Sidor som bilder

COLQUHOUN, Surg. A. ret. to duty, Jan. 11.
ELTON, Assist. surg. H. N. pl. at disp. of C. in C. Jan. 10.
.GERRARD, Assist. surg. W. R. to be civ. assist. surg. Futtehpoor,

fr. Dec. 4. GERRARD, Assist. surg, M. A. B. pl. at disp. of C. in. C. fr.

Dec. 4. GRANT, Assist. surg. A. to do duty under sup. surg. Dinapore div.

Jan. 1. IRVINE, Assist. surg. R. H. M.D. fr. 21st to Ist N.I. at Dinapore,

Jan. 2. Locu, Assist. surg: W. J. 43rd L.I. to be civ. assist.surg. Futteh.

ghur, fr. Nov. 30. MACINTYRE, Assist. surg. J. to be civ. assist. surg. Jubbulpoor,

Jan. 3. MOTTLEY, Assist. surg. C. fr. 3rd N.I. to 9th L.C. under orders to

proceed fr. Loodianah to Sultanpore, Benares. O'CALLAGHAN, Assist. surg. D. pl. at disp. of C. in C. Jan. 17.

HALFAIDE, Robt. J. Esq. Insp. of Cus. to Elizabeth, youngest d.

of the late Dr. Hamilton, H.E.I.C. service. HAMMILL, W. to Miss Mary Rigmaiden, at Calcutta, Jan. 16. HEWICK, Mr. J. A. to Miss Amelia Hannah Clapp, at Calcutta,

Jan. 11. HOLROYD, Lieut. Geo. 43rd L.I. to Emily, d. of the late Capt. J.

Garstin, H.M.'s 88th regt. at Futteyghur, Dec. 31. JAHANS, Mr. Josh. to Eliza Esther Parry, at Agra, Jan. 2. KEATES, Win. Esq. Assist. surg. Enelope, third d. of the late Hugh

Wilson, Esq. Creswell, Pembrokeshire, Dec. 13. MCCONNELL, Mr. Jas. to Sarah Parry, at Agra, Jan. 2. MACGOWAN, Mr. J. S. to Miss M. J. Peake, at Agra, Dec. 31. MELVILLE, Capt. H. B. 54th N.I. to Isabella Macpherson, second

d. of the late Capt. R. Ridenut, of the Bengal Army, Delhi. PowNES, Mr.W. F. to Miss E len Morgan, at Agra, Dec. 27. PULLY, Charles, to Miss Annie Eliza Blunt, at Calcutta, Jan. 4. WALPOLE, T. B. Esq. of New Inu Hall, Oxford, to Julia Frances,

eldest d. of John Bennett, Esq. at Calcutta, Dec. 16.


GARBETT, Assist. surg. C. to Europe, on M.C. Jan. 10.
LACY, Assist. surg. P. S. to Europe, Dec. 20.
MACLEAN, Assist. surg. W. C. M.D. in ext. fr. Dec. 26 to March 1.
MADDEN, Assist. surg. C. for 3 mo. fr. Nov. 30 to pres. to apply

for furl. to Europe on M.C.
TURVER, Vet. sarg. C. 9th L.C. to Europe, on M.C. Jan. 17.


BIRTHS. ALLAN, the lady of John, at Calcutta, s. Jan. 15. ALEXANDER, the lady of H. R. civ. ser. at Champarun, s. Dec. 19. BADDELEY, Mrs. Jas. at Calcutta, s. Jan. 7. BENNETT, the lady of J. R. B. at Bandel, s. Jan. 18. CASTON, Mrs. J. F. at Monghyr, d. Dec. 19. CARLISLE, Mrs. L. at Loodianah, s. Jan. 5. CHIPP, Mrs. J. s. Jan. 9. Colvill, lady of H. G. H.M. 29th regt. s. at Meeru. Jan. 7. CONNERO, the lady of Capt. at Calcutta, s. Jan. 11. Cowie, the lady of Henry, at Calcutta, s. Jan. 12. CURRIE, lady of A., C.S. d. Mirzapore. DANIEL, lady of Capt. J. T. 47th N.I. d. Benares. Jan. 7. DEGRUYTHER, wife of W. H. Esq. s. at Futteygurb, Dec. 22. EADE, Mrs. John, at Calcutta, 8. Jan. 3. GEORGE, Mrs. Jas., at Calcutta, s. Jan. 9. GORDON, the lady of D. M., at Calcutta, d. Jan. 8. Gowan, lady of Lieut. Col. G. E., C.B., h. art., s. at Meerut,

Dec. 32. HAY, lady of Andrew, d. at Calcutta, Nov. 22. Hoggan, lady of Lieut. Col. 33rd N.I., S. at Meerut, Nov. 27. Hill, the lady of Capt. G. M. dep. pay. at Agra, s. Jan, 3. HEALY, the lady of M. at Calcutta, d. Jan. 7. JONES, Mrs. W. H. at Calcutta, s. Dec. 26. LOGIN, the lady of J. S. M.D. at Lucknow, d. Jan. 3. MAINWARING, the lady of Maj. E. R., 16th gren., at Cawnpore,

S. Jan. 16. MACDONALD, the wife of the Rev. J. at Calcutta, s. Jan. 12. MADDOCK, lady of Rev. Edw. s. Meerut, Dec. 31. MARSDEN, lady of Captain, 29th N. I. dy. commy., s. Saugor,

Dec. 31. MACKENZIE, the lady of Henry, at Kishoagur, s. Jan. 5. MACLEAN, the lady of Lieut. J. A. 67th N. I. at Humeerpore,

d. Dec. 31. OSBORNE, lady of Rev. J. F. s. Calcutta, Jan. 5. O'SHAUGANESSY, the lady of Dr. W. B. at Calcutta, s. Dec. 16. PUGHE, lady of J. R. Esq. 47th N. I. 8. Benares, Dec. 9. MOTTLEY, the lady of Chas. 3rd Ben. I. at Hussingabad, d.

Jan. 10. MOORHOUSE, Mrs. E. F. at Landour, d. Jan. 15. KEAN, the lady of Dr. A. at Moorshedabad, d. Jan. 6. REMEDIES, Mrs. A. De, at Calcutta, s. Jan. 7. ROBERTSON, the lady of Lt. W. G. 22nd M. N. I. at Berhampore,

s. Dec. 17. RYLEY, wife of Cond. J. B. at Delbi, d. Dec. 30. SPOTTISWOODE, the lady of Capt. A. C. 37th N.I. at Haupur, d.

