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which, after they had been wrecked, where property changeth hands at the became a loadstone of death to all the instigation of passions not more terriships which came within their necro- ble and terrific than those which sur. mantic influence; and, indeed, are round the gaming table, and oft by worse than these, who were only fixed means not more dishonest. The uncentres of evil attraction; whereas the meaning folly, and the ostentatious wretched men and women whom you extravagance, and the sensual indulmeet in the street, are not fixed, but gences, and the mixture of envy, varove about with all the wiles of the nity, pride, and falehood, which lie devil :-If further, you reflect on that disclosed to the eye of heaven under which is behind the scene of observa- the fretted roofs and festive avenues of tion, and dare not show its face if magnificent mansions—I question wheyou reflect on the thronged houses of ther it be not more hateful in the eye dissipation, upon the receptacles of of God, than all that is enclosed within lust, upon the dens of thieves, and the grim walls of Newgate, and beupon the bear-gardens of cruelty, and neath the roof of Bridewell. And if upon the helpless offspring of these the theatre be harmless (whereof I give lawless crimes, bearing contagion from no verdict at present), there passeth their birth, nursed up in wanton wick- under the same licensed roof, take it edness, taught to lisp and speak false- for all and all, the saddest, disgraceful hood, and reared in the arts of decep- sights whereon the eye of heaven looks, tion to be little panders to a father and and from which the merciful hand of mother's licentiousness :-If, finally, heaven withholds its striking thunders. you reflect on the throngs of unfor | Now, what is it that makes the eye tunate people from all the ends of the of heaven look on such sights pa. earth, who flock hither to hide the heads tiently? What is it withholds the of their shame, or to make a last effort striking hand of heaven from such to retrieve the wreck of their fortunes: doings? What preservation hath heaven -when all this within this city made for the cure and remedy of such you see and reflect upon, (and no evil ? and who are appointed to carry reflection is equal to the reality, no these remedies into effect? Who are picture equal to the truth) are you not the preserving angels of the city? ashamed of your lethargy in well Who are the pbysicians of the moral doing are you not moved with tender contagion? Hear the word of the compassion, and earnest enquiry, what Lord, and know who are its saviours can be done for the mitigation of these and physicians, and who guard it from evils which smell rank to heaven, and the angry arm of God : hear scripture, make a pious man apprehend the signal and know. vengeance of heaven on the place which In the days of Noah, when all flesh hideth such abominations in its wide had corrupted its way on the earth, and wicked holds?

when the wickedness of man was But this is the lowest chamber in great, and the imagination of his heart the house of our city's wickedness was only evil, and that continually, odious in the sight of men because of God resolved to bring on the earth the its naked and exposed miseries, and tide of his vengeance. But that it because of the unsightly condition with might not perish without a witness which it is served; yet, for that reason, and a warning, he appointed Noah to less odious in the sight of God, who be to them a preacher of righteousness; seeth not as man seeth, and beholdeth in which avocation of calling the world in higher and better conditions, sights to repentance, when he succeeded not, and scenes which he bateth more. the Lord ordered him to save himself, The bribes for which truth and trust his wife, his children, and their little worthiness are deliberately sold (I say ones; for whose safety having taken it), are as hateful, perhaps more hate-order, then, but not till then, he opened ful, than the frands and rewards in the fountains of the heavens, and which the wicked more openly live. washed the earth clean from its aboAnd the gaming tables, where hoards minations. of wealth are lost and won amidst the Hearanother instance from the word most turbulent and terrific passions of of God. In the days of Abraham, the soul, are as hateful in the sight of when the city of Sodom and Gomorrah God as highway robberies perhaps, rose up, and their sin was very griev

