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15. W. G. H. Vos, Esq., son of the late Dr. Vos, of Calcutta, at Torquay.

Dr. W. A. Hughes, retired fr. med. estab. at Masulipa. tam, in Bishopsgate-st. aged 50.

16. Capt. Win. Orrok, H.E.I.C.'s 16th Reg. Bombay N.I. at Holland-place, Camberwell.

Mary, daughter of J. Pugh, Esq., late of Madras, at Paris. 17. Miss Julia Sophia Cross, niece of Capt. Cogan, of Hammersmith, at Brighton.

On her voyage to Madras, Georgiana Harriette, daughter of Capt. G. T. Haly, 41st M.N.I.

21. G. L. Prendergast, late of the E.I.C. c. s. at Grafton-st. Piccadilly, aged 66.

22. William, Earl of Mornington, at Grosvenor-sq. aged 21.

PASSENGERS DEPARTED. Passengers outwards per steamer Oriental from Southampton Feb. 20:

For Malta.Capt. Agnew, Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Cecil, Mrs. Walsh, Mr. A. Bethune, Gen. Vern, and Mrs. England, and three children.

For ALEXANDRIA.-Mrs. Baines, Miss Campbell, and servant; and Lieut. Strugnall and servant.

For MADRAS.-Lieut. Elmhirst.

For CEYLON.-Mr. Vandespar, Mr. Pownall, and Mr. and Mrs. Croom.

For CalcUTTA.-Mr. Drummond, Mr. Hanmar, Mr. Hardinge, Mr. Marshall, Mr. Belli, Mr. Cookes, Mr. Mylne, Mr. Lambert, Mr. Russel, Mr. Heath, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. W. Brown, and Mr. Lowe. To embark at Suez, for CEYLON.-Mr. Carpie.

MALTA, for CALCUTTA.-Mr. Mackenzie.


BIRTHS. Feb. 9. The widow of Major Newport, daughter, at Cheltenham. 10. Viscountess Jocelyn, daughter, Curzon-st. May-fair.,

The lady of W. C. Gibson, Esq. Ceylon Civil Service, son, at Stockton-on-Tees.

u. The lady of Capt. Walter, Bombay Cavalry, daughter, at Bishopstoke.

13. The lady of James Weir Hogg, Esq. M.P. son, in Upper Grosvenor-street.

16. The lady of Major Matthew Poole, Madras Army, daughter, at Waterford.

18. The wife of the Rev. Henry Melvill, B.A. daughter, at the East India College.


Dec. 2. Farquhar M. Campbell, Esq. capt. 4th regt. to Charlotte Isabella, daughter of late Major R, L. Dickson, 1st Life Guards, at the Cape of Good Hope.

Jan. 20. Capt. the Hon. G. Grey, R.N. to Jane Frances, daughter of Lieut. gen. the Hon. Sir P. Stuart, gov. of Malta, at Malta.

Feb. 4. William Henry, son of. R. Sutton, Esq. of Rossway, to Caroline, daughter of late Sir Wm. Dick, Bart. of Bath, at Paddington.

The Rev. Wm. Ferrie, A.M. minister of the Free Church, Anstruther Easter, to Jessie Falconer Steel, daughter of late Lieut. col. John Taylor, Bengal army, at Edinburgh.

11. Sir W.C. Harris, major H.E.I.C.'s Bombay engineers, to Margaret, daughter of George Sligo, Esq. of Seacliff, Haddington, at Edinburgh.

12. Lieut. col. A. S. H. Mountain, C.B. of the Cameronians, to Charlotte Anna, daughter of Lieut. col. Dundas, at Carron-hall.

14. Lieut. A. J. M. Boileau, Madras engineers, to Georgiana Elizabeth, daughter of G. W. Boileau, Esq. of Dublin, at Monkstown Church.

Lately, Capt. Charles O'Hara, E. I. C.'s service, to Charlotte, daughter of late Anthony Gildea, Esq. of Cloncormack, at Dublin.

J. B. Travers, Esq. lieut. 25th regt. to Matilda, daughter of H. G. Johnston, Esq. of Fort Johnston, at Glasslough.

Lieut. Dupesier, 8oth regt. to Lavinia, daughter of W. Downing, Esq. at Falmouth.