Jan. 4. TAYLOR, the lady of J. T. at Bograh, d. Dec. 6. THOMAS, the lady of Capt. G. P. 64th N.I. on the river near Ku.

lan, s. Dec. 25. TUCKER, the lady of H. C. civ. serv. at Goruckpore, s. Dec. 23. URQUHART, the lady of W. H. at Tirhoot, d. Dec. 14. WHITE, Mrs. wife of W. com. of St.Megna, at Allahabad, s.Dec.23. Wilson, lady of A. surgeon, 72nd N.I. d. Nov. 22. YOUNGHUSBAND, the lady of Maj. A.D.C. to Maj. gen. Alexander,

com. Benares div. at Agra, d. Jan. 5.

DEATHS. ALEXANDER, Bethea Janet, infant d. of Mr. W. S. at Calcutta,

Jan. 19. ALEXANDER, the infant c. of Lieut. F. J., 8th. It. cav., aged 5

months, al Teethul. Dec. 30. ALLEN, F. W., at Meerut, aged 28, Dec. 16. ALLEN, infant s. of Mr., at Purneah, Dec. 26. BENJAMIN, John, at Serbpore, aged 31, Jan. 1. BRUCE, Capt. Wm., late of the Indian Navy, on board the Swal.

low, from Mauritius to Moulmein, Nov. 19. CARTER, Capt. W. C., late 34th N. I., and doing duty with the

26th L. I. Loodianah, Jan. 10. CULLODEN, El.zabeth, infant d. of Mrs. A., at Culna, aged 2,

Dec. 19. CRUMP, Joseph, at Calcutta, aged 60, Jan. 12. DE SILVA, Domingo Manuel, at Sheehpoor, aged 30, Jan. 9. FALKINER, infant s. of Mr. J., at Calcutta, Jan. 17. FORDYCE, Arthur Dingwall, at Calcutta, aged 30, Jan. 17. FERGUSSON, Lieut. J. D., 36th N. I., at Subathoo, Dec. 28. FERRAO, Mr. A., of the Delhi Gazette, at Delhi, aged 29, Jan. 2. GARDENER, Henry Boileau, at Calcutta, aged 39, Jan, 8. GILL, Mrs. Jas. at Calcutta, aged 31, Jan. 8. HICKIE, iofant d. of Mr. E. at Delhi, Dec. 23. LAMB, Mrs. Jas. at Calcutta, aged 46, Jan. 18. LATOUR, Leon Albert Maclean, s. of C. M. at Calcutta, Dec. 26. MACDONALD, C. J. Act. gar. surg. at Chupar, Dec. 19. MALING, Charles Robert, s. of Lt. C. R. intr. and qr. mr. 28th

N.I. aged 16 months, at Sylhet, Dec. 17. MAINWARING, infant d. of Maj. at Cawnpore, Jan. 12. MACKINNON, Mr. Duncan, on board the Sophia, at the Sand Heads.

Jan. 2. Mc HARG, Mr. Jas. at Serampore, aged 28, Jan. 4. PALMER, Mrs. wife of W. P., C.S. aged 28, at sea, on board the

Vernon, Sept. 28. PILLANS, James Algernon, infant s. of Capt. W. S. aged 1, at Agra,

Dec. 25. ROBERTSON, the lady of Lieut. W. G. 22nd M.N.I. at Berham.

pore, Jan. 2.

Roston, James, at Calcutta, aged 68, Jan. 13.
SAUNDERS, John Kempthorne, at Calcutta, aged 24, Jan. 17.
SPRY, P. L. Lieut. and qr. mr. 35th M.N.I. at Hurryhur, aged

33, Nov. 25. TURNER, infant d. of Mr. J. at Calcutta, Jan. 16. THOMPSON, Charles, s. of Lieut. J. A. 50th N.I. at Cawnpore,

aged 13 months, Dec. 17. TINGALL, Capt. T. W. of the country service at Calcutta, aged 35. TREVELYAN, infant d. of Capt. H. W. aged 8 months, at Bhopal,

Jan. 8.
WALKER, Mr. G. overseer, Hauper, aged 57, Jan. 11.
Watt. infant s. of Capt. E. 6th L.C. aged 1 month, Mussoorie,

Dec. 22.
White, Capt. John, at Nauthpore, Purneah, aged 73.
Wright, infant s. of Lieut. 44th N.I. at Nirzapoor.


ARRIVALS. JAN. 6. Steamer Fire Queen, Scallan, Liverpool.-8. Kirkman Finlay, Luckie, Bombay.-9. Marie Mathilde, Pronstean, Bourbon. -10. Samuel Boddington, Noaks, London; Eden, Parsons, London; Science, Rees, Liverpool; Gardner, Cole, Liverpool; Coro. mandel, Fraser, Cork. -il. Glendaragh, Kissock, Liverpool; Stramer Enterprize, Dicey, Moulmein. — 12. Robarts, Bennett, Mauritius; Belhaven, Watt, Glasgow; Alhenian, Mann, Bombay.13. Olinda, Taylor, Mauritius.-14. Mary Stoddart, Sparks, Liver. pool ; Ayrshire, Brown, Moulmein.--15. Fatal Rozack, Mauritius; Constant, Lispont, Bourbon. — 17. Amherst, Paterson, Khyouk, Phyoo.

PASSENGERS ARRIVED. Per Fire Queen, from Liverpool.--Mrs. Scallan, Misses Landeman and Harte ; S. Coe, W. W. Powell, and W. Rushton, Esqrs.

Per Coromandel.-Mrs. Rump, Mrs. Cunningham.
Per Glendarugh.- Mrs. Colguhoun and child ; Mrs. Campbell,

MARRIAGES. ADIE, Mr. Geo. to Miss Rachel Lavinia Barber, at Calcutta, Jan. 8. BELL, T. J. to Miss Mary Lajoux, at Calcutta, Jan. 13. Bruce, Robt. Adj. pol. batt. Banda, to Emma Silvertree, at Dina

pore, Jan. 1. GOINESS, Mr. T. M. to Miss Mary Ann Hunter, at Chinsurah,

Jan. 12.

Per Morarch, Mesdames Cowell, Ochme, Broome, Dore, Rudd, Rainey, Evatt, Williams, Somerville, and Walker; Misses Tombs and Duncan; 30 children ; Major-General Sir J. Denois, K.C.B.; Mr. Cowell, c.s.; Captain Duncan ; Rev. Mr. Rudd ; Captain Williams, 3rd buffs ; Dr. Hunter ; Mr. Somerville ; Capt. Murray, 9th B. N. I.; Captain Mande, 3rd buffs ; Lieuts. Dorebill, Dore, and Wood ; Dr. Gordon ; Mr. Millford ; 125 men and 10 women, H. M. 3rd buffs.

