grimage and the self-inflicted torture of modern missionaries—whether you the lash has resounded from his ago explore its haunts by the old Tiber,'or nized limbs--the crimson stream has whether in the windings of the Ganges, flowed down by the spiked sandals from | or whether in the temples of the Druids, his bleeding feet; and still there is it is the same horrid compound of the within him the heart-sickening con beast and the dragon. And yet millions sciousness that it is all in vain. What of mankind, rational and immortal as must he do? Must he lie him down they are, pressing to the same tribunal, and die, crushed beneath the wheels and born onwards by the stream of of the monster-idol's car, a voluntary | time and the waves of eternity-milvictim to the Moloch of his adoration lions are bowing down beneath its Poor wretch! thine is a grief that iron sceptre, are agonized by its tormight wring tears from marble eyes, tures, and wallowing in its pollutions. and kindle burning emotions in a Oh, help us in our efforts to snatch breast of ice ; and yet we can sit un some of these brands from the burnmoved, contemplating it: we can sit, ing-help us in our efforts to teach nor shed a tear, while six hundred some of these deluded people a milder millions of our species are uttering system and a better way-help us, that piercing cry,“ What must I do, who would fain assist in reaping this to be saved ?" Oh, tell them-oh, rich harvest of mankind, and gather it assist us in our efforts to reach them into the garner of God-help us, and oh, send to them the glad tidings of you shall have a share in the triumphs, salvation-oh, send to them the lively and you shall help to sing with exal. oracles-oh, send to them the living tation and rapture the harvest-home. missionary-oh, send to them the Oh, think' again, think, I beseech preached gospel-oh, send to them the you, of the solemn account which must written word-oh, send it, send it, ere be rendered, and the dreadful damna. they are placed by the stroke of death tion which we would fain avert. There beyond the reach of your sympathy are some persons who delight to tell us and your prayers.

about the virtues, and the amiable Think, I beseech you, of the de- qualities of the Hindoos. They say, graded superstitions by which they are that paganism presents a state of soenslaved, and from which we are ciety quite as innocent and pure as anxious to emancipate them. When ours; and they affect to regard us as ministers of bigotry, because we sug- and laborious men, to send the gospel gest the possibility of their being finally to the Heathen, if, after all, they can condemned for errors which, they say, I be saved without? I limit not the are but the results of ignorance; and | Holy One of Israel; I would not prethey profess to entertain no doubt at sume to legislate to the Supreme Moral all, as to the final salvation of the con- Governor of the Universe; I take not scientious Pagan. My brethren, we the destiny of the Heathen into my who have the Bible in our hands, and own hands; but this I know-I am believe it to be the word of God, and sure that there is no other name given bow down to its high authority, are under heaven among men, whereby compelled to arrive at a very different we must be saved, but the name of conclusion. I ask, is not Pagan idolatry | Christ. Therefore, that the Heathen the grossest dishonour that can be may not perish in ignorance and sin, done to God? I ask, is not Pagan | I am anxious—and I ask you to help idolatry a compound of cruelty and in the effort-to send to them the crime, on which the pure and bene- knowledge of that name, that they may volent Deity can look only with detes- embrace it, and live. tation and abhorrence? I ask, are not Do I need to press on this audience the Pagans wrapt in the darkness of the obligations by which they are their superstition, because their fore- bound in connection with this great fathers did not choose to retain the cause? I believe you possess a bene. light of Divine revelation? I ask, is volent feeling, and I appeal to that not the toleration of crimes and immo- feeling on behalf of the object that lies rality that distinguishes Paganism, is before me. Is the Gospel the bread of it not all in perfect harmony with their life that is to feed a starving world ? corrupt imagination, and their own | Is the Gospel the balm of Gilead which depraved nature? I ask, does not is to heal the nations? Is it the uni. conscience condemn them in ten thou- versal specific which is to cure the sand instances, in the absurdities they moral maladies by which our nature is practise, and in the habits they in- infected? Do you possess that boon, dulge? I ask, are they not transgres- and have you the power to impart it? sors emphatically? Are they not and by imparting it, are you sure you chargeable with every crime, and with shall not impoverish yourself? Is a idolatry, the master-piece of hell, which spark of feeling burning in your bosom embodies in itself the essence of every if you can withhold it for a moment? other? I ask, are they not sinners? I believe there is not one of you in this and is there any way but one, by which congregation that would not be dissinners can be saved? And do they gusted with himself, if he thought it know that way?-can they discover it possible that, like the Priest and the for themselves?-is it possible that they Levite, he could pass by on the other ever should ? Answer these questions side, and leave a poor stranger fallen, -answer them faithfully; and then and wounded, and weltering in his tell me, whether the condition of the blood. You could not do it; and yet Pagan nations is not such as to awaken multitudes can listen to the miseries of the deepest emotions of intense anxiety the heathen without a sigh. The and sorrow, in the breast of every man claims of the heathen may be presented, that knows the value of a soul, and but they awaken no responding emothe realities of the eternal world. Ition, and call forth no efforts. I know beseech you, my brethren, let not the not how to designate that species of natural benevolence of feeling, nor the benevolence, that dubious unaccountasubtle influence of a sceptical philoso ble kind of charity, that expends itself phy, combine to shut your eyes against entirely on individual cases of woe and the coming destiny of the Pagan na misery which death will terminate; tions, their awful responsibility, and but, when millions press on it, and the dread account they have to yield. ask its aid-its aid, too, for the removal Why, I ask, should we spend such of miseries that stretch out to eternity sums of money-why should we em |-its powers of compassion are inploy such a mass of instrumentality- stantly dried up. why should we sacrifice so many pre- If I take high ground in pleading cious lives-lives of holy and devout this cause, I take the ground of justice.

