The Anvár-i Suhailí; Or, The Lights of Canopus;: Being the Persian Version of the Fables of Pilpay; Or, the Book "Kalílah and Damnah,"

Stephen Austin, 1854 - 650 sidor

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Sida 488 - And proclaim unto the people a solemn pilgrimage ; let them come unto thee on foot, and on every lean camel, arriving from every distant road ; that they may be witnesses of the advantages which accrue to them from the visiting this holy place, and may commemorate the name of GOD on the appointed days, in gratitude for the brute cattle which he hath bestowed on them.
Sida 202 - O true believers, the law of retaliation is ordained you for the slain : the free shall die for the free, and the servant for the servant, and a woman for a woman: but he whom his brother shall forgive may be prosecuted, and obliged to make satisfaction according to what is just, and a fine shall be set on him with humanity.
Sida 30 - Cawthar, one of the rivers of paradise, being whiter than milk or silver, and more odoriferous than musk, with as many cups set around it as there are stars in the firmament; of which water whoever drinks will thirst no more for ever.
Sida 238 - Mecca, if they attack you therein, do ye also attack them therein in retaliation; and whoever transgresseth against you by so doing, do ye transgress against him in like manner as he hath transgressed against you, and fear GOD, and know that GOD is with those who fear him. Contribute out of your substance towards the defence of the religion of GOD, and throw not yourselves with your own hands into perdition; and do good, for GOD loveth those who do good.
Sida 513 - On that day men shall go forward in distinct classes, that they may behold their works. And whoever shall have wrought good of the weight of an ant,
Sida 568 - And Mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the LORD descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.
Sida 190 - As for those who say, Our Lord is God, and who behave uprightly; the angels shall descend unto them, and shall say, Fear not, neither be ye grieved; but rejoice in the hopes of paradise, which ye have been promised. We are your friends in this life, and in that which is to come: therein shall ye have that which your souls shall desire, and therein shall ye obtain whatever ye shall ask for; as a gift from a gracious and merciful God.
Sida 606 - We will surely prove you by afflicting you in some measure with fear, and hunger, and decrease of wealth, and loss of lives, and scarcity of fruits ; but bear good tidings unto the patient, who when a misfortune befalleth them, say, We are God's, and unto him shall we surely return.
Sida 8 - Ye shall surely be proved in your possessions, and in your persons ; and ye shall bear from those unto whom the scripture was delivered before you, and from the idolaters, much hurt : but if ye be patient, and fear God, this is a matter that is absolutely determined.
Sida 59 - Youths which shall continue in their bloom for ever, shall go round about to attend them, with goblets, and beakers, and a cup of flowing wine...

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