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and to Iconium, and Antioch, confirm- / We read that narrative in the word of ing the souls of the disciples.” They God, but how little are we enabled were great travellers, great walkers, at times to enter into the subject. A great labourers; toiling pleasantly, yet fond and affectionate father called upon, seyerely, in the service of Christ. at the bidding of God, to take the “ Confirming the souls.of the disciples, knife to slay his son—that son which and exhorting them to continue in the he had waited for so many years. faith, and that we must through much But it is one of the most splendid and tribulation enter into the kingdom of delightful and encouraging portions of God.” They strengthened them in the word of God, to show that faith, two ways, I apprehend ; they told while it does not root out natural them what they were to expect—that affection, can enable a man in simthey were to enter the kingdom of plicity to give it up for Christ : it is God through much tribulation ; and one of the most delightful trophies of they confirmed them, as the Holy the grace of God in the soul of man. Ghost blessed them, by exhorting It did not hinder Abraham from weepthem to continue in the faith. Hold ing; it did not command him not to fast Christ—you shall have much tri- shed tears ; it only commanded him bulation-you shall be a loser for to give up his child in the faith which him, but you shall never be a loser by wrought by love, and which enabled him-you shall have much to undergo him to give him up cheerfully. for his name's sake, but continue to There is something in the suddenhold him fast. May the Lord the ness of Job's affliction that appears in Spirit give us some spiritual experi- itself overwhelming—that a man should mental apprehension of these truths be called on in the circuit of one little to-night.

day to give up all. The Lord had First, observe, it is declared the blessed him year after year; and in people of God must through much one day, as it were, took all from him. tribulation enter the kingdom of God. It is no light matter to look at the Secondly, they were exhorted, on that history of Job. O that we read it account, to continue in the faith. more to our soul's profit. May the

That the people of God are an af- Spirit write it upon our hearts, lay it ficted people there can be no doubt. upon our consciences, and give us We see and feel it, and are the sub-faith to receive it in the love of it, to jects of it. We read, “Behold I have the praise of the glory of the Father's refined thee, but not with silver; Il grace. have chosen thee in the furnace of In Jacob's history we see scarcely affliction.” I will bring the third anything but domestic discord and part through the fire, and will refine unhappiness : Joseph and Benjamin, them as silver is refined, and will try the two sons of Rachel, on one side ; them as gold is tried : they shall call and the ten sons of Leah against him on my name, and I will hear them: on the other. What a trial ! how it I will say, It is my people, and they must have grieved his heart! “ I have shall say, The Lord is my God." No chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.” Christian need be afraid of affliction, | Who has ever looked into a smelting then, since here he sees the blessed furnace, and has thought lightly of it? effect : they shall say, He is my Fa- Who that has ever looked into a ther; God will say, this is my people. / furnace which can melt iron, can think

Not only do we find God's saints of it as a light matter? It was no light are a tried people, but also that those matter for Jacob to be living, in the whom God blesses the most he afflicts midst of domestic unhappiness, a life the most. In reading his word we of faith and happiness with God. see it to be pretty generally so. Where

(To be continued). can we find such an instance of the trial of natural affection as in the case | London : Published for the Proprietors, of Abraham? It was no light matter by T. GRIFFITHS, Wellington Street, for a man to be kept year after year, strand; and Sold by all Booksellers in and then, after all, to have the Isaac Town and Country. of his heart taken away by his own