Mrs. Eatson and two Misses Eatson ; Dr. Colquhoun and Mr. Goland.

Per Robarts, from Mauritius.-- Mrs. Gray and child, Mrs. Jaf. fray and child, Mrs. Bennett ; Dr. Guller, H. C. S.; Mr. Roberts, civ. serv. ; Messrs. Pryce, Troods, sen., and Troods, juo.

Per steamer Enterprize, from Moulmein.-A. de H. Larpent, Esq.

Per Ayrshire, from Moulmein and Andamans.-Capt. A. D. W. Best, Lieut. M. D. Freeman, and Ens. W. F. A. Colman, of H.M.'s soth regt.; Mr. E. A. Parker, assist. surg. H.M.'s 84th regt. ; Capt. A. Hall, com. ; W. Thompson, mate; 27 seamen and one woman of the late ship Brilon; 126 men, 15 women, and 27 children of H.M.'s 80th regt.

Per Mary Stoddart from Liverpool.-Messrs. W. Congreve and H. Congreve.

Per Queen from London.-Mrs. Burroughs, Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Hull, Mrs. Mc Leod, Mrs. Cope, Mrs. Hone, Mrs. Fenwick; Misses Eaveslord, Robertson, Stacy, Graham, Robinson, Herd, Middleton, Parker, E. Parker, Engat, Smith, and Ballard ; Master Herd; Messrs. Alexander, Parker, and Middleton ; Mr. J. F. Tursden, Bengal mariner; Messrs. Birt and Limond, Bengal civil service ; Capt. Barstoo, 37th B. N. I. commanding detachment B. artillery recruits ; Capt. Baker, 9th B. N. C., second in command ; Capt. Barroughs, 17th B. N. I. ; Capt. Hall, Madras 1st European fusiliers; Lieut. Bartley, H. M. 62nd Foot ; Lieut. Tulloh, 22nd B. N. I. ; Assistant surgeon Mackay, H. M. 9th Foot, surgeon in charge of detachment; Messrs. Harrison, Müller, Griffiths, Joboston, Haydon, Clifford, Stewart, and White, cadets.

Per Tudor, from England. - Mrs. Bunbury, Mrs. Barr and two children, Mrs. Lay and infant, Mrs. Mordaunt, Mrs. Gregg ; Misses Bunburry, A. Bunburry, Drummond, Pemberton, Lamb, E. Lamb, and Parry ; Capt. Barr, Bengal horse art. ; Lieut. Haig and Ens. Playfair, 52nd Bengal N.I.; Messrs. Fitzgerald, Renny, Mallock, Graydon, Gower, and Cripps ; Messrs. Brandt, Barseh, Schatz, Janke, and Mrs. Janke, German missionaries. From the Cape.Lieut. col. Taylor; Capts. Nisbett and Hasall; Messrs. Torrens and Groate, civ, serv. ; Messrs. John Davison, John Lowe, and G. Davis ; Mrs. Taylor, Mary Ann DeSylve, Lucy Lee, Sophy, and Amina.

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Calcutta, Jan. 20, 1845.
Government Securities.

Sell. Buy. Transfer 5 per cent. paper..

.prem. 21 0 Stock { Transfer Elganna ?. 1835-36 interest pay:} 13 8 Second From Norber:151. . 15,200 according}

.... prem. 7 8

8 Third or Bombay, 5 per cent.

...... 6 12

78 New 5 per cent...

.............10 4 per cent.

disc, 06

Bank Shares. Bank of Bengal (Co.'s Rs. 4,000) Prem..

........ 2,300 2,951) Union Bar (Co.'s Rs. 1,000)

295 Agra Bank (Co.'s Rs. 500)


275 Mussorie Bank (Co.'s Rs. 500)


90 Western Bank of India (Co.'s Rs. 400) ...........


258 Bank of Bengal Rates. Discount on private bills, 3 months 6 per cent. Dittoon government and salary bills 4 do. Interest on loans on govt. paper .... 5 do. Bank of Bengal declared dividend of 8 do.

Rate of Exchange. On London-Private Bills, with and without documents, at 6 months' sight

and 10 months' date, Is. 10 d. to 1s. 10 d. per Co.'s Rupee. French Bills payable in England at ls. 11d. to Is. Ilfd.





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Dec. 18. Ashburton, White, Boston.–19. Thomas Miller, Palethorpe, Liverpool; John Cree, Goodsir, London.--21. United, Bertrant, Liverpool.—29. Maria Somes, Baker, Liverpool; La Laure, Seosine, Havre; Enterprize, Dicey, Jehangeir, Ballingall, Bombay.Jan. 1. Sophia, Saxon, Mauritius.--3. Lloyds, Lewis, London.-4. Bolton, Bolton, London ; Mary Hartley, Bartlett, Liverpool ; Appoline, Thomas, Mauritius ; Earl Durham, Patterson, London ; Judilh Allan, Murray, London ; Royal Saron, Charlesworth, London; Amazon, Gardner, Moulmein; Ellenborough, Close, London. -7. Atiet Rohoman, Muscat.-8. Woodside, Parrott, Boston.-9. Duchess of Clarence, Birch, Bombay; Agincourt, Nisbet, London; Ennore, Ellis, London.- 11. Amherst, Paterson, Arracan ; steamer Hindostan, Moresby, Sucz; Dido, Saunders, Singapore.--13. Ze. phyr, Jobnson, China; Lanrick, White, China; Bucephalus, Bell, London ; Southampton, Bowen, London ; Tomatin, M.Pherson, Liverpool ; Africa, Hart, Colombo; Elizabeth Moore, Hughes, Liver. pool.-15. Albion, Robertson, Liverpool ; Owen Glendower, Robert. son, London; Prince Regent, Spears, Mauritius. 17, Maidstone, Nash, London.




23,984 chests. 87,082 fy. mds. SUGAR.-Since the mail arrived there has not been time for any material alteration in prices, the sales during the week have been considerable, amounting to almost 7,000 bags, the stock is moderate. Benares may now be quoted as follows:-first quality, 11-8 rupees to 11-12 rupees; second, 11 rupees to 11-4 rupees; third, 10 rapees to 10.8 rupees. The Longon Market was nearly bare of White Sugars, for which high rates were procurable.

