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And this there is the more need to inculcate, because there are too many that apé proach with a fair behaviour, and forward devotion to the holy table; who soon after take the liberty to run upon a new score of fin, boping thortly to humble themselves, and to wipe all off again. Many that live in secret pride, and earthly mindedness, in neglect of themselves, and disregard to all their brethren; many that fall back into heart-burnings, and evil surmífings, if not into open quarrels and contentions, who need to be awakened to look into them felves. Further ; in the

IV. Placé, let us do this, Lèt us lao bour to impress and retain an image of Christ upon our souls, whom we have seen, as it were, crucified before our eyes. Let us represent unto ourselves, what such a person Christ was, and what his manner of behaviour was in the world, and then let us las bour to carry him in our mind, and have him before our eyes, that fo by looking on him, we may shape all our affections, and

all all our actions, after that pattern which he hath set us.

Let us endeavour to think every where, that we fee him hanging upon the cross for our sins, or declaring to us his mind, or doing something that the gospel speaks of; so that we may lead a mortified life, and be in every thing fashioned after his like ness.

And this we must do the rather, because, as I have said, he is now more nearly united unto us; so that when we are to do any thing, we must act like him, we must consider how he did, or 'what he would do in such a case; and we must so behave ourfelves, that in a very proper sense, Christ may be said to live in us.

We must so eat and drink, buy and fell, and do all such like things, as we think that Chrift would do them, were he in the flesh. We must become so many images of him in the world; that they who sec us, may behold him, and glorify Chrift who dwelleth in us.-=And this is the meaning of that exprefsion of the apostle, when he bids us to put on the Lord Jefus

Cbrift's Cbrift; that is, to be fo transformed into him, that both in our outward garb and deportment, and also in our inward affections, we may be a lively resemblance of him.. w " .. inę :;;; :: Now the same apostle tells us, That as many, as are baptized into. Cbrist, bave put on Chrift; and therefore much more, they who have eaten of his body, and drank of his blood, are supposed to have put him on, and to have dressed their fouls compleatly after his holy image. They must labour to be all over godiy, and to have an univerfal holiness and virtues that they may be holy as he is holy. .. .in ::: : And for our better direction. Let us labour to do something, worthy of the ex. pence of Christ's blood; and to think what manner of persons they ought to be, for whom the Lord of life died, and who are washed in the blood of that Lamb, who was flain for the sins of the world.. v is.

Let us labour to do something, answer: able to the dearest love of the great God of heaven and earth; and consider after what fort they ought to live, to whom God hath


given so rich a gift, whom he hath hoa noured, not only to be his fons, but to have his dearest Son to die for them. in 2. Let us labour to do something, that may be answerable to so many, and so great means of falvation ; and in particular we should think, what is expected from those; who have now received a greater strength from heaven.

, ::: : :: We must labour to do fomething, that is worthy of a foul and body, configned to immortal blessedness. How holy should they be, who expect such great things ? who have received such pledges of them? who wait for the Lord from heaven, to change these vile bodies into his likeness.,

Let us not defile that body, which is become (as it were) the temple of the Lords and which is fanctified for the eternal manfions. Let us not profane that body and foul, which shall for ever live with God, and are already become his habitation, through his holy Spirit dwelling in them.

And now let us consider, --- Can we think that those persons do lead a life worthy of any of these, who dėlight not to converse with God? who pray never, or but very seldom, and but very shortly, and as if their hearts were frozen; who hear sermons, and understand them not, or else forget them as soon as they are heard ; who grow no wiser, nor better, than they were many years ago ; whose time runs away in eating and drinking, sleeping and diverfions, working and toiling, as if these were the things they are exhorted to do; who rarely take the Bible or a good book into their hands, and when they do, throw it away again, at the call of any pleasure or worldly gain; who love nobody but themselves, and are angry at those who would save their souls.


Let us not deceive ourselves, - We do pot eat and drink this heavenly provision, on purpose that from thence we may rise up to play. Men do not stand in need of such noble nourishment, for the following of their trades, and the encouragement of them in their worldly bufiness. An honeft beat ben would even do better things than these. He that never heard of Christ, and never tasted of this heavenly food,


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