LITERARY NOTICES. The Hand-Book of India ; a Guide to the Stranger and the

Traveller, and a Companion to the Resident. By J. H. StocQUELER, late Editor of the Calcutta Englishman, Author of Fifteen Montlis' Pilgrimage through Khuristan, Persia, Turkey, and Russia, Germany, etc.; Memorials of Affghanistan, etc. Second Edition, London, 1815. WM, H. Allen & Co.

This book reminds us of the multifarious accomplishments of the lady who understood every thing from orange jelly to predestination. On whatever subject connected with India an inquirer wants information, the greatest or the least, the loftiest or the meanest, the most abstruse or the most common-place, here he will meet with a remedy for his ignorance, a solution for his doubts and a guide for his practice. The mysteries of Indian chronology are expounded and the minutia of outfit, Windsor. soap, wax-candles, brushes, blacking, and pillow-cases, carefully enumerated. Female voyagers will find that in this respect their comfort has been 'regarded down even to suggestions for the more convenient practice of the various graceful arts of busy idleness, to which they may be disposed to resort, as affording some relief from the tedium of their situation; like Mrs. Lily White, in the farce, who “knitted and netted and knotted and tatted," to while away the lingering hours of her husband's absence. The historical, political, and statistical portions of the book are admirably compiled ; and after communicating some information of this description, the author takes his protégé by the hand as he stands waiting for admission to Hailebury or Addiscombe, and conducts him through every stage of the process, of preparation, until he fairly launches him on the ocean of public service; nor does he quit him then, but tarries with him awhile to bestow all requisite information as to servants' modes of travelling and other matters of like nature, bearing in mind the Miltonic dogma, that

* To know
That what before us lies in daily life

Is the prime wisdom.” Like a good mentor, Mr. Stocqueler gives some sound advice on the necessity of “cutting the coat according to the cloth ;" attention to which would preserve many from years of embarrassment and anxiety. A description of the principal places in India and an itinerary of the principal routes, which occupy the latter part of the volume, are to be classed among the best specimens of this species of literature.' We have referred especially to the utility of the book to the young servants of the Company, but we must not neglect to mention that it is calculated to be useful to all who visit India, whatever their views or objects. It realises entirely the promise of the title-page-it is a trustworthy and entertaining “ Guide to the Stranger and the Tra. veller, and a Companion to the Resident,"_we would add, an amusing and instructive book for the general reader. So, indeed, think the public, for although published only a few months ago, it has attained to the dignity of a second edition.

Many of Mr. Stocqueler's descriptions both of persons and places are marked by much liveliness. As a specimen, we quote that of a functionary unknown among the male population of Great Britain or Ireland.

The dhobee or washerman is fully explained to the English reader by his English name, though be differs in some respects from the English washerwoman as well as in being of a different sex. For instance, while she is up to her elbows in a wash-tub, be is up to his knees in a tank, or may be in a river ; while she rubs her knuckles into a shrivelled and blistery-looking skin, he bangs the linen of master, mistress, and child, against a serrated log, or a roughened stone ; while she is all su is, the frothy article is scarcely known to him, and yet he is well off for soap, but the modus operandi is unfavourable for the accumulation of the frothy pile; while she mangles, heis ironing with an enormous brazen iron, of which the weight has an effect quivalent to mangling on the cloth; and finally, while she brings hoine her linen as yellow as saffroo, he brings his home as white as snow.


Oct. 22. On board the Poictiers, returning to England, Lieut. E. Leicester, 52nd M. N. I. son of late Rev. G. C. F. Leicester, of Hatfield, Broad Oak.

Nov. 9. Catherine Margaret, daughter of late John Ross Hutchinson, Esq. Bengal civil service, at the Cape of Good Hope.

Jan. 18. Erskine, widow of Hon. Henry Erskine, of Amondale, and sister of late Sir Thomas Munro, Bart. at Edinburgh.

Feb. 4. Col. Andrew Creagh, C.B. late commanding 31st foot, at Burnley, Lancashire.

9. F. W. Morgan, Esq. late capt. H. E. I. C.'s service, in Airstreet, Piccadilly

11. James Hine Ball, Esq. late of the East-India House, at Herne Hill.

12. Lieut. E. N. Kendall, R.N. marine superintendent of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Company at Southampton.

Gen. Matthew Sharpe, of Hoddom, at Leamington. 13. John Hawkins, son of Major H. B. Henderson, at Norfolk Crescent, Hyde-park.

Gen. the Earl of Effingham, G.C.B. col. 3rd regt. inf. at Brighton.