ous before the Lord, the angel of the with figures of the utmost expedition, Lord went forth to see and to behold to flee to the mountains : and those their wickedness, whether it was so. who believed on him did so, when And he communed with Abraham, they saw the signs approaching wherethe friend of God, by the way; at of he had told them. And it is left whose intercession the angel of the on record in history, that the righteous Lord showed himself willing to pre-were saved before the city was given serve the foredoomed cities on what up to destruction. conditions ? If there were found fifty, or From this enumeration of the judgforty-five, or forty, or thirty, or twenty, ments of God on wicked cities, it doth or even ten righteous men within its appear that the city is preserved for walls: and there being none save Lot, the sake of the righteous that are whose righteous soul was vexed with therein : and when it cometh to pass their abominations, the Lord gave to that the seed of the righteous is rooted him, his wife, and daughters, warning out, or banished away, then the city to escape to the mountains ; and then, is ripe for destruction, and the venbut not till then, he brought the fiery geance of the Lord sleepeth no longer shower which consumed the cities of over its guilty head. The godly are the plain.

its defence-the saints are for its bul. Hear another instance from the word wark round about against the judgof God. In the days of Jonah, when ments of Jehovah. The disciples of the wickedness of Nineveh was 'come Christ are the salt which preserveth up before the Lord, and the Lord was its hot and tasteful mixtures from pu. minded to destroy it, he had compas trescence : and every church, therefore, sion on the multitude of the people to wherever the word of life is ministered, spare them, and commissioned his pro | is, as it were, the ark in which the phet to go forth and preach to them, charter that the city hath from God that, if they repented not within forty is preserved safe. The preaching of days, they should be overthrown. To sound doctrine in the churches is the which fearful summons of the pro- chief condition of the city's prosperity. phet, the men of Nineveh giving heed, The saints are the defenders of the and repenting in sack-cloth and ashes, city, and do'stand in the breach in the it pleased the Lord, in his great cle- day of the Lord's revengeful march mency, to repent of the evil that he among the nations. Aye, and the had said he would do to them, and to brotherhood of saints, the soldiery of do it not.

Christ that corporation which of all That this may be confirmed, hear the corporations hath no inheritance another instance from the word of but an inheritance of scornis, neverGod. In the days of Isaiah, when he theless, the honoured guardian of the was raised up to show God's people soul's safety, when the Lord girdeth their transgressions, and the house of his sword on his thigh, and goeth forth Jacob their sins, he found the daughter as a man of war. It may be truly of Zion left as a cottage in the wilder- said, that if ancient Troy was safe ness, as a lodge in a garden of cucum- | from the hosts of Greece so long as bers, as a besieged city. After calling the sacred image of Minerva remained on heaven and earth to hear, and bear in her lofty shrine; so while the image testimony against her worse than brutal of Christ remaineth' in any city, it is insensibility to the father-like cry of to that city for a Palladium, which God, he added this most fruitful in- / being preserved from all the powers of struction ;-" Except the Lord had Satan, which riot in hot confusion left unto us a very small remnant, we within its walls, all the foreign powers should have been as Sodom, and we which can be embattled without its should have been like unto Gomorrah." walls, shall not be able to overthrow it

Finally, in the days of our Saviour's or to lay its glory in the dust. flesh, when Jerusalem was ripening her

(To be continued.) self for destruction by rejecting the

London : Publisheed for the Proprietors, prince of life, and crucifying the Lord by T. GRIFFITHS, Wellington Street, of glory, and invoking his blood on Strand ; and Sold by all Booksellers in themselves and their children; the Toron and Country. Son of man warned the people of their

Printed by Lowndes and White, Crane Court overhanging doom, and instructed them, |

Fleet Street.

