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fetches it from heaven; if he stands in need of health, he seeks it there, if he needeth joy, he derives it thence; he lives above the world, because he needs it not, For we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things wbich are not seen; for the things that are seen are temporal, but the things that are not seen are eternal.

Faith fees nothing in this world worthy of a great esteem, and therefore is nof proud ; nothing worthy of a strong desire, and therefore is not ambitious; nothing that another hath, which it would desire to bereave him of, and therefore envieth not, doth not value the loss of any thing so much, as to bear malice against him that made a man a lofer.

The matters of this world are the fewel that kindles all those hellish paffions : honours, riches, preferments, secular learning and skill,--these are the food that feed the sparks of pride, envy, malice, scorns and bitterness: here these passions grow, here their flames are nourished, here their fires do burn and smoke.


· But now these are not a Christian's great concernments, these are not the care of faith, these are not the charge of love, these are not the things that are studied, designed, contrived, contended for in the Spiritual world, in that world where every Christian hath his conversation ; for our conversation is in heaver. And in heaven there is nothing of these. Alas, we never fwell with pride, burn with malice, nor consume with envy, nor smoke with pasfion, nor foam with cruel hatred, till we lose the shield of faith, till hope and love decay, and let us fall into the sorrows and cares, into the storms and tempefts of this world. ". .

Here, indeed, every man is at work for himself, every man is contriving his own ends, every man iš labouring for his own advancement, and that by all manner of ways, right or wrong, good or evil, truth or lies, so it will work his end, it is deem ed a fit means; so it will do the thing defigned, it is no matter what it doth befide; so it will make him rich, it is no matter who is made poor by it; fo it will VOL. IV.


make him an interest, it is no matter whom it wrongs; if it will build his house, inrich bis family, gain him interest in the world, give him reputation with them that can prefer : him, let it destroy his neighbour, let it injure his brother, let it insnare his friend, let it damn his soul, - all is deemed well done that is done with success for this world..

This is the guise of this world; and when we fall into this confusion, this tempeft, this heap of mischief and dili quiets, where every thing is thrown into disorder, where every thing is in battle against another, no wonder if all the passions of hell, --- pride, revenge, am bition, envy, malice, wrath, bitterness, and all the enmity of the world, do then break in upon us, when we are fallen into the midst of them : But while faith carries us into a better world, into the thoughts of God, we come to have the affections that become immortal souls..

ANOTHER excellency and advantage of living by faith, is this; that it composes.



our minds in all the fears and dangers of the world.

It stills and quiets our spirits, secures our souls, and easeth our disquiets, while we pass through this valley of tears here below; whatsoever we lose in the world, faith fhews us that the loss is not considerable ; whatsoever we hope for in aná othér, faith affures us of that our hope ; it teacheth how to undervalue that which we cannot get, or that which we may lose į and it teacheth how to content ourselves with that good; which we cannot fail at last to gain, if we be patient and persevere to the end.

And thus faith is the greatest security of ouf lives, the great ease of our hearts, the only strength and support of our souls; for it is one of the highest things that can be, and brings us nearest unto God, not to be shaken, not to be moved and disquieted, whatsoever may befal us.

And this; · faith performs. It hears not the report of danger; it feels not the smart of poverty; it is not affrighted at the noise of wars; it is not shaken

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with the fear of death; it hath nothing of its own here below; it hath laid up nothing in this castle, or in that fortress; it hath left no part of a man's heart within the walls of a fair houfe, in the shadows of pleasant walks, in the scent of a bed of flowers; it hath locked up nothing of the foul in a cheft, nor fealed it up in bags, nor hurried it into a ship, nor thrown it into a barn ; it hath laid the man wholly in heaven, it hath placed him and his in the arms of God, it hath nothing to lose in this world, and therefore it is not shaken by worldly fears.

LASTLY, Another excellency and advantage of the life of faith, is this; that it satisfies and contents the foul, with full and ample satisfaction.

What is it that our souls long for, and whither do the wings of our desires carry us away? what mean our peevish hearts, our angry desires, our vehement longings? Behold, heaven is before us, and if there be content enough, then let us be patient

a while

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