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ligious knowledge among the Slaves generally, . are in reality, not only the very best friends of all those who have property in, or are connected with the West Indies, but are the staunchest supporters of good government, and consequently rank among the best subjects of His Most Gracious Majesty; for through coercion, incessant labour, and cruelty, the property of individuals is much endangered, by the Slaves becoming thereby discontented; and if individuals suffer, government will finally be the great losers, in a falling off of the revenue, or a loss of the colonies.

The present brutish, unchristian, and impolitic state of things there, cannot exist much longer, for all good and pious Britons are bound to oppose it, as men and as Christians, and God himself, cannot look with pleasure, in other words, cannot long bless and prosper people who defy his laws, and contemptuously break, and teach others to break, his holy and everlasting Commandments; for "All human affairs shall utterly come to an end, but his divine Commands shall endure for ever and ever." November, 1824.


General remarks on Slavery

Remarks on the physical state and mental capabilities

of the Negro Slaves in the West Indies

Remarks on the nature and quantity of their food

Remarks on their punishments.

Remarks on the hardships they suffer by being considered
chattels and not persons, by the Colonial Law.
Remarks on the hardships they suffer by not being al-
lowed to give evidence against a white or free person

Remarks on the obstacles thrown in the way of emanci-

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Remarks on the horrid custom of branding the Slaves;

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Remarks on the time, nature, and quality of their varied
and continual labour
Remarks on the medical attendance on the Negroes
Remarks on their clothing, with further remarks on their
food and huts, and a comparsion between their wel-
fare and state and that of the English poor, &c. &c.

Remarks on the sufficient provisions of the Registry


Remarks on the bad effects which Slavery produces on
the white population of the West Indies
Remarks on the hardship and immorality of Overseers

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Remarks on the conduct of the Slaves in Kingston, dur-
ing that suspicious time, and strong reasons for their
innocent intentions through an alarming accident
Remarks on the number of Slaves, Whites, and free
People of Jamaica, comparative strength, and little
risk to the favoured class in times of danger
Remarks on the agitation of the question for ameliora-
ting the condition of the Slaves; right of interfering
with Colonial Legislatures, &c. &c. .

Query, whether the present system of Slavery ought to

be carried on; forbidden by humanity

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