SALTPETRE.- Transactions have been to a fair extent, in consequence of holders submitting to a slight decline. Present rates are as follows ; 6.4 to 6-8 Gudna rupees ; 5-8 to 5-12 Chuprab rupees.

Cotton.-Market continues dull, and shipments are small, amounting from 1st to 21st inst. to 357 bales 1,302 mds.

Opium.- No alteration has taken place in the drug, holders being firm, and purchasers seeking for a reduction.

We annex a statement of shipments made from 15th to 21st Jan. 1845, inclusive :

Patna. Benares. For China, per Ariel ..


30 per Coquette

20 For Singapore, per Ariel

0 For Macoa, per ditto


30 per Coquette


15 per Cowasjee Family


60 For Moulmein, per Repsima Anna Maria

1 For Hong-Kong, per Cowasjee Family


10 For Batavia, per Fathal Hair


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Per Southampton, for London.-Mesdames Dalzell, Owen, Phi. Jips, Simonds, Houlton, Mather, Meiklejohn, and Reynolds ; Misses Swedland and Salter ; Hon. Capt. Dalzell; H. T. Owen, Esq. civ. serv. ; William Garstin, Esq. civ. serv. ; Maj. Simonds ; Revs. Mr. Meiklejohn and Mr. Mather, and 35 children.

Per Oven Glendover.-Mesdames Robertson and family, Kingston, Chamberlair, Bray, McDonald and family, Hickey, and Mills and family; Misses Robertson and Playfair ; Gen. Barton ; Cols. Bray and Filix ; Alexander Robertson, Esq. M. civ. serv.; Capts. Olpherto, H.M.'s 42nd regt. and Vibert; Doctors Taylor and Mit. chell; Lients. Bray, H.M.'s 39th, Scarman, H.M's 39th, and Sparrow, H.M.'s 31st; 12 children, and so invalids.

Per Maidstore, for London-Mrs. E. Colvin; Mrs. Col. H. Bur. ney and child ; Mrs. Major P. McKie and family; Mrs. Major Raitt and family; Mrs. Capt. J. Masson and family; Mrs. Dr. Garbett and family; Mrs. W. Boothby and family ; Mrs. Campbell; Misses Lattey, Macnair, Mary, Margaret Macnair, and Misses Maria and Letitia Hill; E. Colvin, Esq., B.C.S.; Col. H. Burney, 5th B.N.I.; Major P. McKie, H.M. 3rd buffs ; Major Raitt, H.M. 80th regt. ; Capt. Jas. Masson, 57th B.N.I. ; Lieut. P. Antrobus, H.M. 9th Jancers; C. Garbett, Esq. B.M. estab. ; J. R. Withecombe, Esq. B.M. estab.; Ens. H. Smith, D. Stewart, and A. Fitzgerald, H.M. 3rd buffs ; Cornet A. V. Dumbleton, 4th L.C.; and Master Octavius William Hill. Steerage Passengers-Mrs. Taylor, and 97 men of H.M. 3rd buffs.

Per Gloriana, for London, Mrs. Evelyn Gordon and Master Lau. rence Gordon, Mrs. Cardew, Mrs. Richmond, Mrs. Alexander, Mrs. Ekin, Mrs. Bagshaw, Mrs. Penny, Mrs. Sloly, Mrs. Rose, Mrs. Brooke, Mrs. Smith; Misses M'Candlish, Line, Annands, Biss, and Penneys ; Colonel Richmond, c.B.; C. Cardew, W. S. Alexander, J. Hawkins, P. French, and — Balfour, Esqrs., civil service ; Major Ekin, and Cumberledge, Lieut. Brooke, H. M.'s 31st; Dr. Lacy ; Lieut. Bodan, and 20 cbildren.


O 5


per Ariel


[blocks in formation]

tirely of Cossimbazar, at prices ranging from Rs. 135 to Rs. 139 per corge.

IMPORTS. British Cotton PIECE Goods.-We can notice but little alteration in almost any article for some weeks past; transactions have been moderate, and as stocks have been accumulating, purchasers seek for a reduction in prices, which holders appear determined to resist. Shirtings.--Good heavy greys are wanted; stock of best qualities is small, but of low qualities heavy; white in moderate demand. Jaconets, coarse makes, are wanted, and becoming scarce ; the better descriptions are selling to a moderate extent. Lappets, low qualities, are sought for, and Scarfs are also in fair demand. Mull Muslins in better demand, and holders are firm now that the best season is approaching. In Book Muslins we can observe no change.

PRINTED GOODS. - In moderate demand, only a few Caubul dealers having as yet made their appearance.

TURKEY ŘED Cloths.-Twills have slightly declined, owing to the heavy stocks at present on hand.

COLOURED YARNS.—The sales of German dyed red have been considerable, viz. :-49 bales, but without alteration in value ; green has been sold at 0-13 per lb.; in orange nothing doing.

WoolLENS continue dull and stocks heavy, notwithstanding the advanced period of the season.

SPELTER has been sold to a fair extent, at 10-14 ct. rs. per fy. md.

BLAIRE, T. L. to act as coll. of sea customs, Jan. 21.
COCHRANE, J. H. to act as coll. and mag. of Cuddapah, Jan. 21.
COTTON, R. R. to act as bd. asst. to coll. and mag., Chiogleput,

Jan. 14.
INGLIS, W. A. D. to be civ. and sess. judge of the zillah of Cud-

dapah, Jan. 21. LAVIE, W. to be civ. and sess. judge of the zillah of Chittoor,

Jan. 21. LOCKHART, W. E. to be coll. and mag. Salem, fr. date of Mr.

Gleig's embark. to Eur. Jan. 14. MACLEAN, A. acting 2nd mem. board of revenue, took his seat

Jan. 9. MALTBY, F. N. returned to duty, Jan. 17. PRINGLE, I. R. to act as 2nd asst. to asst. genl. Jan. 14. RATCLIFF, J. to be asst. to coll. and mag. and agent to gov. of

Fort St. George in Vizagapatam, Jan. 21. SHUBRICK, C. J. to act as prin. asst, to coll. and mag. and agent

to gov. of Fort St. George in Vizagapatam, Jan. 21. White, D. to act as coll. and mag. Guntoor, Jan. 14. Wood, H. to act as sub. coll. and jt. mag. of south. div., Arcot,

Jan. 14.