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(The Rev. E. Irving's Sermon concluded.) Therefore, men and brethren, we wherein the enemies of men are conwho have laboured, and do still labour, verted into the friends of men ; where in the work of laying another founda- men are taught how they may labour tion for an altar, whereon to offer spi. for the world in the widest way and ritual sacrifices acceptable to God with the largest success. through Jesus Christ, reckon that you Therefore, men and brethren, the are engaged in the great patriotic work second time I say it, you have done of giving to the city of your habitation well to erect another house for God, another security for the continuance of wherein sound doctrine, the doctrine the Lord's favour, and another de- of the reformed church, may be held fence against the enemies of our blessed forth in the hearing of this city. Ye land, who are ever plotting its destruc have done it who are chiefly in the tion and downfall. I say, you are middle classes of the people ; you have building a sacred bulwark of righteous laid the foundation of it who are laness and truth-a tower, a beautiful bouring for the bread of your wives tower of holiness-a sanctuary of faith and children; for whom, rest assured, and temperancea temple of peace and the Lord will not less carefully prolove. You are building them against vide, that you have lent to him and to the pride of place, against the cruelty his church a portion of your time : in of ambition, against luxury, and levity, which respect ye have set the examand vice, and against all the other ple; and the example hath been taken moral evils, which must ever infest this by those who have still a higher influstore-house of wealth, this seat of ence, and a higher state in the realm. power, this emporium of the world, by Oh, that they may profit from the exerecting a church for the service of ample. Oh, that the anxious nights God, and by taking all human fore- which you have consumed for the sake sight that sound doctrine should be of the highest interests of your counpreached therein. I say, you are try, might set the example to men of doing whatever man can do to stop rank, to men of influence, who serve the tide of wickedness, which must their country in war and peace, in the ever follow where Mammon the god of field and in the senate, and to whom riches, and Belial the god of fashion, God hath committed large domains of and Satan the god of pride, have their power, and to whom it hath pleased him chosen cities. You are philanthropists to make even his children in no small on the largest scale, and after the degree dependant. To these, who have soundest principles. You are sowing such power over the church, the poor the seed of all good : you are propa come weeping: to them the broken gating the plant whose leaves are for hearts of parents overtheir children, lost the healing of the nations. It is not in this city, come wailing; to them deone province you are taking up-you spised merit in the church comes suare making the philanthropist; for I ing; to them the church in saddest declare it, that in every church wherein weeds (that church of which Christ is Christ crucified is preached, every such the living head), like Rachel mourning church is a nursery of philanthropists, for her children that are not, comes VOL. I.

entreating, that they would use their its neighbourhood. It pleaseth me, greatest influence in spreading over the moreover, as I know it pleaseth those land, the knowledge of our Lord, and who hear me, to think that we live in of our Saviour Jesus Christ, by the an age when two churches, which ministration of faithful priests; for once stood in battle order against lack of which this land groaneth, and each other, can now lift together their is in jeopardy. Then, when the an- towers into the skies-towers of peace, cient aristocracy of this land arise from from which no battle cry will ever be their ancient seats to do a work of heard-towers of peace, from which good—then, when the servants that no envious summons of hostility will surround our sovereign's throne arise ever be sent forth-no sound, but the to the help of God—then, when the summons of the church-going bell to gentlemen of England and Scotland, invite the passengers to turn in, and and our free-born yeomanry, arise to take counsel concerning the things serve the God of their fathers—then which belong to their souls. shall we need to be afraid of that Therefore, men and brethren, take spawn of the pit which hath spread heart, and be of good courage; go on the defilement of Atheism over the with cheerfulness, filling your hearts land, seeking to sap the foundation of with the goodness of your device. Laour goodly fabric of society, and to bour not, as in a secular concern, with subvert the ancient constitution of secular motives ; labour not, as in an these realms?

ambitious concern, with ambitious I do see, through much confusion, motives; but labour, as in a pious and the dawning of such a felicitous morn- religious work, with your hearts full ing, when, stung by these serpents, of godly zeal and resolution. And the giant genius of this land shall when ye speak of it by the way, speak shake itself from its slumbers; and, by of it with a solemn tone; speak of it the power of its awful presence, strike with a serious face; not without exmute these tongues of discord, and pressions of pious thankfulness to God, send them across the waters to seek and aspirations to the Most High, that shelter with the tyrant and the slave. he would bring it to pass. When your Oh, that they had ever dared to lift opinions discord, yield with charity, their heads from the abyss to which and speak with charity, one toward they were chased by the martial spirit another. Let the love of Christ reign of our two churches. But they are among the servants of Christ, which is permitted to stir abroad, only in order for the glory of Christ. Oft, very oft, that they may raise up men of the an make it the subject of your most earncient mood in this realm, to shoot forth est prayer to the Most High, that he the arrows of truth, to confound them would carry forward the work till the with hideous ruin again, a glory to the top-stone of it be brought out with admiring earth and heaven, a spectacle shouting. Put your trust in his to the powers of hell and darkness. strength : in your straits lift up your