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Look at the case of Moses, which is , of those churches, too, were malignone of the most instructing in God's ing and accusing his character; for word. Forty years was he in the Paul contends in the epistle to the court of Pharaoh, amidst all the gold, Corinthians, “ Did I make a gain of and the silver, the music, and the you?” As if they had said, “You dancing, the pomp, and the circum- | preached, but you preached not for stance, the luxuries, and the splen nothing ; you have the love of money, dour of the most splendid court, at and the root of it.” “Nevertheless, that time, perhaps, on the face of being crafty, I caught you with guile. the earth; and yet, Moses, knowing Did I make a gain of you by any of he was called to the high office of con- them whom I sent unto you?” May ducting the Israel of God, was willing | God write it out fairly upon our hearts, to give it all up for Christ's sake; that there are trials, furnace trials, “ esteeming the reproach of Christ deep and severe trials, to try his saints. greater riches than the treasures in The Apostle tells us himself, that if Egypt." And yet, what did the Lord | he was afflicted he was afflicted for for him? Just sent him forty years the consolation of God's saints. Every to keep sheep in the desert: so that man that gets into a pulpit to preach, this great prince is appointed to be will have, not only his own, but his the leader of sheep-to command sheep, people's troubles ; he shall not only as it were, in order to be a great com have his own portion, but he shall be mander of the Church. When he came afflicted for their sakes, that they may to the office all was trouble, Miriam be comforted, and that they may be was against him, Aaron was against blessed with him. him, and the people ready to stone This is the point I would pray the him : and, after all this, he was shut Lord to lay deeply on our hearts--that out from Canaan; provoked to hasti- some of the most eminent saints we ness of spirit, he never entered the read of in this book, are those who promised land. I know of no history have been most signally marked out more instructing than the history of for especial suffering. But not only the life of Moses. Forty years was he these endure tribulation, all the saints in Pharaoh's court, forty years a must expect it. The word tells us keeper of sheep, and forty years in the it must be so: “ through much triwilderness, learning the emptiness of bulation we must enter the kingdom all created good.

of God.” It is not, “we may enter;" Look at the case of Paul. Paul was but, “ through much tribulation we an eminent saint, and he was the must enter into the kingdom of God." means of great good to God's saints. Not that all must go through these I do not wonder that the Lord dug signal trials ; not that all must expect about the tree, that he pruned it, and peculiarly heavy trials ; but this is purged it: I do not wonder that he God's appointed way: “In this world exercised all that was in Paul. The ye shall have tribulation.” I somethorn in the flesh, whatever it was, times think we forgot this truth. We was enough to lead him to beseech see that it is so ; we feel that it is the Lord thrice. Then, he had the so; but forget that it is God's apcare of all the churches ; and some pointment, that it cannot be other


wise, and that if the Lord remove one, ther : but what has that to do with the trial from us he will give us others; bringing in of the truth to the soul ? because he declares, that, “ through The Holy Ghost brings me to see a much tribulation we must enter into truth in a particular point of view. I the kingdom of God.” · Many reasons may have gone round it, and round it, might be given for this exhibition of but may not have looked at it aright. divine wisdom. One great reason is, | I have been told there is a friend who that we may know and feel what that sticketh closer than a brother. How body of sin and death is that is within can I know it? Why, by trying every us. There is nothing in itself that has other friend, and finding there is no a greater tendency to stir up that | friend like him. When I discover which is evil within us, than when our that the nearest friend either cannot will is thwarted in heavy trouble. But or will not assist me, and that I canit is no small blessing to have a thief not give any help to myself, then I that is in the heart detected. It is no begin to find the promise of God, small mercy that we should be learning “ My people shall be satisfied with my this truth, that “by grace we are saved goodness''-the Lord the Spirit teachthrough faith.” Nothing but grace, ing me, I begin to discover that “he that nothing but a perfect righteousness, glorieth shall glory only in the Lord.” nothing but a salvation out of our This part of the subject is of deep selves in another, can suit our case. moment to our happiness, to our peace, It is one thing to learn this in God's to our well-being and comfort in the book, and it is another thing to learn | divine life. We are most of us like it in our own experience. Many have children on board a vessel when a thought they have understood this storm comes : we think of nothing truth, and known it well; and yet the but the storm. The life of faith is issue has proved they have known not so, but looks to him who is the little of it. I would ask those who Pilot in the storm. We are half our have known something of what it is time busy about the storm-what will to be tried year after year, whether become of us ?—what will that wave there is not this concealed mercy indo ?-whither will that billow carry your trials—that they have a tendency, us ?-what will become of the vessel by the power of the Holy Ghost, to now? But the suitable answer is, It show there is nothing in you where is not my concern ; I did not build the fore you are saved, but that you are ship : I cannot steer it, I cannot supsaved by the undeserved mercy of your port it: my eyes are to the Pilot. God.