14. Thomas Hart Davies, Esq., formerly President of the Medi. cal Hoard, Madras, at Guernsey.







YANG-TSE-KIANG and CHUSAN ISLANDS, including separate Plans of the Ports open to the

British Trade, according to the present Treaty All from the latest Surveys and Authorities.

with the Chinese. Also, the Inland Navigation between Nanking and Chusan.

Compiled by
JOHN WALKER, Geographer to the East-Indiá

Company. On two large Sheets, 10s. 6d.

CHART of the EASTERN PASSAGES MAP of INDIA and CHINA, BURMAH, SIAM, the MALAY PENIN- to CHINA, Sheets 4 and 5, including the North SULA, and the EMPIRE of ANAM, Compiled from the latest Surveys and other official Documents. Coast of Australia, and all the Passages between 1844. On two sheets, #1. ls.; or on cloth, in a case, £1. 10s.

Solomon Islands, Torres Straits, Barrier Reefs, &c.

10s. 6d. INDIA.

CHART of the INDIAN OCEAN, ex. A Newly-constructed" and Improved MAP of INDIA. Compiled chiefly from tending from the Cape of Good Hope to Calcutta, inSurveys executed by Order of the Hon. East-India Company. 1844. On six sheets, £2. 128. 6d.; or on cluding the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. Compiled cloth, in a case, +3. 188. 6d.

from the Surveys of the Officers of the East-India

Company and Royal Navy. By JOHN WALKER, MAP of INDIA, from the most recent Authorities. 1814. On two sheets, 18s. Two sheets, 10s. or on cloth, in a case, 2557

* This Chart has also Table and False Bays, the

Mauritius, Bombay Harbour, and the Gulf of Aden, MAP of the ROUTES in INDIA ; with Tables of Distances between the prin- given on much extended scales. cipal Towns and Military Stations. 1844. On one sheet, gs.; or on cloth, in a case, 128.


OCEAN, from Calcutta to Australasia, &c. &c. By

J. WALKER. Two Sheets.
Cabool, Sinde, &c.; including all the States between Kandahar and Allahabad. On four sheets

CHART of the SOUTHERN PART of 1.118. 6d.; or on cloth, in a case, £2. 58.

the CHINA SEA, comprehending the Straits of Sin.

gapore, Durian. Banca, Sunda, Gaspa, Caritata, &e. MAP of AFFGHANISTAN and the adjacent Countries. Compiled from the By J. WALKER. 75. 6d. latest Surveys of these Countries, by the Officers attached to the Indian Army, and published by Authority of the Hon. Court of Directors of the East-India Company, On one sheet, 98.; or on cloth, in a GENERAL CHART of the RIVER case, 12s.

HOOGHLY, and the Approaches to it from False ENGLAND TO INDIA.

Point to Calcutta. From the latest Surveys of Capt.

Lloyd and others. By JOHN WALKER. 75. MAP of the OVERLAND ROUTES between ENGLAND and INDIA, with the other Lines of Communication. On one sheet, 98.; or on cloth, in a case, 12s.

GENERAL CHART from ENGLAND to CHINA, including the Indian Seas ; inscribed to

James Horsburgh, F.R.S., &c. Intended for Pas. CHINA.

sengers to prick off their track. On one large sheet,

price 78. Od.; or on cloth, bound, 10s. 6d. ; or on MAP of CHINA, from the most authentic Information. 1814. On one sheet, cloth, bound and coloured, 123, 8s.; or on cloth, in a case, 119.

A SURVEY of the SEA FACE of the LONDON: WM. H. ALLEN & Co.,

SOONDERBUNNS, executed under the Superin


assisted by Lieutenants J. A. YOUNG and WIL.

LIAM FELL, I.N. On three Sheets, 128. 7, LEADENHALL STREET,

A SURVEY of CHITTAGONG or KORNAFOOLEE RIVER, made under the Di. rection of Commander R. LLOYD, by Lieutenants

J. A. YOUNG and J. RENNIE, I.N. 25. 6d. In 8vo. cloth lettered, price 7s. 6d.


New and Concise Methods of performing the Calculations necessary for ascertaining the Longitude by

Lunar Observations, or Chronometers; with an A complete VÅDE-MECUM for the OVERLAND TRAVELLER to INDIA viâ EGYPT, Appendix, containing Directions for acquiring

knowledge of the principal Fixed Stars. By DABy Capt. JAMES BARBER, H.C.S.

VID THOMSON.* 25th Edition, royal Sro. boards,

10s. Illustrated by Maps of the Routes, engraved Plans of all the Steamers employed on the Line, and Woodcuts of the chief objects of interest which present themselves on the Journey.