BOURDILLON, J. D. 54 days, on M. C. prep. to appl. for furl. to

England ; perm. to ret. to Eur. Jan. 21.
Ogilvie, W. C. civ. and sess. judge, 3 years to Eur., Jan. 14.
STORY, E. leave canc., Jan. 21.
THOMAS, E. B. coll. and mag. Tinnevelly, 2 mo. Jan. 14.


€ S. d. € s. d. Saltpetre

4 7 6 a 0 0 0 per ton of 20 cwt. Sugar..

4 10 0 a 4 12 6 Rice

4 12 0 a 4 15 0 Rum 5 0 0 å 5 0 0

4 hhds. Jute

4 5 0 а 4 7 6 per ton of 5 bales Shell lac and lac dye

4 5 0 a 4 10 O per ton of 50 c. st. Indigo

4 10 0 a 5 0 0 Silk

4 15 0 а 5 0 0 Hides.

4 10 0 a 4 15 o per ton of 14 cwt.

To Mauritius. Rice

Co.'s Rs. 2 о а 2 2 per bag. Light freight dols. 25 0 a 30 o per ton of 50 c. ft.

¡To China. Cotton

dols. 3 0 а 0 Measurement goods 15 о а



ECCLESIASTICAL. BLENKINSOP, Rev. W. T., A. B. to oífic. as chaplain at Ootaca

mund, fr. Jan. 1. HARFER, the Ven. H. A.m. retd. to Pres. Jan. 15. TAYLOR, Rev. H. to be chaplain at Masulipatam, Dec. 17. WHITEHEAD, Rev. E. to act as chaplain of Black Town during the

absence, on leave, of the Rev. G. Knox.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. GREME, Rev. G. K. 2 mo. prepar. to applying for leave to resign.

Dec. 17.

O per bale.


MISCELLANEOUS. The 42nd M. N. 1. have been ordered from Madras to China.

We understand that the Venerable Archdeacon Harper either has resigned, or shortly will resign, his appointment, and return to England. He will be succeeded in the Archdeaconry by the Rev. J. C. Street, A. B. at present at home - Record, Dec 26.

The 44th regt. N.I. marched from Palaveram yesterday en route to Trichinopoly. We hear that the Right Wing of H.M. 57th regt. will march to Arnee in about a fortnight. We regret to hear of the indisposition of the Lord Bishop of Madras. We understand that his lordship has been recommended to proceed to Egypt without delay. The Right Wing of H.M. 94th regt. has been ordered to march from Trichinopoly en route to Negapatam on the 3rd instant, to be there ready for embarkation to “ Aden.” – Circulator, Jan. 3.

H.M. ship For, bearing the flag of Commodore Sir Henry Blackwood, arrived in the roads from Trincomallee on Wed. nesday morning. The commodore disembarked the same even. ing under the usual salute. - United Service Gazette, Jan. 10.

Our much respected diocesan quitted the presidency under the usual salute, at 4 p. m. yesterday, on a pastoral tour of visi. tation through the southern provinces, his lordship having given up his intention of proceeding for change of climate to Egypt and Syria, as recommended by his medical advisers. Ibid.

The arrival of the Overland express has been simultaneous with that of the Bentinck, with upwards of a hundred passengers from Suez. This steamer had the misfortune to get on shore at Aden, but was got off by the powerful assistance of H.M. brig Serpent and the Hon. Company's cruiser Euphrates. The accident occurred in an attempt to clear an Arab vessel that was lying in her way; it became necessary, after she took the ground, to reJieve her of part of her cargo, which appears to have been done with much expedition, when she floated, suffering no further in. convenience than the detention of about six or seven hours.-Athenæum, Jan. 18.

MILITARY. AITchison, Ens. R. doing duty with 49th, posted to 46th N.I.

Jan. 14. ARCHER, Capt. D. 20th N.I. to res. ch. as post-master at Bel

gaum. BUCKLE, Capt. E. eng. to continue to act as sup. eng. Hyderabad

subsid, force, Jan. 14. CANTIs, Capt. w. 15th N.I. to act as dep. saymay, in Malabar

and Canara, Jan. 14. CHAMBERS, Capt. P. Ist. M. fus, ret. to duty, Jan. 17. CLACK, Ens. R. J. 31st L.I. to be lieut. Jan. 21. CLEVELAND, Lieut. col. to be a lay-trustee of the church of Tri

chinopoly. Jan. 17. Cotton, Capt. A. T. eng. to be maj. Jan. 1. CUPPAGE, Capt. A. 27ch N.I. pl. at disp. of gov. of Prince of

Wales's Is. &c. DUMERGUE, Lieut. E. 27th N.I. perm. to join viâu Calcutta. Dyer, Lieut. T. D. S. 36th N.I. returned to duty, Jan. 13. EYKYN, Brev. capt. J. 15th N.I. ret. to duty, Jan. 24. FFRENCII, Lieut. 34th L.I. acting qu. mas. and int. to 17th N.I.

join his own regt. Jan. 14. GREENAWAY, Lieut. T. 46th N.I. ret. to duty, Jan. 12. HARRISON, Capt. in ch. of 6th, to take ch. of 3rd district, Jan. 13. HARRINGTON, Ens. E. H. doing duty with 39th, posted to 2nd

Eur. L.I. to join at Trichinopoly, Jan. 14. HENDERSON, Brev. capt. R. engrs. to be capt. Jan. 1. Hill, Lieut. C. D. E. Eng. app. asst. to civ. eng. 7th div. and

have ch. of repairs of roads from Paulghaut to Popany, Jan. 18. JOHNSTON, 2nd Lieut. C. C. to be asst. civ. eng. in 7th div, and

to proceed to Cannanore, Jan. 14. JOHNSTON, 2nd Lieut. J. G. engrs. to be 1st lieut. Jan. 1. KIERNAN, Lieut. T. 10th N.I. to be adj. Jan. 14. LAKE, Brev. capt. H. A. eng. to be 1st asst. to civ. eng. of 3rd div.

Jan. 14. LAMBERT, Capt. R. dep. J. A. G. removed fr. 3rd to 9th district,

Jan. 13. LAWE, Maj. A. engrs. to be lieut. col. Jan. 1; to be sup. eng. of

Pres. div. Jan. 14. LONGCROFT, Lieut. 16 N.I. to conduct duties of pay dept. S.D.A. Low, Sen. maj. James, 46th N.I. to be lieut. col. fr. Dec. 31. MACINTIRE, ist Lieut. A. W. art. placed at disp. of resid, at Hy

drabad, for employ. in his high. the Nizam's ser. Jan. 10.
MOORE, Capt. C. A. fr. 16th N.I. to inv. est. Jan. 21.
Nicolls, Lieut. W. T. 24th N.I. to be qr. mr. and int. Jan. 14.
Pinson, Brev. maj. A. to be major, fr. Dec. 31.
Pope, Capt. P. 24th N.I. to act as dep. sec. to govt. mil. dept.