When you can say this, you are learnAnother great end in affliction / ing one of the most blessed truths of is that we may know the value of the Bible; and as the Holy Ghost Christ, as the brother born for ad gives you possession of it, you find versity. To know Christ as just adapted that through much tribulation you to us, to know him as the friend we must enter into the kingdom of God. need, the brother we want, the ad- It was needful spiritually that the vocate we require-to know him as Holy Ghost should place you in that having that which our souls stand in point of view, that he should apply need of continually-is a lesson not to the truth with power to your conbe learned in a summer's day. We science. Then it becomes your own, learn this not merely from what God is really sealed in your hearts, and tells us in this book. He takes these is kept there as a blessing for you, truths, and transcribes them on our through time and through eternity. hearts : and then, and not till then, There is much force in the words, we know them. They are made sub “ Through much tribulation we must stance to us. When God makes a enter into the kingdom of heaven." Christian, he writes these truths on We find we do ; but the true reading the heart; and then they become a l of the passage is, we must. If we man's own, and not till then. It is were enabled to reason as Christians not a mere argument : what has that ought to reason, we should be less to do with the application of the truth ? anxious about deliverance out of any It is not a clear chain of reasoning. I trouble, than that the Lord might acmay see all the links connected toge- complish all his will and good pleasure in us, and by us, and that we | that in the hour of danger which the might bring forth all the peaceable Lord taught us in some measure in fruits of righteousness, to his praise the time of quiet-or whether we and glory. The great secret of all this regard it as continuing in faith, living living in much tribulation is, that we not to ourselves, but to God-in either may live out of ourselves and to God. point of view it comes to the same The word of God is full of promises ; truth; it is the life of faith. Happy and we never find their worth but as is the man who, the more the waters we are placed in circumstances that come upon him, the higher he rises. make them needful. We need not His corruptions, and afflictions, and ask a hungry man to eat if the bread is peculiar trials, he takes to Christ, and placed before him. Why is it that lives upon him in the midst of all, as Christ is sweet to the soul? It is the Holy Ghost gives him power to because he is the Bread of life to one will and to do. We can honor Christ that is ready to perish. I may be in nothing more than in the life of addressing some whom the Lord may faith. In God's sacred word there is be leading through a particular afflic | an honoring of every grace of the Holy tion, no one knowing any thing of it. Ghost; but there is a special honor We pass through a hospital-we look put upon faith. We read that when at the objects in their beds; but we | the faith amounted to nothing more do not see their maladies. We look than trusting the ability of Christ, into a congregation they sit down, there was a blessing on it. “Lord, if and they stand up, but we do not see thou wilt thou canst.” When there in their countenances any particular was a resting on him as willing to marks of trouble. But if they were to cure, there was a blessing attending tell us the secrets of their hearts, it. When the friends of the diseased there is not one but would say, I have | man brought him to the Saviour in the my peculiar trouble there is a part arms of their faith, there was a blesswhere the yoke is heavy-there is a ing on him. The weakest faith is depart in my shoulder that is wrung clared to honor God, though it be but by it; and my want of skill, my want as a grain of mustard, which is the of faith, my want of trust, has led me smallest of all seeds. so long to bear it alone that I am It is no small maxim of true wisdom wrung by it. Is it not so? Forget it in our hearts, when we are made not, then : learn it in the school of deeply conscious of the truth, that, as Christ, in Christ's own way, being a disciple of the man of sorrows, we brought to sit at his feet, and taught must expect sorrow. We belong to by himself; not, as we would do, by him, and as such we must expect triphilosophizing upon truth, but learning bulation-tribulation from saints, triit from Himself. I have seen many a bulation from sinners, tribulation from man, a dolt in understanding, incapable ourselves, tribulation from the world, of putting four ideas clearly together, tribulation from Satan. God has orwho has had such a sweet and simple dained, that through much tribulation view of Christ as enabled him to walk we enter into the kingdom of God. upon the mighty waters. If you asked I beseech you not to forget the him for a clear explanation of this blessed prospect before us, namely, power, he could not give it: but he entering the kingdom. We sometimes could speak plainly to God, and God read of a Chinese taking a traveller could understand him.