ENGLISH CHANNEL “ The advice furnished is not only sound and honest, but also judicious and practicable. The individual whose pleasure or business leads him to traverse the route treated of, will find irreparable

NEW CHART of the ENGLISH disappointment and irretrievable inconvenience if lacking the information contained in its pages, for the gether with Sailing Directions for the same, an

CHANNEL and COAST of FRANCE; toauthor is not only well acquainted with his subject, but has carefully studied the wants and difficulties of accurate description of the Coasts of England, South the race of travellers of either sex.”—Times, Jan. 20, 1845. " The information throughout is copious, varied, lucid, and valuable, in an extraordinary degree. The trigonometrical surveys, and other original docu;

of Ireland, and Channel Islands. Compiled from work cannot be too warmly recommended."'- Naval and Military Gazette. “ The work embraces all the matters necessary to be known by an overland traveller through Egypt, Governments. To which are added, detailed Ac

ments, executed by order of the English and French out and home; including regulations respecting the steamers, charges and expenses, lazaretto rules, &c. &c."-Asiatic Journal.

counts of all the Lights, Shoals, Banks, Rocks, &c.,
up to the present time. By JOHN and ALEX.

London: WM. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhall Street.

12s. Or the Chart separate from the Directions, 10s. 6d.

** In this Chart are given, in separate compart: ments on large scales, Plans of Spithead and St. Helen's Road, with Portsmouth and Langstone Harbours, Southampton River, Necdles Channel,

Weymouth and Portland Roads, Tor Bay, Plymouth

Harbour, Falmouth Harbour, Entrance to Corks
Harbour, Entrance to the Seine, and Scilly Islands.

London: WM. H. ALLEN and Co., Chartsellers

to the Hon. East-India Company, 7, LeadenhallINDIA BEYOND THE GANGES, AND THE EASTERN ARCHIPELAGO:

Now ready, complete in 3 vols. price 15


By PRINCE PUCKLER MUSKAU. Second Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth lettered, £1. 128.

*** In ordering this work, care should be taken to

specify "Newby's Edition, in 3 vols.,'' to pre

vent inferior and abridged editions being sent. London: Wu, H. ALLE & Co., 7, Leadenhall-street.

T. C. NEWBY, Publisher, Mortimer Street. ?




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In I thick vol. a new edition, being the 9th, much

enlarged, price 169.

CINE, a Popular Treatise, exhibiting the
Symptoms, Causes, and most efficacious Treatment

of Diseases; with a Collection of approved Prescrip-
tions, Management of Children, Doses of Medicine,

FROM SOUTHAMPTON TO ALL THE PRESIDENCIES OF INDIA, &c. Forming a comprehensive Medical Guide for

INCLUDING THE COST IN EGYPT. the Clergy, Families, and Invalids. By T. J. GRAHAM, M.D., &c.

Letters of Credit granted, Estimates of Outfit prepared, and every information connected with the It is evidently the result of great professional Journey, whether by Long Sea or Overland Route, promptly afforded on inquiry. talent, experience, and judgment; the author everywhere appears conscientious and candid. One ob. Packages forwarded at very reduced Rates, by this Route, to the above places and to China. ject is prominently evident, -a sincere desire to

JAMES BARBER & Co., 17, St. Mary Axe. benefit his suffering fellow-creatures. To recommend a work like the present to our readers, is only to manifest a proper regard for their welfare.”Literary Journal, Feb. 1813.

STEAM COMMUNICATION TWICE A MONTH WITH INDIA " It is altogether deserving of permanent popu. larity."-London Weekly Review.

OVERLAND ROUTE. By the same Author, in 8vo. price lis. boards, 4th edition, enlarged.

THE PENINSULAR and ORIENTAL STEAM NAVIGATION COM2.- On the DISEASES of FEMALES: a Treatise illustrating their Symptoms, Causes,

sengers, as follows: Varieties, and Treatment, with numerous Cases,

For Calcutta, calling at Ceylon and Madras, on the 20th of every month, at 2 p.m.

For Bombay, on the 3rd of every month, at 2 p.m. and a Medical Glossary. Including the Diseases

These Steamers also receive Passengers for Malta, Alexandria, Smyrna, and Constantinople. and Management of Pregnancy and Lying-in. Designed as a Companion to the Author's "“ Modern

For further particulars, apply at the Company's Offices, 51, St. Mary Axe, London, and 57, High Street, Domestic Medicine.” Containing, also, an Appen.