Jan. 7.
Price, Lieut. M. 34th N.I. ret. to duty, Jan. 17.
Rich, Sen. ens. N. C. to be lieut. fr. Dec. 31.
SANDYS, Lieut. col. 3rd L.C. ret. to duty, Jan. 17.


APPOINTMENTS, &c. ANDERSON, E. to be a lay trustee to the chaplaincy of Mangalore. BIDEN, Capt. C. to be protector of emigrants, Dec. 24.


LANGUAGES. HARPER, Assist, surg. H. T. W.

Scurt, Capt. R. R. 2nd N.I. ret. to duty, Jan. 17.
Shaw, Brev. capt. J. C. eng. to be Ist assist. to civ. eng. of Ist

division, Jan. 14.
SMYTHE, Brey, capt. eng, ret. to duty, Jan, 17.
STEVENSON, Brev. capt. E. B. to be capt. fr. Dec. 31.
WALKER, Liegt. G. W. eng. app. 2nd assist. civ. eng. 7th division,

Jan. 21. WEIR, Capt. R. D. Ist fusil. to retire fr. serv. on pay of his rank fr.

Jan. 31, and to return to Eur. WELSH, Col. J. 12th N.I. ret. to duty, Jan, 1. WARREN, Capt. C. H. 25th N.I. to rem. at Sholapore until arr. of

corps, Jan. 18. Underwood, Maj. G. A. Eng. to be sup. eng. Hyderabad, subsid.

force, Jan. 14. Young, Capt. A. G. 43rd N.I. ret. to duty, Jan. 17.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. BLACKWELL, Assist. surg. J. H. M.D. 2nd batt. art. fr. Jan. 2nd

to Feb. 28, to pres. and coast on M.C. Jan. 14. MIDDLEMASS, Assist. surg. W. 1 year, fr. Feb. 10, to Neilgherry

Hills on M.C.
Noll, Assist. surg. H. to Eur. on M.C. Jan. 14.


ARRIVALS. Jan. 13. Ellenborough, Close, Calcutta.—15. Francis, Corkhill, Liverpool.-17. Steamer Bentinck, Kellock, Suez; Agincourt, Nis. bet, Calcutta.-19. Greyhound, Hutchinson, China.

OFFICERS PASSED IN LANGUAGES. APPLEGATH, Ens. 33rd N.I. CANNON, Lieut. 17th N.I. with moonshee all. Cooke, Lieut. 2nd Eur. L.I. CROFTON, Lieut. 52nd N.I. DORIA, Lieut. 28th N.I. MAYNE, Lieut. 8th L.C. with moonshee all.




J. J.

PASSENGERS ARRIVED. Per Agincourt :-Mrs. Douglas, Mrs. Coldecott, Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. Mackay, Mrs. Gray, Miss Scotney, Miss Hill, Miss L. Hill; Lieut. col. Christie, H.M. buffs, Lieut. Hains, Lieut. Richardson, Capt. Brown, Lieut. English, 22nd N.I.; Rev. W. S. Mackay, H. Hughes, Esq. E. Gray, J. Hills, a detachment of H. M. buffs, 96 men, women and children ; Miss M. Douglas, Miss A. Douglas, Miss E. Douglas, Miss H. Plumb, Miss J. Dunkins, Miss M. Hughes, Miss B. Hills, Miss E. Hills, Miss K. Hills. Miss G. Temple, Miss E. Temple, Miss M. Mackay, Master F. Coldecott, Mr. J. Dunkin, Mr. R. James, Mr. G. Riley, Mr. H. King, Mr. 0. Mackay, Mr. H. Mackay, Mr. James Hill, Mr. C. Hill, Mr. John Hughes, Mr. H. Hills, and 8 servants. To embark at Madras, Mr. and Mrs. D. Ainslie and family.

Per Greyhound:-Mrs. Hutchinson, Captain Wyodham, 2nd N.I.; Lieut. Condy, 27th N.I. 6 sepoys and 9 natives.

DEPARTURES. Jan. 16. Constant, Hemery, China.-17. Steamer Bentinck, Kellock, China.-18. Agincourt, Nisbet, London ; Angeum, Demisane, Bordeaux.-19. Claudine, Norris, London.-22. Fanny, Stevenson, Bombay.

LEAVE OF ABSENCE. ARMSTRONG, Brev. capt. R. D. in ext. to March 15. CARTER, Lieut. C. 38th N.I. fr. Feb. 1 to April 30, prep. to app.

for leave to Europe on furl. Jan. 14. CLERK, Capt. F. J. 2 yrs. on M.C. to Cape, Jan. 21. FORTESCUE, Capt. J. C. fr. Feb. I to June 30 to Neilgherries. FRYE, Lieut. H. 39th N.I. fr. 27t Dec. to pres. prep. to appl. for

leave to Europe on M.C. Hawes, Capt. J. C. Ist fusil. on furl. to Eur. Jan. 14; HITCAINS, Lieut. col. B. R. 4th N.I. stipend. mem. of Mil. Bd.

ext. for 6 mo. to Cape on M. C. Jan. 14. HUTCHINGS, Capt. J. 33rd N.I. fr. Jan. 25 to Feb. 28. JOHNSTONE, 2nd Lieut. C. C. to be civil asst. eng. 4th div. and to

proceed to Cannanore, Jan. 17. LAURIE, Lieut. W. F. B. Ist batt, art. fr. Jan. 14 to Feb. 20, to

Madras and Eastern Coast, Jan. 14. LAWDER, Lieut. and Adjt. E. J. 44th N.I. Jan. 25 to May 25. MAINWARING, Lieut. W. D. 2nd Eur. It. inf. to May 20. RADCLIFFE, Cornet G. T. 7th L.C. on M.C. to Eur. SHEIL, Capt. J. to pres. to apply for leave to Europe on M.C. THOMPSON, Lieut. F. H. 12th N.I. to Bombay and to sea till

Nov. 30. Ussher, Capt. E. 51st N.I. 1 yr. to Eur. VARDON, Brev. capt. S. Eng. 1 mo. on M.C. prep. to proc. to

Cape, Jan. 21. Watson, Lieut. col. L. W. 43rd N.I. from Jan. 8 to Feb. 12, to

Madras. Whistler, Capt. J. K. dep. J. A.G. 8th District, cancelled, Jan.