You are a debtor to the heathen, and thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and your debt you are bound to pay. Does he that hath no money : come ye, any man in this assembly ask, Who is / buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine my neighbour? I answer him, Every and milk without money and without man is thy neighbour. Am I my bro | price.” “ The Spirit and the bride ther's keeper? I answer, Yes. It al. say, come.” You heard it, and you ways occurred to me, that there was embraced it; you have bowed down, never a more powerful and touching and you have drank; you have felt the appeal made to the benevolence of the life giving influence of the stream that British nation on behalf of the sons of gushed from the rock. Then, “ let Africa, than that which represents one him that heareth say, Come. And of her children stretching out his hands, let him that is athirst come.” Tell bearing the shackles of his bondage, them, they are welcome, around the and crying, “ Am I not a man, and a | wide world. “And let whosoever brother ?" Yes; he is a man and a will, take of the water of life freely.” brother. That Chinaman is your bro Go forth by your missionaries—by ther—that Hindoo is your brother your bibles—by your agents—to the that Javanese is your brother-that utmost range of the earth : and over Malay is your brother. And he has a distant seas let the sound be heard, brother's claim; and if you refuse to “ Glory to God in the highest, and on acknowledge his claim, there is one | earth peace, and good will toward who will plead his cause, and will men." And as to success, it is as plead it against you; and the voice of certain as that Jehovah will secure his your brother's blood, if he perish own cause, and the purposes of his through your apathy and neglect, will own heart. “ Glory to God in the cry against you from the ground. Think highest." The angels who sang that you, because he speaks a different lan- | song saw the close of one mighty guage-think you, because he wears a dispensation, and the commencement darker skin-think you, because he of another-like him who stands on lives in a distant land, that the bond of the summit of a lofty mountain as the brotherhood is broken, and that he has storm is passing. By looking down no claim on you? You have ships the periods of the past, they saw the that can reach him, you have men that rites and ceremonies of the Mosaic have learned his language, and can dispensation, like gigantic shadows, speak to him all the words of this life; rolling rapidly away. By looking up and the same blood flows in his veins the ages of the future, they saw the as flows in your own. We have one rise, and progress, and spread, and God and one Father; and there is a triumphs of the Gospel. They saw day of reckoning coming, when that the Jews reject it, and they saw the God and Father will call you to ac Gentiles welcome it; and they saw count, for the way in which you have the Jews and Gentiles at length sweetly discharged a brother's obligations, and blended in one Christian church. They a neighbour's duties.

saw every Pagan idolatry-every Papal Do I weary? Then, brethren, gird superstition-every Mahomedan deluyourselves again this day to this great sion prostrate beneath the Redeemer's and glorious enterprize. What is the chariot wheels. They saw the Shasters Gospel you profess what is its ex- of the Brahmin, and the Koran of the cellency:-what its character? Is it Mussulman, and the Mass of the Roselfish is it monopoly: No; it man Catholic, scattered to the winds. breathes a spirit of the purest and the They heard the distant murmurs of most diffuse philanthropy, and that mighty mingling voices, myriads in man is an utter stranger to its in- heaven responding to myriads on earth, fluence, whose heart it has not made till it grew, and pealed like mighty large enough to embrace in its sympa thunder, through the universe of God thies, in its efforts, in its prayers, -“ Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God the whole human race. The Gospel Almighty. The kingdoms of this has a message for all-is has a friendly world are become the kingdoms of our aspect for all-it has a boon for all-it Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall hangs around the cup of life in a dying reign for ever and ever." Amen. Amen, world-it says, “ Ho, every one that I Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus,

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