Southampton. dix on the Symptoms and Treatment of Diseases of the Heart. “ It is an admirable performance, and should find a


OWLAND'S UNIQUE PREplace in every family establishment.”—Bath Herald.

well-known Instruments, called “It contains a mass of information indispensable several Sovereigns and Courts of Europe, and unito those for whom it is intended, and surpasses in versally preferred.)

ed by J. READ, were sanctioned by the Royal College value any other book of its character."-Blackwood's

of Physicians and Surgeons, and highly approved by Lady's Magazine.


the most eminent members of the Medical ProfesLondon : SIMPKIN & Co., Paternoster Row;

sion in this kingdom, as well as on the Continents of For the Growth, Preservation, and for Beautifying Europe, India, and America, and which, by the HATCHARDS, 187, Piccadilly ; and Tegg, 73,

the Human Hair. Price 38.6d., 7., Family Bottles blessing of Providence, have been the means of say. Cheapside. ---Calcutta: OSTELL & Co.-Sold by equal to four small), 10s. 6d., and double that size, ing thousands of lives. (vide the Life of Sir A. Cooper; all Booksellers. 21s. per bottle.

page 301). This distinguished Patronage induced Just published, price 2s. 6d., free by post 3s. 6d.,

CAUTION.- The words “Rowland's Macassar many unprincipled adventurers to palm upon the a new and important edition of

Oil" are engraved on the Wrapper of each genuine public spurious imitations of Read's last improved

bottle; and on the back of the Wrapper 1,500 times, FOUNTAIN RESERVOIRS, but which may be CHE SILENT FRIEND: a Medical containing 29,028 letters. Without this none are easily distinguished from his by the incumbrance of

a chain and stop-cock. These facts have come to DEBILITY, CONSTITUTIONAL WEAKNESS,

his knowledge by the number of paltry instruments excessive indulgence, &c. With Observations on

ROWLAND'S KALYDOR, which are daily sent from all parts of the kingdom, Marriage, &c. With 10 coloured engravings. By For Improving

and Beautifying the skin and Com- and frequently from India, for repair, many of which R. and L. PERRY and Co., Surgeons, London. plexion Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle, duty some protection, J. R. has instructions from the Published by the Authors, and sold at their resi- included.

Hon. East-India Company to place their mark, in dence; also by STRANGE, 21, Paternoster-row ;

ROWLAND'S ODONTO, future, on all instruments sent to their presidencies. HANNAY and Co., 63, Oxford-street; NOBLE, 109, Chancery-lane; Gordon, 146, Leadenhall. Or PEARL DENTIFRICE, for the Teeth and But in vain may a humble mechanic attempt to de

fend himself against the wholesale frauds that are street; Purkiss, Compton-street, Soho, London. Gums. Price 25. 9d. per box, duty included.

practised upon him, when instruments, with all the OPINION OF THE PRESS.

imperfections alluded to, are boldly and falsely ad. “The perspicuous style in which this book is

CAUTION. - SPURIOUS COMPOUNDS are which are manufactured only by himself, at 35,

vertised as identical with his Patent Instruments, written, and the valuable hints it conveys to those who are apprehensive of entering the marriage state, frequently offered for sale under the same names Regent Circus, Piccadilly. None are genuine excannot fail to recommend it to a careful perusal."

(some under the implied sanction of Royalty); the Era.

Labels, Bills, and Advertisements of the original cept stamped with the words “ Read’s Patent.”

articles are copied, and either a Fictitious Name, or The CORDIAL BALM of SYRIACUM is a gen- the word “Genuine,” is used in the place of “Rowtle stimulant and renovator in all cases of Debility, land's."

of 122, Bishopsgate-street-Within, London, whether constitutional or acquired, Nervous Menta

It is therefore imperative on purchasers to see that and the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, Stationers and lity, Irritation, and Consumption,-by the use of the word “Rowland's” is on the Wrapper of each Engravers, beg respectfully to inform the nobility which the impaired system becomes gradually and article. For the protection of the public from fraud and gentry that they have just received from Paris effectually restored to pristine health and vigour. and imposition, the Hon. Commissioners of Stamps articles of the newest and most attractive descripSold in bottles, price lis. and 38s. The 25 cases

have directed the Proprietors' Signature to be en- tions, suitable for presents. In addition to a large may be had as usual, at their establishment. graved on the Government Stamp thus

miscellaneous stock, comprising every imaginable The, CONCENTRATED DETERSIVE ES. A. ROWLAND & SON, 20, HATTON GARDEN; sort of PLAIN, FANCY, and DECORATIVE SENCE ; an anti-syphilitic remedy for searching