PASSENGERS DEPARTED. Per Claudine, to London :-Mrs. Susan, Miss Susan, two Mas. ters McKernan ; Capt. Lyer; Col. MeLeod, one European female servant; H. M. A. Adams, Esq. m. s. Steerage PassengersMessrs. Newton and Renaldson.

Per Fanny, to Bombay :--Misses Morehead and Gilby ; Mr. Morris, Conductor Thomson and two European soldiers, H.M.'s 25th.

Per Malabar, to London :-Mrs. Stewart and three children : Mr. A. Shew and two children ; Mrs. Hoave and one child ; Mrs. Stanborough and two children ; Mrs. Wooler, Miss Stewart, Gen. Stewart, Madras army; Major Spencer, Bombay army; Lieut. Young, Bengal L.C.; Lieut. Heave, 13th Bom. bay N.I.; Lieut. J. A. Grant, 30th E.L.I.; A. N. Shaw, Esq. Bombay C.S.; Mr. Wooler, merchant of Bombay; Capt. Charties, H.M.'s 25th regt.; Lieut. Burncey, in charge of troops of H.M.'s 25th regt. ; 49 men of H.M.'s 25th regt. to Eng. land; two children of Col. Williams, three children of Col. Fitz. gerald. Steerage passengers-Davis De Sourzor ; Tohmer, ser. vant to Col. Fitzgerald's children; R. Courtenay and wife ; J. Bent. ley and S. Walker.




APPOINTMENTS, &c. BLACKWELL, Assist. surg. J. H. permitted to retire on gen. duties of

arıny, Jan. 14. BURN, Assist. surg. at disp. of sup. surg. sou. div. of the Deccan,

Malwan for duty with troops. BUTLER, Surg. 3rd L. C. to ch. of staff and details of the brig. at

camp, near Kolapoor. COLEBROOK, Assist.'surg. J. perm. to enter on gen. duties, Jan. 21. CURRIE, Asst. Surg. M.D. to aff, med. aid to 20th M. N. I. to 16th

M. N. I. and to wounded prisoners and hd. qr. staff at Punalla. JAMES, Assist. surg. E. placed at disp. of com. for employ in Mysore

com. Jan. 10. JOPP, Assist. surg. M.D. to aff. med. aid to detach. art. proc. to

Viogoria, to details of 7th and 10th N.I. and to detach. Bombay

Goluodauze. MCKINTOSH, Assist. surg. J. to afford med. aid to details of H.M.

and Co. troops proc. to Poonamallee and the Mount, to Bangalore

and Bellary, Jan. 14. MARTYR, Assist. surg. in med. ch. of detach. troop A. H. A. to

Belgaum. RANKING, Assist. surg. J. L. to do duty under sup. surg. at Malabar

and Canara, Jan. 14. RICHARDSON, Assist, surg. to Malligaum on med. ch. of rt. wing

48th M.N.I. SANDERSON, Assist. surg. J. to be surg. to the West-India Emigra

tioa, Jan. 17. TRIBE, Assist. surg. at disposal of sup. sur. sou. div. of the Deccan;

to med. ch. of gen. bosp. brigade staff and details, Hyderabad, Jan. 3.

Curtis, the lady of Lieut. J. 8th N. I. at Bangalore, s. Dec. 21. Cox, the wife of Rev. John, of the Trevandrum mission, L. M.

Quilon, s. Jan. 5. CLARKE, the lady of R. G., C. S. at Madrs, s. Jan. 3. Eden, the lady of Lieut. W. F. Ist M. N. I. at the Residency, Indore,

s. Dec. 18. HOWARD, the wife of Mr. R. asst. surv, at Cuttack, s. Dec. 28. HICHENs, the wife of Assist. Surg. J. 27th N. I. at Singapore, s.

Nov. 12. LINIA, the wife of Asst. apoth. M. 10th N. I. at Kamptee, d. Dec, 14. MORRIS, the wife of Rev. G. C. s. Jan. 18. MORSton, the wife of Mr. at Vizagapałam, d. still-born, Dec. 21. Moore, the lady of Lieut. and adj. T. P. 22nd N. I. at Berhampore,

s. Nov. 22. OTTELEY, the lady of Capt. W. J. 2nd Bom. L. C. at Ootaeamund,

8. Jan. 16. OTTLEY, the wife of Şerj. Maj. R. 25th N. I. at Bellary, s. Dec. 26. RODRIGUES, the wife of Mr. E. A. at Vepery, s. Jan. 9. Thomson, the wife of Assist. apoth. R. J. at Trichinopoly, do

Dec. 12. WRIGHT, the wife of 2nd Apoth. G. Ist Fusil. at Arnee, d. Dec. 19. WILTSHIRE, the lady of R. at Vizagapatam, s. Dec. 26.

MARRIAGES, Borthwick, T. Mil. Sec. Ofice, to Geraldine, daughter of the late

Mr. J. Delany, at Secunderabad, Nov. 26.

CLOUGH, Lieut. col. J. J. 46th N.I, to Mrs. H. Lloyd, at Kamp

tee, Jan. 24. FREITA, Mr. R. F. to Emilia, eldest daughter of Mr. J. Pinto, at

Cannanore, Jan. 7.
NEWMAN, Assist, apoth. S. 7th L.C. to Miss Hannah Burke, at

Kamptee, Nov. 20.
THOMAS, Mr. Wm. to Jane O'Daugherty, at Vepery, Dec. 31.


CLUTTERBUCK, the wife of Capt. 38th M. N.I. at Secunderabad,

Dec. 22. Dent, John Provis, Member of Council at Madras, at Calcutta,

aged 59, Jan. 18. ELLIS, Emily, d. of Mr. C. of acct. genl's. Off. at Madras, aged 15,

Jan. 21.
FREEMAN, Maj. Charles, of H. H. the Nizam's army at Aurung-

abad, aged 79, Jan. 13.
GiB, Lieut. Charles Binny, 31st L.I. at Palamcottah, Jan. 9.
KING, Pensioned bombardier Wm. at Bellary, Dec. 21.
LAKIN, Mr. Sub-conductor W. at Palaveram, Dec. 31.

Maule, Harry, son of J. T. surg. 4th L. c. at Trichinipoly, My orders to the frontier posts were then issued to remain

Dec. 29. ROBERTSON, Ens. W. 2nd Eur, L. I. accidentally drowned near

Bangalore, Jan. 6. Smyth, Frances, J.R. d. of the late Lieut. col. N. M. Madras army,

at Madras, Jan. 19. WHEELER, Emma C. d. of R, P. at Vepery, aged 3, Jan. 13.