through a wilderness, through a rough, Observe the EXHORTATION. “Con- rude, blasted desert, as it were, and firming the souls of the disciples, and then bringing him at once into the exhorting them to continue in the faith.most beautiful garden that could be The great remedy for this much afflic- presented to his view. He passes tion is, not to be looking at the afflic-over craggy rocks, through brambles tion; it is to continue in the faith. Whe- and nettles, and every thing offensive; ther we regard faith as the doctrine of and then in one moment his guide Christ, continuing in that which we brings him into the most beautiful know to be true, living upon the truth verdure, the most delightful landscape, the Holy Ghost has brought into the the most lovely exhibition of the experience of our souls, making use of powers of nature and art. Just so is

it with God: he takes us through a cut off ; you cleave to the earth; I world of brambles into a garden of want your all-not merely your feet, Eden. And that which ought to de- | your hands, your purse, your time-I light us is the prospect of eternal glory. want thyself. If any of you are at This was that which cheered the this moment enduring heavy burdens apostle Paul. “While we look not which the world knows nothing of, at the things which are seen"-as if let me conclude with the admonition he had said, I may be misunderstood of a wise man, who, when it was oband accused; I may be tried in my served to him, You seem to be cheersoul, persecuted of men, afflicted of ful and happy, you seem never to be God-but I am looking forward to the greatly cast down, replied, The truth full enjoyment of my future inheri- | is, I carry a pair of scales with me; I tance-"I look not at the things weigh my mercies, and then I weigh which are seen, but at the things which my trials; I weigh what God has are not seen : for the things which are given me, what Christ is to me, what seen are temporal; but the things which God has promised me; and when I are not seen are eternal.” My brethren, come to weigh my trouble, it seems to if we had more foretaste of it we should be all gone. If the Holy Ghost gives think of it more: we could not avoid us the spirit and power to weigh our it. If a man eats grapes, he cannot mercies, we shall go to our homes toavoid being reminded that there is a night in great peace and quiet, tranplace where grapes come from. The quilly, and in holy joy; we shall way to be living above the troubles of find our souls not delighting in merlife, is to be much in the anticipationcies merely, but in the God that gave of glory: for as surely as the earnest the mercies, in that God who is as the is given, so surely shall the future honeycomb, full of grace, which pours reality be enjoyed by us throughout out of his own abundant heart into the eternity.

hearts of his children. It is acquaintThe great principle is to be looking ance with God that raises a man above forward to future glory. But we his troubles, and makes him calm in want more than this; we want a pre- the midst of the storm. They that sent Christ: and if we are living by know thy name will put their trust in faith we shall possess this. God wants thee. May the Lord bless these truths our hearts for himself. If we look to our hearts, and affect us deeply upon our affections rightly and duly, with them. May he take all the glory, we should feel as if God came down which is his own : and to the Father, especially from heaven, and said to us, Son, and Spirit, shall be the praise, There are dead branches that must be for ever and ever. Amen.

A Sermon


1 Cor. xiv. 1.-" Follow after charity, and desire spiritual gifts; but rather that ye

may prophesy."

My dear brethren, have we been speak. | Father and the Son, who with the ing the truth from our hearts this day, Father and the Son together"-as one or have we been speaking but a form God—“ together is worshipped and of words prepared by our forefathers glorified, who spake by the prophets ?" who were more righteous than we, Have we been uttering before God the when we have said that we “ believe very language of our hearts, or only in the Holy Ghost, the Lord and mocking him by a form of words, when Giver of life, who proceedeth from the we said, “ O God the Holy Ghost, pro

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