STATIONERY, they consist of tasteful articles in out and purifying the diseased humours of the

which is affixed on the Kalydor and Odonto. Bohemian glass, bronze, buhl, filigree, ivory, and blood, removing all Cutaneous Eruptions, Scurvy, Sold by the Proprietors, and by Chemists and papier maché ornaments. Messrs. B. & Son supply Scrofula, Pimples on the head and face, Secondary


letter and note paper, whether plain, fancy, or suitable Symptoms, &c. Price 11s. and 33s. per bottle.

All others are FRAUDULENT COUN

for invitations, from 4s. to 40s. per ream, and may be PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS


stamped in the best manner with either arms, crest, (price 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and Ils. per box) have long

coronet, or initials, - dies for which purpose are supbeen used with perfect success in all cases of Go

plied at 128. each. Card-plates engrared for 28. 6d., norrhæa, Stricture, Inflammation, Irritation, &c.

and 100 cards printed, 2s. 6d. : the style of engraving These pills are free from mercury, copaiva, and THE ASIATIC JOURNAL and may be selected from an immense assortment which other deleterious drugs, and may be taken without

Messrs. B. & Son have had the honour of engraving. interference with, or loss of time from, business, the first day of each Month, price 21. 6d.

MONTHLY MISCELLANY, published on Pocket-books, almanacks, and souvenirs for the new and can be relied upon in every instance. Sold by

year may be procured of every kind, bound either in all medicine venders.

the plainest or most costly manner. Messrs. B. & Messrs. PERRY and Co. may be consulted at The contents of the February Journal are as fol- Son are also Agents for the sale of Mr. Robert Best their residence, 19, Berners-street, Oxford-street, lows:

Ede's perfumery.
daily, from 11 till 2 and 5 till 8. On Sundays, from Historical and Critical Review-The English in
10 till 12.

India, From Khakani, The Indian Native Army.
Caste-Translation of Pe
an Poetry-On the Ori-

17, Throgmorton Street. entalisms in Æschylus-“Jottings from my Jour. R. JAMES RUNDALL, Agent NDIA.-LISTS from B ESEMERES nal" - Count Bjornstjerna's "Theogony of the Hindoos"-- Increase of the Salt Tax at Madras and

for securing Passages to India, by Sea or to 61, Houndsditch, may be ordered by post. Lord Etenborough "_Prom Khakani-Recollec- sistance connected therewith, viz. superintends OutEquipments for Cadets and Assistant-Surgeons are tiong of a Sentinel - Professor Wilson's - History fits, clears and ships Baggage, effects Insurances, always on view, and may be compiled from the of British India" -Critical Notices-Royal Asiatic and procures Servants, &c. Further, Mr. J. R. tailed estimates for overland outfits on four scales of Society

-- Meeting to welcome Sir George Pollock furnishes Supplies to Regiments and 'Individuals; expenditure. Solid oak canteens, 818., fitted for

notices Promotions, Casualties, and Alterations in Chronicle--Obituary ; &c. &c. two persons, with 42 useful items; bullock drawers,

No. I. of the Third Series of the Asiatic Journal Annuities, &c. ; •registers the Addresses of Persons

the Army; receives and remits Pay, Pensions, and mahogany double chests, 538.; excellent light water

was published on the 1st May, 1843, and may be returned to this Country, and the Addresses of Wiproof overland trunks, 218. ;' bor ehair mattresses, procured through any Bookseller in the United dows and Families of deceased Officers ; also Parti208. ; common ditto, los. 68. Cabin wash-tables, Kingdom.

culars respecting the Arrival and Departure of Ships; box-tables, single and double couches, sea-chests, London : WM. H. ALLEN & Co., 7, Leadenhalle and transacts all Business connected with India getrunks, cots, hammocks, &c.





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For Passage, apply to Captain WILLIAM FULCHER, at T. and w.

SMITH'S, 78, Cornhill.

India, China, and the Colonies.- Captain Barber trusts that his long experience in the East-India Company's Maritime Service, together with his personal knowledge of all the first-class Ships, fully qualifies him to furnish every information that can possibly be required for the voyage.