While I anticipate such high and voice to him for succour. He who excellent things of our native land, it hath joined us together, he who hath pleaseth my mind to look abroad over brought us from being no people to the suburbs of this city, and to behold become a people, he will assuredly the new churches which are rearing bless us if we trust in him; that the their stately heads in every quarter, people may know that there is a God and which only wait for faithful pas- who beholdeth his servants, and whose tors, men that fear God, and not man, ear is open to their cry. in order, each one, to be a blessing to !

a Sermon


Job, xix. 28.—“ But ye should say, Why persecute we him, seeing the root of the

matter is found in me?"

Ir all things come alike to all-if there. These lamentations show that the be one event to the righteous and to Patriarch's mind was under great the wicked—then it becomes a very darkness : he seems to have recognized hazardous matter to attempt to de- the divine sovereignty, and beyond cipher the symbols of Divine Provi- that not to have proceeded. He seems dence, and to interpret the dispensa- to have some fear whether God was tions of the Most High, Concerning not displeased with him, and about to those dispensations it may be said, cut him off. In this way did he address “ Clouds and darkness rest upon his friends :-" Have pity upon me, them;" though we know that right- have pity upon me, O ye my friends ; eousness and judgment must ever at- for the hand of God hath touched me. tend them. Our Divine Master has Why do ye persecute me as God, and forbidden any censorious interpretation are not satisfied with my flesh,” of the mysterious events of Providence, wasted, and emaciated, and enfeebled in that memorable saying—" Suppose as it is. But light arises in the dark. ye that those eighteen, upon whom ness; and his faith, which seemed to the tower in Siloam fell, were sinners be like an autumnal sun when rising above all men that dwelt in Jerusalem ? over our metropolis, enveloped in I tell you, Nay: but except ye repent, clouds, and mists, and fog, at length ye shall all likewise perish.” It was breaks through all the gloom; and then the mistake of Job's friends to attempt he says, “Oh that my words were to define the hieroglyphics of Divine now written! oh that they were printed Providence: they saw events happen- in a book! that they were graven ing to Job which they chose to inter- with an iron pen and lead in the rock pret as indicative of the divine dis- | for ever!” This emphatic exclamation pleasure. We find, therefore, that introduces the noblest confession of when he expected consolation at their faith which is contained in the Old hands-when he welcomed Eliphaz, Testament-“I know that my ReBildad, and Zophar, as those who deemer liveth, and that he shall stand should comfort his spirit, he was mis at the latter day upon the earth : and taken: for Eliphaz opens upon him though after my skin worms destroy by unkind insinuations of his inte this body, yet in my flesh shall I see grity; Bildad charges him with hypo God: whom I shall see for myself, crisy; and Zophar unites with them, and mine eyes shall behold, and not and reiterates the charge of certain another; though my reins be conwickedness which must lie against sumed within me." Having made him. We find that he argues with this confession, we may suppose that them on this matter through the pre he pauses, and then turns to them :ceding part of the book; and, at “ But ye should say, Why persecute length, is driven from argument to ye him, seeing the root of the matter pathetic appeal. No individual can is found in me?" read the former part of this chapter, These remarks may help us to asin which he describes the gloomy condi- certain what the Patriarch meant by tion of his soul, under the chastisement “ the root of the matter :" which will of the divine hand, without commisera be the first thing to be attended to. tion and pity. Their hearts must in Secondly, How the Patriarch mani. deed have been hardened, seeing they fested that this root was in him. could listen without relenting to such Thirdly, What the Patriarch expected, lamentations as these.

seeing this root was in him.

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