Madras, Jan. 23, 1845.

Government Securities.
Non-Remittable Loan of 18th Aug. 1825, five per cent.—2 to 8} p'cent. prem.
Ditto ditto last five per cent -9; to 10 pm.
Ditto ditto Old four per cent.- to 1 per cent. disc.
Ditto New four per cent.-14 to 2 ditto.
Five per cent. Book Debt Loan-18 per cent. prem.
Bank of Madras Shares-44 to 45 prem.

On London, at 6 months' sight-ls. 10d pcr Madras Rupee.
at 3 months' sight-ls. 93d.

do. Do, at thirty days-Is. 9 d. Treasury Bills, Bank Post Bills, Mauritius Government Bills-none in the market.

Buy. Sell.
Bills on Calcutta............ 101

102 Rs.



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FREIGHTS.---To London, 21. 15s. to 31. ;. to Liverpool, 21. 155. to 31. ; to Clyde, 31. to 31. 55. ; to China, Rs.16 to 17. To do opium per clipper, dollars 5 to 7.

crops, fed further into the interior of Scinde, calling aloud upon meas, governor of the province, to give them protection.

"Oli my part, I applied to their sovereign, the khan of Khelet, to control his subjects. He promised to do this; but they were not controlled.

I believe his highness the khan has the most friendly intentions with regard to the British Government, but it was evident that the arch robber and rebel Beejar Khan Doomkie was too powerful in arms to be reduced to obedience by his prince. So true is this, that he openly bestowed, in Jaghire, large tracts of his Sovereign's territory, and to which the latter was constrained to submit.

“I was, therefore, obliged to reinforce our outposts against this unexpected and unprovoked enemy; and on one occasion our troops wholly failed in an attack made upon Beejar Khan. This was at the period of the year when the heat was so very great as to be insupportable to human beings exposed to the mid-day sun. upon the the . These orders, together with the success of Beejar Khan, rendered the rebel tribes more daring. They frequently entered the Scindian frontier in search of plunder, and were on one or two occasions attacked on our own territory, and defeated by the troops, the police, and the villagers themselves, who several times turned out to aid the troops.

“It must be evident to every one that such a state of things could not be suff-red by any regular Government, and I was directed by the Governor-General of India to take such steps as were necessary to tranquillize the frontier and protect the people of Scinde.

“ I have here to remark, that the ex-Ameer Shere Mahumed had located himself among those robbers, and excited them to plunder Scinde. He was also in hopes of exciting an insurrection in his favour. But the chiefs of Scinde had no desire for his return; stilt less would the people of Scinde assist him, conscious of having a degree of protection under the British Government which they never experienced under that of the Ameers. The Ameer consequentiy gave over bis attempt and retired to the Seikh territory.

“ Such was the state of things on the frontier when the cold season arrived; and in consequence of the solicitations made by me to the Khan of Khelat, his highness made a feeble effort against his rebel subjects; he advanced from Dador to Poolajee.

It is evident that the rebels well knew the danger they would incur were they to meet their Prince on the plain, where he could be assisted at any moment by the British, and each day's march brought him nearer to our chain of outposts. The strength of the rebels lay in the Boogtee mountains; and to the mountains they of course retired.

Among these celebrated defiles and passes the Khan dared not pursue them. The amount of his forces did not exceed 2,000 men, and even these were by no means under his eommand. An immediate retreat was decided upon by his highness.

“While this prince was at Poolajee, I sent a vakeel to beg that he would allow me to have a conference with him either at Poolajee, at Dadur, at Bagh, at Gundava, or any other place his highness close to appoint. His answer was a refusal, for reasons which I cannot muke public without doing his highness an injury.

My vakeel therefore returned; but I felt that it was necessary to have in writing his highness's formal acknowledgment of bis inability to control his subjects, the Doomkees, Jakranees, and Boogtees, and his desire that I would punish their rebellion 'and their murderous inroads upon the Scinde territory.

" It was also necessary that I should have his highness's rea. sons in writing for not meeting me. I therefore despatched Mr. Brown, the secretary to the Scinde Government, who is a personal friend of the Khan, and possessing my highest confidence, in hopes some arrangement might be made for an united exer: tion to repress these mountain robbers, but in vain. The state of the Khan's territories beyond the Bolan Pass rendered him unable to attend to the affairs of Cutchee; and he appeared to hold nothing but a nominal sovereignty over that rich tract of country of which Bagh is the centre.

“ On Mr Brown's return from Bagh, so daring were the robber tribes, that he was nearly taken (and to be taken by them is synonymous with beirig murdered) by 300 cavalry belonging to the rebels, who had pushed about 80 miles from their haunts for the express purpose of way-laying Mr. Brown. The course to be pursued by me has now become clear and decisive.

It is to enter the Boogtee mountains and attack these robber tribes in their fastnesses. They are the Pindarrees of the Indus.

" As Mr. Brown rode through the villages, he found them



(From the Gentleman's Gazette.) We lay before our readers an important document. It is an authentic translation of the manifesto or proclamation issued by General Sir C. Napier on his proceeding with the expedition into the country of the Doomkies, the Jakranees, and the Boogties, &c., for the purpose of putting a stop to their predatory incursions into the Scinde territory.


“ Being about to cross the Scinde frontier at the head of a strong body of troops, I think it right to state to the neighbouring tribes why 1 thus invade the territory of our friend the Khan of Khelat, in order that those tribes may be satisfied as to the cause of my movements, and that they may not think the said move. ments arise from a desire of acquiring territory or molesting allies.

“ His highness the Khan of Khelat has given me permission to enter his territories, and had he not done so, I must still have invaded them for the protection of our own subjects.

“ These territories are occupied, as regards our immediate frontier, by three powerful and predaceous tribes, the Doomkies, the Jackranees, and the Boogties (there are also some others of inferior note). These tribes are in open rebellion against their sovereign, the Khan of Khelat.

" During the whole of last summer they were excited by their desire of pillage to make, without the slightest pretext, frequent predatory inroads on the Scinde territory, plundering villages, murdering many of the inhabitants, and devastating the country: In several instances they were engaged with our outposts; and on one occasion, falling upon 200 unarmed and unoffending grasscutters, they massacred nearly the whole of them, together with an officer's party of cavalry, who were guarding these poor people, and whom the robbers surprised. Many villages on our frontier were lest desolate, the inhabitants of which, abandoning their

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