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“Mr. Thornton is master of a style of great perspicuity and vigour, always interesting, and frequently rising into eloquence. His power of painting cha. racter, and of bringing before the eye of the reader the events which he relates, is remarkable; and if the knowledge of India can be made popular, we should say his is the pen to effect it."'-Times.

He (Mr. Thornton) has produced what may be truly designated a national work, the details of which, in whatever point of view they inay be considered, whether in a political, a statistical, or a commercial one, bear the impress o more extensive knowledge, greater impartiality, and sounder discrimination, than have been displayed by any previous writer on the same important subject.

It will be sufficient to repeat our conviction that this is the best, the most comprehensive, and the most original History of India which has yet appeared, and that we cannot doubt of its becoming the most popular, if indeed it be not so already."-United Service Gazette, Jan. 20, 1844.

“ His (Mr. Thornton's) History of the British Empire in India will be numbered among our standard works of literature, without which no library wil be deemed complete. To it the statesman and politician will betake theinselves for the knowledge requisite for debate ; the scholar will study it as affording him information respecting a country replete with materials for calta philosophic reflection, and incentives to philanthropic exertion ; while the man of taste will be delighted with the easy now of language in which it is com. posed, and the vivid cxhibition of the erents, and their relation to each otber, by which the narrative is distinguished."--Globe, Jan. 9, 1814.

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In 3 vols. post 8vo. price 27s.


Author of "Cutch," * Western India," &c.

July 3 July 10 · July 20 July 20 July 26 · Aug. 10 Aug. 20 Aug. 26 Sept. 1 Sept. 26

J. T. Nash E. P. Nisbet W. A. Bowen John S. Webb W. H. Walker J. Drew M. J. Lay W. F. Hopkins Donald M Leod J. Furnell

1000 1050 10.50 1100 1400 1000 1150 1350 1350 800

Now ready, 2nd edition, in post svo. cloth lettered, price 145.


D. Robertson

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June 26 * July 26 Aug. 26


1000 700 700

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C. Hyne


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For Freight or Passage, apply to JAMES BARBER and Co., 17, St.

Mary Axe.



Late Editor of the “Calcutta Englishman." This publication embraces, in a condensed form, complete and accurate information respecting the topography, climate, government, commerce, laws, institutions, and products of India; the manners and customs of the inhabitants ; the method of travelling througbout the empire, and the erpense attendant thereon; the condition of the European (English) society; the rules and regulations of the various branches of the executive; the cost and manner of proceeding to India; the sports, ceremonies, and pa. geants common to the country, &c. &c.

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the 1st April, the fine fast-sailing British-built Barque CITY OF DERRY, A1, 474 Tons Register, Coppered and Copper-fastened, Thomas NARRAMORE WERE, Commander. Lying in the West-India Dock. This Ehip has excellent Accommodations for Passengers, carries aŋ experienced Surgeon, and will call at Portsmouth, and sail thence the 8th April.

For Freight or Passage, apply to the Commander, on board; or to PHIL. LIPPS and TIPLADY, 3, George Yard, Lombard Street.

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with the Egyptian Company, under the patronage of the Pasha, con. tinue to forward Parcels, Packages, and Periodicals to and from India, &c., by the OVERLAND ROUTE, with regularity, and at reduced rates. Charges may be had on application at their offices, 34, Curnhill, and 34, Regent Circus, London.

Passengers to India via the Continent, &c. will receive the best advice, and be provided with letters of introduction and credit to all places on their way

to India. Parcels should be with W. & Co. on the 17th and 27th of this : mooth.

The new edition of W. & Co.'s Overland Guide is now ready, and will be sent, postage free, for 28. in postage stamps,

LONDON:- Printed by CHARLES Wyxan, of 49, Cumming Street, Pen.

tonville, in the County of Middlesex, Printer, at the Printing Office of J. & H. Cox. Brothers, 74 & 75, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's-Inn Fieds, ia the Parish of St.Giles-in-the-Fields, in the same County; and puhlished by LANCELOT WILD, at No. 13, ('atherine Street, Strand, in tbe Parish of St. Mary-le-Strand, in the said County.- Tuesday, February 25, 1845.





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Government General Orders.. 108









Indian Mails
Education in India

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been, by turns, in and out of favour with Heera Singh, some

months since obtained a jaghire, to which he was recomSUMMARY and REVIEW OF EAST. Civil Service :-Appointments,

mended to retire.' But retirement and inactivity did not ERN NEWS BENGAL:


agree with his mental constitution, and he returned to Miscellaneous Intelligence 107 Military :- Appointments, &c. 116 Medical Establishment

Lahore, where, in conjunction with his sister, he engaged in Civil Service :- Appointments, Naval Appointments, &c.

Births, Marriages, and Deaths 118 intrigues against Heera Singh. The latter endeavoured to Ecclesiastical..

Military -- Appointments, &c. 110

defend himself by counter intrigues, which induced Jowhair
Medical Establishment
Births, Marriages, and Deaths.. III

Births, Marriages and Deaths 119 Singh to make a second retreat from the capital, but led to

no suspension of his machinations against the minister. Commercial Intelligence...... 112

1:20 Heera Singh appears to have liked him still less at a distance MADRAS:Miscellaneous Intelligence.... 113 Railroads in India

**than when close at hand, and recalled him to the city. It Civil Service :- Appointments, Indian Army ...

did not, however, suit the purpose of Jowhair Singh to come
Sugar Duties
Military :- Appointments, &c
Medical Establishment

till he had prepared for his own safety, and the result was Shipping

Trial of Captain Douglas Births, Marriages, and Deaths

Parliamentary Proceedings

that the order was disregarded. At length, in the first week
Commercial Intelligence...... 115 Births, Marriages, and Deaths 139 of December, he appeared, having secured the interest of the
LITERARY Notices :-

troops in his behalf. The minister now thought the best - Miscellaneous Intelligence.

Puints and Pickings of China.. 140

way of disposing of the intruder was to murder him, and, DEPARTURE OF MAILS.

with a view to his security, he proposed to extend The next mail, for Ceylon, Madras, and Calcutta, with passen

the precaution, so as to subject the Ranee to the same inflicgers and goods, will be forwarded per the Great Liverpool from tion. These strong measures were råvërted by the minister Southampton on the 20th inst. Letters to be forwarded thereby discovering that he had been so completely countermined by must be posted in London on the 19th, but those addressed viâ Jowbair Singh as to be without the means of carrying them Marseilles will be in time on the evening of the 24th.

into effect, albeit murder is regarded as no great matter in
the Punjab. In this difficulty, Heera Singh consulted his

familiar Pundit, Jella. To this latter person the murder of The steamer Victoria, with the Bombay mail of 1st Feb. arrived

the young Maharajah appeared a much more feasible scheme at Suez 18th Feb. The mail reached Alexandria on the 20th, and

than that of his mother and uncle, and he advised recourse arrived at Malta, per Iberia. The mail was conveyed to Marseilles by H. M. steamer Locust. The portion via Southampton will be

to it, the vacant throne to be occupied by another puppet brought by the Peninsular and Oriental Company's steamer Tagus.

prince, the youngest son of the former Maharajah, Shere The London mail of the 7th December reached Bombay, per

Singh, aged two years. This plan, however, like the former, Atalanta steamer, on the morning of the 11th January ; Madras on was found impracticable. The Ranee and her brother had the 17th, Calcutta on the 19th, Agra on the 19th, and Delhi on the

gained the minds of the soldiery, and these latter determined 20th. The steamer Bentinck, with mails of the same date, reached

to take the interests of the state into their own hands. They Point de Galle on the 14th, Madras on the 17th (an hour after the overland express from Bombay), and Calcutta on the 21st January.

seem to have proceeded with great regularity, and to have

been well acquainted with the machinery of the representative DATES OF ADVICES.

system, deputations from each battalion having met in consultCalcutta .... Jan. 23.


Dec. 26.

ation. Heera Singh became alarmed, and made overtures for a Madras Jan. 24.


Dec. 19. compromise, offering to descend from his high station and Bombay.. Feb. 1.


Jan. 9.

accept an inferior office, as well as to pay back to the trea. Ceylon...... Jan. 18.

sury any amount in which, on examination, he might be

found indebted to it. The officers required time to consider, SUMMARY & REVIEW OF EASTERN NEWS.

but on the following morning a scene took place which The last Overland Mail brings more consistent, and it Heera Singh, regarded as boding him no good, Jowhain may be believed, more accurate information as to the revo- Singh mounted on an elephant, proceeded with the Mahara Jution in the Punjab than we previously possessed. It jah to the parade, and presented him for tlie hariage of seems that Jowhair Singh, the brother of the Maharajah's the soldiers. This pageant was acted in die presence and mother, and chief mover of the late revolution, who had with the approbation, of a number of pows




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